Social Media Marketing Course Overview

About Social Media Marketing

Social media typically refers to any website or application that helps us stay connected with other individuals and the various features they provide; we can update exclusive content and get daily news and additional information. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, are among the types of social media. 

Over the years, with innovations in technology, various brands have emerged into the market. To stay ahead of the competition, more and more brands are harnessing the power of social media to boost their marketing strategies and interact with their target customers.

What is Social Media Marketing? (SMM)

Social media marketing is using the popularity of social media to promote the products or services offered by a particular brand. Customers use social media like Facebook and Instagram daily. Therefore, using these platforms to connect/interact with the target audience and customers not only helps to increase visibility for your brand but also provides several other benefits like increasing sales and driving website traffic. 

Social media marketing provides the brand owners with valuable information, which they use, to come up with new strategies for marketing as well as track the success rate of the existing ones. Depending on the social media used by your target audience, you can easily choose a plan that works best for your social media advertising.

History of Social Media Marketing

2006 marked the beginning of social media, with Google acquiring YouTube, followed by Facebook and Twitter becoming popular platforms. Before this, there were a few other social media sites, but none had the same popularity as Facebook. They included LunarStorm, Flickr, and Photobucket. 

With the introduction of YouTube in 2005, users could now share pictures and other forms of media content. This was a golden opportunity for marketers to use these sites and applications for their business and thus began the trend of social media advertising. The first businesses to hop on board with this trend were the e-commerce giants, 

Today, Facebook boasts 1.9 million active users worldwide, followed by Tiktok and Instagram, which have over 1 billion active users.

The Importance of Social Media Marketing

In this age of competition, any brand must stay ahead of its competitors to survive. That is where social media marketing plays the most critical role. Here's why social media marketing is necessary
The Importance of Social Media MarketingHelps Build Brand Awareness -

Brand awareness refers to how familiar consumers are with the products or services offered by a particular brand. A brand is successful when it has strong brand awareness in the mind of its target audience and customers. To achieve this goal, social media marketing is essential. To increase visibility, business owners need to post daily exclusive content on their social media handles for their target audience to know they exist. Interacting with the target audience with the help of various content marketing strategies is another crucial aspect that brand owners need to look into to turn potential customers into buyers.

Stay Head Of The Competition -

In this world of technology, the availability of information is no longer a problem. As social media websites like Facebook and Instagram have joined the bandwagon, information is now available much faster and easier. As a business owner, you must know how to use this to your advantage. Thoroughly scrutinizing and analyzing your competitors' social media advertising strategies can be effective. It is also essential to look for the posts by your competitor brands with the highest reach and how to implement the same in your existing marketing strategies. Studying the latest trends and comparing the customer service provided by your brand with that of your competitors is very important for a brand to stay ahead of its competitors.

Enabling Customer Satisfaction -

As a brand owner, it is essential to know what kind of effect your product or service has created in the mind of your target customer base. Therefore, having a social media presence where the customers can easily interact with your marketing team helps build a good brand image. With the help of social media profiles, customers can now directly reach out to the brands of their choice and even get automated replies. It creates a sense of importance in their minds and conveys that the brand values its customers.

Why Leverage Social Media Marketing?

The primary thing a brand needs to ensure running smoothly is to let its target audience know it exists. Thus, social media marketing helps a brand build visibility and widens its reach to a larger base audiencecost-effectivelyr. Once you have established your presence in your audience's mind, as a brand owner, you can create various new and exciting content to interact with the customers and thus create a positive image of your brand. Another advantage of having a social media account is that it shows authenticity. Gone are those days when customers choose a particular brand based on only the quality of the products or services offered. Instead, they want to know the brand's story, the people working behind it, and what more they could offer compared to the competitor brands. Social media marketing targets all these factors and paves the way for a direct interaction between the consumers and the brands.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing For Businesses

Now that we have established what social media marketing is and why it is essential, let's look at the other benefits.
Increases Sales
- As more and more visibility is created with social media presence, it becomes one of the factors behind turning your potential customers into buyers, which further leads to increased sales. Social media marketing also widens your reach to customers, making more people aware of your brand. 

Helps To Tell Your Brand Story - A brand story refers to how your company came into being. It includes both the vision and mission statement of your brand. A brand story helps build a connection with the target customers and incites feelings in their minds. A brand that can create positive emotions in the minds of its audience is successful. With the help of social media, brand owners can now easily share their brand stories and get feedback on the products and services. Based on the quality of this feedback, they can then make the desired changes and thus increase customer satisfaction.

Increases Credibility - When you, as a brand owner, regularly share posts on your social media about your brand and reply to your customers, clearing all the doubts they might have about your product or service, it automatically increases your credibility among the consumers. Every day, hundreds and thousands of people use social media. They come across various such brands. Hence, it’s challenging to remain the number one choice in the consumers’ minds. However, once you have built a positive brand image among the audience, it becomes easier to retain brand loyalty.

Types of Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are not the only types of social media that you can reach out to for social media marketing. There are a few other types of the social media marketing that marketers use daily to promote their businesses. These include,