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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Marketing in India [A Complete Report]

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14th Apr, 2024
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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Marketing in India [A Complete Report]

If you ask anyone in the age group of 20 and 60 years, the very word, ‘leisure’ is a fleeting concept. In the race to meet the endless series of deadlines, we indeed have no time to stop. But there’s one group of people whose job is to make you stop and stare and then purchase, no matter how pressed for time you are.

In the older times, their methods would be more overt and often intrusive and we’d sniggeringly call them, ‘salespersons’. These days they work their way in a much more suave and subtle manner and we call them, ‘marketers’. Several of the highest paying jobs in India in marketing have helped people from the marketing field lead a luxurious and comfortable life for themselves.

Marketing as an industry has emerged as the backbone of the corporate sector with firms allocating huge proportions of their budget to marketing strategies and market research. Parallelly, business schools which train you in marketing skills are mushrooming in different parts of the world and needless to say, the number of takers for such courses seems to be ever-expanding. There are several highest paying jobs in India in marketing where one can be satisfied mentally and financially.

It is hardly surprising then that there is a new wave of interest in marketing and rightfully so. A chance to earn in six to seven figures while also in many ways steering the consumption patterns in our economy can be a rare career trajectory that offers both money and power.  Throw in an element of creativity and constant innovation and you have your dream career goal. Marketing offers you just that and more. These courses can also help you land some of the highest paid marketing jobs in the country.

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What does a marketing job typically entail?

The mainstay of marketing is advertising a product or a service and boosting it’s sales. While there are several innovative and unique ways to pursue this goal, the core concept behind all marketing strategies is communications. Conveying the right message in the right format is what drives this industry and it is vital to understand consumer expectations and inclinations in order to hit the right chord in marketing. The key to such understanding is good communication. 

As they say, “Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after.” You know your marketing stint is going well when the consumer feels you are talking to them and they feel motivated enough to respond to your call. Which products work and why and how to make a product work are insights that marketing grapples with. Here, Public Relations only play a complementary role.

While sourcing these insights, it is the responsibility of the public relations professional to also understand the expectations of the consumer and warm them up to the idea of your imminent product or service. So if marketing is what drives the future of a certain brand, public relations is one of the wheels on which marketing runs. 

Marketing campaigns involve in-depth brainstorming about different channels of advertising. Especially, in the contemporary world where social media has such a huge influence on our population, all marketing campaigns are attuned to the pulse of the social media trends. As a marketer, it is your role to make your product stand out using catchy and impactful means.

Be it television commercials, social media campaigns, blogs, billboards, or more on the ground, business to customer interface, there are diverse avenues to publicize your product. It is how interestingly you do it is what matters.  However, in no way is this an exhaustive list. Marketing revolves around several categories of sales and strategizing feats which usually involves in-depth research into the raging consumer trends and innovating with product and campaign designs to capture the future markets. 

Sounds slightly daunting, isn’t it? Well, it is no easy task. It involves a lot of brain wracking, long hours, risks taking, and in the course of it, setting a new trend with every successful campaign. No wonder then, marketers in India are highly sought after professionals and bring home some of the highest pay packages. There are some top companies for marketing jobs hiring some top professionals.

What are some of the highest paying jobs in marketing in India?

Let’s talk about the highest paying jobs in marketing in India:

1. Management Consulting

The global economic conditions are often mired in a weird paradox. While on one hand, rapid digitization and technological innovations have expanded the markets, on the other, economic meltdown across industries is causing fears about sustenance and future growth. The advisories of management consultants have emerged as a vital ingredient to optimize the business strategies in a way to attain maximum success for most business enterprises. Management consulting is one of the highest paying jobs in marketing in India.

Remember the good old saying, “look before you leap”? Be it an overhaul of the traditional business rubrics or creating something novel, to profitably scale up your business or to overcome monetary exigencies or even to obtain insights into the emerging markets, the management consultants will do the looking before letting you leap and also take every measure possible to give you a safe and secure landing.

Marketing consultant is one of the highest paying jobs in Marketing in India as Marketing Consultants are highly sought after in today’s business landscape and almost every medium and large scale firms depend on their expertise to make informed and viable business decisions. According to Beroe Market Research, the marketing consulting marking is likely to record an aggregate growth amounting to 343.5 billion by 2025. It is one of the highest salary jobs for marketing professionals.

