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    React JS Course Overview

    What comes to your mind when we talk about React? Well, it is a JavaScript (JS) Library, but what is its relevance? We are sure that you might not have thought of React.js that way! Here you will get to know everything about React.js from scratch.

    What is React.js?

    As mentioned earlier, React.js is a JavaScript library for building web applications and mobile apps. React as a library is only concerned with the state management that renders the state to DOM (Document Object Model). This helps in creating applications via using additional libraries to improve the functionality of the client-side. 

    Today, the popularity of React.js is reaching new heights because it works with frontend networks.

    Here are some reasons React.js is becoming popular and used by everyone. 

    • React makes creating amazing and dynamic web pages and applications very easy. It requires very less coding and offers more functionality than any other library. Moreover, it is quite easy, unlike JavaScript, wherein the coding is complex right from the start.

    • React.js uses virtual DOM, which is used for creating web and mobile applications at a rapid pace. The DOM helps in comparing the components of past states, thereby updating all the items in the actual DOM. It helps build dynamic web pages. 

    • Components used in building React applications are often useful and reusable. These components comprise several logics and controls which are reused. This reduces the application’s development time, thereby building the apps quickly.

    How does React work?

    React.js is a library that uses the cumulative concepts of JAVA and other frameworks. React helps in efficiently creating user interfaces using declarative code. Now, what is a declaration code? A declaration code declares every element of the application that is being created. The declaration code is used for building complex and single-page applications by utilizing all the libraries. 

    Look at an example below to understand the declaration code:



    <Header title = “ReactJS Course”/>





    In this, you can clearly see that each line of code is a declaration depicting the elements of apps.

    While building the client-side apps, the developers can find if the DOM (Document Object Model) is slow or not for documents of XML and HTML. It defines how the documents are accessed. To make the DOM work faster, React implements virtual DOM. Thus, virtual DOM is utilized whenever the need for reading or writing arises. 

    Unlike the elements of DOM, React’s components are plain and easy to create. JavaScriptThe JavaScript, in turn, becomes very fast with the help of DOM. React.js is also used with Node.js because of its design elements.

    Differences Between React.js and Angular

    React and Angular are a bit different from each other. Let us also have a brief description of angular. 

    Angular is defined as a structured framework that helps in developing web applications. The developers use HTML in the form of template language, thereby allowing the syntax to express the components of the application being built/developed. 

    Angular is a full-fledged JavaScript framework that helps develop dynamic web and mobile apps. Now, let us look at the points of contrast between React and Angular. 




    Angular is a full-fledged JavaScript framework that helps make web pages and apps.

    Library Usage

    Angular is considered a complete body of libraries.

    Support of Community

    Angular has a dependable community and support system.

    Learning Curve

    Angular is quite difficult for beginners. Thus, it requires years of learning and practical training.

    Primary Feature

    Angular offers limited freedom and flexibility.

    Installation Time 

    Angular is very easy to install. But the coding time can be increased, resulting in delayed delivery of projects.

    Data Binding

    Angular uses the two-way data binding method. This helps in ensuring that the state of the model changes when other changes are made.

    Debug & Testing

    A single tool is capable of undertaking debugging and testing.


    After every six months, Angular provides updates.


    The documentation of Angular is slow because of the development process.

    Types of Application

    Angular is used to develop single-page applications and mobile applications.

    What is it ideal for?

    Angular is ideal for developing large-scale applications and richly built applications with numerous features.

    Written in



    Angular is based on a modern view controller.



    Some of the companies that use them

    • Beam

    • Auto Trader

    • Streamline Social


    The framework of Angular is quite sensitive. Due to this, large models cannot use Angular.

    Use of Code

    Angular has many ready-to-use codes. They come from a particular provider.




    48.2 K




    React is a JavaScript Library older than angular.

    Library Usage

    React works with several libraries.

    Support of Community

    React doesn’t have that much community support.

    Learning Curve

    React is very easy to learn and understand. It becomes difficult when it is combined with Redux.

