Salary of MA Political Science: Top Career Opportunities & Salary Details for MA Political Science Students [2023]


Are you also binge-watching political science salary before applying for an MA in political science? Well, Political science, also called politology, is a spring of sociology that manages chassis of orchestration and the thorough study of political exercises, political contemplation, related to constitutions, and political conduct.

Under the aegis of political science, the array of topics get covered like economics, law, sociology, history, philosophy, human geography, journalism, political anthropology, and social policy.

Political Science is a methodically diverse field with a plethora of employment opportunities. Even a political science salary is relatively high and offers a promising career.

Majoring in political science helps to springboard a staunch career in politics, a non-profit organisation, advocacy, business, and law, etc. Political science studies philosophy and the political system.

It helps to mete out a thorough understanding of the subtle and unformulated conditions of the country.

MA In Political Science 

Masters of Arts in Political Science or M.A Political Science is a two-year postgraduate program that is an in-depth and meticulous investigation of Political Science from basic to advanced level.

At the postgraduate level, the students study the process and depiction of political conduct and political framework, the practice of governmental issues, and the hypothesis of political theories.

This course also covers relevant topics like the International and National political framework.

The program additionally includes public issues, global relations, government strategies and approaches, policy management, and verifiable political frameworks.

All these factors allow political science graduates to reach new heights and offer maximum recognition at the national and international levels. Even upGrad offers many relevant degrees in the domain of political science that yield high salaries and job opportunities.

Eligibility For MA Political Science 

M.A Political Science applicants must have finished their undergrad degree in Political Science from any recognised University with at least 50% marks in graduation to get consolidated to be qualified for M.A Political Science affirmation.

Future Scope Of MA Political Science 

The future scope of an MA political science graduate is lively and dynamic. A master’s degree in political science equips students with rigorous knowledge about political systems and contriving good analytical skills, research, writing, and debating skills.

Now let us measure the future scope in terms of salary, job security, and self-improvement opportunities.


As per the job outlook report, the political science salary gets likely to amplify by 8% from the year 2010 to 2025. With high demand, the political science salary is also rising.

MA graduates get a high-level position that includes supervisory, executive roles, and social worker positions.

Job Security

According to the report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment growth of political data scientists get anticipated to grow by 6% from 2019 to 2029. With the surge in public policies analysis in the private and Government sectors, the employment rate will experience a decent hike.

All political science jobs are purely people-oriented jobs and cannot be replaced by robots. Indeed, your job is safe and secured from external invasion.

Self Improvement

As an MA political science graduate, you grow by leaps and bounds as every day is a new day. There is an old adage that proclaims with great opportunities come great responsibilities.

It holds true in this case. Different political issues demand different skill sets that offer the chance to learn new things and grow prolifically.

Thus, a political science salary is relatively high and keeps rising with experience. It assists students to assimilate various nuances and gain insights about different political systems.

Salary of MA Political Science

Political science is a diverse field of knowledge with different job profiles. Hence, political science salary widely depends on the type of career path chosen.

However, political science salary growth depends on the following factors.

  •       Education
  •       Industry
  •       Certifications
  •       Years of experience 

Top Ranking Jobs for MA Political Science Graduates  

Political science offers a multitude of exciting and rosy career opportunities along with a handsome political science salary package. Here is the rundown of the top Ranking Jobs for MA Political Science Graduates along with salary details-

1. Politics

Today, politics is the backbone of any economy. It is one of the most-sorted and conspicuous choices for MA political students. You can become a political leader or join any political party. The career is bright and prosperous.

The political science salary of the candidates is ₹450,000 LPA.


2. Policy Analyst

Political science boosts your knowledge about various public policies, schemes, and Government campaigns. Policy analyst is responsible for implementing, analysing, and adjusting new policies, law, and regulation.

An average salary of policy analysts in India – ₹11,54,000 LPA.


3. Law

Profession in law behests great investigation skills and basic abilities that can get effortlessly evolved over the span of the program.

The yearly compensation of Lawyers in India is ₹4,38,000 LPA.


4. Legislative Assistant

This is a much unknown fact that members of parliament often hire a legislative assistant to help them with jurisdiction and legislative duties.

The average salary of policy analysts in India ranges around ₹398,000 LPA.


5. Journalism

It is a well-known fact that the vital part of journalism is about politics. Political Science graduates have detailed knowledge about politics, political systems, and the national/international politics that forge them as ideal journalists.

The average salary is ₹361,472 LPA.


