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MBA in International Business - Overview

What Is An MBA in International Business?

An MBA (in International Business) is a foundational course for developing a competent cadre of business managers to excellently meet the country's ever-growing requirements for expert personnel in international management. The MBA (in International Business) is roughly a six-trimester general management program with a significant focus on international business management. The MBA in International Business Management program aims to provide comprehensive coverage, touching all the crucial areas and significant disciplines relevant to activities concerning international business. The MBA (in International Business) syllabi compare favourably with some of the world's top-rated international business schools. 

Why Pursue An MBA In International Business?

When it comes to business degrees, an MBA in International Business has slowly established itself as one of the most popular options. Although there are countless reasons for this growing trend, the most common ones include globalisation, the lowering of cross-border barriers to entry, and the international pursuit of large companies. 

So, you may ask, why should one go for an MBA in International Business? Well, here are your reasons :

1. Globalisation Is On The Rise

Worldwide globalisation has slowly become one of the most prominent and powerful movements of the 21st century. Although it started quite a while ago, it has only recently hit a growth spurt. Those who are not acquainted see it as an increase in favourable rules for international trade and the creation of multinational companies. For example, businesses can now look for suppliers in regions on other continents without spending more resources than local alternatives would require. Those who choose to pursue an MBA in I B will fully understand the far-reaching concept of globalisation.

2. More Leverage For Negotiations

MBA in IB has long been a leader in student marketability because most industries consider them excellent curricula demonstrating great entrepreneurial skills. The international trade route is even more beneficial because it is one of the most popular trends in the world. In addition to being above average in terms of education, this degree will also make one more likely to receive a higher salary.

3. Other Job Opportunities

Several students use this program to complete international exchange studies and visit foreign countries. This provides them with amazing experiences that most other business graduates lack. Candidates interested in their admission are expected to be counted in double digits. They may even come from foreign countries, as many International Business MBA students work for organisations based in the United States of America, acting as expats.

4. Cultural Awareness

According to Forbes, cultural competence is the key to the international success of any brand. Unfortunately, even some of the world's biggest suppliers can't afford to spend because they ignore cultural factors. Examples include giants like Walmart, Groupon, Home Depot, Mattel and Coca-Cola. With an MBA in International Business, cultural awareness is covered in enough detail to stay in the students' brains for a long time. So if they happen to start their own business, they can avoid wasting time and money on cultural gimmicks.

5. Approaching A New Perspective

Finally, an international business degree will require taking courses that can show them different perspectives. For example, international sales strategies often discuss how different parts of the world respond to things like tips, bulk purchases, and more. While most of these actions are relatively common in the United States, they can be spotted elsewhere. Knowing these different patterns will give you a whole new perspective on life. Over time, they will benefit from improved emotional intelligence and cultural awareness.

The scope of this program is determined by job prospects and the compensation packages offered to candidates with a degree in this industry. It also offers the opportunity to travel abroad and settle in any part of the world as the degree covers international aspects of business management. An MBA in International Business Management allows you to work for some of the most prestigious companies in the world. The property offers the highest salaries for management positions and the opportunity to have an international corporate life. Candidates with an MBA in International Business can also choose to work abroad, have better networking opportunities and earn high salaries.

Who Should Pursue A Career in International Business?

The MBA in International Business is designed for professionals with several years of experience who wish to develop their leadership in a global business context through internationally focused courses and experience. 

An MBA in International Business course is similar to a regular MBA. Still, it will also teach you about the global challenges facing business, foreign markets, the global economy, and cross-border relationships, as well as the leadership and communication skills needed to thrive in multinational companies.

The degree will be in the form of an MBA in international business or a traditional MBA with a specialised elective or a pathway focusing on international business.

Who Is The MBA In International Business Course For?

The MBA in International Business course aims at professionals with two to five years of professional experience who want to launch or advance a career in international business or a multinational company.

You will study a wide range of business topics from a global perspective and develop your management skills to prepare you for leadership positions that require cross-cultural expertise that is cross-functional.

