14 Best Career Options after B.Com: What to do After B.Com? [2022]

“What to do after B.Com?”

How many of you wonder which are all the best career options after B.Com? What are all the best courses after B.Com? How to achieve the best career after BCom? Bachelor of commerce or B.Com is among the most popular graduation courses that students take after completing their school.

In today’s day and age, getting a B.Com degree is crucial for a commerce student, but it is not enough. It is not easy to find high paying jobs for B.Com graduates if one has not chosen the right courses after bcom. This article will help you know more about after b.com jobs and salary details. Completing a degree can’t promise you a great career after b.com. One has to take up post-graduation or professional certificate to have a well-established career after B.Com degree. 

There are several career options available to students after completing a graduate degree in B.Com, but not all students are aware of the different routes they can take to establish a successful career. Let’s discuss the available career options after B.Com that you might consider for a stable job opportunity in the future. 

 Below is a list of some great courses after B.Com that you can opt – 

Best Career Options After B.Com

1. Master of Business Administration (MBA)

MBA is the most popular course available for students & one of the best courses after B.Com, not just graduating from commerce but any other field. In this course, you learn to manage all the aspects of a business based on the specialization you choose.

For MBA, you need to clear CAT or Common Admission Test. Your CAT score determines which college you get into. It is one of the best career options after B.Com. It’s recommended to do MBA after completing 2-3 years of work. If you can’t be able to do full-time MBA because of various reasons, you can take MBA course from NMIMS & upGrad. Various multinational companies hire fresh MBA graduates, and the starting salary ranges from 5 lakhs per annum to 25 lakhs per annum based on the Institute you graduated from and one of the best courses after b.com. 

According to payscale, the average salary of MBA graduates is 7.2 LPA in India.

after bcom - mba

List of popular companies for MBA graduates:

after b.com - mba


2. Chartered Accountancy (CA)

The first course that generally comes to the mind of a commerce student as a career option is CA. CA is one of the best career options after B.Com. Unlike an MBA, students can enrol for CA right after completing high school. CA comprises three stages, namely CPT, IPCC, and CA Finals. Clearing all three stages along with an internship of 2.5 years makes you a certified chartered accountant. Arguebly it is one of the best career options after bcom.

The duration of this course is three years, and this course can also land you jobs in multinational companies like EY or Deloitte. You can also open your own CA firm and practice your degree thus it is one of the best courses after B.Com.

Average salary of CA graduates is Rs. 7.9 LPA in India

after bcom - ca

Top employers for CA graduates:

after bcom - ca


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3. Company Secretary (CS)

If you are wondering what to do after b.com, Company Secretary (CS) is one of the many pivotal job roles in an organization. A CS is responsible for managing all the legal aspects of a firm/organization. Company Secretaries usually take care of a company’s tax returns, maintain tax records, offer actionable advice to the board of directors, and ensure that all the legal and statutory regulations are met with and one of the best courses after b.com. 

To become a Company Secretary, you must study corporate law. This is a 3-year long degree comprised of three stages – Foundation, Intermediate, and Finals.

The salary range of CS in India ranges between Rs 4 – 10 LPA. According to PayScale the average salary of CS is Rs. 5.8 LPA which makes it one of the attractive career after bcom.

what to do after bcom


4. Master of Commerce (M.Com)

M.Com is the master’s course in commerce. This degree is 2 years long in duration and can be attained through any government recognized university or college in India. This course helps you master the concepts you learned as a B.Com student and apply it in the professional world.

M.Com is a postgraduation degree in commerce. Apart from commerce, this specialization also focuses on fields accounting, business management, economics, banking & finance, finance & control, and taxation, to name a few. M.Com is the ideal course for aspirants who wish to build a career in the BFSI (banking financial services and insurance) sector or the accounting and taxation sectors.

The average salary of M.Com graduates is Rs. 3.7 LPA

career after bcom - mcom

List of top companies hiring M.Com graduates:


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5. Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) is a globally recognized professional designation offered by the CFA Institute. Generally, the CFA course duration is 2.5 years, and it is designed to measure and certify the competence and integrity of financial analysts. CTA is a great choice if you are concerned about after b.com jobs and salary.

The CFA course includes a wide range of topics in the domain of advanced investment analysis, including statistics, economics, probability theory, corporate finance, security analysis, financial analysis, fixed income, derivatives, alternative investments, and portfolio management, among other things which made this one of the best courses after B.Com.

To accomplish the designation of a CFA, you must pass a three-tier exam. Since CFA is considered to be the highest standard in the industry, CFAs are recruited by some of the top players like JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, UBS, BlackRock, Morgan Stanley, and Royal Bank of Canada.