Typically, the pay scale for marketing consultants varies according to certain specific factors like years of experience, pedigree, client portfolios, etc. While the base pay might not appear as glorious at first glance, the variable factors highly augment a marketing consultant’s overall pay, including commissions and perquisites. On average, the annual income of a marketing consultant varies between Rs 10 lakhs per annum to over Rs 30 lakhs per annum and one of the highest salary jobs for marketing professionals. 

Companies like Mckenzies, Bain and Co., Boston Consulting Group, Oliver Wyman, De Shaw, Deloitte, KPMG, Ernest, and Young are some of the big brands in the marketing consultancy industry. It is hardly surprising that Marketing Consultants have their imprints in most strategic business decisions and end up making a fortune through their tried and tested advisories.

Average Management Consulting Salary

management consultant salarSource
Management Consulting Salary Based on Cities

Bangalore₹27.3 Lakhs
New Delhi₹27.5 Lakhs
Mumbai₹27.5 Lakhs
Hyderabad₹27.3 Lakhs
Pune₹27.9 Lakhs
Chennai₹27.7 Lakhs
Noida₹24.9 Lakhs
Kolkata₹27.5 Lakhs

How does experience affect management consulting salary?

management consultant salary by experience

2 Years₹18 Lakhs
4 Years₹22.7 Lakhs
5 Years₹24.2 Lakhs
7 Years₹26.4 Lakhs
10 Years₹29.2 Lakhs

Management Consulting salary based on industries

IT Services₹28.3 Lakhs
Software Product₹30 Lakhs
Financial Services₹29.7 Lakhs
KPO₹30 Lakhs
Management₹27.3 Lakhs
Accounting₹21.6 Lakhs
Manufacturing₹25.6 Lakhs

2. Digital Marketing

For any marketing profession, designing an advertisement becomes the stepping stone in their career trajectory. Effectively delivering the marketing messages without coming across as petulant and annoying is a challenge every ad maker faces. In today’s digitally dominated industry scape, adapting marketing strategies to the digital medium while simultaneously co-opting digital tools to enliven marketing strategies is not only a desirable blending but also a necessity almost in the current context.

Companies continue to recruit the best minds in the industry to come up with innovative marketing campaigns. Marketing professionals today are faced with a large variety of platforms to reach out to the customers. If you want to climb the corporate ladder, check out our digital marketing courses to upskill yourself. While this surely enhances visibility and promotes greater access, the challenge now lies in optimizing the ads to the personalized needs of each of these platforms.  

Digital marketing is one of the highest paying jobs in Marketing in India as the expectation from today’s digital marketers is awareness of the tools that facilitate prompt and easy adaptation to one or the other forms as well as agility in terms of catering to a highly diverse audience with different goals and behavioral tendencies. It is the digital marketers who usually optimize the digital space through branding, advertising, and marketing practices.

With the dominance of social media, a digital marketer is also expected to be able to fine-tune the marketing campaigns to suit the various social media platforms and gain maximum traction among the users of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and even Tik Tok. Another important skill that every digital marketer must-have is a thorough SEO knowledge base since SEO is vital to boosting the visibility of any digital marketing campaign. 

Given that digital space has emerged as a robust market in itself, enterprises have come to leverage the roles of digital marketers to a large extent. It will therefore not be incorrect to assume that the digital marketing industry fetches some of the highest paying jobs in Marketing in India. Tier 1 cities offer bigger bands of payscale for digital marketers in comparison to tier 2 cities in India and one of the highest salary jobs for marketing professionals. 

If you wish to explore and become an expert in Digital Marketing, check out MICA and upGrad’s Digital Marketing Certificate Program. Become an expert in social media marketing, content marketing, branding, marketing analysis, and PR. With the right amount of guidance, you may land some high paying marketing jobs.

Average Digital Marketing Salary

digital marketing salary

Digital Marketing Salary Based on Cities

Bangalore₹5.5 Lakhs
New Delhi₹4.2 Lakhs
Mumbai₹3.7 Lakhs
Hyderabad₹4.8 Lakhs
Pune₹4.6 Lakhs
Chennai₹4.1 Lakhs
Noida₹3.7 Lakhs
Ahmedabad₹3.9 Lakhs

How does experience affect Digital Marketing salary?

