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11 Exciting MBA HR Project Ideas & Topics For Beginners [2024]

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24th Sep, 2023
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11 Exciting MBA HR Project Ideas & Topics For Beginners [2024]

In this Article, you will learn 11 Exciting MBA HR Project Ideas & Topics For Beginners [2024]

  1. Analysis of Satisfaction Level of Employees in The Telecom Sector.
  2. A Study on The Various Employee Welfare Schemes at FMCG.
  3. Analysis of Employee Training Needs in Banking Sector
  4. Employer Branding Strategies in Struggling Companies
  5. Analysis of The Performance Appraisal & Bonus Payments
  6. HR Policies And Implementation at BPO
  7. Career Progression and Planning & The Impact on Employees in Quick Food Chains
  8. Employee Retention Strategies
  9. Role of women in Top Management Positions and its impact on company leadership.
  10. Employee Engagement Strategies in Information Technology Companies
  11. Analysis on How Executive Search Firms Find The Right Candidates for Leadership Roles?

Read more to know each in detail.

In my experience, pursuing an MBA in HR presents many projects to enrich your learning journey. These projects serve as invaluable opportunities to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios. The scope for an MBA in HR offers significant prospects, particularly in India. As professionals aspiring to join this career path, exploring various MBA HR project ideas for beginners is essential.MBA HR project ideas for beginners. 

How to Choose an MBA HR Project Topic?

Choosing the right hr project topics for mba is a crucial step in your academic journey, as it reflects your interests and demonstrates your understanding of HR concepts and practices. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you select the perfect MBA HR project topic to make your future bright: –

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1. Interest and Passion

  • Always choose a topic in which you have a keen interest. The reason is it keeps you motivated throughout the project journey.
  • Reflect on your career goals. What aspect of HR aligns with your aspirations?

2. Relevance to Industry Trends

  • Research current trends in the HR field. Topics addressing contemporary challenges will appeal more to your professors and potential employers.
  • Consider remote work management, diversity and inclusion, employee well-being, etc.

3. Scope and Feasibility

  • Ensure the topic is neither too broad nor too narrow. It should be manageable within your project’s timeframe and resources.
  • Assess the availability of data and resources needed for research.

4. Value and Contribution

  • Choose a topic that adds value to HR practices or knowledge. It could propose solutions to existing problems or shed new light on HR theories.
  • Consider how your project can contribute to the HR field as a whole.

5. Alignment with Curriculum

  • Review your program’s curriculum and identify areas where you’ve gained substantial knowledge. A topic that complements your coursework can showcase your learning effectively.

6. Originality and Uniqueness

  • Aim for a topic that hasn’t been extensively researched or offers a fresh perspective on a common issue.
  • Originality will capture the attention of your professors and future employers.

7. Feasibility of Data Collection

  • Ensure that you can access relevant data for your research. Primary data (surveys, interviews) or secondary data (industry reports, case studies) should be accessible.

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8. Alignment with Personal Strengths

  • Consider your strengths and skills. If you’re good at data analysis, choose a quantitative research topic. If communication is your strength, opt for a topic that requires qualitative research and interpretation.

9. Ethical Considerations

  • Ensure your chosen topic respects ethical guidelines. Research involving sensitive data or human subjects must be conducted ethically and responsibly.

10. Consultation and Feedback

  • Discuss potential topics with professors, mentors, or industry professionals. Their insights can help you refine your ideas.
  • Feedback from others can provide valuable perspectives on the relevance and feasibility of your chosen topic.

11. Impact on Organizational Performance

  • Consider topics directly impacting an organization’s performance, such as employee engagement, talent retention, or leadership development.

12. Cross-Functional Relevance

  • Explore topics that intersect with other business functions, like marketing, finance, or operations. This demonstrates a holistic understanding of business dynamics.

13. Comparative Studies

  • Compare HR practices between different industries, organizations, or countries. Comparative studies can reveal insightful best practices and areas for improvement.

14. Future-Focused Topics

  • Anticipate future HR challenges. Topics related to automation, AI in HR, or managing a multigenerational workforce can showcase your forward-thinking approach.

15. Pilot Studies and Interventions

  • Plan a small-scale pilot study or propose an intervention to address a specific HR issue. This hands-on approach demonstrates practical problem-solving skills.

Remember, your chosen hr project sample will shape your entire project, so invest time and thought into making the right decision. A well-chosen topic makes your project engaging and enhances your knowledge and skills in the HR domain, preparing you for a successful career in the field.

MBA in HR Top Project Ideas

1. Analysis of Satisfaction Level of Employees in The Telecom Sector.

Telecom is a crucial sector employing lakhs of employees. Some of the top brands like Airtel, Jio & Vodafone-Idea work in this sector. This sector is one of the competitive sectors in India with cutthroat competition.  The work environments are known to be stressful and the work is tedious. A stressful and tedious work environment is common. So what is the satisfaction level of employees in this sector?