Basically, anyone who's interested in learning the difference between international business and global business can pursue an MBA IB. If candidates want a stable job and a good salary, domestically and abroad, they can join this course. It is very feasible in terms of teaching method and duration.

All working professionals looking for promotion and salary increase in transition can choose to study online MBA in international business.

When To Pursue An MBA In International Business?

The MBA in International Business is a graduate program that provides students with sufficient knowledge and training to acquire all the fundamental knowledge needed in international business.

The Master of International Business Administration is one of the popular majors in management education. Another factor that added to the fame of an MBA at the International Business market is that multinational companies recruit candidates with this degree.

  • This degree is designed to develop managers' resources and capabilities in the global economy. 

  • You must have a bachelor's degree of at least three years in one of the disciplines and score at least 50% on the qualification test.

  • After completing your UG degree in B.Tech/B, Arch, Medicine, Science or Humanities, you can pursue this course. 

  • You must pass the entrance test + GD (Group Discussion) + PI (Personal Interview) for this study program.

  • There is no age limit to enrol in this course.

  • Candidates taking the qualifying exam may also apply only if they present the required proof of qualifications before the commencement of the exam.

How To Apply For An MBA In International Business?

International Business MBA Admission Process Admission to the MBA in International Business is based entirely on aptitude test scores and personality assessments. Applicants must pass regular MBA entrance tests such as IIFT, MAT, GMAT, ATMA, CAT, or XAT in order to be selected for the personality assessment cycle, which usually includes a group/improvisation/group aptitude test/ presentations/writing and personal interviews.

Those who choose to study part-time MBA or distance learning in International Business only need to pass the respective entrance test.

What Is The Duration Of An MBA In International Business?

Duration Of MBA In International Business

Due to the high demand for MBA IB courses, different types of MBA IB courses have evolved to cater to different learners. Working individuals can pursue an IB Executive MBA, an IB Distance Learning MBA, or an IB Online MBA.

MBA In International Business (Full Time)

The primary eligibility criterion is that the candidate must have a bachelor's degree.

They must achieve a minimum score of 50% upon graduation, which constantly varies from college to university. Many colleges require a minimum score of 70% or even higher.

5% relaxation on marks for candidates in the SC/ST/PwD section.

Candidates can apply for admission through national-level exams or various university entrance exams.

Accepted exams for MBA in International Business are CAT, GMAT, XAT, SNAP, CMAT and NMAT.

The fee varies from INR 2-30 LPA.

Part-time (MBA In International Business Management)

This is a two-year program for students who want to work full-time while actively pursuing a degree.

The course requires an undergraduate degree from an accredited college with a minimum score of 50%.

An entrance test for the MBA International, such as the CAT, XAT or GMAT, is followed by a group discussion and individual interview.

Tuition fee varies from INR 8,000-1.3 lakh for two years.

Top employers are Citi Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Amazon, Google, HSBC, IBM, etc.

One Year MBA At International Business

This program is specifically created for working professionals.

Students must have a valid GMAT or GRE score with sufficient work experience.

They must have graduated from an accredited college or university with a minimum overall score of 50%.

Usually requires a minimum of 5 years of experience.

The tuition fee for this program is quite high and well known abroad.

Some colleges in India offer such courses, but their tuition fees are quite high.

Fees range from INR 20 Lakhs.

MBA In International Business Online

This is a two-year online program for students.

Eligibility requirements are the same as for the regular full-time MBA course in the International Business course.

However, tuition fees can vary from college to college, but they are relatively less than for a regular course.

Is There Any Scope Of Online Studies In An International Business Course?

Many leading institutes and educational institutions offer globally recognised international business courses online. So you can learn the nuances of business and get certified from the comfort of your home.

One of the most common online sources is Upgrad, which comes with several benefits. upGrad is an online higher education platform designed and delivered in collaboration with industry and world-class faculty and offers rigorous industry-relevant programs and Fit. upGrad creates a rich learning experience with services, technology, and pedagogy,  visioning to build the careers of tomorrow. While studying for an MBA at an international university, you can continue to gain work experience. There are MBAs from prestigious universities such as Deakin, Liverpool and others. You will get your certification from IMT Ghaziabad, one of the best management institutes in India.