The average salary of a Chartered Financial Analyst is Rs. 6.6 LPA which makes it one of the fascinating career after bcom.

after bcom - cfa

How the city you work affects your pay:

after bcom - cfa


6. Business Accounting and Taxation (BAT)

Still need options before deciding what to do after bcom? Business Accounting and Taxation (BAT) Course is a program that is meticulously designed by industry experts to groom aspirants to become industry-ready for accounting job roles. It is an excellent career option for B.Com graduates. In this program, you will not only engage in practical and experiential learning but also master some of the most in-demand tools of the accounting and taxation industry and one of the best courses after b.com. 

The course learning modules comprise of topics like financial reporting using ERP software, finalization of financial statements, goods and service tax (GST), direct taxation, payroll components ESIC, and Excel and MIS reporting.

After completing this intensive course, you can choose from an array of promising job profiles, such as tax consultant, corporate legal assistant, company law assistant, finance manager, accounts executive, and tax analyst, to name a few. 

The average salary for BAT skills usually ranges between Rs. 4 LPA.

career after bcom - bat

Top employers

career after bcom - bat


You can also check out our free courses offered by upGrad in Management, Data Science, Machine Learning, Digital Marketing, and Technology. All of these courses have top-notch learning resources, weekly live lectures, industry assignments, and a certificate of course completion – all free of cost!

7. Certified Management Accountant (CMA)

CMA is the answer if you are thinking about a career after bcom in abroad. In this course, you will have to clear two stages of examination along with a work experience of 2 years.

The Certified Management Accountant (CMA) is another globally acknowledged professional certification credential that is offered by the Institute of Management Accountants in the USA. It focuses on two fields – management accounting and financial management. If you possess this certification, it means that you are competent and knowledgeable in areas like financial planning, analysis, control, decision support, and professional ethics. To be a CMA-certified professional, you must clear two stages of examination and also have a work experience of two years.

After obtaining the CMA certification, you can find employment opportunities in organizations of all sizes and across all industries. From public and private enterprises and not-for-profit organizations to academic institutions, Government entities (USA), and MNCs – CFA-certified professionals are always in-demand. 

Average salary of CMA is Rs. 8.1 LPA in India

career options after bcom 1

List of top employers for CPA

career options after b.com


8. US Certified Public Accounting (CPA)

Another globally-recognized professional designation in our list is Certified Public Accountant. It is offered by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and one of the best courses after b.com. To pursue this course, you must possess in-depth knowledge of generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). To obtain the CPA license, you must have a solid background in accounting, along with extensive education (at least 150 hours) and pass a rigorous four-part exam. 

CPAs are responsible for preparing financial statement audits and other attestation services to help inform investors about the financial health of companies and firms. Also, they offer advice on taxes and financial planning to both corporations and individuals. Their primary duty is to provide financial reporting and advisory services to encourage informed decision-making and foster financial growth.

The average salary of CPAs in India is Rs. 6.9 LPA.

career after bcom


9. Financial Risk Manager (FRM)

For a recognized degree in banking and finance, FRM is an excellent option.

The designation of Financial Risk Manager (FRM) is offered by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP®). It is the gold standard in the financial and risk management industry. If you obtain this certification, it indicates that you have a sound understanding of risk management concepts in the present dynamic financial market. This is a relatively short-term course of nine months.

To become an FRM-certified professional, you must complete GARP’s FRM Program. Exams are usually conducted in two parts in May and November. FRM is one of the best courses after b.com. 

A Financial Risk Manager’s primary job duty is to identify and analyze threats to the company assets, earning capacity, and its performance or success in the market. Financial Risk Managers can work in sales, private banking, loan origination, credit/market risk, trading, marketing, and financial services.

After completing this course, your average salary range will be anywhere between Rs 10 – 18 LPA in India.

Top employers for Risk Manager in India


10. Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

For all the students who are wondering what to do after bcom, this popular course is well known in 173 countries and is opted by thousands of students worldwide. There are 14 papers that you need to clear in this course, and the duration of this course is two years. Multinational companies have a high demand for the graduates of this course and pay a salary ranging from 5 to 16 lakhs making it one of the best careers after bcom.

Top companies hiring ACCA


11. Certified Financial Planner

CFP is one of the best courses after BCom. It has a duration of 6 months and avail career options like a financial consultant and insurance consultant for its graduates. A certified financial planner provides services to his clients with expertise on topics like investment plans, insurance decisions, tax issues, and personalized financial advice. 

The CFP certification is a recognition of expertise in fields like financial planning, taxes, insurance, estate planning, and retirement. To earn this certification, you must meet four formal requirements – education, performance on the CFP exam, relevant work experience, and demonstrated professional ethics.

Average salary of certified financial planners is Rs. 3.9 LPA in India

what to do after bcom

How it increases with years of experience:


12. Certificate in Investment Banking (CIB)

To get a certificate in investment banking, you’ll have to take the CIB course for six months.  Investment banker position is one of the best career options after b.com. The average salary for this course is very high.  In this job, your role will be to provide your clients with your expertise in raising capital by selling equities and issuing debts in the company.