    Primary Feature

    React gives the users freedom to choose tools, libraries, architecture, etc., to develop the app.

    Installation Time 

    React has a long installation time. But at the time of delivering projects, it works fast.

    Data Binding

    React is a one-way method of data binding. This means that the UI components cannot be changed without changing the state of the model.

    Debug & Testing

    A set of tools are required for debugging and testing the React applications.


    Simple updates are available in React for the migration of data.


    React is not updated regularly. Thus, the documentation is faster.

    Types of Application

    React is used to build web, hybrid, and native applications.

    What is it ideal for?

    React is used for building modern web apps and native applications for android and iOS applications.

    Written in



    React is based on virtual DOM.


    JSX, JavaScript XML

    Some of the companies that use them

    • Facebook

    • Uber

    • Instagram

    • Netflix

    • Pinterest


    React allows you to choose without harming the quality of performance and functions.

    Use of Code

    React helps in managing the code in the developer’s desired format.





    So, these are the major points of difference between Angular and React. React is much more popular and commonly used compared to Angular because of some amazing features. 

    So, let us now discuss the features of React.

    Features of React

    react featuresReact offers some outstanding features that make it popular across the globe. 

    • JSX 

    JSX stands for JavaScript Syntactic Extension. JSX is used for describing how a user interface should appear. The developer can use JSX for writing HTML structures in the file, just like JavaScript code.

    For example: 

    const name = ‘react.js’

    const greet = <h1> Hello, {name}</h1> 

    This code shows how JSX is used in React. JSX is not HTML, nor is it a string embedded in JavaScript code. 

    • Virtual DOM 

    DOM stands for Document Object Model. Virtual DOM is the first copy of Actual DOM. This lighter version is used because the actual DOM is quite slower. When the state of the object changes, the virtual DOM updates the object, unlike the actual DOM that updates everything. 

    • Architecture 

    The architecture of React is based on the Model View Controller. It is a pattern that splits the application layers between models, views, and controllers. The model is related to every UI logic, which serves as an interface between the model and view. 

    • Extension 

    React is not just a UI framework. It is a web of many extensions covering an application's structure and architecture. The building of mobile apps and rendering of servers are all due to the extensions of React. Flux and Redux are two of the most important extensions of React. 

    • Data Binding 

    React uses the one-way data binding method to make the performance quick and modular. In one-way data binding, the child components are nested in parent components, thereby developing the React projects. 

    • Debugging 

    React has broad community developers. The applications made with React are easy to test. Facebook provides the chrome extension that facilitates easy debugging and testing of React models. 

    So, these are the features of React.js. Well, let us see what React can do! 

    What can React do?

    React is used for building dynamic web pages, mobile applications, etc. With React, the developers can create large web applications that can change their data without re-loading the pages. React is scalable, fast, and very simple to understand. It is based on user interfaces (UI) that correspond to the templates of MVC. Now, nine things can be built with React.

    what can react doHave a look! 
    • Messaging Applications 

    Many messaging applications like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc., are built with the help of React. The messaging apps help in the communication between two individuals in real-time. This is the reason why React is used for building such mobile applications.

    • Social Networking Sites 

    React also helps create social media apps and sites. Social media sites are single-page applications that don’t go well with dynamic page updates. React is fast and scalable, which is why it is used to fulfill the project’s needs. The unidirectional data binding helps in adding new features by combining React with Redux. 

    • Web Applications 

    Many enterprises, such as Airbnb, use React for developing web applications. This is because of the compatible UI elements used in creating them. React is fast in adopting new features, and implementing them enables faster executions. React makes it easier for developers to build and maintain the application's look. React has been consistent and stable. No wonder it is popular among every developer, company, and enterprise. 

    • Cross-Platform Applications 

    React helps build mobile applications with React Native framework. Cross-platform apps can also be built by using React. The same code cannot be used, but certain methodologies are used for building the app. 

    React is very popular because of its features, advantages, and more. This is why developers prefer React over every other framework. Well, features are not only the reason for its popularity. 

    Let us look at why React is so popular. 

