12 Must-have SEO Tools to Explode your Ranks

As the name suggests, SEO is a tool that helps the website to increase and improve the quantity of traffic to the website from search engines. 

The tools are helpful for the professionals in tracking the numbers and see how well the competitors are doing. And most importantly, they are helpful in understanding the new and existing keywords the competitors are ranking for. 

The SEO is helpful in establishing oneself as an expert in the field. As an SEO expert, the hold on tools and techniques is highly important. The collective effort helps in devising strategies to improve the rankings as compared to the competitors.

There are various SEO tools available on the internet which can help you with the tedious job of Search Engine Optimisation.

Some of the SEO tools lists are listed below –

1. Yoast SEO

This WordPress plugin helps you optimise your website by telling you what changes need to be made. It also helps you write more optimised content for search engines. As soon as you install it, it indexes your website and creates XML sitemaps. It does the job of even notifying Google and Bing about your website and saves you the hassle.

When you are writing an article, it prompts you to use keywords in your SEO title, title, meta, and URL. It also checks your text and estimates whether your SEO is good or needs improvement. It also suggests if the readability of the article is good or not too. It gives you all information you need to write natural and search engine friendly content.

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2. Pro Rank Tracker

Pro Rank Tracker is the perfect tool to track your rankings on search engines. It gives you the most up-to-date SEO ranking information about your website. With its advanced reports, it gives you useful insights into your rankings, including mobile and local search rankings. It can even track the rankings of your videos on YouTube search results and display search volumes for keywords.  

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3. SEMrush

SEMrush does all the difficult SEO work for you. All you need to do is enter your website’s URL and it’ll list everything you need to know – monthly search volumes, backlinks, keyword rankings, and traffic are just some of them. You can also keep track of your social media following from SEMrush. If you wish to build backlinks, they have a tool for that as well.

SEO may seem like a daunting task at first, however, it is not an impossible one. It is not rocket science and can be done by one and all. If you follow the above-mentioned instructions well, your website’s ranking may explode. This can also translate to your traffic skyrocketing soon.

4. Ahrefs WebMaster Tools

This tool is helpful in assessing the technical health of the website. The experts run various algorithms to make sure that the technical health stays strong.

A technical crawl of the website can be run using the tool that helps in identifying 100 or more SEO issues present. This help in taking timely decisions to overcome existing problems.

ahref dashboard


This tool will not only tell the user about the issues but also will assist in knowing the reason behind the problem along with the measures to be taken to overcome the problems. 

5. Google Keyword Planner

This tool is from Google itself, thus helping in researching Google Ads. The GKP also helps in suggesting relevant keywords based on semantics. For example, the GKP can suggest keywords like necklace, ring, bangles, and earrings even though they do not contain the word jewellery.

google keword planner


GKP acts as a tool used by PPC and SEOs alike.  It helps in understanding exactly monthly search volumes and ranges, mobile search volumes, suggested bids, ad impression share, etc.  In order to use GKP, the users need to have an active  Google Ads account.

6. AlsoAsked

As the name suggests, it is a tool to know questions that people also ask. You must have noticed while searching for a query on Google, there comes a SERP feature sharing “People Also Asked (PAA)” as shown in the image below:

AlsoAsked is a tool that helps the users to see the PAA questions related to the topic. The mentioned topic and subtopics can be answered in the article which helps in deriving traffic to the website. 

The tool AlsoAsked allows one to get deeper into the topic search and use the information for the benefit. But one has to get into the paid plan in order to discover the available features.

7. Keyworddit

As the name suggests, this tool is helpful in performing keyword research on Reddit.  Keywords are very important, and keyword research is helpful in finding topics the audience is looking for. 

Reddit is the internet’s largest forum, the users can use the forum in order to do extensive research. The users can simply put the name of the subreddit the audience is participating in. Then onwards the tool keyworddit would extract the keyword from that community. 

8. Google Trends

The users can see the search results all around the world. The tool Google Trends shows the popularity of a topic over time. The users can monitor the trends and use them to capitalize on the trending topics. 

google trends


This way, users can create content on trending topics and avoid the waning ones. Moreover, Google Trends also helps in sharing and suggesting topics that are rising in popularity.

9. RankMath 

It is a WordPress SEO plugin for on-page and technical SEO. The users are not required to manually to put meta descriptions, title tags, OG tags, etc. The tool RankMath helps users in adding these very easily. 



RankMath is also helpful in the following-

  • URLs directs
  • Seeing the Google Search Console Data
  • Keyword’s ranking tracking
  • URLs directs
  • Fixing and identification of deadlinks

10. Google SERP Snippet Optimiser Tool 

The tool is helpful in showing how the webpage will look like in the search results. For doing that, the users are required to put the proposed title, meta description, and URL.

Google SERP Snippet Optimiser Tool


11. Merkel’s Schema Markup Generator

The users can create a structured data markup in the JSON- LD format. It helps the research engine understand the content better. It helps in creating the right schema code. 

Merkel’s Schema Markup Generator


The users can select the type of schema makeup they want to generate. For example, local businesses, products, etc. The next requirement is to fill the form followed by copying and pasting the generated markup on the site. 

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12. Google Search Console

It comes under one of the free SEO tools that are useful in the rank building. The tool is useful in identifying and fixing the technical issues occurring on the website, submitting timestamps, looking deep into the structured data issues, and many more. 

Google Search Console


The tool provides the information about the Google’s indexed version of a specific page. The users can enter any URL in order to identify the issues.  Moreover, the users can run a bulk check of data. 

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The article mentions XML sitemaps. What are XML sitemaps?

It is difficult for search engines to find web pages without internal links pointing towards them. An XML sitemap is a type of file that lists all the pages of a website. This aids search engines such as Google to locate them.

What are keyword rankings?

The particular spot of an URL on the search result page is its keyword ranking against that specific search query. If a search engine displays 10 results per page, URLs with higher keyword rankings will be closer to the top of the page.

What is website traffic?

The number of visitors to a website is known as website traffic. It is measured in visits which are also referred to as sessions. Website traffic gauges the effectiveness of the website and its ability to attract an audience.

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