Some of the key features of upGrad are:- 

  • IMT Ghaziabad provides PGP in management. 

  • Experience a week-long immersion program on campus (optional).

  • Liverpool Business School and IMT Ghaziabad Alumni Status.

  • Project-based learning as a pedagogy.

  • Learn from instructors in more than 15 countries around the world.

  • World Education Service (WES) accredited. Brings you closer to working abroad.

  • Boost your career with 360° career support

  • Mentoring from industry experts 1:1.

  • Meet colleagues at BaseCamps offline.

  • They also provide good professional support such as:

Some of the important UpGrad MBA in IB courses are mentioned below:

  • Global MBA – 18-month course

  • Executive MBA – 12-month course

  • MBA (Global) – 24-month course

Dr DY Patil University, Navi Mumbai

The Master of Business Administration in International Business from Dr DY Patil University is the most strategic and foundational program that prepares students individually and professionally to meet the needs of society. The online International Business MBA program emphasises sustainable practices and business ethics. It fosters entrepreneurship, strong leadership skills, and resourceful problem-solving tools that make graduates highly marketable. 

Jain University, Bangalore

Jain University offers an Online MBA in International Finance as part of its online degree program to all aspiring students. The Master of Business Administration or MBA in International Finance with ACCA UK is a two-year postgraduate program covering four semesters. 

Amity Online

Amity University offers a postgraduate degree in international business in an online format. The 1-year PG program in International Business consists of 2 semesters during which applicants study international marketing theories, international business, organisational behaviour and other related topics. 

IU International University Of Applied Sciences, Erfurt, IMT Ghaziabad

If you aim to establish a career in management, the Master of International Management course will benefit you. It will help you develop a deep understanding of management and leadership. You can choose a specialisation option in two - Financial Accounting and International Marketing. Through this course, you will acquire skills relevant to the management industry.

IIM Calcutta

Executive Program in Business Management - International is a 1-year program. This program is primarily designed for managers who have faced challenges due to the globalisation of business. Prominent changes in industry structure can be observed as the business sectors progress and the economy continues growing. 

PGP In International Business, CCE UPES Dehradun

PGP in UPES Online International Business Course is a 10-month program for those who want to study business management and international business law. The graduate program will help candidates enter several fast-growing industries and gain diverse career opportunities. This is a self-study program that includes face-to-face sessions.

The Extended Certificate In International Business And Strategy

SQA Through Athena Global Education

The Extended Certificate course in International Business and Strategy provides a comprehensive overview of how businesses operate globally. The course aims to raise awareness related to leadership and management organisations.

Athena Global Education's online Extended Certificate in International Business and Strategy offers 120 credits of the Scottish Qualifications and Certificates Framework (SCQF).

Master's Degree In Strategic And International Business Certificate

Master's Degree in Strategic and International Business

SQA through Athena Global Education

This course provides a comprehensive overview of how businesses operate worldwide, raising people's awareness of the factors involved in the direction and management of organisations. The Diploma course in International Business and Strategy offered by Athena global education consists of three modules and is scored at level 11, which is the standard for master's courses.

A degree (Master's) in strategic training and international business helps candidates understand corporate responsibilities and cultures in various industry sectors. This course teaches candidates the latest research and thinking on international strategies and ideas.

International Marketing: Managing Multicultural Communication

ARU Cambridge

The International Marketing: Multicultural Communication Management certification program also highlights organisations' challenges in designing digital marketing campaigns. The course helps create an impactful communication strategy emphasising cultural sensitivity by assessing cultural factors in international business.

Futurelearn's International Marketing Online: Multicultural Media Management program guides managing cross-cultural content and campaigns using social media. The course is also equipped with international marketing case studies and research papers that candidates can use to stay up to date on the topic.