Fresher₹2.7 Lakhs
1 Year₹2.8 Lakhs
2 Year₹3.5 Lakhs
3 Year₹3.9 Lakhs
5 Year₹6 Lakhs

Digital Marketing salary based on industries

IT Services₹6.8 Lakhs
Internet₹6.7 Lakhs
Software Product₹5.1 Lakhs
Financial Services₹6.7 Lakhs
KPO₹5.1 Lakhs

3. Content Market Strategist

One of the most reputed pioneers in the field of marketing, Lee Odden once said, “ Content isn’t king. It is the Kingdom.” In the context of today’s internet dominated lives, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to claim that the internet is as vital to our psychological well being as oxygen is to our existence. From what we wear to what we eat, from how our houses should look to which career path to pursue, the omniscient internet seems to have an answer to all.

No wonder then it becomes an ideal platform for marketing strategists to forge a nexus between the buyers and the sellers and boost the sale of their products. The backbone of any such feats become content. So marketing the right kind of content to gain traction among the right kind of audience has proven to be a challenge and precisely to reap the best results, professionals trained in content marketing have been in high demand.

Accordingly, content market strategists feature among the highest paying jobs in marketing in India, with different strata of companies hiring professionals exclusively for this purpose. 

The importance of manipulating the right verve of content on the internet stems from the fact that alongside the graphical elements, it’s the content that directs our attention to the appropriate platform, and again it’s the content that offers us the optimal solutions to our issues. A content marketing strategist is not only expected to develop marketable content but also their roles entail leveraging certain technical aspects like search engine optimization and social media optimization.

In today’s digital economy, creative online content creation is a thoroughly profitable career trajectory which not only lets you stay connected to your creative side by enabling one to experiment with one’s innovative flair but also helps one to garner subject matter knowledge through engagement in market research on several relevant topics.

Consonant to the high pay scale of the content market strategists, the roles and responsibilities of the content market strategist for almost every establishment are fairly elaborate. It encompasses strategy development, looking into the marketing communications angle. It often entails a certain degree of copywriting too. As mentioned before, to develop relevant and profitable marketing content and then marketing them appropriately, familiarity with some technical considerations like SEO or SMO is necessary.

The rather composite band of skills that the content market strategists bring to a brand makes them eligible for a high-end payscale. With close to 30% of the jobs in this domain reserved for early-stage professionals with 5 to 9 years of experience and approximately 38% for the mid-level professionals with over 10 years years of experience, a content market strategist’s role is likely to earn you anything between Rs 10 lakhs per annum to roughly 23 lakhs per annum and one of the highest salary jobs for marketing professionals.

These figures are however factorials of the type of the firm, the level of seniority, the kinds of clientele, and the success rate of past campaigns. Naturally, for early professionals often the salary figures are quoted low but learning the ropes in this field even at a reduced pay is a wise strategy due to the immense potential of growth that the content industry has.  Some of the best companies for marketing jobs in India are hiring for this position.

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Average Content Market Strategist Salary

content strategist salary indiaContent Market Strategist Salary Based on Cities

Bangalore₹7.4 Lakhs
New Delhi₹7.5 Lakhs
Mumbai₹8.3 Lakhs
Hyderabad₹7.2 Lakhs
Pune₹7.1 Lakhs
Chennai₹6.6 Lakhs
Noida₹7.2 Lakhs
Kolkata₹5.2 Lakhs


Content Market Strategist salary based on industries

Internet₹8.5 Lakhs
Software Product₹10.2 Lakhs
Financial Services₹7.4 Lakhs
KPO₹8.3 Lakhs
Management₹5.7 Lakhs
Edtech₹8 Lakhs
Marketing₹7.2 Lakhs

How does experience affect content market strategist salary?

content strategist salary india by experience

2 Years₹5 Lakhs
4 Years₹6.7 Lakhs
5 Years₹8.2 Lakhs
7 Years₹8.9 Lakhs
9 Years₹10.2 Lakhs

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4. Social Media Marketing Manager

This is a portfolio closely linked to content marketing roles. The growth prospect of social media platforms and their expansive customer base has made it exigent that a set of marketing professionals dedicate their skill sets and energy to optimizing the spaces like social media platforms to maximize the profits. Accordingly, in the last few years, roles around specialized social media marketing professionals have started trending in almost every recruitment cycle. 

