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What is Business Ethics and Why is it Important

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9th Feb, 2023
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What is Business Ethics and Why is it Important

Business is a dynamic arena, with changes coming in the industry at lightning speed. ‘Business ethics’ has become a familiar and popular phrase in the business industry today. Thai article will explore the definition of business ethics, why ethics is important in business, why ethical problems occur in business, different types of business ethics, the benefits of business ethics, and many more business-related concepts. 

What do you mean by business ethics?

Before we go on to discuss why ethics is important in business, we need to learn what business ethics is in the first place. 

Business ethics are moral values and social principles that a business should adopt as its code of conduct. Businesses must follow and accept these rules in their daily operations while dealing with stakeholders or for society’s welfare. 

The focus of a business shouldn’t be limited to higher growth or profit maximization but should also emphasize the upliftment and development of its surrounding areas. By following proper ethics, businesses can decide between right and wrong, keeping all circumstances in mind. 

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There are many factors as to why ethical problems occur in business. A company following strict ethics runs on certain principles like integrity, trustworthiness, honesty, accountability, trust for others, respect, and fairness for all. A discrepancy in any of these principles might cause major organizational problems.

The main aim of business ethics is to have a properly functional and safe workforce. With strict implementation of business ethics in the workplace, businesses can maintain harmonious collaborations and relations with employees, customers, the related industry sector, and society at large. Businesses following proper ethics and ethical behavior create goodwill in the market. 

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What is business ethics and why is it important?

Now that we have a fair idea about business ethics, we must take note of the importance of business ethics. They are as follows:

  • Enhances customer satisfaction

The customer decides if a business is a success or a failure. The prime concern of every business is to keep its customers satisfied and happy. Business ethics has strong principles for business operations, where the business has to provide quality products to customers at the most reasonable rates. 

The business also needs to address customers’ complaints and provide customer support service, preferably round-the-clock. Business ethics enhance customer satisfaction significantly. 

  • Controls malpractices in business

Another important reason why ethics is important in business is it helps control business malpractices. There is a direct impact of business ethics on business operations. Ethics set certain principles, guidelines, and regulations, and businesses have to follow these strictly. The violation of these regulations can lead to penalties. 

With strict implementation of ethics, the business does not indulge in any unfair activities like adulteration, black marketing, misleading advertisements, and fraud in weights and measurements. A business following ethics will provide the best product to the customer at the most reasonable price. 

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  • Helps in making better business decisions 

Business ethics plays a significant role in making better business decisions. By laying down certain rules and regulations, the business has to follow them in the various operations. A business maintains social values and moral principles through these ethics. Every individual integral to the business organization has to abide by these ethics. 

  • Improves relationships with employees 

Strained relationships in the workplace are one of the well-known and common causes of why ethical problems occur in business. There is no second thought about the fact that employees make up any business organization. They are the backbone of the business. Business ethics makes sure that the business takes care of the employees in the best manner. 

A business must ensure employee welfare while focusing on increasing profit margin and higher growth. Business ethics emphasize that businesses should provide good working conditions for the workers, pay them suitable monetary compensation, address their complaints, let them actively participate in decision-making, and, most importantly, promote them as per their progress and performance. Maintaining a healthy relationship with the employees is always beneficial for any business. 

  • Improves the goodwill of the business 

If a business wants to make an impact in the market and capture the market, it is important to make goodwill. Businesses with goodwill draw more numbers of customers. When a business implements ethics in its operations, customers get better service. 

On exploring the business market, the observation is quite striking. Businesses that follow ethics religiously operate with honesty but with a low-profit base. The general public has a positive impression of the business, and it is easier for customers to accept the services of the business. 

  • Plays an important role in the protection of society 

No business will be successful without society. Therefore, every business must ensure that it should take care of society and its interests. As per business ethics, it is the responsibility of businesses to participate in various infrastructural developmental and welfare programs. 

Business ethics ensure that the business caters to various corporate social responsibilities well. It should also not participate in an activity that creates societal issues. 

  • Helps in increasing business profitability 

This is one of the prime reasons why ethics is important in business. Market researchers believe that business ethics play an important role in boosting the profitability and productivity of every business. There are certain strict ethics rules that every business organization employee will have to follow. 

Business ethics guarantee that every resource hired by the business is completely utilized and there is no resource wastage of any kind. When calculated in the long run, this leads to an increase in business profit. 

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What are the various functions of business ethics?

Now we have a fair idea about what is business ethics and why is it important. Let us take a look at the various functions of business ethics:

  • Safeguarding the interest of the industry

Business ethics is useful for small-scale businesses. In various industries, many large firms exploit smaller firms. With the implementation of business ethics, small-scale businesses get scope for operating efficiently. They reach a position of establishing themselves in the market. By following industry ethics, firms of all dimensions get equal opportunities to do business without exploitation or market dominance. 

  • Helping in making a positive impression in the market

Every business has an image in the market. Ethics help in boosting this image considerably. There is close monitoring of all business operations, and unethical activities are highly condemned. Following ethics guarantees business legality, thus providing enhanced customer service. 

With strict implementation of business ethics, all kinds of unfair trade activities are controlled and shunned. As a result, customers get quality products. Satisfied and happy customers give a positive impression of the business. This establishes the business in the market. 

  • Helps in protecting consumer rights

Consumer rights are one of the main reasons why ethics is important in business. Business ethics make sure that customers get fair treatment and enjoy their full rights. Businesses following ethics provide good quality services to customers at extremely reasonable rates. Customers who get fair treatment and good services from a business remain loyal to them for a long period. 

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Understanding what is business ethics and why is it important is important for businesses of all dimensions nowadays. If there are ethical issues, firstly, it is important to address why ethical problems occur in business and then find solutions to the problems. Once organizations know why ethics is important in business and its benefits, they will start practicing business ethics right away!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1Is business ethics for all kinds of businesses?

Yes, business ethics stand valid for all kinds of businesses of various dimensions (small-scale, medium-scale, and large-scale).

2What are some common factors influencing business ethics?

Many factors influence business ethics. They include legislation, personal code of ethics, government rules and regulations, leadership, social pressure, ethical company code, etc.

3What are the reasons that businesses have ethical issues?

Various factors cause ethical issues in the workplace. Some prominent ones include organizational relationship issues, lack of integrity, misleading advertisements, and interest conflicts.

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