Career Options in Commerce With Maths: 6 Top Courses To Select in 2022

Are you commerce with maths student wondering what career you should choose? Then you’ve come to the right place. This article will discuss the best career options in commerce with maths. Apart from the best career options, we’ll discuss the best courses in commerce with maths and other subjects for commerce with maths students. With this knowledge, making the right career decision will become much easier for you. Let’s begin:

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Top Career Options in Commerce with Maths

There are a ton of career options in commerce with maths. Let’s discuss some of the most prominent ones below. Here’s a detailed list of the best career options for commerce students

1. Chartered Accountancy 

One of the most popular career choices among commerce students is Chartered Accountancy. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) holds the exam for its CA courses every year. You can join the CA Foundation Course right after the 12th. owever, you should note that the Chartered Accountancy exam is among the toughest exams in India. 

2. Company Secretary

It is among the most lucrative fields for commerce students. You can become a company secretary by studying corporate law. 

3. Certificate in Investment Banking (CIB)

Investment banking is an excellent field for commerce with maths students. You can get a Certificate in Investment Banking by taking the six-month CIB course. The CIB exam is an international certification exam, and it tests your knowledge of investment banking and its related subjects.

Investment banking is among the highest-paying fields in India. Taking this course will allow you to enter the investment banking sector and start a lucrative career. 

4. Data Scientist

Data science is a superior career choice among maths students as it requires strong problem-solving skills. In the last few years, the demand for data science professionals has increased substantially. The average salary of data scientists in India is INR 6.98 Lakh per year. It is a lucrative and relatively new field. Learn more about career in data science. 

Best Courses for Students of Commerce with Maths

Now that we have discussed the best career options in Commerce with Maths, let’s look at the best courses in Commerce with Maths:

1. Bachelor of Arts in Economics

If you’re interested in economics and government policy regarding economic issues, then doing a degree in this subject would be perfect for you. A BA degree in Economics will help you understand various economic principles and concepts.

You’ll study modelling approaches, theories in economics, and their applications. Apart from those concepts, this course makes you proficient in using computing techniques and quantitative methods and their implementations to solve economic problems. 

This course lasts for three years. Studying economics can help you in developing strong problem-solving skills. It enhances your critical-thinking skills and enables you to understand problems and develop their solutions with more ease. 

Career Options After This Course

Completing this course opens the doors for many career opportunities. After doing a BA in Economics, you can pursue higher education and do a MA in Economics. You can find jobs in many financial institutions and the financial sections of companies. To get high-paying jobs, you can supplement your economics degree with a data science course and become a data professional.

Your economics background will help you substantially in learning data science. Other popular career options after BA in Economics include Market Analyst, Operations Manager, Executive Assistant, Business Development Manager, Human Resources Manager. 

2. Bachelor of Arts in Statistics

As a commerce with maths student, you can pursue a degree in statistics. Statistics is a popular choice among commerce with maths students because it requires strong problem-solving and analysis skills.

A BA in Statistics degree lasts for three years and covers many essential subjects of statistics such as Data Analysis, Actuarial Science, Econometrics, Energy Statistics, Business Statistics, Applied Information Economics, etc. The Indian Statistical Institute holds an admission exam every year and is one of the country’s toughest admission exams. 

Career Options After This Course

After doing a BA in Statistics degree, you’ll have plenty of career options. Typical careers for statistics graduates are Data Analyst, Econometrician, Statistics Trainer, Risk Analyst, Data Scientist. Etc. You can take a specialized course to get more high-paying roles. For example, you can become a skilled data scientist by taking a data science course.

Your background in mathematics will help you in understanding the problematic concepts of data science with much ease. On the other hand, you can pursue higher studies and take the Master of Arts in Statistics (MA in Statistics) degree. 

3. Bachelor of Commerce

An excellent choice for students of commerce with maths is a B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce). A B.Com degree allows you to pursue careers specific for commerce professionals. You can get lucrative jobs in commerce-related sectors such as banking, finance, management, accounting, etc.; moreover, a B.Com degree teaches you the fundamentals of commerce and its related subjects. 

You’ll learn about basic business concepts and principles, accounting, business management, marketing, finance, economics, and marketing. As a commerce with maths student, you can take up business statistics, information systems, calculus, and other maths-related subjects. 