    Reasons for Popularity of React

    Many developers have agreed that React has been very helpful in software development and other projects. The JavaScript library, like React, has an interactive setup that has helped many businesses flourish. 
    Why is react popular
    React native is very popular these days. The popularity of React has gone upwards in the last few years. Let us jump deeper into the world of React.js and see why it is so popular. 

    • Super Easy 

    One of the biggest key points for React being popular is that it is super-easy to use. It is one of the easiest frameworks which can readily be understood by people. Even beginners can completely understand what it is about. Ranging from installation to creating a web application, everything is easy and can be created without investing much time. Thus, web apps and mobile apps can easily be built through the Reactthrough React framework. 

    • Reusable Components 

    As said before, the components used by React are reusable. They can be used multiple times in applications for various purposes like Menus, Dropboxes, Checkboxes, etc. Each and every component has its own logic and control. As a result, maintaining the web and mobile applications is quite easy because React is fast and scalable which makes coding very simple. 

    • Creation of Dynamic Web Pages 

    React helps the development of web mobile dynamic pages in the apps. Usually, these dynamic web pages require a lot of complex coding. But that is not the case with REACT. React has JSX features that make coding very simple. JSX takes the mess out of the complex coding and converts it into simple coding, thereby making it comprehensible. 

    • SEO-Friendly       

    SEO, known as Search Engine Optimization, is essential for a business to grow. Entrepreneurs who wish to boost website traffic need SEO to attract customers. React helps in increasing the speed by reducing the loading time of the web page. With React, the website ranks organically in search results. The server-side and the client-side component uses the same code. However, this organic ranking is not guaranteed with other frameworks. 

    • Easy for Performing Tasks 

    React framework makes it very easy to debug and test applications. React helps in viewing the functions and outputs to decide if the components need reworking or not. 

    • Scalable 

    The major reason React became popular is because of its scalability function. React helps in easy scaling of the size of web applications. React is fast and versatile and merges with third-party libraries and frameworks to create web applications. The React.js framework helps develop touchpoints between the products and users. 

    • Community Support 

    The developer’s community and programmers make React popular. The platform is open-source. React has vast community support. 

    The Popularity of React.js Courses

    If you are a web developer and wish to create some excellent web applications and mobile applications, then there are some fantastic courses you can apply for. There is no better time to learn React than now. 

    So, apply for the courses and start your React.js journey. 

    Just like the React.js framework, the courses for React.js are also popular. 

    • upGrad React.js Course

    It is one of the best courses anyone can opt for. upGrad offers the best React.js course in which the candidates learn the basics to advance. After having a firm grasp of other basic concepts, the candidates will be taught complex concepts. Apart from them, the candidates will also learn how they can develop UI components in React. To get these three scenarios correct, the candidates should be familiar with the JavaScript library. 

    The best part about this course is that along with theoretical training, candidates will get practical training as well. For instance, a project of creating a UI for a phone directory can be given to the candidates. This will help the students know how UI is built under the guidance of mentors and experts. 

    What’s more? React.js is a free course provided by upGrad. What more a candidate requires when they wish to learn React? Along with React, the students will also get a fair knowledge about Node.js, frontend development, backend development, full-stack development, etc. 

    upGrad offers one of the best React courses to help you get some desired jobs. With the certification provided, one can easily apply for various jobs. The React course by upGrad can be completed within three weeks, and you can start your journey as a developer then and there. 

    Let us now look at other courses you can try: 

    Other Courses to try

    1. Modern React with Redux 

    This is one of the best React courses for anyone who wishes to learn React from scratch. The course teaches programming in JavaScript by using the redux and React libraries. It also teaches students how to develop applications on the web and mobile. The course covers various topics such as - 

    • Basics of React
    • Installing Node.js
    • Learning JavaScript
    • How to start and stop projects
    • Fundamentals of JSX
    • Converting HTML to HSX
    • Designing API requests 
    • Structuring apps

    2. The Complete React Developer Course 

    The course provides an in-depth knowledge of React and practical training. As the name suggests, with this course, the students will get A-Z about React and how it is used for programming applications. Network programming and engineering are two of the best options for students to get jobs. 