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The subtopics in the project could entail the impact of globalisation in the telecom sector. And with the advent of competitors in the market, each company tries is sitting at an edge. This is directly proportional to the stress on the workforce. As they are the wheels of the company. Also, another sub-topic could be how the presence of competitors is contributing to the attrition rate of the companies, employees have more options to choose from and would be naturally choosing that company that is employee-centric.  This is one of the hot HR related project topics.

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2. A Study on The Various Employee Welfare Schemes at FMCG.

India has many premium & well-known brands in the fast-moving consumer goods sector. They employ lakhs of people with a lot of employee-centric welfare schemes. How have these schemes helped them retain employees for long periods with a very low attrition rate?

How do welfare schemes contribute to retaining employees contributing to the low attrition rate? This is also a very relevant HR project for MBA. 

The subtopics of research in this project could be

  1.  A comparison between the FMCG companies and the other companies. 
  2. A comparative case study of the difference between the policies of the FMCG or any other two big companies.
  3. Anonymous testimonials of the employees of these two respective sets of companies mention how the welfare schemes impact their lifestyle.
  4. Differentiator factors contribute to low attrition and high attrition rate.

3. Analysis of Employee Training Needs in Banking Sector

Banking is constantly changing in India every year and people in the bank are more consumer-facing and have to deal with millions of consumers many of whom have little or limited knowledge of banking services. Banking is an ever-evolving sector in India, banking professionals are consumer-centric. Training remains constant for employees to service the needs of the customers.

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This also means all the employees need to be trained at regular intervals to service the needs of all these customers. What would be the employee training needs in banks?

The subtopics for this HR project could be-

  1. Behavioral segmentation of the types of customers depending upon the geography. 
  2. Common problem areas the customers come up with and ways to handle those.
  3. How to deal with tough customers?
  4. Do’s and Don’t to enhance customer satisfaction

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4. Employer Branding Strategies in Struggling Companies

Employer branding helps to position the brand as the number one place to work among students and potential employees. How will you convince people to join struggling companies using various employer branding strategies?

Employer branding helps position the brand as a very good workplace. This creates a reputation among students and job seekers. This is one of the strong MBA HR project topics.

The sub-topics could include the following-

  1. How to create USP for a company to create that into a brand.
  2. How and why welfare schemes should be communicated and branded.
  3. How to utlise networking channels through LinkedIn.
  4. How to make it look real by putting real employees as the brand ambassador.

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5. Analysis of The Performance Appraisal & Bonus Payments 

Is the appraisal system structured to reward the best performers in a fair manner or there are gaps? Does the company distribute bonuses fairly among its workforce during good business years? This was among the good HR topics for research project 2021 and it is relevant today as well.

The sub-topics could include-

  1. Case study of two companies- as to how they approach appraisals, what are their KRA management strategies.
  2. Case Study on how the employees of these two sets of companies perceive the appraisal. If they are satisfied, feel that it is fair, etc.
  3. How does appraisal impact the attrition rate of companies?
  4. Commonly used strategies for appraisal.

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6. HR Policies And Implementation at BPO

BPO is a very common concept in India where one company outsources its business processes to another company which helps it operate the business successfully. To operate better, one business outsources its business to another company. Employees work in shifts to match diverse timelines and business processes. What are the HR Policies applicable at BPO and how are they different from other companies? How are these HR policies implemented? These are pertinent questions that need to be asked. This makes for a good HR project topic.

The subtopics could be:

  1. Job satisfaction among BPO employees.
  2. Factors contributing to the fear of losing a job.
  3. Attrition Rate and factors causing it.

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7. Career Progression and Planning & The Impact on Employees in Quick Food Chains 

Career Progression is an important motivator for employees to work hard and increase their productivity. Career progression is a big motivation behind increased productivity among employees. Career progression often means better pay, better job role, and more respect. How is employee-centric career progression and planning done in the fast-food chain industry? 

The sub-topics could include-

  1. Impact of employees on food delivery duration.
  2. How global companies are competing with the national companies in the food delivery chain.
  3. Why do employees choose to join, attrite, or stay in the company?
  4. Impact of food delivery employees in growing a company.
  5. The job satisfaction rate for food delivery employees.
  6. Career Progression scenario of the food delivery employees.

This is one of the good MBA HR project topics.

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8. Employee Retention Strategies

Tata Group is one of the biggest employers in India employing lakhs of people. Tata group is known to have the lowest attrition rate and employees retention strategies have been very successful. Low attrition and successful employee retention strategies are the core of the Tata Group. Besides, Tata Group has many employee benefit programs that have motivated employees. How have these strategies been implemented and what has made them so successful? This is one of the good HR related project topics.

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9. Role of women in Top Management Positions and its impact on company leadership.

The year 2019-2020 has seen a number of women being elevated to top roles within top organizations. As this positive trend continues, some industries still see fewer women at the top. What is the role of women and what impact has it had on the leadership and management at these companies?

What kind of role have women played and what impact has it had on the leadership and management at these companies?

The sub-topics could include-

  1. The role of women in the top management.
  2. Impact the women leader brings to a company. 
  3. Case studies between two sets of companies one where the CEO is a female and the other where the CEO is a male.
  4. Comparison between quarter numbers for a female and a male CEO.
  5. What are the contributing factors behind the gender gap in top management positions?