Strategies To Win International Markets (SWIM) (Online)

IIM Ahmedabad

Strategies to Win International Markets [Online] by IIM Ahmedabad provides the skills needed Essential for all applicants who want to learn the science of international markets. The duration of the course is four weeks. Candidates will only study the syllabus in online mode. The program content is designed by a team of experienced teachers.

International Business

IIM Ahmedabad

The Executive Education Programme ‘International Business’ course aims to distribute extensive knowledge surrounding the concepts and important practices that make businesses and ventures successful internationally. It will centre around successful business practices that will help candidates boost their ventures and also impart knowledge on failed businesses to secure participants from committing the same mistakes. 

Winning Strategies For International Business (Live Online Programme)

IIM Bangalore

The Winning Strategies for International Business program is an executive education program conducted online via ZOOM. It follows a discussion-based learning approach to stimulate interaction in the lessons.

In addition to face-to-face lessons, the Winning Strategies Certificate course for International Business offers a comprehensive curriculum, expert instructors from the teaching staff of IIM Bangalore, breakout rooms, and surveys to facilitate deeper understanding.

The Winning Strategies in International Business course will teach you how to develop winning strategies to stay competitive in a global context through a case-based, multidisciplinary approach. It focuses primarily on results-based learning to help you develop the skills you need to become a global manager.

Understanding Geopolitics In International Business

IIM Indore

The main challenge businesses face today is volatility, including geopolitical issues such as elections in China East, the USA and in China, the BREXIT vote, etc. Likewise, today, as the world grapples with the coronavirus pandemic, the corporate world at large and globally is affected as well.

The certificate course Geopolitical Perspectives in International Business helps to understand some of the modern geopolitical issues affecting business scenarios around the world. You'll explore trade wars, political risks, tech nationalism, energy security, the race to create and sell vaccines, global supply chain disruptions, and more that have appeared since the pandemic.

What Are The Career Options For International Business Graduates?

Here are the top 10 career options for international business graduates:

career options for international business

1. International Marketing Manager

International Marketing Manager is a person dedicated to creating and implementing campaigns and marketing strategies for the international market. As an international marketing manager, you must thoroughly understand the different markets and ensure you are marketing your company's products and services to the right people. 

International marketers play a huge role in the success of a company's move into international markets. Therefore, they are also compensated according to the importance of the position. The average salary ranges from INR 40,000 to INR 80,000. Furthermore, marketing professionals also have perks like commissions.

2. International Product Manager

An International Product Manager has full responsibility for products and services marketed internationally. Different markets have different standards for product quality. Some markets even have strict product packaging standards. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the international product manager to ensure that the product, packaging, and other quality requirements are suitable for the international market.

The Global Product Manager plays an important role in the product's success. They must have extensive knowledge of international market laws and standards. So such a specialist position attracts a good salary. Currently, the salary ranges from INR 40,000 to INR 100,000.

3. Financial Analyst

International markets operate differently, but they are interrelated. This is quite a complex structure, and it is the job of an international financial analyst to know all of these markets and to prepare investment reports in these markets. They must thoroughly analyse and provide information and predictive models for the different markets in which their company can invest money.

Financial analysts must have good numbers as well as good observational skills. You have to be good to survive in this competitive profile. Currently, the position of financial analyst attracts a salary from INR 30,000 to INR 9 lakh. They also earn big commissions.

4. Director Of Business Development

The Director of Business Development holds the responsibility of attracting more businesses internationally. To do this, they must know the market well, establish the right relationships and plan accordingly. Business Development Manager is a crucial position where the individual ensures growth and development by working closely with the marketing and sales team towards managing the international market.

In addition to good commissions, business development directors receive salaries ranging from INR 30,000 to INR 100,000. 

5. Research Analyst

Businesses need market information to succeed in the international market. This information should address market opportunities and risks. And that's where the services of a research analyst come into play. They must research international markets, products, rules and regulations, competitors, and more and provide reports for their business to penetrate the international market.