    3. React Specialization course with Full-stack Development

    This course focuses on React's practical approach and theoretical applications. The certification provided can help the candidates in getting jobs in top companies. Jobs in frontend and backend development are easy to get by doing this course. 

    4. React Course Front to Back 

    This course is suitable for freshers who don’t know much about React. Starting from the basics, the students learn how to build complex applications. This course is best for developers who wish to learn the modern techniques and concepts of React. Hooks, fundamentals, and applications are taught in this course. After completing the course, the candidates can get roles in programming and developing apps. 

    5. Front End Web Development Course with React

    The React course is apt for someone who wishes to learn the library's inner workings. In this course, the students will learn to communicate the projects. The students will learn about frontend development to have complete knowledge about frontend. Upon completing the course, the candidates can get jobs as developers or engineers across the globe. With wee-equipped knowledge, the students will have many monetary benefits in the future. 

    So, these are the top courses that are gaining popularity among candidates. With good job options, these courses have been taken up by thousands of candidates. 

    Who can apply for these courses? 

    The courses mentioned above are best for - 

    • Beginners 
    • UI developers
    • Full-stack developers  
    • Developers
    • Solution architects
    • Software engineers
    • Anyone interested in user interfaces and web application development 

    If you ask us, we would suggest you take upGrad’s React course because you will get the certification within three weeks. Also, you will learn the “React” in and out. The placement support is also provided by upGrad, as one can be placed in top MNCs at outstanding pay grades. Apply for these courses now and learn the basics and complex concepts of React. 

    Is React Native and React the same? Well, React native is a part of React and is highly helpful when it comes to building cross-platform apps. 

    Let us look at why React native is used for developing mobile apps. 

    Reasons to Use React Native

    To help businesses thrive, developing iOS and Android apps is a strategic move. Developing the mobile application is a complex process in which a lot of time and effort is invested. This is the reason why the developers use React Native. 
    reasons to use react native
    React Native is an open-source framework created by the Facebook community. Like React, the React native also uses JavaScript as the core programming language. There are several reasons why one must use React Native. So, let us discuss them in detail. 

    • Cross-platform

    One of the primary advantages of React Native is that it is used to develop cross-platform applications. React native uses React.js with UI library to write the base code of the application on Android and iOS platforms. 

    For a web page that uses React.js, the developers can use state management, hooks, and logic to create better mobile apps. These features combine to reduce the development time, thereby keeping the cost low. 

    • Pre-Built components

    The main concept of building cross-platform apps is that one can reuse the code written for both iOS and Android applications. React Native follows this principle of ‘writing once and launching everywhere.’ 

    In this way, the developers find it convenient to build cross-platform apps. Developers won’t  be requiring different designs for separate platforms. The code can be reused multiple times.  

    • Familiar Coding

    As mentioned above, developers don’t need to write different codes for separate platforms. They can learn JavaScript coding once and know how to correspond to mobile and web components. 

    • Trustworthy App

    Before React Native came into existence, developers used mobile apps created by Facebook to check the platform’s ability to work successfully. Today, many people use React Native as it has become open-source. Thus, many companies have started using React Native to develop mobile apps. 

    • High-Performance Apps

    React Native uses the one-way data binding strategy for writing the base codes. This means that to change one object, the developer has to modify the state of the object. This helps in developing a stable, efficient, and reliable mobile application. Thus, when you think of building a mobile application from scratch, React Native is an amazing option.  

    • Ever-Growing

    React has huge community support for Facebook. The massive community constantly works on improving React Native. In simpler terms, React native is ever-growing. It changes the data. After several months, the situation can be different. Thus, if you wish to have a solution to the problem, then React Native cannot help you. It is growing and changing all the time. 

    • Rich UI Components

    React Native helps you in creating some unique and amazing UIs that help in building declarative components. There are many other Android and iOS components that help in the efficient running of mobile devices. 

