11 Exciting MBA HR Project Ideas & Topics For Beginners [2022]

MBA in HR often has a number of projects to enhance your overall learning experience. You will learn to apply concepts and theories you learn during the program and thus improve your overall learning. In India, there is a good scope for MBA in HR. We take a look at some of the best and unique project topics that you can select during your MBA in HR program.

MBA in HR Top Project Ideas

1. Analysis of Satisfaction Level of Employees in The Telecom Sector.

Telecom is a crucial sector employing lakhs of employees. Some of the top brands like Airtel, Jio & Vodafone-Idea work in this sector. This sector is one of the competitive sectors in India with cutthroat competition.  The work environments are known to be stressful and the work is tedious. So what is the satisfaction level of employees in this sector?

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2. A Study on The Various Employee Welfare Schemes at FMCG.

India has multiple premium & well-known brands in the fast-moving consumer goods sector. They employ lakhs of people with a lot of employee-friendly welfare schemes. How have these schemes helped them retain employees for long periods with a very low attrition rate?

3. Analysis of Employee Training Needs in Banking Sector

Banking is constantly changing in India every year and people in the bank are more consumer-facing and have to deal with millions of consumers many of whom have little or limited knowledge on banking services.

This also means all the employees need to be trained at regular intervals to service the needs of all these customers. What would be the employee training needs in banks?

4. Employer Branding Strategies in Struggling Companies

Employer branding helps to position the brand as the number one place to work among students and potential employees. How will you convince people to join struggling companies using various employer branding strategies?

5. Analysis of The Performance Appraisal & Bonus Payments 

Is the appraisal system been structured to reward the best performers in a fair manner or there are gaps and it does not end up rewarding all the good performers?  How are the bonus payments structured? Does the company distribute bonuses equally among its workforce during good business years?

6. HR Policies And Implementation at BPO

BPO is a very common concept in India where one company outsources its business processes to another company that helps it operate the business successfully. Employees at BPO often have different work shifts as they deal with various kinds of business processes. What are the HR Policies applicable at BPO and how are they different from other companies? How are these HR policies implemented?

7. Career Progression and Planning & The Impact on Employees in Quick Food Chains 

Career Progression is an important motivator for employees to work hard and increase their productivity. Career progression often means better pay, better job role and more respect. In the fast-food chain industry, how is career progression & planning done from the bottom to the top keeping in mind its impact on employee morale and motivation?

8. Employee Retention Strategies

Tata Group is one of the biggest employers in India employing lakhs of people. Tata group is known to have the lowest attrition rate and employees retention strategies have been very successful. Tata group in addition has a host of employee benefit programs that have motivated employees. How have these strategies been implemented and what has made them so successful?

9.Role of Women in Top Management Positions and The Impact on The Overall Leadership And Management of These Companies

The year 2019-2020 has seen a number of women being elevated to top roles within top organizations and this positive trend continues to increase although in some industries there are very minimal women at top management positions. What kind of role have women played and what impact has it had on the leadership and management at these companies?

10. Employee Engagement Strategies in Information Technology Companies

Employee engagement plays a big role in keeping employees happy, solving their grievances and engaging them in a positive manner that increases their happiness and satisfaction level with the company. Information technology companies have long working hours where a high quality of work performance is a must. What type of employee engagement strategies would work here?

11. Analysis on How Executive Search Firms Find The Right Candidates for Leadership Roles?

Lots of companies generally outsource hiring for leadership roles to executive search firms. These search firms excel at finding the right candidates for leadership roles. How do they manage to do this? What are the methods that they follow?

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