Research analysts play a significant part in international business. Companies are at risk without their jobs. Therefore, they have compensated accordingly. They receive an average salary of INR 30,000 to INR 9 lakh.

6. Logistics Manager

Logistics is already a tedious job to manage. Now imagine doing it internationally. This difficult but rewarding task is the job of a logistics manager. They must understand the logistics of sourcing products, resources, deliveries, etc. In different countries. The challenge is that each country has different rules and regulations and logistical challenges. Logistics managers need to know them and ensure that everything is delivered on time, from supplier to customer.

As mentioned earlier, being a logistics manager is one of the hardest but most rewarding jobs in international business. Their annual salary is from INR 30,000 to INR 150,000, along with commission opportunities.

7. International Supply Chain Manager

Companies selling goods and products must have good international supply chain managers. They are the people who need to understand logistics and keep everything running smoothly, from sourcing and production to packaging and sourcing. 

8. Director Of Human Resources

In international business, there are many HR challenges. Therefore, you need a good HR manager. They are responsible for recruiting the best employees from different locations across the country. They must also know the labour laws of these countries and ensure that operations comply with that country's labour laws. They also have to ensure employees are happy and act as a bridge between different departments worldwide.

Human resource management is crucial, especially in a company spread across multiple locations worldwide. As a result, HR managers earn a salary of 4 to 15 lakh INR.

9. Business Analytics Manager

In international business, business analytics plays a huge role. When a company operates in a new market, it must take all risks and make the right decisions. A business analyst uses technology and software for analysis, industry information, statistics, and other data to present reports and conclusions on which top management can make decisions about that particular international market.

The Director of Business Analytics is a specialist position. You must have strong analytical and predictive skills and technical skills to understand and use analytical software. In this position, you can expect a salary of between INR 80,000 and INR 20,000.

10. International Brand Manager

When a business is international, branding is important, especially when the business is entering a new market. If the company's brand is recognised and trusted, it will save a lot of money on marketing, and its products and services will gain market share much faster. This is the power of branding. The international brand manager is in charge of all international branding activities. They must create positive awareness and an online reputation for the brand. They have to participate in and organise many activities and work with creative people.

International brand managers are among the highest-paid professionals because their work is quite demanding. They earn an average salary of INR 50,000 to INR 180,000.

(via www.csit.edu.in)

What Are The Admission Criteria For An MBA In International Business?

The eligibility criteria for an MBA in International Business are completely similar to that of a regular MBA, that is, a Bachelor's degree of a minimum of three years' duration in any discipline or equivalent from a recognised university. 

The main MBA in International Business Course Exams are :

  • IIFT.

  • CAT.

  • GMAT.

  • CMAT.

  • XAT.

  • MAT.

Why Is An Online MBA In International Business Course Better Than An Offline MBA In International Business Course?

With the help of online and distance education, you no longer have to choose between a job and a master's degree. Why? Because online or distance learning allows you to pursue both work and proficiency. You will explore the differences between a regular, online, and distance MBA later in this blog.

MBA In International Business course Syllabus

MBA in International Business Course Syllabus listed below: 

First Year Syllabus:- 

  • General Management

  • Marketing management

  • Accounting for Managers

  • International Trade and Policy Framework

  • Economics for Managers

  • Operation Research for Business Decision

  • Legal Framework of Business

  • International Business Environment

  • Entrepreneurship and New Venture Planning

  • Corporate Finance

  • Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility of Business

  • International Financial System

  • Business Statistics and Research Methodology

  • Internet Security and Cyber Laws

Second Year Syllabus:- 

  • International Marketing

  • International Marketing Research

  • Service Marketing and Customer Relationship Management

  • International Trade Practices, Procedures, and Documentation

  • Global Strategic Management

  • International Financial Management

  • Cross-Cultural Consumer and Industrial Buyer Behaviour

  • International Advertising and Brand Management

  • International Supply Chain Management & Logistics

  • International Human Resource Management

  • Foreign Languages for Business – 1

  • Foreign Languages for Business – 2

  • Training Report

  • Project Report

Projecting MBA In International Business Industry Growth 2022-23

India has several advantages: a growing middle class; about 80 million people have basic English ability; 2,000 years of international trade history; abundant rain and sun; and one million people facilitate the flow of talent, ideas, technology, business opportunities, investment and reputation between India and the rest of the world. Indians hold leadership positions in huge corporations, universities, and industries in the United States and Europe.