Social media marketing manager is one of the highest paying jobs in Marketing in India as In today’s day and age, we owe much of our social awareness as well as networking to the various social media platforms. Almost 2.4 billion users currently use Facebook while 1.5 billion people use Whatsapp. The scale of users and the reach that these social media platforms offer is too lucrative for marketers to overlook. In fact, wisdom lies in optimizing social media platforms to portray your campaigns.

Social media platforms are not just ideal for reaching out to a large set of audience but also for gauging the ongoing trends of consumption and consumer tastes. Advertisements that run on social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, and others have proven to be a great source of revenue generation for marketing professionals. This is because, through tools such as SEO and SMO, these platforms subtly route the advertisements to the most promising target audience. Hence the chances of conversion and retention are increased. 

Social media marketing managers typically earn less than digital or content marketing professionals. Yet, the pay scales qualify to be counted among the highest paying jobs in marketing. Here again, technological background, marketing industry experience and the type of firm play an important role. 

Learn more: Social Media Marketing Salary in India

5. Product Marketing Manager

This is a role that is perhaps closest to the traditional domain of marketing. Almost every product based enterprise will maintain a steady army of product marketers who are expected to analyze the business landscape and market trends and develop the most effective strategies for product marketing. Communications and competitive intelligence are desired skills in this domain.

While many marketing professionals begin with product marketing as freshers, about 40% of the jobs in this domain are reserved for those with 5 to 9 years of experience. Despite, all the changes in the market trends, the product market continues to be one of the highest paying jobs in marketing in India, offering a salary range of 8 lakhs per annum to 14 lakhs per annum, subject to experience and expertise and one of the highest salary jobs for marketing professionals. Learn more about Average Product Manager Salaries in India.

Average Product Marketing Manager Salary

product marketing manager salary
Product Marketing Manager Salary Based on Cities

Bangalore₹20.3 Lakhs
New Delhi₹20.9 Lakhs
Mumbai₹17.7 Lakhs
Hyderabad₹20.7 Lakhs
Pune₹20 Lakhs
Chennai₹17.6 Lakhs
Noida₹21.4 Lakhs
Kolkata₹17.3 Lakhs


How does experience affect product marketing manager salary?

product manager salary by experience

2 Years₹13.2 Lakhs
4 Years₹16 Lakhs
5 Years₹17 Lakhs
7 Years₹18.6 Lakhs
9 Years₹19.9 Lakhs

Product Marketing Manager salary based on industries

Internet₹21.4 Lakhs
IT Services₹20.3 Lakhs
Financial Services₹16.3 Lakhs
Hardware₹19.6 Lakhs
Electronics₹20.5 Lakhs
Manufacturing₹21 Lakhs

In-demand Digital Marketing Skills

6. Chief Marketing Officer

The primary role of a chief marketing officer of a company is to formulate new marketing ideas that will increase brand value and awareness. Their roles and responsibilities include: 

  • Brand Management 
  • Digital Campaigns 
  • Customer Acquisition and Retention  
  • Market Analysis 
  • Budget Allocation 
  • Technological Adoption and Leadership  

Ranking among the highest paying marketing jobs in India, the chief marketing officer or CMO oversees brand visibility across various digital and non-digital channels. They use data analytics provided by the marketing manager(s) to measure the performance of any ongoing campaign and identify ongoing trends to optimize marketing strategies.  

They are also in charge of handling the marketing budget across all forms be it traditional marketing or digital marketing. CMOs are also required to perform extensive market research to identify customer behaviors in a particular demography and allocate funds accordingly.  

Average Chief Marketing Officer Salary

chief marketing officer salarySource
Chief Marketing Officer Salary Based on Cities

Bangalore₹42.2 Lakhs
New Delhi₹61.1 Lakhs
Mumbai₹52 Lakhs
Chennai₹47.6 Lakhs
Noida₹92.1 Lakhs
Kolkata₹20 Lakhs

How does experience affect the Chief Marketing Officer salary?

chief marketing officer salary by experience

4 Years₹16.5 Lakhs
8 Years₹24.6 Lakhs
10 Years₹25.9 Lakhs
13 Years₹46.7 Lakhs
15+ Years₹48.1 Lakhs

Chief Marketing Officer salary based on industries

Internet₹52.6 Lakhs
Manufacturing₹97.4 Lakhs
Financial Services₹94.4 Lakhs

7. Pay-Per-Click Manager

A Pay-Per-Click manager or PPC manager is a trained professional responsible to handle and manage PPC campaigns across various social media channels. Their roles and responsibilities include: 

  • Campaign Strategy and Setup 
  • Keyword Research 
  • Ad Creation 
  • Budget Management 
  • Performance Monitoring  
  • Bid Management 

Maybe not among the top-level salaries, but among the highest paying jobs marketing India a PPC manager is basically in charge of setting up campaigns in Google or Bing Ads and across various social media platforms.  