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10. Employee Engagement Strategies in Information Technology Companies

Employee engagement plays a big role in employee satisfaction. It keeps them happy and solves their grievances and engagement. Information technology companies require long working hours with quality work. What type of employee engagement strategies would work here?

The sub-topics could include-

  1. Contributing factor behind late woring hours.
  2. Contrbutiingfactors behind attritionrate.
  3. Reasons why long-tenured employees stayed.
  4. Comparative case study between two set of IT companies 
  5. A comparative case study can include, employee welfare, grievance, leave, appraisal, etc. polices.

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11. Analysis on How Executive Search Firms Find The Right Candidates for Leadership Roles?

Lots of companies generally outsource hiring for leadership roles to executive search firms. These search firms excel at finding the right candidates for leadership roles. How do they manage to do this? What are the methods that they follow?

The sub-topics can include-

  1. Legacy of leadership roles.
  2. Contributing factors behind the choosing any candidate for leadership positions
  3. Commonalities of atleast five recent leaders in the firm.

MBA Programs in India

An MBA enhances the brand value of a professional increasing its marketability. It affects the quality and quantity of job opportunities. Lockdown has made many reputed institutions offer their MBA programs online. There are exciting career options after MBA in HR. The projects we discussed, makes for good HR projects for MBA.

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I believe that choosing the right MBA HR project topic is crucial, especially for beginners. With the array of options available, it’s essential to align our interests with industry relevance. Reflecting on the insights shared in this article on 11 MBA HR Project Ideas for Beginners, I feel empowered to navigate these choices with clarity and confidence. These meticulously selected project ideas fulfill academic requirements and provide invaluable insights into real-world HR challenges. Whether delving into employee engagement strategies, talent management frameworks, or diversity and inclusion initiatives, each topic offers opportunities for profound learning experiences. As a mid-career professional aspiring to thrive in HR, I am eager to embrace these project ideas with enthusiasm and dedication. I am convinced that doing so will not only enrich my academic journey but also set the stage for a successful career trajectory in HR management.  


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1What is an MBA in HR?

The MBA specialty in Human Resource Management helps students to hone their overall management abilities as well as their knowledge and comprehension of human resource practices. The curriculum includes a variety of Human Resource Management courses as well as cultural, social, and economic variables that affect employee relationships. A job in human resource management necessitates an understanding of human relationships. They must adapt their operating style to the demands of their employees, comprehend the various responsibilities, and give strategic planning via people development. All of this necessitates the HR professional's ability to lead, negotiate, and communicate effectively.

2What are the responsibilities of a professional with a degree in MBA(HR)?

Human resource is the part of an organization that deals with employees being hired, trained, orientated, and evaluated. A professional with a degree in MBA(HR) is in charge of the company's structure, morality, motivations, and overall employee involvement. They are in charge of conducting interviews, selecting candidates, assisting managers in their training, arranging meetings, preparing pay and incentives, as well as managing employee welfare and labor problems. Individuals who are adept at dealing with others may find that an MBA in HR is suitable for them. HR specialists are needed in all industries to settle and handle tasks such as employee hiring, benefits, compensation, salary settlement, training & development, and maintaining job performance, as well as ensuring that these activities are carried out in accordance with business policies.

3What is the scope of professionals with an HR degree?

Professionals with HR degrees can work as HR Generalists or HR Specialists to begin their careers. They may be expected to recruit new employees, aid in job matching, coordinate retraining efforts, or handle employee benefit programs. HR experts are employed by many types of businesses, from tiny enterprises to huge domestic and international companies. Consumer goods, retail, pharmaceutical, restaurant, publishing, telecommunications, and other businesses employ HR professionals. Multiple human resource managers are common in large corporations. Human resource graduates work for universities, colleges, and technical institutions, as well as schools, boards, and elementary, middle, and high schools.

4What are some of the job profiles for MBA (HR)?

Recruitment Coordinator, Human Resources Assistant, Human Resources Coordinator Recruiter, Human Resources Generalist, Employees Relations Manager, Human Resources Manager Labour Relations Specialist Recruitment Manager Director of Human Resources

5What are the top companies that recruit for MBA (HR)?

American Express, NYKAA, Flipkart, Zomato HDFC, Capgemini, Pwc, IBM

6What is an HR Analyst?

HR Professionals maintain the company culture, payroll, hiring, performances, etc. With the advent of Data and AI they can work with this big data efficiently. HR Analysts collect and track the information. They perform research, conduct studies, and prepare reports. HR Analysts aim to provide insight into each process by gathering data and then using it to make relevant decisions about how to improve the processes. To begin a career as an HR Analyst, having Data Analyst knowledge is a prerequisite.

7What are the top skills to become an HR professional?

Business Operations, Project Management , General IT skills, Decision Making Compile and interpret data, Teamwork ,Communication.

8Is MBA(HR) demand in India?

As a company grows so does the demand for HR solutions. It is one of the most in-demand specialisations in the country. Most prominent companies recruit HR professionals. They can fetch a salary package from 2-10 lakhs per annum. With the increase in experience and skills, the salary packages also grow.

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