Top 15 MBA Project Ideas & Topics in 2021 [For Freshers]


The best part about going ahead for an MBA is the practical learning experience it provides in the form of projects and case studies that enhance your overall learning experience. The projects may be individual projects or group projects where you learn how to analyze case studies, understand the project topic, work in teams, and complete projects within a timeline. 

We take a look at some of the best and unique project topics that you can select during your MBA program across Marketing, HR, Finance, Analytics, Operations, etc.,   

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Top MBA Project Ideas

  1. A study on sustainable business models across the consumer internet startups in India.

Internet Startups are known to burn cash to transform business at scale while also creating a habit in people, however many of them incur heavy losses because their business models are not sustainable.

  1. A study on various investment options available in India, their popularity, advantages, disadvantages, and growth of these investment options in the last decade

There are lots of investment options available from mutual funds, stocks, physical gold, digital gold, bonds, etc but very few of these are popular except physical cold. Each of these investment options has their own advantages & advantages. Have they grown in the last 10 years? 

  1. A study on risk management and portfolio management of investors in the equity segment

The equity segment is known to carry a high risk, how do investors manage this risk? Portfolio management is also crucial and helps investors avoid losses and increase their gains 

  1. Analysis of working capital management at high cash burn startups in the food tech space. 

 Working capital is the liquidity required to meet daily needs. In startups in the food-tech space where there is a lot of cash burn, how is working capital management done?

  1. Impact of GST on the fast-moving consumer goods sector in India

The Goods and Services tax bill has had a huge impact on many sectors. What has been the impact of GST on the FMCG sector which is one of the largest consumer-oriented sectors in India? 

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  1. Analysis of the satisfaction level of employees in the Banking and financial services sector.

Banking & financial services is a crucial sector employing lakhs of employees. The work environments are known to be stressful and the work is tedious. So what is the satisfaction level of employees in this sector? 

  1. A study on the various employee welfare schemes at Hindustan Unilever

Hindustan Unilever is one of India’s biggest and most famous brands in the FMCG sector. They employ hundreds of people and they are known to be employee-friendly with a lot of employee-friendly policies & welfare schemes. 

  1. Analysis of employee training needs in State Bank of India.

SBI is one of the largest banks in India and employee lakhs of people. This also means all the employees need to be trained at regular intervals. What would be the employee training needs in the banking industry? 

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  1. Comparative Study & Analysis Of NPA(Non-Performing Asset) In Indian Banks and Financial Institutions

India’s NPA ratio is one the highest in the world and it may increase further at the end of the current fiscal year 2020-21. What has contributed to this and what is the comparative situation among Indian banks & financial institutions? 

  1. Analysis of financial statements of ICICI Bank for the last 5 Years

ICICI bank is one of the top private sector banks in India. What does the analysis of ICICI bank financial statements for the last 5 years tell you about the company and its performance? 

  1. Study on consumer behavioral pattern in the FMCG category of toothpaste in the case of Colgate & Patanjali. 

Colgate is one of the top brands in the category of toothpaste and Patanjali  Dant Kanti has been a recent challenger with a focus on ayurvedic products. What are the consumer behaviour patterns driving this toothpaste category?

  1. Study of marketing promotions & strategy in the luxury retail market for Louis Vuitton

Luxury marketing communications & strategy are very different compared to a non luxury brand. Louis Vuitton is one of the most famous luxury brands in India. What kind of marketing promotions and strategies did Louis Vuitton use? 

  1. Analysis of YouTube ads in digital marketing to reach mass audiences and its comparative effectiveness compared to TV adverting in FMCG industry

Youtube has quickly emerged as a powerful medium for brand marketing and its adoption has accelerated in the last 2-3 years. But is it more effective than TV in order to reach a brand’s target audiences? 

  1. Analysis of Total Quality Management Implementation at Marico. 

Marico is one of India’s well known and top brands with respect to quality. How has Total Quality management helped them achieve high consumer satisfaction? 

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  1. A Study of Six Sigma Implementation Process at a manufacturing company. 

Six sigma is a set of techniques and tools that help to improve business processes in an organization. How has the implementation process been at a manufacturing company? 

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