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Average IT Engineer Salary in India 2024: From Beginners to Experienced

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2nd Apr, 2023
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Average IT Engineer Salary in India 2024: From Beginners to Experienced

IT Engineers are the backbone of diverse tech companies that are steadily emerging or making their way to becoming a part of the world’s largest economy. IT Engineers are the ones who install, encrypt and maintain the company’s software while developing newer technologies to shape the company’s and the world’s tech evolutions. 

As India’s engineering job market saw a massive increase of 300% in hiring between 2021-2022, 2024 estimates to hold a similar position for IT professionals who are hoping to obtain exciting work roles as engineers. But, before stepping into the role, knowing current IT Engineer salary trends is vital in making a wise decision. 

Let’s dive deeper into the BTech IT salary trends in the nation!

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Average IT Engineer Salary in India

According to the latest reports, the IT Engineer salary in India is estimated to be around INR 1.5 – 10 lakhs per annum, Making the average salary to be 3.1 lakhs per annum. An IT Engineer salary depends on the experience they have; the more experience, the better the salary. 

An inexperienced IT Engineer at the start of their career can make around INR 1.5 lakhs per annum. On the other hand, an experienced IT Engineer can obtain around INR 10 lakhs per annum. Experience of more than 10 years can increase your earnings to reach as high as INR 16 lakhs per annum.

Factors Affecting IT Engineer Salary in India

There are many factors that can affect an IT Engineers’ salary in our country. Some of these factors are:

1. Location 

IT Engineer salaries heavily vary on the work location an engineer is based in. Major cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Delhi tend to offer high-pay packages to their employees, as opposed to the ones working in second-tier cities Indore, Noida or Lucknow. 

Location Average Annual Salary
BangaloreINR 4.1 LPA
HyderabadINR 4.0 LPA
GurgaonINR 3.4 LPA

2. Company 

There are many IT companies in India which give employment to talented IT Engineers. Some of these companies are Infosys, Accenture, Wipro, Deloitte, Tata Consultancy Services, Google, and Microsoft. These companies employ IT Engineers and innovate technology with their help. Salary figures for IT engineers are heavily reliant on the type of recruiter one obtains. 

CompanyAverage Annual Salary
Tata ConsultancyINR 4.3 LPA
CognizantINR 4.7 LPA
AccentureINR 5.0 LPA

3. Skills 

Apart from the location, company and experience, the skills of an IT Engineer vary too. Companies aim to employ personnel with as many in-demand skills as possible, which is also an impactful factor when deciding a salary figure for the role. 

SkillsAverage Annual Salary
PythonINR 3.8 LPA
Java INR 3.8 LPA
LinuxINR 4.1 LPA

4. Experience 

Experience plays a key role in an individual’s salary. Whatever career you opt for, acquiring experience in that field will increase your salary by a huge margin. In the case of an IT Engineer salary or even an IT Support Engineer salary, experience is a vital point to your paycheck. For as many years as an IT Engineer works, every passing year adds an extra year of experience to their resume.

ExperienceAverage Annual Salary
Early CareerINR 3.9 LPA
Mid CareerINR 5.8 LPA
ExperiencedINR 7-8 LPA

IT Engineer Salary in Other Countries

Just as we discussed above, a company’s location affects the salary of an individual. We will now see the salary margin of IT Engineers from other countries. 

  •  USA 

The United States of America tops the list of highest-paying salaries for IT Engineers, offering around USD 120,000 on average to its engineers annually.

  • Australia 

The Australian government is known for its high-class infrastructure and best equipment. By having some of the best IT companies in its borders, it offers UD 100,000 on average annually to its IT Engineers.

  • Switzerland 

Apart from the famous banks of Switzerland, the country is also home to many IT and Tech companies. To its IT employees, it offers around CHF 95,000 on average annually.

  • Denmark 

The government of Denmark offers an average of DKK 75,000 annually to its IT Engineers.

  • UK 

The technological centre of the world is also home to many IT companies that offer their employees around GBP 70,000 on average annually.

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Highest-paying IT Sector Jobs

India, a developing country that houses many IT companies within its geographical borders, is now expanding at full pace. New companies are forming regularly with high demands for IT Engineers. Let us take a look at various such roles.

  • Big Data Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Software Architect
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Full-Stack Developer
  • Cloud Architect
  • Blockchain Engineer
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineer
  • Software Developer
  • Data Security Analyst


Future Scope for IT Engineers in India

As India’s entrepreneurial wave experienced a whopping growth of 15,400% within a span of 6 years, it is easy to acknowledge a positive outlook for IT Engineers in the coming years as well. 

Following the technological advancement, growth of big data, data analytics, and enhanced assimilation of digitalisation across realms, the demand for skilled IT professionals is only going to experience a massive surge in the coming years, making this the right time for candidates to start preparing to become a part of the oncoming wave!

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Eligibility Criteria to Be an IT Engineer

In order to become an IT Engineer, follow these simple steps:

  • Acquire a bachelor’s degree in computer science, IT or any other relevant field. 
  • Gain basic software and programming knowledge.
  • Acquire a master’s certification to gain an edge over others. While this is optional, having a master’s degree is bound to offer you an upper hand in the job market.
  • Apply for internships, boot camps, and workshops to strengthen your candidature.

Advantages of Pursuing an IT Sector Job

Let’s dive into exploring a few reasons why IT Engineering can be the perfect career choice for you. 

  • As IT Engineers are always in demand, the employees are considered assets to the firm.
  • IT Engineers get increased flexibility in aspects of working hours and working environments.
  • IT Engineers are not tied to normal work ethics like a 9-5 job. They can work however and wherever they see fit.
  • Being an IT Engineer, you can earn more every year as your experience level increases over time.
  • You get the opportunity to innovate newer gadgets and help people ease their life.

Disadvantages of Pursuing an IT Sector Job

While there are many advantages, let’s also take a look at a few disadvantages of pursuing IT Engineering.

  • Being an IT Engineer is a stressful job. Developing the already existing software and the pressure of innovating newer technologies make IT jobs hard and stressful.
  • To be a good IT Engineer, you will need to learn many skills, which take many years.
  • Once you become an IT expert, people tend to ask for unnecessary advice.
  • All the project workload falls on an IT Engineer’s shoulder. They usually don’t work in teams or groups. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1What does an IT Engineer salary depend on?

An IT Engineer's salary heavily depends on external factors like market trends, industry demand, top recruiters, working location, experience, skill set and many more things. Therefore, before applying for a role, make sure to analyse these aspects carefully.

2What does an IT Engineer do?

With a comprehensive understanding of programming and back-end processes, an IT Engineer plans and develops a detailed infrastructure for any software, application or even organisational network.

3Who can join the IT field?

A bachelor’s in computer science or a relevant field is usually the required preference. However, people without a degree but with an impressive length of experience across relevant roles can also apply for a role in the IT field.