They are also responsible for identifying the relevant target keywords with the help of SEO managers according to the competitor and relevance. PPC managers also monitor the efficiency of any ongoing campaign through various metrics like CTR, Conversion Rate, Return on Investment and others.  

A pay-per-click manager ensures proper and relevant traffic to the brand’s website with efficient use of leads sales through different channels.  

Average PPC Manager Salary

ppc manager salary indiaSource
PPC Manager Salary Based on Cities

Bangalore₹9.1 Lakhs
New Delhi₹8.5 Lakhs
Mumbai₹11.3 Lakhs
Hyderabad₹11.8 Lakhs
Pune₹14.3 Lakhs
Chennai₹13.5 Lakhs
Noida₹8.5 Lakhs
Kolkata₹9.3 Lakhs

How does experience affect PPC Manager salary?

ppc salary by experience

5 Years₹5.7 Lakhs
7 Years₹6.6 Lakhs
10 Years₹8.4 Lakhs
13 Years₹10.2 Lakhs
15+ Years₹11.2 Lakhs

PPC Manager salary based on industries

Auto components₹11.3 Lakhs
Fashion₹9.5 Lakhs
Engineering₹9.3 Lakhs
IT Services₹6.6 Lakhs
Electronics₹14.2 Lakhs
Manufacturing₹13 Lakhs

8. Search Engine Optimisation Manager

A search engine optimization manager or an SEO expert is a digital marketing expert responsible for increasing and maintaining the brand’s visibility across various platforms like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Their roles and responsibilities include: 

  • Keyword Identification 
  • On and Off-Page Optimization 
  • Technical SEO Management 
  • Content Strategy Planning 
  • Performance Monitoring 

The most basic responsibility of an SEO manager is to research and identify the target keywords to reach the target audience. They also ensure proper optimization of meta tags, headings and image tags to improve the results for the targeted keyword(s). To increase the trustworthiness and authenticity as well as the domain authority of the brand, they often implement various backlinks from authoritative websites as a reliable source of information.  

As one of the mid-range highest paying marketing jobs in India, they also develop SEO-optimized content with proper keyword density and relevancy. To maintain the user experience and minimize user bounce rate, they always work towards creating faster website loading speed, and fixing broken links while implementing schema markup. 

To ensure that the website is performing optimally, they regularly analyze the traffic within the website through Google Analytics and Search Console and identify the areas of update.  

Average SEO Manager Salary

seo manager salarySource
SEO Manager Salary Based on Cities

Bangalore₹9.8 Lakhs
New Delhi₹9.4 Lakhs
Mumbai₹7.8 Lakhs
Hyderabad₹10.1 Lakhs
Pune₹9.7 Lakhs
Chennai₹5.9 Lakhs
Noida₹9.5 Lakhs
Gurgaon₹9.9 Lakhs

How does experience affect SEO Manager salary?

seo manager salary by experience

3 Years₹4.9 Lakhs
4 Years₹5.7 Lakhs
5 Years₹6.4 Lakhs
6 Years₹7.2 Lakhs
10 Years₹9.9 Lakhs

SEO Manager salary based on industries

Internet₹11.9 Lakhs
IT Services₹7 Lakhs
Marketing₹8 Lakhs
Financial Services₹7.7 Lakhs
Software Product₹7.4 Lakhs
EdTech₹11.9 Lakhs

9. Brand Marketing Expert

The primary job description of a brand marketing expert is developing and implementing various strategies to increase the company’s brand awareness, reputation and engagement online. Their responsibilities include: 

  • Strategy Development  
  • Brand Identity Management 
  • Content Creation 
  • Social Media Management 
  • Executing Various Campaigns 

A brand marketing expert / manager strives to formulate various strategies that align with the company’s overall goals with the proper target audience and market trends. They ensure consistent brand messaging with visual elements across all the digital and advertising channels.  

Brand marketing experts also monitor the online activities regarding the company such as checking the online reviews and mentions while addressing customer concerns promptly. They also collaborate across content, product development, and sales departments to maintain brand consistency.  