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Career Options After This Course

A B.Com degree is an excellent choice for students who want to pursue a finance and accounting career. After completing your degree, you can pursue roles in accounting, business system analysis, decision analysis, management, insurance, finance, economics, and related fields.

You can pursue higher studies to get more specialized and higher-paying roles. Many B.Com students choose to pursue an M.Com (Master of Commerce) degree or an MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree. These degrees allow you to specialize in specific subjects and become a more skilled professional. 

4. Bachelor of Commerce (Honors)

Another excellent option for commerce with maths students is to pursue a Bachelor of Commerce (Honors) degree. A B.Com (Honors) degree allows you to specialize in a specific commerce subject so you can get specialized knowledge of your preferred subject. It is quite different from the simple B.Com course.

That’s because a B.Com (Honors) degree lets you specialize in a particular subject while the simple B.Com course doesn’t. A simple B.Com degree gives you an overview of the general commerce-related topics. It doesn’t allow specializations, and that’s why B.Com (Honors) is quite a popular choice for commerce with maths students.

Both of these programs last for three years. However, the cut off for B.Com (Honors) degree is generally higher than the cut off for the B.Com course. The curriculum of your B.Com (Honors) course depends on your chosen subjects. Learn more about highest paying jobs in commerce.

Career Options After This Course

As a commerce with maths student, you might prefer the B.Com (Honors) course to specialize in particular subjects. The demand for B.Com (Honors) professionals is higher than the demand for B.Com professionals. The career options for B.Com (Honors) graduates remain nearly the same as for B.Com graduates.

However, specializing in specific subjects increases your chances of getting roles in those fields. For example, getting an accounting job will be easier for you if you specialized in accounting. Like we discussed before, you can supplement your degree with an M.Com (Master of Commerce) or an MBA (Master of Business Administration) to pursue more lucrative roles. Your career options with a B.Com (Honors) degree depend heavily on your specialization subjects. 

5. Bachelor of Law

Studying mathematics helps you develop robust analysis and problem-solving skills. You can use those skills to help you learn the law. One of the most popular career options in commerce with maths students is pursuing law.

You can take a Bachelor of Law / Legum Baccalareus (LLB). LLB is a postgraduate degree and lasts for three years. If you’re a 12th pass out, you can take an integrated course such as B.Com + LLB right after 12th. Integrated courses such as B.Com + LLB allow you to get two degrees together.

The combined course for law lasts for five years. A law degree will teach you all law-related subjects and their relevance in society. You’ll study Labour Law, Code of Criminal Procedure, Family Law, Interpretation of Statutes, Legal Aids, Law of Evidence, Professional Ethics, and other related subjects. 

Career Options After This Course

There are plenty of career options for law graduates. The most preferred career choice is becoming a lawyer. As a lawyer, you’ll represent clients in criminal and civil cases. Apart from representing, you’ll also be advising your clients on legal cases.

Another common career choice for law graduates is becoming a legal advisor for an organization. Companies require legal advisors to help them solve specific problems and mitigate them.

6. Bachelor of Business Administration

If you’re interested in pursuing leadership roles in companies, you can seek a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree. It would allow you to study management and its related subjects.

It is one of the best courses in commerce with maths. A BBA course lasts for three years and helps you build a strong foundation for management skills. Some of the most important subjects of this course are financial accounting, capital management, business strategy, organizational behaviour, fundamental management skills, international finance, eCommerce, etc. Your background in mathematics will help you understand the advanced concepts of this course. BBA offers many specializations:

  • BBA in International Business
  • BBA in Hospitality
  • BBA in Computer Application
  • BBA in Business Administration
  • BBA in Information Systems
  • BBA in Entrepreneurship
  • BBA in Human Resources
  • BBA in Finance

Career Options After This Course

There are many career options for BBA graduates. Popular jobs for BBA graduates include Market Research Analyst, Marketing Executive, Management Trainee, Business Development Executive, etc.

After completing your BBA degree, you can pursue higher studies and get more specialized roles. As a commerce with maths student, you can get an MBA in Finance to get lucrative positions in the finance sector. On the other hand, you can take a digital marketing course and become a marketing expert. It would allow you to pursue digital marketing careers.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right career can be quite daunting. It’s best to learn about different career options and make a decision according to your interests. You should always pick a job that matches your interests and values. 

We hope you liked this article on the best career options in commerce with maths. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this article or topic, please let us know through the comments. We’d love to hear from you and answer your queries. 

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