Scope of MBA in Operations Management: Job Titles, Top Recruiters & Preconditions [2021]

Want to do an MBA in operation management and don’t know the scope of MBA in operations? Are you passionate about understanding manufacturing or production operation? Read this article to perceive more.

The Operation Management component is one of the most crucial parts of any company. The scope of MBA in Operations can easily be inferred, as the one who operates the operation department is accountable to ensure the quality and quantity of the product and its production in the manufacturing unit.

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The production should be carried out in such a way that it should be cost-effective and should meet the customer’s expectations, which are the paramount objective of any organization. MBA in Operation Management future scope is developing continuously with the developments in the operation sector and will continue to prosper in time to come. 

MBA in Operations Management aimed at imparting knowledge regarding planning, creation, and management of resource capabilities used by a business to fabricate products or services. MBA in Operation Management future scope is very broad, as while pursuing this course, a student is schooled to take on challenges concerning chain design, logistics, and supply chain management.

What Does the MBA in Operations Management Cover?

Some of the primary subjects include:-

  • Management of organizations
  • Managerial economics
  • Corporate legal environment
  • Accounting for managers
  • Management of international business
  • Business skills development
  • Business policy and strategic management

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MBA Operations Management Preconditions

Analyzing and decision making are the prime prerequisites required from an MBA in operations management aspirant, as operations jobs include planning processes, product design, or manufacturing. Intrinsic interest in operation management and flair in steering the diverse facet of business functions will pave the way for a very lucrative future! 

Scope of MBA in Operations

Operations Management is now sought after in India! Like other specializations such as Finance, Marketing, and Human Resources. The following points explain the scope of MBA in operations in India and abroad:-

Recognize and realize the requirement of an Industry

Studying MBA in Operation Management will prepare you to handle interdepartmental pursuits and will be industry-ready. It will make them aware of what organizations are looking for and what they possess. It will help them become a long-asset to the organization and help them meet these corporate house expectations. 

Favourable opportunities in the corporate sector

Operations Management specialists are high in demand, which results in development with regards to career opportunities. The project cycle efficiency in production and logistics procedural implementation is a requirement of every manufacturing sector. This need has drastically increased the scope of MBA in operations as these industries want operations management experts at different levels.

Gaining extensive knowledge

It provides an opportunity for the students to learn how to solve real-life industry issues using their in-depth knowledge and skills that they acquired while doing an MBA in Operations Management. The skills such as process analysis, business process management, quality analysis, and vendor management, enhance the overall operation in production and supply chain management.

Coveted demand in almost every Industry

Operations Management in MBA is a fast-growing career option in India and abroad. In recent times it will be wrong to overlook the importance of operation management as it has become a manufacturing and logistics tool. However, operations management has gone through a revolutionary change in present times. 

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MBA in Operations Management Future Scope

The future is very uncertain, but the scope of operation management is not! E-Commerce is one of the fastest-growing industries in India and is enlarging its scope continuously. Did you know logistics and warehousing is the lifeblood of the e-commerce industry? Considering this increasing trend, the use of blockchain has rapidly hiked, as it is useful in project efficiency.  

It will open the way for enhancing the scope of MBA in operations management as these e-commerce industries will hire operations specialists and experts. The good thing about MBA in operations is that it does not limit itself to a single industry, but it has expanded its scope to multiple industries. The degree also provides an opportunity to climb up to the top of the organizational hierarchy and grab a leadership position! 

Operations are an essential part of any organization that begins from the private sector to the public sector. It is a known fact that in operations management dimensions, it does not matter as every small to big company is apt to hire operations professionals.

Recently the service sector has shown tremendous growth, which clearly means MBA in operation future scope will show an upward trend, and there will be more opportunities for operations management in the near future, especially in the service sector.

The importance of operation management can be seen in the immediate future, as competition has been fostering up and the companies need to streamline their supply chain to face the rivalry. 

According to the US News and World Report, operations management jobs will grow by an estimated 12.4% between 2012 and 2022. This means that there will be an eminent opportunity for the operations management specialist by the next two years. 

Operation professionals’ work is undoubtedly stressful, but they are compensated very well because of your skill, experience, and education. As mentioned earlier, operational experts are enjoined in every Industry, so according to the sector in which they are working, they are paid as per the universal standard. But these professionals are paid in six figures, which increases with experience, and the demand for these experts abroad is slightly high compared to India. 

Job Titles After MBA in Operations

A fresh postgraduate can expect handsome salary packages and various job titles such as:-

Operations Executive

They are mainly responsible for giving operations strategies and objectives to ensure that the company reaches its target and works accurately.

Area Operations Manager

The main work includes reporting and monitoring the team and supervising the implementation of company policies and standards appropriately. 

Operations Manager

Their role is crucial operations managers, overseeing HR duties, and analyzing and improving organizational processes and productivity.

General Operations Manager

The manager post in itself is very prime. General Operations Manager is mainly accountable for finances and has a duty to watch the budget and its use.

Manufacturing Consulting Manager

Assisting the production process is the central role of a Manufacturing manager in terms of suggesting ways of process improvement, new product development, and conduct plant layout study.

Plant Manager

Plant Managers are assigned the task of picking up the day-to-day activities of a manufacturing plant. They need to track the systems’ efficiency and productivity and make decisions regarding plant performance and future objectives. 

Operational Research Analyst

Operation in MBA explains not only the practical aspects but also the theoretical aspects. Anyone interested in the theoretical aspect can go for Research Analyst. The main task includes the allocation of the company’s assets and resources and figures out cost-effective techniques.

These posts are conferred to the freshers. However, hard work and dedication can help them to reach a new height of success and prosperity.

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Top Recruiters

The top companies hire students from an operations background, which increases the scope of MBA in operations. More candidates every year apply for operations in MBA from upGrad.

Some of the recruiters are:-

  • Tech Mahindra
  • Maruti Suzuki
  • Blue dart
  • Amazon
  • Wipro
  • DTDC

Even the top international companies recruit professionals specialized in operations. These companies include:-

  • Bank of America
  • Emerson
  • United Technologies
  • Shell
  • Caterpillar

Apart from these top companies, various other insurance companies, consulting firms, financial institutions, and logistics hire operations experts that enlarge the scope of MBA in operations. 

Mainly, it attracts jobs from the operations sector due to digital marketing MBA in operations; the future scope is constantly emerging. 


It is an uphill task to explain the scope of MBA in operations as we cannot set a parameter to judge the same because of its vast scope. In modern times where everything is rapidly changing with time, every organization disregarding its size, service, and even the public sector expressed their need for operation management. Its demand lies in Automobiles, Telecommunications, Construction, Pharmaceutical sectors and banking, financial services, and Aviation sectors. 

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