Career Options in Political Science: Top 12 Career Opportunities in India [2022]

Political Science helps students drive their career with a multitude of exciting opportunities. The study of political science is an ideal choice for students keen on understanding and evaluating the functions of politics, the government, and society. Political Science is a perfect subject for anyone interested in learning how political systems function, as well as those who aspire to develop essential critical thinking and analytical skills.

These reasons make political science among the most sought after majors among humanities students today. Listed below are some great career options in Political Science that students can explore:

Learners receive an average Salary hike of 58% with the highest being up to 400%.

Career Options in Political Science

1. Civil Services

Becoming an IAS (Indian Administrative Service), IPS (Indian Police Service), or IFS (Indian Foreign Services) officer is considered one of the most respectable professions in India. A career in civil services also offers a chance to bring about radical and positive changes in India’s fabric, since officers play an important role in the execution of law and order in the country.

For anyone considering appearing for the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) exam, a thorough knowledge of Political Science is a must, and studying the subject at the undergraduate level can immensely help aspirants.

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2. Policy Analyst

Political Science majors develop strong critical thinking, writing, and research skills, along with an in-depth knowledge of public policy, all of which are essential requirements for applying for the role of a policy analyst. The job of policy analysts is to evaluate the impacts of adopting a policy and use the analysis to devise arguments that either support or discredit the implementation.

This is a great career option for Political Science graduates, as students possess the necessary proficiency in the political and legislative processes of the country and are an excellent fit for the job.

3. Law

The laws of the Indian state, as well as the Indian Constitution, form a significant component of the syllabus of Political Science. This makes the students of the subject ideal for pursuing law following the completion of their studies, given how they already have an in-depth knowledge regarding the fundamentals of the discipline.

4. Legislative Assistant

Most people are unaware of the fact that Members of Parliament and other elected representatives and officials often hire assistants who can help them with their legislative duties.

These hires are professionally known as legislative assistants, who work in close collaboration with our MPs to research on policy issues, pending legislation, inquire into the problems of citizens within the jurisdiction of their employers, and coordinate and communicate with other officials of the jurisdiction.

5. Social Media Manager

From political candidates, officials, and parties to interest groups, every individual or organisation in the public eye needs a strong social media presence. Their presence further needs to be managed by social media experts who understand politics and current issues well.

This is where political science graduates can leverage their knowledge of what constitutes a positive public image and opinion, and formulate and implement plans to shape and enhance their clients’ social media campaigns.

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6. Journalism

A good political journalist is someone who has profound expertise in politics and aspires to use it to increase public awareness about the same across different media. Political Science graduates make excellent political journalists, reporters, and correspondents, given their competence in politics and their understanding of the political environment.

Whether students choose to supplement their undergraduate degree with a degree or diploma in journalism or mass communication or start working directly after graduation, journalism is a fantastic career option for Political Science graduates.

7. Marketing Research Analyst

Political science graduates are required to study the flow of power in political systems, which allows them to understand how to market a particular product across geographies to maximize its impact.
Therefore, they develop a knack for marketing jobs, which provides another career option in Political Science, since they can quickly and effortlessly analyse how consumers of a specific demographic will respond to the product through their knowledge of research methodologies. Students can pursue an MBA or enter into the marketing industry right after their graduation.

8. Teaching

Students who enjoy gaining more knowledge about the subject can consider teaching at the school or college level as a career option in Political Science. At the school level, teachers are required to hold a B.Ed. degree, along with an MA in political science, while at the college level, teachers need to qualify examinations such as UGC NET/ SET and/or hold a Ph.D.

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9. Intelligence Analyst

Intelligence analysts work for government agencies like the CBI. They utilise their knowledge of political science to analyse all levels and parameters of development in the country’s volatile regions, which requires their specific knowledge and skill set.

Their work also includes making reports on groups that may pose a threat to national security, study patterns of leadership and public response, and present their findings in a conclusive manner.

10. Political Campaign Staff

A political campaign staff’s job profile is the same as that of a social media manager, except that this work is done mostly offline. Political campaign staff members prepare press releases and draft speeches for their clients, design and execute campaign strategies, analyse current political issues, study public reactions to cultivate their client’s image, and organise fundraisers for the campaign.

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11. Public Relations Representative/ Specialist

Public relations representatives or specialists are people who act as mediators between their clients and the public through various platforms of the media. From organising press releases and conferences to managing campaigns, events, and public appearances, the profession requires astute critical skills of researching, writing, and analysing to promote their client’s image, something that political science majors possess in abundance.

12. Political Scientist

Lastly, for students who are deeply passionate about the study of political science, academia is an industry that is always open. Students can pursue their MA and PhD in Political Science following the completion of their graduation, to become thinkers and subject matter experts.


All of these disciplines can be of service in various industries and fields. The choice of opting for the subject will undoubtedly be easier if you know of the brilliant career options in Political Science that lie ahead after studying the same.

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