Average Brand Marketing Expert Salary

brand specialist salarySource
Brand Marketing Expert Salary Based on Cities

Bangalore₹15.5 Lakhs
New Delhi₹13.3 Lakhs
Mumbai₹14.5 Lakhs
Hyderabad₹14.2 Lakhs
Kolkata₹12.2 Lakhs
Chennai₹11.4 Lakhs
Noida₹6.8 Lakhs
Gurgaon₹7.7 Lakhs

Brand Marketing Expert salary based on industries

Emerging Tech₹17.5 Lakhs
Software Product₹17.3 Lakhs
Internet₹17 Lakhs
Retail₹17 Lakhs
Logistics₹17.4 Lakhs
Media₹17.5 Lakhs

How does experience affect Brand Marketing Expert salary?

brand specialist salary by experience

3 Years₹11 Lakhs
4 Years₹18 Lakhs
6 Years₹14.5 Lakhs
8 Years₹15 Lakhs
10 Years₹15.5 Lakhs

10. Consumer Insights Analyst

 A consumer insights analyst in marketing is responsible for gathering data to analyze consumer behavior, preferences and ongoing market trends. Their roles and responsibilities include:  

  • Data Collection and Analysis 
  • Market Research 
  • Consumer Profiling 
  • Performance Monitoring and Reporting 
  • Trend Forecasting 

The analyst collects and analyzes various data received from sources like website analytics, social media metrics, customer surveys, and market research reports to recommend marketing strategies to the higher management. They also create segregated profiles of target customers based on their demographics, interests and online behavior.  

The main job description of this one of the highest paying marketing jobs in India is to predict the future customer base for their brand and formulate strategies accordingly. 

Average Consumer Insights Analyst Salary

Consumer Insights Analyst salary india

Consumer Insights Analyst Salary Based on Cities

Bangalore₹7 Lakhs
New Delhi₹10.7 Lakhs
Mumbai₹4.9 Lakhs
Hyderabad₹6 Lakhs
Noida₹6.1 Lakhs
Gurgaon₹4.1 Lakhs

How does experience affect Consumer Insights Analyst salary?

Consumer Insights Analyst salary by experience

1 Years₹4.5 Lakhs
3 Years₹5.5 Lakhs
5 Years₹6.8 Lakhs
6 Years₹9.8 Lakhs

Consumer Insights Analyst salary based on industries

Internet₹5.2 Lakhs
IT Services₹6.8 Lakhs
Analytics₹7 Lakhs
Financial Services₹11.2 Lakhs
Manufacturing₹13.3 Lakhs
Media₹6.5 Lakhs

Source: Ambitionbox

Future of Marketing in India 

This is one of the most challenging times to be working in the marketing sector. Working in the best companies for marketing jobs may be a learning experience. The difficulties are numerous: customers generally use a variety of marketing channels to make purchasing decisions because attention spans are shortening, and the competition is fierce.

Additionally, categorization is more difficult now than ever because the same customer might buy products in both high and low price ranges. For example, the very same client who favours the cheapest travel option could also buy the most recent smartwatch or phone. With this constant change and increase in customer expectations, the traditional marketing approach is not true anymore. Here are some upcoming marketing trends that will take over the future –

  1. AI approach – AI and machine learning have been around for some time now. Machine learning and artificial intelligence have a massive impact on marketing, providing more precise, authentic data and assessment, improving the user experience and assistance, optimising merchandise marketing strategy, and reducing business turnover. Given their capacity to comprehend complicated inquiries and customize replies, bots based on artificial intelligence (AI) are being hailed as the upcoming big thing in customer relations management. Currently, AI and bots resolve about 50% of consumer inquiries. Expect the “AI-first” approach to becoming the new standard in marketing by 2025 as advancements in technology continue and intriguing use cases are revealed.
  2. Virtual Reality – Virtual reality stands out as an obvious winner as marketers keep looking for solutions to provide more captivating, relevant, and intimate interactions. Virtual reality helps customers to interact with a business with an intensity unachievable with conventional media since it allows for compelling stories. It increases the trust of the customers.
  3. Voice Marketing – Voice assistants are being used more often, which has given marketers new opportunities. Marketers see speech-enabled technology as a solution that may help them take customization to an entirely new level. The interaction, target range, and engagement possibilities offered by speech marketing deliver a commercial brand value that is too significant for marketers to ignore, even if there are currently no practical use cases because voice technology is still in its beginning stage.
  4. Blockchain – This is a word that has been become quite popular in the recent years. It is considered a technology that can dramatically change various industries, including marketing. Blockchain technology can address some of the biggest challenges and concerns consumers face. Among the major areas where blockchain’s capabilities are now being assessed include addressing privacy issues, improving transparency and encouraging customer confidence. As with any emerging technology, acceptance of Blockchain will come with its share of difficulties and mistakes.