    • Live Updates 

    JavaScript is a primary language used for releasing updates without going through app stores. Along with having cross-platform development support, it also launches several updates to the user’s device instantly.  

    So, this is why React Native is gaining popularity nowadays. Not just developers but many companies are also using React to develop web applications and mobile applications. 

    Now, we have already told you who must do the React.js course. Let us look at the top companies that use React to develop several applications. 

    Who uses React?

    React is becoming popular for developing efficient online applications. Several companies use React to create appealing applications to attract consumers.
    who uses reactLet us look at the top companies that use this JavaScript library to create user interfaces. So, let us begin! 

    • Facebook

    React is a JavaScript library created by Facebook almost a decade ago. The company created React Native for mobile app development. You might have noticed that Facebook and websites look completely different from one another. This is because of the React framework. 

    • Netflix

    Netflix is another company that uses React to provide high-quality services to consumers. With the help of React UI, Netflix revamped its look back in 2015. The development speed, modularity, runtime performance, etc., are positively affected by using React UI. 

    • Uber

    Since the beginning, Uber has been using React and other open-source libraries to create web designs with reusable UI components. The company is entirely built on React and allows you to create independent user interfaces. 

    • Airbnb

    React is used by Airbnb. It enables web page elements to load faster on the screen. Airbnb has been using React for its expansion among its clients. Every new version launched by the company adds several valuable capabilities while maintaining and upgrading the marketplace in Airbnb. 

    • The New York Times 

    The New York Times has stimulated new projects with the help of React. For instance, React has helped the company boost the looks of celebrities on the red carpet by filtering out their photographs through the decades. 

    • Yahoo

    Yahoo came into existence in 1994 that was crafted with frontend technology. From the beginning, it had React, Node.js, Redux, and several other frameworks. The unidirectional data binding method was also one of the reasons why Yahoo chose to use React. 

    So, these are some of the top companies that have been using React right from the start. Some companies were formed many decades ago. Yet, in those days, React was very popular and used by every company. 

    How can you learn more about React?

    To learn React.js in its full length and breadth, one must take up the upGrad’s React.js course for free. The course will provide the candidates with a deep insight into basic and advanced concepts. The mentors and tutors will not only help you learn React but will also guide you through the practical implementation. 

    The course is just for three weeks, wherein you can learn at your own pace. Upon getting the certification, the candidates can apply for jobs in various roles like software developers, frontend developers, full-stack developers, backend developers, etc. 

    This is the first step in learning React. upGrad provides the course for free. What else do students want who wish to become future developers and engineers! 

    Now, candidates might wonder if React is complex or very easy to learn? Well, to clarify all the confusion, we want to say that React is very easy to learn. A beginner or a working professional can easily understand what React coding is all about. It is one of the most straightforward frameworks in JavaScript that combines the HTML and JAVA concepts to make coding easier. 

    Now, to learn React fast, there are other ways as well that you can undertake. Here they are: 

    • Learn how to use coding in React.js. The coding in React is a bit different from other programming languages. Thus one needs to build their skills. The first thing is to learn JAVA and HTML. If you are not planning to take the course, you must learn JAVA and HTML separately. Gain the knowledge of both in their entirety to enhance your JavaScript skills. Deep insight into these skills will help you have a good foundation for learning React

    • Routing must also be known to the candidates if they wish to learn React. Routing shows how the consumers move through the website. To learn React, you must first learn how to use React-router. React router helps in building single-page applications without reloading or refreshing the page. The router component is pivotal if one wants to develop web and mobile applications. 

    • Lists are a great way of building a website. Creating lists in React helps in strengthening the fundamentals of coding. While you begin to learn about React, it is suggested to learn the process of rendering lists 

    • If you are at the initial stage of learning React, then you must have read something about stages and props. The state refers to the appearance of an object on the webpage. On the other hand, props are used for sharing codes between the components. To work with a React library, the person needs to understand both states and props well. 

    So, this is how you can get to know more about React. Well, it is still suggested to the candidates to get enrolled in upGrad’s React.js free course. You can learn all about React by enrolling in a certification course. 

