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Our learn platform are a great way to acquire knowledge in order to advance one’s understanding. This open platform is an excellent way for inquisitive people to gain a better understanding of the disciplines. Flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and most importantly the opportunity to learn industry-relevant content are the major reasons behind the popularity of our learn platform on upGrad.

You can also take this opportunity to gain a  better understanding of the subject you wish to advance your knowledge in. You can choose the time and place of your choice and carry on with your work. Moreover, you can identify the knowledge gap and accordingly choose the learning material that suits your trajectory best.

These learning materials are available in almost all the domains such as data science, technology, and management which allows the learners to upskill themselves. upGrad brings highly strong content to its learners in the form of a brief explanation of the topics.

At upGrad, you will get an opportunity to access the cutting-edge curriculum. The industry-relevant curriculum is designed to make its learners industry ready. With the help of these learning materials, you can advance your career and get better job opportunities. You can invite your friends, colleagues, or peers as well to join you on the journey of learning. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the purpose of upGrad’s learning platform?

    upGrad believes in imparting knowledge to its learner and making them industry ready. It brings industry-relevant content that helps the learner in upskilling. Thus, helping them to upskill and improve their success rate in advancing their career.

    Are the learners required to pay in order to access the learning material?

    You can choose any number of programs from the many options available. There is no fee that is required to be paid, the learning materials are totally free of cost.

    Who are these learning materials for?

    This platform is available in the field of Data, Technology, and Management and various other relevant domains. These materials are curated to meet the learning requirements of their learners. 


    If you are someone who is looking to upskill, gain better opportunities, and elaborate your knowledge pool then these learning platform is for you. As you can increase your skills with the help of these learning materials. 


    These learning materials can directly or indirectly benefit you, as some of these may be directly applicable to you and some of those may be indirectly applicable to you. As some of these materials could act as a prerequisite for certain courses. So, you could utilize these learning materials to build a base for yourself. 

    Is there any time limitation to accessing these learning materials?

    These materials are constantly evolving, as upGrad believes in bringing the updated and latest content for its learners. The students can access these learning materials at any time according to their comfort and take benefit of these learning materials.

    Will I get any certification post-completion of these learning materials?

    These learning materials are aimed at imparting knowledge to the learners in the form of short videos. These should not be confused with the courses. There will be no certification given post-completion of these.