Scope of MA in Sociology: Career Opportunities & Top Job Roles [2022]

Sociology is a branch of Humanities that studies human social relationships and institutions. It combines empirical research with critical analysis to understand the nuances of society and the social order and organizations within those societies.

Consequently, Sociology’s subject matter is pretty diverse. From the family to the state, from the societal divisions of race, caste, and culture to religion, and from social stability to radical changes in the society, Sociology covers everything related to the human social construct.

Since the scope of Sociology is very vast, you can choose to specialize in the area that best aligns with your career goals. It has several subsets of specializations, including social movements, politics, & social change; class and stratification; culture; gender & sexuality; race, ethnicity, & migration; economic sociology; historical sociology; globalization, & social network analysis.

Aspirants who choose to build a career in Sociology would focus on studying, analyzing, and interpreting the social behavior of humans and its origin and development. Thus, Sociology will help you comprehend human behavior and, more importantly, delve deep into the root cause behind that behavior and its impact on society as a whole. 

A career in Sociology demands an intuitive nature, knack for detailed observation, patience, and good communication and research skills. Also, since Sociology candidates must draw inferences from their observations, they must have strong problem-solving and critical thinking abilities. 

Learners receive an average Salary hike of 58% with the highest being up to 400%.

M.A. in Sociology: Scope and Employment Opportunities

Sociology is an excellent choice for your postgraduate studies since it extends to a wide range of career prospects. After completing your M.A. in Sociology, you can become a Teacher, Counselor, or Consultant in research institutes, educational institutions, public health and welfare organizations, criminal justice branches, law firms, international welfare organizations, and medical centers.

If you want to continue your education, you can opt for M.Phil or Ph.D. in Sociology. Once you have such advanced degrees, you can then take up high-profile jobs like Therapists, Research Analysts, Survey Officers, Gerontologists, Statisticians, Urban Planners, Criminologists, and Demographers.

As a Sociology major, you can find lucrative careers in different sectors, including:

1. Education

After obtaining a master’s degree in Sociology, you can begin your professional career in primary and secondary education. As a school teacher, you will focus on the child education and development process and counsel them toward the right path.

You will need a B.Ed degree to teach at the school level. However, if you aspire to become a college/university lecturer or professor, you will need an M.Phil or Ph.D. in Sociology. In this capacity, you will juggle both teaching and research work.

2. Counseling & Therapy

Sociology aspirants who desire to perform community work on a personal level can enter counseling and therapy careers. Although a Psychology degree is the usual route to becoming a counselor, Sociology majors can also become behavior therapists and counselors.

Since a counselor/therapist’s role demands strong interpersonal, communication, analytical & critical thinking skills, empathy, and patience, Sociology graduates are an ideal choice for this role. As a counselor/therapist, you will work closely with a diverse group of individuals, listening to their challenges, and helping them to find constructive solutions.

Typical employers of counselors/therapists include healthcare providers, educational institutions, government agencies and NGOs, and independent counseling organizations.

3. Social Service

Social service or social work covers a host of aspects that improve the quality of life for underprivileged or disadvantaged classes within a society. As a social worker, you can work for local authorities, government agencies, NGOs, charities, and community groups. Social service encompasses a broad range of roles, including administration, organization, management, counseling, and support. Social workers’ main aim is to help combat societal matters like drug abuse, child abuse, mental health issues, physical and learning disabilities, poverty, homelessness, etc.

4. Probation and Prison Service

Sociology graduates with an inclination towards handling crime and punishment issues can take up probation and prison service jobs. Usually, the roles in this domain are administration-centric and involve direct contact with offenders(prisoners).

While probation officers deal with offenders serving non-custodial sentences or were recently acquitted, prison officers work within prisons, supervising prisoners’ daily activities. They offer training and counseling to offenders, maintain regular records of their progress, and evaluate reoffence risks.

5. Community Development

Unlike social service roles that focus on individual or family support, community development jobs seek to improve the community’s quality of life. Thus, community workers often function within a specific geographical area or on a community/group residing in that area.

They undertake and supervise projects designed to bring about positive changes in the chosen location. Such projects may include drinking water scarcity, rising unemployment, unequal access to resources, etc.

Community development workers organize fundraisers and events for these projects, mediate between the different groups within a community, and provide requisite training to community members to get involved in developing their society.

Top Ranking Jobs for M.A. Sociology Candidates

1. Sociology Professor

Sociology Professors are highly educated Sociology experts working in colleges and universities. Like any Professor of other disciplines, Sociology Professors offer lectures on various topics, concepts, and theories of Sociology. Apart from tutoring, Sociology Professors also provide academic counseling to students in their undergraduate or postgraduate studies, conduct internal evaluations, and assess the students” coursework. They also write articles, research papers, and blogs for academic journals, books, and publications. 

The average annual salary of Sociology Professors in India is ₹1,061,172 LPA.

2. Life Coach

Life Coaches guide their clients on important life decisions and matters, such as career, business, health & well-being, relationships, and spiritual harmony. They develop professional relationships with clients, become their confidante, and identify their strengths and suggest development areas.

A Life Coach’s goal is to steer their clients towards prospectives that will best suit them and take them toward the path of deep emotional and spiritual healing. They motivate and encourage people to take positive actions to make the necessary changes in their life. Apart from dealing with individual clients, Life Coaches also conduct personal development workshops for groups.

The average annual salary of Life Coaches in India is anywhere between ₹10-15 LPA.

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3. Sociologist

Sociologists are primarily involved in studying societies and human social behavior worldwide by examining the groups, cultures, and social institutions and the societal rules that develop when people interact and create relationships. They collect relevant data through personal observations, surveys, interviews, and other general sources to draw conclusions.

Sociologists build practical projects to test the theories on different social issues. They also collaborate with social scientists, policymakers, or social groups to conduct research on sociological issues and prepare detailed reports highlighting their findings. 

The average salary of Sociologists in India is ₹780,000 LPA.

4. Probation Officer

Probation Officers supervise, manage, and counsel offenders to reduce crimes in society by helping offenders start a new life. In this respect, Probation Officers act as crucial members of the criminal justice system by guiding criminal offenders to avoid further misdeeds in a community.

After taking offenders in custody, they work with them in courts and prisons. Their job involves routine interactions with offenders, victims, police, and prison staff. Probation Officers also actively collaborate with sentencing judges and law enforcement officers. 

The average salary for Probation Officers in India is ₹468,439 LPA.

5. Social Worker

As mentioned earlier, the prime responsibility of Social Workers is to help individuals and families in distress. They focus on helping vulnerable people, including children and adults, protect them, and provide them with the basic necessities for survival. Sometimes they even facilitate the education of needy children.

They aim to help people lead better lives. Social Workers act as guides and advocates to people in need. Often, they work under challenging conditions since they are not always received warmly by those they try to help. Social Workers take actions in adherence to the rules and regulations of the local/central authorities.

The average salary for Social Workers (with MSW specialization) in India is ₹399,999 LPA.

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Overall, we can safely conclude that Sociology leads to some unique and offbeat career options. As someone who understands human behavior within a social setting, Sociology graduates can contribute significantly to individual growth and community development. They can be excellent researchers, educators, and life counselors. 

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