    By enrolling in the course, you will learn everything we have covered up until now. upGrad offers you the free React.js course and provides you with certification upon completion. However, it is essential to note that for learning React, the candidates do not need any prior knowledge of JavaScript. Everything is taught from scratch if they choose the course wisely. upGrad’s mentors and tutors begin teaching the candidates from scratch. They focus on strengthening the simpler concepts and then move to the advanced concepts. 

    So, there is no need for previous knowledge to learn React. Candidates from any field can begin learning the React language. 

    React.js is an easy course that can help people get fantastic career opportunities. The world has seen enormous growth in front-end technologies. Hence, the demand for React.js developers is also increasing.

    Why is an Online React.js course better than an offline React.js Course?

    An online React.js course is better because students can learn in the comfort of their homes. Also, working professionals can also learn at their pace. The free React.js course provided by upGrad provides students with deep insight into JavaScrip, Node.js, etc. Apart from React, upGrad offers various online courses. 

    With top-class tutors and mentors, the candidates can learn simple and complex concepts at a rapid pace, which is not possible in offline cases. The online React.js course is for three weeks, i.e., the candidates will learn faster in short duration. Also, React is very easy to understand. Thus, be it a beginner or a working professional – everyone can take up the course.

    React.js Course Syllabus

    React.js is a simple yet detailed course that involves everything, i.e., from basic to complex. Have a look at the syllabus:

    1. Introduction to React.js

    • What is React?
    • Why must one use React?
    • History of React
    • React 15 v/s React 16
    • Creating React apps
    • React projects 
    • Running the app
    • Debugging the app

    2. JSX

    • Expressions
    • Using logical operators
    • Fragments 
    • React.create

    3. Components 

    • Importance of component architecture
    • Types of components
    • Functional components
    • Class-based components
    • Composition of components

    4. State and Props

    • What is a state?
    • What is the significance of a state?
    • Read state & set state
    • Using props with prototypes 
    • Setting default values of props

    5. Lifecycle

    • Understanding lifestyle methods
    • Handling the errors of web and mobile apps 

    6. Hooks

    • What are hooks?
    • What is the need for hooks?
    • Types of hooks
    • Rules and regulations of hooks 

    7. Routing

    • Installing React-router
    • Understanding single-page applications 
    • Using switch components for routing
    • Configuring route components 
    • Navigating links and using components 

    8. React Redux 

    • What is React-redux
    • Why to use React-redux
    • Installation and setup of React Redux 

    Industry Growth of React.js 2022-23

    React is a popular framework because it helps in the development of the most prevalent type of technical aspects, i.e., web applications and mobile applications. React and “React Native” help in the creation of cross-platform apps. According to statistics and reports, React has taken the sixth spot with 14.51% of the votes.  

    With time React will come to the fifth position with 16% -17% votes. React is one of the most popular frameworks, libraries, etc. React has snowballed over the years, and the features and characteristics are increasing daily.  

    React.js specialist salary in India

    The average salary of a React.js specialist in India ranges from Rs. 2.4 Lakhs to Rs. 14 Lakhs. However, the annual salary of the developers is seen to be Rs. 5 Lakhs. 

    The factors on which React.js specialist salary depends

    The salary to the developers is provided based on experience gained throughout the years. For instance, a fresher of React.js will earn up to Rs. 2 lakhs. On the other hand, an experienced person will earn up to Rs. 14 Lakhs. 

    Another factor is working on a project. There are many courses that you can apply for. But if you applied for upGrad’s React.js course, you will be working on several projects that will add to your expertise, thereby helping you earn more. 

    React.js specialist’s starting salary in India

    The starting salary of a React.js specialist in India is Rs. 2.4 lakhs per annum, i.e., Rs. 20,000 per month.

    React.js specialist salary abroad

    The salary figures change with change in the country. For instance, In the US, the candidate earns up to $120,000. Similarly, in Canada, the candidate earns $110,000. So, the salary changes a bit in every country. The US pays the highest salary to React.js developers. 

