Top 5 Industries Using Digital Marketing To Grow [And Why They Use Digital Marketing]


Digital marketing is slowly replacing traditional marketing. Digital marketing strategies are paying off effectively and businesses are noticing the impact made by digital marketing. Digital marketing can help almost any industry but the impact changes industry-to-industry. 

Let’s check out the top 10 industries that are using digital marketing to grow

Top Industries Using Digital Marketing To Grow

1. Health

People take health seriously. At least when they have a problem, they do. They have smartphones with high-speed internet. As soon as they feel an issue, they just Google it without a thought. They are aware that they can’t take random health advice without consulting a doctor. But they can’t wait to find the cause of the issue and a possible solution. 

The health industry is aware of this and they set up their campaigns. A good, easy to navigate, SEO friendly website can help you reach tons of users. To answer user queries, medical businesses invest heavily in content marketing. They create insightful content to answer every single query of the users 

The medical industry owns 1% of all global daily Google searches. 

2. Fitness and Nutrition

Concern about fitness and nutrition is kept on increasing especially in India. As importance is increasing, fitness companies are investing heavily in social media. They create multiple campaigns to target users with various fitness goals. Weight loss campaigns are different from abs building campaigns. 

Brands also use influencers in social media to attract young audiences. By posting highly actionable content, you can increase the revenue value. For instance, 75% of IG users take action after viewing an ad on Instagram. People love showing off their healthy body on social media. So, encouraging users to show their genuine transformation can inspire and attract your potential audiences. 

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3. Food Industry

People love food. They have an emotional attachment to certain food items and also to the brands that make them. The food industry is not limited to recipe card sharing. When it comes to food, people don’t read. They watch videos. When they want to cook anything, they watch videos of how to do it themselves. 

You can understand this with the amount of YouTube channels dedicated to this and the number of views they get. People take pictures of their food before enjoying the meal in restaurants to post it on their social media profiles. Restaurants create visually stunning images to attract users while they search for restaurants online. 

4. Entertainment

Movie Trailers weren’t important before the internet. Movie producing companies didn’t pump money and effort into making creative movie teasers and trailers like they are doing now. The entertainment industry is relying heavily on the internet today. Movie producers release multiple teasers, trailers, sneak-up scenes, behind the scenes, photos, videos on social media to kindle users interest. 

There are so many music streaming websites, movie, and series streaming websites, and movies are getting released on OTT platforms directly. Advertisers are creating visually appealing content and distribute it on social media to create a buzz for their stories. They also create dedicated social media accounts for the movies and even a dedicated website. 

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5. Education

People take their education very seriously. They want the best and they don’t want to settle for the ordinary. Not everyone is aware of what they want to pursue. The education industry provides consultations online and help them find the right career path. The education industry invests heavily in creating content outside its curriculum to educate users. 

They utilize social media platforms to attract potential users for their academic programs. LinkedIn works well for most of the higher education firms. Popular universities partner with online education platforms to expand their reach. For example, upGrad is an Indian ed-tech startup with the goal of upskilling learners to become job-ready for the roles of the future.

Why Businesses are using Digital Marketing

1. Affordability

There is no minimum amount you need to spend in order to run a campaign. There is no minimum budget you need to spend for a day. They can leverage SEO and social media to increase their reach and conversions in just a matter of a few months. 

2. Testing & Analyzing

You can easily test various types of campaigns, strategies, and analyze the ROI.  You can pause or cancel as your wish.

3. Target Your Ideal Buyers

Reach wherever your target audiences are and target only your ideal buyers. You don’t need to shout out to the entire world but just to your specific audiences. 

4. Better Revenues

According to Google, companies using digital marketing strategies have 2.8 times better revenue growth expectancy. 

5. Earn People’s Trust 

According to Neilson Global online customer survey, 90% of respondents claimed they would trust a particular brand if the data comes from people they know. By leveraging social media signals, you can build user’s trust with digital marketing. 

6. Compete with Bigger Brands

Smart marketers from startups can utilize SEO, email marketing to compete against bigger brands and easily create a name for their brand. With pull marketing, you can avail high-intent users to your website. 

Take away

The number of ways businesses can benefit from the digital market is increasing along with the technology. With Artificial Intelligence, Programmatic advertisement, Chatbots, Personalization & conversational marketing, Micro-moments, the digital industry is moving on every day.

Digital marketing is not going to slow down but accelerate. By implementing effective strategies, best practices, adopting the latest technologies, you can expand your business and gain a competitive edge. 

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