International business in India seems really lucrative, and with each passing day, it only brings more opportunities. India’s international business sector growth is more than 7% per year. There could be a further improvement if relations with neighbouring countries were stabilised. The excellent performance of the stock market in India has attracted more attention (compared to other international stock exchanges). India certainly presents itself as an opportunistic place to explore business opportunities, with a highly skilled workforce and a budding middle-class segment.

(Via www.iimtindia.net)

MBA In International Business Specialist Salary In India

The salary of an International Business specialist with an MBA IB in India ranges from INR 2-7.6 Lakhs, with an average annual salary of INR 4.0 Lakhs. 

Factors On Which MBA in International Business Specialist Salary In India Depends

The prime factors on which the salary of an International Business specialist with a degree of MBA depends are:-

  • The institution from which one pursued the MBA degree

  • The location of the candidate (country, state)

  • Exclusive laws and economic structures of their location

  • Prior experiences (if any)

  • Speciality, the candidate, chose while pursuing the degree

  • Certification

MBA In International Business Specialist Starting Salary In India

According to www.ambitionbox.com, the average starting Salary for an International Business specialist with an MBA degree in International Business in India is roughly Rs 2 lakhs per year.

MBA In International Business Specialist Salary Abroad

There are diverse careers to choose from in the vast world of international business, such as accounting, finance, and marketing, just to name a few. Take a look at the median annual salaries for some of the most common roles from the US Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS).

  • Marketing Managers $135,030

  • Financial Managers $131,710

  • Sales Managers $127,490

  • Human Resources Managers $126,230

  • Logisticians $77,030

  • Accountants and Auditors $77,250

(via www.allbusinessschools.com)

Factors On Which MBA In International Business Specialist Salary Abroad Depends

The prime factors on which the salary of an International Business specialist with a degree of MBA depends abroad are mostly the same as the factors on which it depends in India. They are:-

  • The institution from which one pursued the MBA degree 

  • The location of the candidate (country, state)

  • Prior experiences (if any)

  • Speciality, the candidate, chose while pursuing the degree

  • Certification

  • Analytical Skills: Researching and synthesising data on trends and markets at home and abroad is an important part of an international trade professional's job. They take data analysis seriously and use what they learn to make strategic business proposals for their clients.

  • Communication: Effective written and oral communication is essential to many aspects of the role of an international trade professional, including negotiating transactions with a business partner’s potential and contract drafting. They also prepare reports and presentations on expanded opportunities – a responsibility that often involves communicating complex information in a way that people in different roles can understand within the company.

  • Networking: International trade professionals rely on networking to form business partnerships, especially in overseas markets. Understanding how to cultivate these relationships is critical to an organisation’s success.

MBA In International Business Specialist Starting Salary In Abroad

As of July 2022, the average salary of US international trade specialists is $ 96,007, usually ranging from $ 75,544 to $116,248. Salary ranges vary widely and depend on important factors such as education, qualifications, additional skills, and years spent at work. (Via www.salary.com)

Therefore, to conclude, we are now acquainted with the fact that the MBA in International Business is one of the most sought-after MBA programs in India. Global multinationals and Indian multinationals like TATAs, BIRLAs, Mahindras, and IT companies like Infosys are looking for MBA graduates in International Business. They have a good understanding of international trade and markets. In the MBA program in International Business, students study aspects of global competition, simplifying the complexities of international business management, international financial management, global consulting, international marketing, making the most of international logistics and supply chains, international customs law, tariffs, taxes, and documents, among others.

