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HR Management Made Easy Using 15 HR Tools and Softwares

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14th Sep, 2022
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HR Management Made Easy Using 15 HR Tools and Softwares

How many times have you thought, “Oh! I wish someone would do this scheduling and organizing things for me”? And just imagine if we really had a solution for it and it’s just a click away. That sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? That’s the reason why you should be using HR software.

HRs are the pillars of any organization. They are responsible for making critical decisions and ensuring the welfare of the organization. More than 80% of HRs feel that using HR management software improves employee experience. HR Software tools help in management, communication and organization help to automate and optimize the tasks of HRs.   

Popular HR Tools & Softwares

1.  It is a cloud-based project management software that helps in referral tracking, creating recruitment forms, generation of employee performance reports, etc. It is considered to be one of the best tools for all-in-one project management including HR. It provides a visual representation of employee tracking and team collaboration.

It is easy to build workflows using this software. The workflow includes dashboards, views, integrations, apps, documents, etc. It has 4 different pricing plans based on the type of software and the purpose it serves. Pricing plans range from around $39/month to $799/month based on the type of software and number of users. 

2. BambooHR: It is software that helps in tracking, evaluation and measurement of employee performance. It’s suitable for medium-sized businesses. It maintains employee records, creates powerful workflows, provides a powerful applicant tracking system and ensures smooth onboarding creating the best experience for the employees. It is scalable too.

It consists of a centralized database that stores the employee details and their tracking is done by using an Application Tracking System (ATS) and Human Resource Information System (HRIS) modules.

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3. Hibob: Hibob provides an easy to use, learn and navigate interface. It provides features starting from payroll management to team collaboration and comprehensive workflows. Along with these, it also provides a feature called “shoutouts” that helps the employees exchange funny posts and ensures an interactive and lively environment.

Hibob works on a “pay-as-you-use” basis. It is a cloud-based human resources management software.  It helps to maintain a competitive and progressive company culture. It focuses on club management and performance management as well. It is a very secure software and it follows ISO-27001 standards. 

4. OnPay:  OnPay focuses on payroll system management. It helps to carry out payments without physically going to the bank and also automates the tax calculations. It also processes W-2 and 1099 forms. In addition to payroll management, it does background verification of employees and document management. The pricing plan has a fee of around $36/month and increases by $5/month based on the number of users. It was also recognized as the best payroll software for small businesses in 2020.  

5. Greenhouse: Greenhouse is a software tool specifically designed to ease the hiring process. It provides a range of services from preparing job boards, hiring and onboarding. It helps to promote diversity in the organization by sending anonymous push notifications.

The most unique feature about Greenhouse is its adaptability and the ease with which it can be integrated with other applications. It ensures privacy, employee feedback management and complies with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) policy.   

6. SageHR: SageHR is a software that has 6 modules each for a specific purpose. These include recruitment, scheduling, timesheets, leaves, expenses, reporting, etc. It is a cloud-based software that can be integrated easily with other softwares like Slack. Companies like Deloitte, Twino, AirBaltic, etc., use SageHR as their HR management tool. The starting plan is around $14/month per employee. It has flexible pricing which is dependent on the module used.  

7. Freshteam: Freshteam is a software tool that helps to streamline, manage and speed up the tasks of a HR. It was developed by Freshworks. It also gives suggestions to the recruitment team regarding selection of resumes, interview scheduling, assessment management tools, etc.  It is very flexible and has open functionalities. SAP, moneycorp, Pharmeasy, etc use Freshteam to automate their hiring process. The pricing plan ranges from $50/month to $200/month.

8. When I Work: When I Work is a time clock app that digitizes attendance tracking, employee scheduling, payroll processing, etc. It emphasizes the shift to digital timesheets from the age-old system of using time card papers. It is unique due to its auto-scheduling feature. It takes care of all the tasks from hiring, onboarding, etc till the retirement, termination, etc. of an employee. One can use their mobile to clock in and out by integrating their mobile to the actual time clock. The pricing plan is between $1.50/month to $2.25/month. 

