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Top 6 Interesting SEO Project Ideas & Topics For Freshers [2024]

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26th Sep, 2022
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Top 6 Interesting SEO Project Ideas & Topics For Freshers [2024]

What’s the best way to display your knowledge in a field? 

By working on real-world projects!

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If you’re learning about SEO and want to showcase your knowledge, you can start with the following SEO projects: 

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Top SEO Project Ideas & Topics

Here are our top SEO project ideas:

1. Develop Reports on Websites

Every SEO professional should know how to generate analytical reports on a website. Analytical reports help an SEO professional in evaluating the exact position of their website and its SEO health.

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They also help you determine how much progress you’ve made, which implementations helped you make progress, and where your website lags. Your primary task in this project would be to generate and evaluate a report on your website and show its SEO health. 

You can also give recommendations to the website as to how it can gain more traffic and rank for specific keywords. 

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You can use SEMRush for this project, which is a top-rated tool among SEO professionals. This is among the best SEO projects for beginners. 

2. Create an SEO Strategy for a Website

An SEO strategy refers to the process of organising a website’s content by topic to enhance its SERP results. This process allows SEO professionals to maximise their chances of gaining traffic from search engines.

An SEO strategy consists of three sections: on-page SEO strategy, off-page SEO strategy, and technical SEO strategy. You should be familiar with all three aspects of SEO to work on this project. This means you will be looking at the URL structure, redirection, title, meta tags, alt attributes, content, and plenty of other aspects of the websites you create the strategy for. 

SEO strategies help companies determine how they will get ahead and give them a foundation for building additional plans. 

You can pick three or five websites, depending on the extent of your knowledge, and create SEO strategies for them. This is one of the intermediate-level SEO project ideas, as you must have certain experience in using SEO. 

3. Audit a Website

Like most of the SEO projects we have discussed in this article, this one focuses on a particular aspect of performing an SEO audit. An SEO audit is a process where you analyse a website’s presence on the Internet pertaining to its best practices.

It’s an advanced form of the first project we mentioned. 

An SEO audit reveals the various flaws present in a website’s current SEO strategy that affects its organic search performance and traffic. It’s undoubtedly one of the most vital aspects of optimising any website.

Usually, an SEO audit will show you the following:

  • Content gaps and opportunities
  • Technical SEO problems
  • Off-page SEO problems
  • Problems in website structure
  • Problems in user experience
  • Competitive insights

An SEO audit will show the ‘big picture’ of what is happening to a website regarding its progress. 

For this project, you can pick a particular website and create an SEO audit for the same. It would be best to create an SEO audit for a small website with few pages and a small presence. 

That’s because a larger website would require you to cover numerous web pages and keywords, which can be quite a lot of work for a beginner. 

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4. Create a Blog from Scratch

Blogs are widely popular. Out of 1.7 billion websites in the world, over 500 million of them are blogs. No matter which industry a company works in, it can have a blog on its website. 

The reason behind their widespread popularity is their importance in SEO and content marketing. They help a website target specific keywords and attract a wider audience.

This project will make you familiar with the inner workings of blogs and teach you multiple aspects of on-page and technical SEO. You should know how the back-end of a website works, and this project will help you display your knowledge about the same.

You can build a website on WordPress, which hosts around 60 million blogs. While you can opt to lease a URL for this project, you can also create a free website on in this project.

You will have to pick the right theme, add content, create an SEO strategy, choose keywords, and perform many other tasks a webmaster has to do while launching a website. Not only will this project help you learn about the different aspects of SEO, but it will also be a great addition to your portfolio. 

5. Create a Portfolio Website 

This project is an advanced form of the previous project, where you created a blog. Here, your blog has a more specific direction, and your website isn’t limited to just a blog.

Freelancers and professionals all over the globe have portfolio websites. These websites are akin to a virtual resume and are focused on showing an individual’s professional life and experience. 

What’s unique about portfolio websites is their theme and appearance depend heavily on the person’s profession. For example, a journalist’s portfolio website would consist of the various articles they have written for different publications. On the other hand, a baker’s portfolio site would have pictures of their various products. 

You can create a portfolio website for yourself where the homepage would act as your resume and showcase your professional journey. It would also have pages to show your projects and the blog you write.

Having a blog on your portfolio website will help you target your locality and industry’s specific keywords, which would help you stand out from your peers. This project will give you an advanced overview of the concepts we covered in the previous project. 

6. Do a Competitive Analysis of Two Websites

Competitive analysis is the process of analysing the SEO health and web presence of your website’s competitors. Your goal here is to determine your competitors’ SEO strategies and how they benefit from the same.

It is one of the great highlights of search engine optimisation as no one can keep their SEO strategies hidden. With numerous competitive analysis tools available, you only need a working knowledge of search engine optimisation to analyse your competitors and figure out how to get ahead of them. 

It is also a vital component of every SEO professionals’ strategies. In this project, you can select a particular website and use SEMRush to find its most probable competitors. 

Then, you can pick any two or three of those competitors and generate analytical reports on them, which will help you figure out what they are doing better.

You can also use the paid version of SEMRush and get a comparison report. It is among the advanced SEO projects because you must have a solid foundation to work on. 

How to Work on SEO Project Ideas Most Effectively?

Even if you have an excellent project idea, its success depends entirely on its execution. That’s why we recommend picking a project that suits your expertise. 

It would be best to work on SEO projects under the guidance of a mentor. They will help you identify your weaknesses early so you would make fewer mistakes and learn more efficiently.

Hence, the best way to work on SEO project ideas is through a digital marketing course. Courses provide you with a structured curriculum and the necessary mentorship to work on projects under the guidance of industry experts.

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Working on SEO projects can be cumbersome. Be sure to pick a project according to your experience and knowledge. This will not only make the learning process more exciting for you but will also ensure that each project fetches the standard result. Furthermore, working on real-world SEO projects will help deepen your understanding of SEO’s functioning and different SEO concepts. 

The Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing and Communication course take on a holistic approach to digital marketing. By the time you finish with us, one thing is for sure – your horizon of knowledge will expand significantly and you’ll learn to think and act like a true digital marketer. With so many perks and benefits, why should you go someplace else?

Happy learning!


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1Can reports on websites help SEO freshers?

Companies use SEO as a tool to assess their performance and determine the steps required to overcome the gaps that are deterring their progress. As an SEO fresher, generating SEO reports is an excellent learning experience. Additionally, it can help the companies tremendously since it provides them with a summary of the website and their SEO health. This report can be followed by in-depth suggestions on how to improve the quality of the website.

2How does one develop an SEO strategy for a website?

The core purpose of SEO is to help companies enhance the quality of their website to ensure that it ranks higher on the SERP. Help a company achieve this goal by helping them develop a roadmap in the form of an SEO strategy. An effective SEO strategy aims to strengthen the on-page, off-page and technical aspects of a website helping it grow. Pick websites of small-scale or moderate sized companies that desire to improve their rankings and evaluate every aspect - URL structure, meta tags, content, etc. Make detailed notes of the websites’ strengths and weaknesses, their goals and develop a strategy based on the same.

3How does improving page templates help improve SEO?

Page templates are often designed keeping in mind the aesthetic value of the website however, the SEO aspect is often ignored. Improve the quality of your website by adding structured data to every template of your website. These pieces of data help search engines understand what data element is and help them incorporate that information in search results thereby providing increased visibility for the website.

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