The Certified in Investment Banking (CIB) is an intensive global certification exam specially designed to evaluate your knowledge, understanding, and skills in investment banking. The CIB program is usually six-months long, and it tests your ability to create a systematic and strategic approach to determine the valuation for both listed and unlisted companies in the context of Mergers and Acquisitions, LBOs, IPOs, corporate actions and restructuring, financial statement analysis, and other crucial investment decisions.

After completing the CIB course, you can build a career in investment banking, private equity, equity research, hedge funds, asset management, private wealth management, and corporate finance and strategy.

Average salary for Investment Bankers in India is Rs. 9.6 LPA in India.

How your location affects your pay:

what to do after bcom investment banking


13. Bachelor of Education (B.Ed)

A very simple but beneficial course you can opt for after B.Com is B.Ed. The knowledge that you have acquired as a B.com can be used in your profession as a lecturer.

After completing B.Com, perhaps one of the most straightforward career paths is the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed). B.Ed is a 2-year long postgraduate teaching program that is explicitly designed to allow students to build a career in academics which made B.Ed one of the best course after bcom. If you secure around 50-55% in your graduation from a recognized university in India, you are eligible for this course. 

Usually, the course structure of B.Ed. programs include coursework in pedagogy, educational psychology, educational policy and leadership, instructional technology, assessment, social justice, special education, curriculum development, and lesson planning. Although it seems like a simple choice, after obtaining a B.Ed degree, your average annual salary package can range anywhere between Rs. 2.5 – 4 LPA.

14. Digital Marketing

If you are looking for a creative job, digital marketing is your go-to course. You can learn what’s and how’s of the digital business world through this course. Digital marketing courses can last from 3 to 11 months. Many multinationals, as well as native companies hire for this job.

Considering that digital marketing is one of the hottest fields right now, it would be wise to take up a digital marketing program after completing B.Com. Digital Marketing is one of the best courses after b.com. The essence of a digital Marketing course is to introduce you to the world of digital marketing, its core concepts, and techniques of building a digitally sound brand. Digital marketing courses focus on topics like SEO, SEM, SMM, email marketing, content marketing, PPC, web design, and so on. Digital marketing courses can last from 3 to 11 months. Digital marketing is one of the best course not just for BCom students but for almost anyone.

As more and more companies are looking to establish their brand in digital domains, digital marketing is a highly promising career choice today. After completing a digital marketing course, you can choose from job roles like digital marketing executive, digital marketing manager, SEO executive, social media marketing expert, content writer, search engine marketer, and much more. 

career after bcom - digital marketer

How your pay increases with years of experience:


The digital marketing salary can range from 4 to 15 lakhs rupees per annum. If you’re considering the digital marketing line, check out MICA’s Digital Marketing and Communication course which offers one-to-one with industry’s best experts, MICA alumni status and more.


The above is a list of some great career options after B.Com. We hope it will answer your question “What to do after B.Com?” and got clarity on career after bcom jobs and salary details. You can determine your interest based on your career choice that you would like to opt for after your graduation.

For all young minds, wondering what to do after B.Com, you need to check the amount of time, the difficulty level, and the price of the course, before deciding which career after bcom you want to pursue. Any of the above best courses after B.Com are sure to land you a great job so that you can happily start your journey in the professional world. 

If you are keen on upgrading your career with an MBA course, upGrad is offering the MBA (Executive) program in collaboration with the NMIMS Global Access School. The program has been designed to stand at par with the best on-campus Executive MBA programs across the globe.

Which are the highest paying jobs after BCom?

Bachelor of Commerce offers understanding in many subjects like Accounting, Costing, Taxation, Law, Marketing, Economics, Management, Business. Thus, opening scope for many career options. Any course or post-graduation after B.Com will add value to any career. Degrees like CA, CFA, CFP, Digital marketing, ACCA, FRM, MBA, CIB, CS are a few courses that can be pursued after graduation. The average salary on a CA is INR 9 lakhs and that of an FRM graduate ranges between INR 10 and INR 18 lakhs. Average salary for Investment Bankers in India is close to INR 10 lakhs for a fresher job. However, an MBA graduate is paid anywhere between INR7-8 lakhs.

Which course is worth doing after B.Com MBA or M.Com?

MBA and MCom are both good choices of postgraduate degrees for any commerce graduate. However, both courses are vastly different in a number of aspects, even the area of focus. MBA is a professional course that focuses on preparing candidates for managerial positions at key sectors in business. M.Com involves a further detailed study of subjects such as taxation, finance and accounts. It focuses on enhancing theoretical knowledge. MBA has wide recognition in Indian as well as global markets, M.Com is recognized in India but not in global markets. Both the courses have their own benefits. You can choose the best that aligns with your career goals.

Are short-term certifications after B.Com worth doing?

On a more serious note, simply graduating from college does not guarantee a successful career after B.Com. You'll need more information and a higher degree to compete with the fierce competition that awaits you in every sector. Some popular short-term courses are Certification in digital marketing, Project management, Business Analytics, Investment banking. These courses, if done from the right institute, definitely add value.

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