9. Reviewsnap:  Reviewsnap was built mainly for performance evaluation and management. It ensures 360-degree feedback by providing features such as notetaking and journaling. It also provides review templates, visual reports, helps in goal setting and generates reports. The pricing plan is around $291/month. GroupHealth, MINCO, USA Football are some of the organizations that use Reviewsnap. 

10. WorkBright: WorkBright is software that ensures a smooth onboarding process of the employees and maintains their data in a neat and documented format. It’s cloud-based software. The application process includes filling up forms that applicants can do online itself.

It collects, organizes and stores data in a database. The payment pricing is scalable here and the price varies based on the number of people being hired using this software and their performance. Some of its elegant features are online forms, E-signatures, photo upload, transcribing, etc.

 11. Trakstar: Trakstar is a software that keeps track of employee training management, performance monitoring of employees, etc. It helps the HRs to hire smart and talented workforce. The goal of this software is to achieve long term objectives by fulfilling short term goals. TaskRabbit, TiVo and Dole are some of the organizations that use Trakstar. It creates a growth-driven environment for the employees and can be easily integrated with other HR tools like SageHR, Slack, BambooHR, etc.

12. Pinpoint: Pinpoint is a software that helps to create job ads, track applications, and hire the right candidates. It provides a centralized system for application tracking and automates interview scheduling. It also provides a platform for better interaction with the candidates during the hiring and onboarding process. It works on 3 principles: attract, hire and retain. They offer growth and enterprise plans. The growth plan is  £5,000 annually. It increases the hiring rate by almost 40%. 

13. Deputy: Deputy is a cloud-based software that uses AI for auto-scheduling, sends notifications before meetings, tasking, leave management, etc. It is used in many industries like health care, logistics, hospitality, management and many more. It records the clock in and clock out time of the employee and automatically generates the timesheets. Team collaboration is the objective of this tool. The pricing plan of this tool ranges from $2.50/month to $4.50/month.

14. Recruiterbox: Recuiterbox is a software that deals with the automation of the hiring process. It also maintains some standards or performance metrics for evaluation and smooth running of operations. It also provides a centralized communication hub. It is currently part of Trakstar itself. The pricing plan ranges from $199/month to $309/month. 

15. Paycor: Paycor is a unified HCM platform. It’s a HR cum payroll software. It helps in talent and workforce management. It has built in analytics and reporting tools. Organizations like Pure, Seaway, Wendys make use of this software. 

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HRs play a vital role in any organization. They are responsible for coordinating and hiring the right candidate. They need to keep in mind both the welfare of the candidate and the company. Human Resources Management software tools help them to automate and speed up this process. Some of these have been listed here. Choosing the right software for the organization keeping in mind the requirement, use cases and pricing, will surely improve productivity and performance. 



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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1What is meant by HCM?

HCM stands for Human Capital Management. It includes those tasks relating to the interaction with humans like recruitment, payroll, performance management, etc. HCM helps to keep track of the employees from the time of joining till retirement. HCM also includes talent and workforce management. Talent management involves hiring the right talent, helping them in their personal growth and career development, and most importantly, retaining them. It involves upskilling, introducing checkpoints to monitor employee performance, balancing the business needs with the current technologies, etc. Workforce management includes giving bonuses based on employee performance, compensation, and other benefits.

2What are W-2 forms?

W-2 stands for Wage and tax statements. According to W-2 forms, the paycheck is given to the employee after the deduction of taxes that the employee has to pay to the government. This applies to everyone who is legally employed by an employer of an organization registered with the government but doesn't apply to freelancers and contractors. W2 forms are organized in a tabular format that has employee details like name, address, employee organization, etc. It also consists of the different taxes that are levied on the employee by the government like social security tax, federal income tax, and other benefits.

3What are some of the HR System modules which can improve performance?

HR System modules help in automating repetitive tasks and store data securely. Recruitment is done by using softwares like ATS that helps in creating attractive job posts and posting them on various social media platforms and networks. Arcoro’s Onboarding module helps in smooth onboarding, reduces paperwork, manages accounts and creates user profiles. Arcoro’s ExakTime Time & Attendance provides 360 degree feedback, automates performance reviews,etc. It also helps in tracking attendance and also conducts timely health screening rounds. It also tracks the time spent off track and ensures effective analysis of employee performance.

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