    The factors on which React.js specialist abroad salary depends

    As told earlier, the salary depends upon the experience one has gained and the projects one has worked on. It is essential to note that no prior knowledge is needed to do the React.js course. But after completing the course, it is crucial to work on leading projects to gain experience. It will help the candidates earn a higher salary, thereby boosting career growth.

    The Accelerating Demand for the React.JS Courses in India

    The demand for React JS courses has seemingly increased over the past few years and is still increasing. The JavaScript library has been a preferred tool for building user interfaces, web applications, mobile applications, and much more. In the present scenario, recruiters look for people who have expertise in React JS. 

    With the increasing demand for React developers, it has been seen that many people are taking Reacttaking yo React certification courses and training sessions to get well-equipped with react. These certifications help one get jobs in renowned companies. 

    DOM is a notable feature of React which has to be learned by every developer. React is a new technology in the industry that was introduced in 2011. Facebook further, came up with an upgraded version which is more efficient. 

    React is very easy to understand as compared to other programming languages. By and by, the demand is increasing and so are the career prospects of every individual. Candidates taking up a certification course will definitely be getting better career growth and job opportunities in the future. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions about React Js

    Why is React used instead of Angular?

    React is an easy to understand language. Developers and beginners can easily learn react, unlike angular. React ensures better performance as compared to other programming languages. The unidirectional flow of react easily debugs errors. 

    How much time does one require to learn React?

    React is an easy language and doesn't take much time to understand. Anyone can learn react in just 1-2 months. upGrad offers a free React course online that helps one understand React and the ways one can implement it in creating user interfaces, webpages, mobile apps, etc. 

    Which course is best to learn React?

    There are a number of courses available that will help you learn React. But nothing beats upGrad. upGrad offers a free online React course that helps one learn React easily. At the end of the course, certification is also provided to the candidates that will help getting better job opportunities in future. 

    Who can learn React course?

    A person who is well-equipped with JAVA and HTML can learn the React language. React is an easy language that can be learned by experienced people as well as beginners.        

    What is one-way data binding in Reactjs?

    ReactJS supports downstream flowing data in a single flow. The Reactjs components are hypothetically immutable, and the data stored in them can’t be changed. Hence, ReactJS only approves the data that flows in a single direction; therefore, it is known as one-way data binding. Since data will not flow in the opposite direction, it is easier to debug, and the data is less prone to error. One-way data binding makes ReactJS the best front-end library for developing highly interactive web applications. This feature is useful to ReactJS developers as a reliable source for canonical data sources.

    What are the benefits of reusable components of Reactjs?

    Reactjs proves to be more powerful with reusable components because all its components are isolated. Any modification in one component will not influence the other. Reusable components decrease the complexity of ReactJS app development by making the programming process easier and more precise for the developers. Access to reusable components is the largest advantage for a startup firm willing to work on a small budget. This is because they don’t need to hire an expert to correct errors in the app.

    Why should you hire Reactjs developers?

    Reactjs developers use the latest technology and trends in their projects. They own years of experience and expertise. They showcase their exceptional expertise by developing top-notch quality apps. It is challenging to handle all the web operations single-handedly. So, it becomes inevitable for a company to hire Reactjs developers who can provide support & maintenance to your website and keep it updated. You can effectively develop a custom web app by outsourcing a React developer from a reliable ReactJS development company.

    Why you may not want to use React.js for complex interactive front-end projects?

    It is difficult to reuse React.js components in complex interactive web projects. React.js Virtual DOM algorithm is imprecise, and time-consuming.React.js HTML templates are neither powerful nor complete.

    Which functions are called when mounting a component in Reactjs?

    When mounting a component, React calls the below built-in functions in the stated order: (i) constructor()- It denotes the first step where initial state values are set. (ii) getDerivedStateFromProps()- This method is called before rendering the element(s) in the DOM. (iii) render()- This method outputs the HTML to the DOM. (iv) componentDidMount()- This method is called after the component is rendered.

    How does React work?

