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How to Create Social Media Campaigns? 6 Steps To Create Successful Campaigns

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1st Sep, 2020
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How to Create Social Media Campaigns? 6 Steps To Create Successful Campaigns

With businesses adapting to the emerging trends of Digital Marketing, global expansion has become easier now. Social Media emerges as a winner from the several digital marketing tactics used, today. Google research report suggests that 78% of businesses now have dedicated teams for their social media campaigns. In fact, by 2021, the global investment in social media advertising is estimated at 48 billion USD.

Why this Hullabaloo Around Social Media?

The Web has created many opportunities for businesses to improve their brand awareness among their niche audience regardless of the geographical boundaries. Subsequently, social media emerges as a powerful tool to pique the targeted audience’s interest and encourages them to engage with the brand or company.  If you are a beginner in digital marketing marketing, and want to gain expertise, check out our digital marketing certifications from top universities. 

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To build and strengthen brand recognition, companies post their blogs and videos across multiple channels hoping to break the ice. But the efforts don’t stop at creating and disseminating the information; it must continue if businesses seek to succeed across the globe.

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Wondering How to Succeed? Create Social Media Campaigns!

Social media campaigns are an authentic way to connect and engage with a niche audience. Guessing how to create social media campaigns? Building a successful campaign involves meticulous research on industry-specific audiences, their persona, and buying behavior.

Steps to Create Successful Social Media Campaigns

1. Identifying the Target Audience

People across the globe connect on social media platforms for networking or business. Facebook boasts of 2.45 billion users, while Instagram has 1 billion, and Twitter users are 365 million. With such a massive and diversified range of audiences, the potential to connect, engage, and eventually convert is colossal, too. Hence, marketers must identify the target audience before they plan and launch the campaign.  

Developing a buyer’s persona is the essence of a winning campaign. Marketers create a fictionalized profile of ideal customers based on their demographics, social channels they use to gather or disseminate information, their buying behavior, and their challenges. Once identifying and analyzing is complete, marketers create different profiles to drive their content marketing strategies. This is an excellent step towards understanding how to create social media campaigns.

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2. Comprehending the Campaign’s Objective

Marketers must clearly articulate the goal of the campaign before working on the social strategy. They should define the expected outcomes from the campaign and methods to measure its efficiency. Usually, the goal revolves around driving more traffic to the website, converting leads into sales, increasing brand awareness, generating new leads, and selling products/services.

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3. Selecting Suitable Social Media Channels

Another great way of understanding how to create social media campaigns is knowing that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram is the hottest hubs for networking and business. Often it becomes a challenge for marketers to decide if they want to use a mix of all these platforms or only a few. To help easy decision making, markets must focus on these factors:  

Audience: Evaluate social channels that offer colossal numbers of a nice audience for enhanced connect and engagement.

Demographics: Analyze the channels with the largest population that match your target audience demographics.  

Features: Assess social media channels features that enable you to highlight your brand uniquely.

Activity: Gauge social media channels with the highest number of active users and evaluate their engagement potential.

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4. Determining Promotion Tactics for Different Channels

Every social media platform offers best practices that marketers must use to their advantage. To optimize the efficiency of the campaign, marketers must use a mix of social and business platforms based on their campaign’s goal. Additionally, they should use the paid advertising feature available on these platforms, and the content must be interactive to attract and engage the audience.

For instance, Facebook allows a mix of blogs and videos, Twitter allows very short posts, while LinkedIn posts can range from 1300 characters to 2000 words.     

5. Creating an Editorial Calendar

Content is the King! It’s the first line of communication between businesses and their potential customers. Hence, it should be powerful and engaging for targeted audiences to decide if they want to engage with a brand or not. Subsequently, marketers develop a content strategy that involves different types of content (editorials) and time periods to launch them based on their campaign’s goal and desired outcome.

Blogs, videos, short posts, ebooks, infographics, and landing pages are the different content types that marketers aim to launch on various social media platforms at designated time frames. This constitutes the editorial calendar. Involving people from marketing, sales, and customer support teams is essential, as they provide expertise and hands-on experience for creating this calendar – critical for successful campaign execution.

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6. Analyzing to Adapt

Measuring the key metrics of the campaign to retain successful strategies and to work on weaker tactics enables marketers to improve their efforts at generating new leads, brand recognition, and awareness.  

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Still wondering how to create social media campaigns and if they are beneficial? Social media campaigns are an excellent way to connect to your existing and potential customers. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1How do you start a social media campaign?

Before you start your social media campaign you need to have a clear understanding of what you intend to achieve through it. This can be defined by having clarity on the objective of the campaign and how it aligned with your overall business milestones and goals.

Firstly, you must have a comprehensive understanding of the campaign goal. Then you should shortlist the channels to promote your social media campaigns. After that, create a calendar that outlines the content and creative visualisation for your posts on a weekly or monthly schedule. Ensure that your campaigns are executed as per plan and finally define ways to monitor the campaign and the metrics that will help you gauge its outcome and effectiveness.

2What are the key components that make the best social media campaigns?

There are three key components including a carefully developed plan, clearly defined goals and cross channel promotion. A carefully developed plan that is specific to your campaign. It should fit in with your overall social media strategy for the business and the brand’s current social voice and style. Having clearly defined goals in place would help you achieve your objectives effectively. You may have multiple goals and objectives but all of them should be in alignment with the needs of the business. Cross channel Promotion is the need of the hour unless you are a major brand with a million plus followers. Design an integrated social media campaign across the best performing social platforms that will help you reach out to different audience segments who may or may not be present on all available social media channels.

3 Is social media advertising a waste of your resources?

Absolutely not. The goal is to be present where your audience is. Therefore, investing time, resources and money in promoting your brand on social media is never a waste. While there are opportunity costs involved, they are comparatively less expensive when you market through traditional channels.

In addition to that, identifying the key metrics that help you understand the performance and success of your social media campaigns is a significant part of your social media strategy. The metrics too can be variable depending on your campaign objectives and goals. The thorough analysis and insights help you to continuously improve and fine tune your social media campaigns in the future.

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