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27 Fun Finance Project Ideas & Topics [For Freshers & Experienced]

One of the best ways to study your knowledge on a subject is to put it to a practical test. This is why working on real-world projects is an excellent means to hone your skills. If you’re a finance student and were looking for finance projects to work on, look no further because we’ve listed 27 finance projects to inspire you to take a hands-on approach!

We have added remarks on certain projects to explain their premises and benefits. You can pick a project depending on your interests and expertise.

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Interesting Finance Project Ideas

Here are some of the most interesting and helpful finance project ideas you can use:

1. ICICI Prudential Life Insurance – The Importance of a Strong Brand Image

Remarks – Branding can have a huge impact on a company’s success. Understanding how you create a brand and promote it is vital for the growth and marketing of a business. This project will help you study the same.

2. What are Non-Performing Assets and How to Deal With Them

Remarks – Non-performing assets put banks at serious financial risk and there aren’t many solutions for this problem. You’ll get to explore all the aspects of this issue. If you’re interested in entering the banking sector, then this is among the best finance project topics for you.

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3. Evaluating Portfolio and Making Investment Decisions

Remarks – This project will help you understand what a portfolio is and how you should work with it. You’ll study the different strategies of growing a portfolio, making it a great project for those who want to get into portfolio management.

4. Studying the Home Loans Indian Banks Offer

Remarks – Indian Banking Sector is very unique and dynamic. This project will help you study its effect on the Indian housing sector through its offered loans and how these loans differ from other lending instruments.

5. Mutual Funds – What are They and Their Future

Remarks – Mutual funds are becoming more and more popular every day and if you’re interested in them, this is among the best finance projects for you. A mutual fund refers to an open-end investment fund managed by a professional fund manager. It pools money from numerous clients including individuals and companies.

6. A Study on Mergers and Acquisitions in the Indian Banking Sector

Remarks – Indian banking sector has seen plenty of mergers and acquisitions. You’ll discover the different M&As that have taken place in this field while doing this project. This project is suitable for students who want to pursue a career in banking.

7. The Effect of Different Leadership Styles

Remarks – Leadership is among the most valuable aspects of management. In this project, you’ll study how different leadership styles impact the operations of a company and its revenue. You’ll learn about different leadership styles including autocratic style, coaching style, authoritative style, etc. while working on this project.

8. Evaluating the Capital at South Central Railway

Remarks – Indian railways are an integral component of the Indian economy. This project will make you familiar with capital management in Indian railways. It’s an excellent way to understand how the public sector manages its funds and resources.

9. Evaluating the Performance of Private and Public Mutual Funds

Remarks – Analysing the performance of private and public mutual funds can help you test your analysis skills. Having strong analytical skills is necessary for many finance roles such as investment bankers, financial analysts, advisors, etc. So this project would be suitable for you if you want a career in one of those fields.

10. BSE and NASDAQ – A Comparison of the Two Stock Exchanges

Remarks – If you want to pursue a career in wealth management then this is among the best finance project topics for you. This project will make you familiar with both of these stock exchanges. You can use their websites to gather most of the required data.

11. The Impact of Demonetization on Tourism in Goa

Remarks – Goa is a tourism-focused state and demonetization had a huge impact on every industry, including tourism. With this project, you’d get to study the relation between demonetization and Goa’s tourism sector. You’d understand whether the tourism sector grew or crumbled under the pressures of demonetization.

12. Bharti Teletech Limited Profitability Analysis and Documentation (Financial Reporting Project)

Remarks – This is among the best finance project topics for beginners. It will make you acquainted with financial reporting, a necessary aspect of financial management. You’ll also get to know how to read financial reports and documentation.

13. What is Portfolio Management and How to Perform Portfolio Management

Remarks – Portfolio management refers to handling a collection of investments for a client which could be an individual or a company. In this project, you’d explore what portfolio management is and what you do in this field. You’d learn about financial analysis, decision-making, and financial management through this project.

14. Financial Performance Analysis of Indian Private Banks – A Detailed Study

Remarks – Indian private banking sector has expanded considerably since India gained independence in 1947, this project will help you study their growth extensively. Moreover, if you’re interested in pursuing a career in banking then this is among the best finance project topics for you.

15. Comparative Analysis of Regional Rural Banks in India

Remarks – In a comparative analysis, you have to analyze the different aspects of the given subjects and find out their differences and similarities. In this project, you’d be performing comparative analysis on different regional rural banks in India. You can choose several banks according to the amount of information you find on them.

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16. The Importance of Micro Insurance and The Low Income Group

Remarks – Microinsurance has recently become quite popular as consumerism has expanded in the nation. This project will make you familiar with this concept and its advantages. You’ll study how the low-income group is capitalizing on this opportunity.

17. Financial Project on Management and it’s Importance in an Organisation

Remarks – This project covers the fundamentals of management and why it’s crucial for an organization. It’s particularly a good project for beginners who are familiar with management and want to enhance their knowledge.

18. The Reverse Mortgage System in India

Remarks – A reverse mortgage is a form of a loan that allows the borrower to access an unencumbered value of the property. This is a project for those who have worked on finance projects in the past. It is suitable for experienced students.

19. Wealth Management and the Public – A Study On the Awareness and Knowledge about Wealth Management in the Common Man

Remarks – Wealth management can do wonders for a person’s financial well-being. However, how much does the common man know about wealth management? This project will help you understand the financial literacy level in India.

20. Investment Management at Uber

Remarks – Uber is among the most successful startups in the world. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in startups and use your financial expertise there, this is one of the best finance project ideas for you. It will help you understand how successful startups manage their investments and how it helps them succeed more.

21. The Decision Making Process of Indian Consumers for Life Insurance and The Impact of Technology On It

Remarks – This project will help you test your research skills. You will have to understand the decision-making process of Indian consumers for buying life insurance. Moreover, the introduction of online insurance comparison sites (such as policybazaar) has impacted this industry considerably. You’ll get to study their impact as well.

22. What are Dividends and Dividend Policies?

Remarks – This is one of the best finance project ideas for beginners. You’ll get to study dividends, how they work, and what are their policies. It is a small project that will help you get started.

23. What is Capital Budgeting? – A Finance Project

Remarks – Capital budgeting is an essential aspect of a business’s financial management. It allows the business to plan future endeavours, restrict expenditures, and generate more revenue. Working on this project will certainly help you in understanding capital budgeting.

24. Studying the Capital Budgeting of Maruti Suzuki

Remarks – Maruti Suzuki is among the most successful automobile companies in India. With this project, you’ll get to study the capital budgeting strategies of this major corporation and if you’re interested in the automobile field, it’s certainly among the best finance project ideas for you.

25. Risk and Return Analysis of Aviva Life Insurance Company

Remarks – This is an excellent project for students who want to pursue a career in the insurance sector. You’ll get to test your analysis skills and understand the inner workings of insurance companies in India.

26. The Level of Financial Literacy in India According to Different Economic Classes

Remarks – Financial literacy refers to the knowledge of investment and personal finance. You would get to test out your data analysis skills in this detailed project. You’ll learn how different economic classes of India perceive financial literacy.

27. Perception of People on Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana

Remarks – Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana is one of the several government plans for increasing financial inclusion. In this project, you’ll get to study how this implementation has affected financial inclusion and what people think of it. It will help you understand how the public sector can impact the personal finances of an individual.

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We hope that you found this article on finance projects useful. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this topic, please let us know through the comment section. We’d love to hear from you.

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