    Everything in React is a “component” or an “element”. The elements are generated using syntactic javascript or “JSX”. It works like declaring HTML content as variables, constants, functions, etc. JSX helps in coding a React app. Components work as the building blocks for any React app. They may contain several elements programmed to interact and behave in a specific way. Each React component has a lifecycle that can be tracked and modified throughout its three phases: Mounting, Updating, and Unmounting.

    Which brands owe their success to ReactJS?

    The brands like Netflix, Instagram, Airbnb, and Yahoo owe their success to ReactJS. Reactjs’ declarative programming approach and one-way data binding help Netflix manage its huge data volumes. Reactjs fulfils Instagram’s requirement to allow web visitors to access the social platform through the one-page app. The component reusability features, code iterating, and code refactoring are useful to Airbnb in developing the internal structures of the web and mobile app. 

    Why do we need to use React js?

    React simplifies the development of dynamic web applications because it involves less writing and offers more capability than JavaScript. The coding process is less complex than that in other platforms. Reactjs uses a one-way data flow, allowing the developers to enclose child components in their respective parent components while developing a React project. The learning curve for Reactjs is low since most of its principles are identical to those available in JavaScript and HTML, adding a few valuable features.

    Which are the top 5 skills you must know before you learn ReactJS?

    (i) HTML and CSS -All front-end developers begin their journey with HTML and CSS. Hence, before you start learning Reactjs, you must have a decent coding command in HTML and CSS. (ii) JSX (Javascript XML) & Babel -you will work with JSX which you can consider as HTML-flavored JavaScript. (iii) Fundamentals of Javascript and ES6 –Make sure you first learn the fundamentals of JavaScript and then learn the advanced version of ECMAScript5 and ECMAScript6. (iv) Package Manager (Node + Npm) –You need to learn package.json files and js files in the packages. (v) Git (version control) –It helps store your projects on GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket.

    What is the “Assembly of Components” in Reactjs?

    One of the distinguishing features of ReactJS is component-based user interface development. Any React app is an assembly of multiple components. All these can fall into categories -reusable components, core ReactJS components, or app-specific custom components. With “Assembly of Components”, React allows you to create standalone isolated components for use in the apps. This feature improves reusability, offers faster development, and guarantees lesser UI defects.

    What is React Virtual DOM?

    React Virtual DOM’s role is quite notable in front-end development. Virtual DOM represents an in-memory copy of the original DOM created by the browser. React Virtual DOM provides a better user experience and allows app developers to work faster. Modifying the UI demands updating the real DOM. But frequently updating the real DOM can make the UI sluggish and leads to costly computations at the browser level. React Virtual DOM solves all these problems.

    What is State Management in Reactjs?

    Reactjs uses one of the most sophisticated state management libraries, i.e., Redux. You can manage the state of the components for developing small apps that contain only a few components. But as the application grows, managing the state in individual components becomes challenging. Redux is a state management library that equips developers with the ability to retrieve and set the state from components to the state store. Moreover, state management helps developers to write scalable and maintainable code.

    What is Automated Batching in Reactjs?

    Automatic batching was implemented as one of the important features in React 18. ReactJS now offers out-of-the-box batching for intervals, timeouts, state updates, event handlers, and asynchronous operations with this feature. Before React 18, batching the state changes was allowed but with complex app-level coding. Automatic batching makes sure a lot of app-level development for batching is not required during an asynchronous state change.

    What are the commonly faced problems in Reactjs?

    (i) The component name doesn’t start with a capital letter, so the component use is treated as a built-in element. (ii)The PropTypes object is removed from Reactjs. (iii) Within a Javascript class body, you can only define properties and methods using limited syntax. (iv) Once the web server continues running successfully, it owns control over that port. So, you can’t use the same port for other tasks. (v) Confusing curly brackets with parentheses. (vi) Doesn’t use the right capitalisation of API methods and properties. (vii) Developers get confused with State Object and Instance Properties. (viii) The import/export feature is not fully supported in the latest Nod and modern browsers.