Staying up-to-date with all these trends may help individuals land some of the highest paid marketing jobs.

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Best Companies for Marketing Jobs in India

Some of the best companies for marketing jobs are located in India. Any individual, fresher or experienced, wants high paying marketing jobs in India.

Here is a list of top companies for marketing jobs –

  • Amazon
  • Unilever
  • Leo Burnett
  • ITC
  • Nestle
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Cipla
  • Wipro
  • Diageo
  • Abbott

Wrapping up

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These were some of the highest paying jobs in Marketing in India. With the right experience and skills, these jobs can also be turned into the highest paying jobs in Marketing in India. However, since most of these jobs require high amounts of skill and immense ability to take on responsibilities, it is essential that a student brings relevant experience in the job. That’s why to get one of the highest paying jobs in Marketing in India, it would be necessary to go through the right channels and go through the right courses.

If you wish to explore and become an expert in Digital Marketing, check out MICA and upGrad’s Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing & Communication. Become an expert in social media marketing, content marketing, branding, marketing analysis and PR.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1Is marketing a good career choice?

Marketing is a highly challenging career choice, and it goes without saying that it certainly isn't for everyone. However, that does not mean that it can't be your dream career.

Besides being one of the fastest-growing industries, marketing offers many areas of expertise to choose from. Digital Marketing, Management Consulting, Product Marketing are just some examples of jobs available in the marketing sector.

With the sector growing as fast as it is, there is an increasing need for marketing professionals, and therefore, job opportunities are always available.

2Is Digital Marketing a good career choice?

Digital Marketing is a rapidly growing field. There is exceptionally high demand and insufficient quality supply. This is because many colleges and universities still do not have a formal Digital Marketing program.

On top of that, when you look at the actual job demand data, you will see some exciting trends. For example, last year, LinkedIn pulled the data and listed Digital Marketing as the number six most in-demand job with 860,000 jobs available. In a follow-on article, they reported how Digital Marketing jobs had grown 33% since last year.

3What do Management Consultants do?

Management Consultants help clients solve problems like failing revenues, growing costs or expansion into new markets, etc. Management Consultants assist businesses to enhance their performance by providing expert advice to resolve their problems.

The day-to-day responsibilities offer consultants typically involved performing client audits, interviewing employees of the client, analyzing company figures, providing recommendations, and an action plan for implementation.

Management Consultants clock in around 50 to 60 hours per week. Most consultants have to travel and work away from their homes for up to 50% of their careers.

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18 May 2024

27+ Digital Marketing Interview Questions & Answers 2024 – Must Know
Nervous about your upcoming Digital Marketing interview? Fear no more! we are there to help you. One of the hottest fields to rise up in the online sp
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by Nitin Gurmukhani

16 May 2024

Top 11 Careers in Digital Marketing: Ultimate Guide [2024]
A career in digital marketing offers exciting opportunities to engage with diverse audiences and drive business growth through online channels
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by Sriram

11 May 2024

How Much Does YouTube Make in India? What Does YouTube Pay for Views?
YouTube Monetisation: How Much Money do Indian Creators Make? The world is rapidly moving towards online visual content, and engaging video content i
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by Robin Joseph Abraham

05 Mar 2024

The Cost of Success: Guide to Digital Marketing Course Fees
As someone who understands the potential of digital marketing, I’m passionate about its impact on careers and businesses. However, I am also awa
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by Harish K

29 Feb 2024

100 Best Youtube Channel Ideas for Beginners for 2024
Starting a YouTube channel can be a lot of work. YouTubers need to script, edit and post their content regularly, in this chaos if one can find ideas
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by Sriram

26 Feb 2024

Top 133 SEO Interview Questions &Answers [Ultimate Guide 2024]
Summary: In this article, you will learn the Top 133 SEO Interview Questions &Answers like, Basic Level SEO Interview Questions & Answers In
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by Sriram

19 Feb 2024

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