6. Political Consultant

MA political science incorporates in-depth knowledge about politics that aims at formulating various political policies, strategies, and campaigns.

So, here the political science salary package is around ₹6,13,600 LPA.



7. Political Scientist

Political Researchers focus on contemplating the beginning, advancement, and activity of political frameworks. Their works generally relate to the four touchstones– political hypothesis, public governmental issues, legislative issues, and global relations that get evolved during the course.

The average base salary is ₹5,40,000 LPA.


8. Public Relations Specialist

The main role of public relations executive is to build good media relations and get maximum media coverage for the brand. Political PR is one of the rising fields that is booming like never before. For the graduates in political science, salary is much higher than any other domain.

The average base salary of Public Relations jobs in India is ₹3,10,000 LPA.


9. Intelligence Analyst

This is one of the most reputed and noble jobs offered to MA political science students. The top recruiters include the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Department of Criminal Intelligence, Directorate of Military Intelligence, Defence Intelligence Agency, Indian Political Intelligence Office, and National Investigation Agency.

The average salary is ₹5,05,000 LPA.


10. Education

There is a deficiency of good political theory educators and speakers. The demand is excessively high. One can fabricate a worthwhile profession in the showing area in the wake of doing a MA in political theory. However, you have to clear the UGC NET assessment.

The yearly compensation for Political Science instructors and speakers is ₹3-5.2 LPA.

11. Social Media Manager

Today in this age of digitalisation, social media plays a pivotal role in one’s life. Even in political sectors, politicians, and officials do need to have a strong social media presence. Hence, there exists a need for a social media manager who comprehends and understands the political landscape better.

The average annual salary is ₹3,31,000 LPA.



The investigation of political science is an ideal decision for understudies who are enthusiastic about the agreement and assessing the elements of legislative issues, the public authority, and society.

Political Theory is an ideal subject for anybody who is keen on figuring out how political frameworks work, just as the individuals who seek to create fundamental basic reasoning and insightful aptitudes.

How does An MA In Political Science Degree help To Enhance Your Future Prospects?  

You must be pondering how an MA political science degree can help in up heaving political science salary? Well, it can help you in the following ways

  • It helps develop good writing, research, analytical, and critical thinking skills that not only help in professional life but are also valuable in personal life. It constructs a staunch foundation on which success can get built.
  • Today the political science salary is way too higher than any other profession. Graduates enjoy many other benefits, amenities, and privileges over others. In a nutshell, it is one of the most propitious careers among the youth.
  • One can also enter into the international market as a politician because it equips students with the wisdom of national and international laws and politics. Some prominent examples include Ms. Tulsi Gabbard (United States Representative) and Ms. Kamala Harris.


Well, now you must have the desired knowledge about the Salary of MA Political Science and the career in political science. To decide whether MA political science is worth doing or not depends on personal goals, interest, and career curve of the students.

The best part of a political science degree is that it offers flexibility and pliability. Additional skills always act as a cherry on the cake and place you for better negotiation at the time of placement. Always call to mind that the political science salary varies from one job title to others and your skills to strike the iron while it is hot.

Is MA political science only related to general politics?

Unlike the name of the course, political science is not only related to general politics. It is a diverse field which covers politics as one of the topics. Political science covers a range of different topics as well. Human geography, law, economics, sociology, history, and philosophy are some of the other concepts which are a part of MA political science. This program is designed to prepare students to kick start their career in the field of political science, allowing them to pursue a career in the subfield of their choice.

What is the scope of Political Science in India?

The future scope of political science is lively and dynamic. After completing the degree there are great opportunities available where the theoretical knowledge can be applied practically. The field offers competitive salary and job security. The income you can make in the field depends on the subfield you choose, political consultants make a fairly higher income than others. There is also 6% anticipated employment growth in the field which shows a rising scope for political science enthusiasts.

What other fields can we enter after pursuing an MA in Political Science?

Political science is a wide field and one can enter the field as a lawyer, legislative assistant, journalist, and also as a political assistant. The fields related to political science are somewhat related to politics and law. Joining a political party can also be a good idea as it has many benefits including financial security and exposure to opportunities. Also, setting a foot in international politics after gaining experience for a few years can give higher advantages like personal growth and networking benefits. Economics is also one of the subfields which requires good research skills. It is important to have debating skills, research skills, and critical thinking abilities to make a lasting impact in the field. Political science is a flexible discipline and gives numerous options to choose from.

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