Many of the top MBA schools in India offer MBA programs in International Business Management with high standing nationally and internationally, for example, the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), Institute of International Business Symbiosis (SIIB) Pune, and many more.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about MBA in International Business

    What is international business?

    International business deals with trading elements such as advanced technology, innovative and out-of-the-box methods of reaching a business goal and better communicative measures that have pushed businesses to reach and eventually cross global borders. In response, more and more industries have turned to international markets beyond their countries borders. 

    Is International Business a modern concept?

    Although the term international business is a relatively novel concept, international trade has been around since the dawn of civilisation. Ancient cultures, namely the Roman Empire, Egypt, and Europe, traded different goods. Merchants and traders travelled far and wide to foreign lands to earn money and establish trade relationships. Even archaeologist records reveal different routes taken by people in different parts of the world to establish peaceful trade relations.

    What determines the quality of education in an international business school?

    A degree in international business can be a great add-on to your resume if you wish to work abroad, but finding the right Business school is not easy at all. The first thing determining the quality of education in business school is how multidimensional the syllabi are and how many topics they cover in the course.

    Is a degree in Internal Business a viable choice for the career?

    The trend of enrolling at the top business schools across the country keeps growing as students seek international business majors as a one-way ticket to the board in a 107.5k global economy today. This is quite a wise move as currently, more and more companies acquire cross-border offices in order to increase credible profits with multinational operations. 

    How much does an MBA International Business Degree cost?

     In June 2017, USA Today reported that the tuition for business courses had increased by 3.6% at the nation's top 50 universities this year. Enrollment has increased by 3.8 million in US institutions since 2000. 

    Is an MBA in International Business cost-effective?

    Students have gradually realised that the sheer academic benefits of majors like an international business major can outweigh the costs incurred with better and lump sum salaries, immense job stability, and increased chances of employability, confidence and knowledge. International business helps one with strategic budgeting by explaining each level's average cost of international business education.

    What Is The Difference Between International Business Degrees and International Relations Degrees?

    Fresher applicants are generally new to the whole thing and might mistakenly believe that an international business degree and a degree in international relations are both the same or in any way interchangeable. International relations is the study of how global political, social and religious forces mutually interact peacefully and without conflict. International trade examines how several profit-making corporations mainly exchange goods or services globally. The first subject emphasises government diplomacy while the latter focuses on the lucrative trade. 

    Is there any age bar for applying to the MBA in IB course?

    No. As this is a postgraduate course, there stands no age bar to apply to this course.

    What types of MBA in IB courses are available?

    There are several MBA in IB courses according to their time period: 

    • Full-time MBA in IB: 2-year full-time course
    • Part-time MBA in IB: 2-year course opportunity while working
    • One year MBA in IB: 1-year course
    • Online course for MBA in IB: Usually a 2-year course.

    What examinations are required for a candidate to take for admission into MBA in International Business program?

    The exams that a candidate can take to get admission into the MBA in IB course are:

    CAT, XAT, GMAT, SNAP, NMAT and CMAT, apart from other courses.

    Can you take any special exam for a distance MBA in IB course?

    You may take the OPENMAT course for a distance course on MBA in International Business. 

    What are the career options after MBA in International Business?

    You can opt for several positions after completing your MBA in IB. The options include but are not limited to Export Manager, International Business Manager, Global Finance Manager, Investment Banker etc. 

    Is there any opportunity for Campus placement after completing an MBA in international business?

    Yes. It mainly depends on which institute you choose to get your degree from. Reputed institutes like IIM, UpGrad, IIFT, Symbiosis, etc., provide placement prospects soon after you finish your degree. Even if you do not have an opportunity for on-campus placement, the best institutes prepare you to crack any interview you sit for.

    What are the eligibility criteria for MBA in IB?

    Most institutes ask for a 50% aggregate in your graduation level from any registered university. You may be able to avail relaxation in the marking criteria based on your caste and/or economic status. 

    How can foreign nationals/NRIs apply for an MBA in International Business course in India?

    Foreign Nationals/NRIs must apply for these courses with their GMAT/GRE scores.