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What are Problem Solving Skills? Definition, Examples, Techniques, How to learn

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14th Jun, 2023
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What are Problem Solving Skills? Definition, Examples, Techniques, How to learn

Here is the problem solving definition. Problem solving skills involve identifying problems, analyzing and understanding them, and finding out the appropriate solutions for them. By developing problem solving skills, you can reach the origin of the problem and find an effective way to deal with it. problem solving skills require various other bunches of skills such as active listening, analyzing, researching, showing your creativity, and so on.

An employee who has excellent problem solving skills can be a valuable asset to the company as he can prove to be an ideal self-starter. He can also cooperate with the entire team of the organization in an organized and planned way. Problem solving skills require acting in a proactive manner and not waiting for the events to actually happen.

Problem solving skills are the skills that recruiters look for while searching for applicants for their organization. It is a practical skill that you can develop through soft skills. You cannot learn problem solving skills through education. Therefore, it is important to gain problem solving and decision making skills by observing your surroundings in a proactive way. You can also learn these integral skills by pursuing an MBA from Liverpool Business School.

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Why Are Problem Solving Skills Important?

problem solving skill is an important aspect in every field of your career. You can solve the problems of your organization in a fast manner that too effectively and efficiently by using problem solving skills. problem solving skills can help an organization find the right candidates for them who are capable of doing any task in a practical way. 

Employees who have problem solving skills can tackle the arduous situations of the company quickly. It helps the company in time management and designing effective strategies for making your work simpler. 

problem solving skills can help an organization in multiple ways. Some of the importance of problem solving skills are discussed below –

  • Design Effective Strategies – problem solving skills enable you to design strategies and also implement them in a proper manner. It helps the organization to take action in advance and deal with any kind of uncertainty. It also ensures that the company is not just surviving on luck and is performing well in the industry.
  • Manage the Time Effectively – This benefit of problem solving skills is often ignored by many people. But it can seriously help you to manage your time and prioritize your important tasks. It will help you to make decisions for your business in a better way.
  • Think Creatively Problem solving techniques help you to stand out from the crowd. It signifies that you are doing something unique from all the other competitors in the market. It can help to generate better results for the organization.
  • Manage Workload – problem solving skills help you to work under pressure. It is one of the most precious benefits of learning problem solving techniques.
  • Enhance Communication Skills –  The communication skills of an employee are also improved as he develops problem solving skills. It helps to transfer the message to the entire group with clarity and avoid any confusion or misunderstanding. This also helps in time-saving and efficiency of operations.

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Problem Solving Skills Examples

Some examples mentioned below showcare the ins and outs of the problem solving method:

  1. Research – It involves the study and consideration of the past trends and patterns of your business operations. It helps in experimenting with new business products. Research provides various thinking prospects and imagination to solve various problems.
  2. Analysis – A thorough analysis of a particular situation can help to determine the root cause of the problem and the logical reasons attached to it. You can also find out the answers to why the problem occurred, the effects of the problem on your business, and the effective solutions to overcome them.
  3. Decision Making – Decision-making is another skill that a business can use along with problem solving skills. It involves the ability to take strategic decisions for the company and have confidence in your decision. It gives successful outcomes on all the major decisions of the business. 
  4. Communication – It involves listening skills and speaking skills. All active listeners tend to be excellent problem solvers. It is because half of the battle is won if you have listened and understood the problem in a proper way. The ability to pass complex information more simply becomes a boon for the employees of the organization.

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How to Include Problem Solving Skills in a Job Application?

Highlighting in your resume your ability to solve a problem quickly can improve your chances of selection. It is the quality that the company looks for in a candidate. Showing them your skill of problem solving in your resume can act as a cherry on the cake. There are various ways through which you can list out problem solving skills in your resume. Below listed are some of the problem solving steps that you can follow to stand out:

  1. Show it in your work history – You can mention in your ‘work history’ section, the times when you have used problem solving skills and contributed to the organization. You can mention that you have saved the company’s time and resources by using your problem solving skills. This will show that you have contributed to the company by increasing its revenue.
  2. Mention the Skills that are branches of problem solving Skills – Instead of writing problem solving skills directly, you can even mention this indirectly in your ‘skills’ section. You can mention skills like logical analysis, thoughtful planning, and efficient communication. 
  3. Modify Your Educational Background – You should include an educational background in your resume with specifications in problem solving skills. Here also, you can include these skills indirectly. You can mention points such as how you have used these skills in your educational career. This will add value to your resume and will highlight you among all the other candidates.

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How to Improve Problem Solving Skills?

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Now let us discuss some ways through which we can improve our problem solving skills: 

  • Identify Problems – The first and the most important step to improve your problem solving skills is to identify what the problem is. Find out the reason for the problem. Use some problem solving techniques to make it simple and clear. You must also make decisions like what you can do to improve the current situation of your company. 
  • Think Digitally – The clients and employers of the organization give more importance to digital problem solving skills. They focus on getting digital solutions to the problems of their organization. This is because digital solutions are more beneficial and easy to implement in today’s era. You must get comfortable with the new and latest technology in the remote world. You must not get afraid of trying out new technologies and automating business processes. 
  • Collaborate Problem solving techniques can never be successful if done solely. You must always collaborate with someone and perform problem solving techniques. You must collaborate with the entire team and welcome their reviews and suggestions. It helps in maintaining better team relationships and enhances communicative value also. You must engage with others and ask them the possible solutions to the problems. Finally, stick to the solution that is accepted by all the people.
  • Adapt – We all have accepted certain things over the past few years and have adapted to various things which are constantly changing and developing. You must always be open to the problems and suggestions which your colleague provides you. You just do not stick to a particular routine and make adjustments where necessary. You must learn to get out of your comfort zone and try innovative ideas for your business.
  • Put Yourself in the Middle of Tough Moments – problem solving skills help you to face challenging situations with ease. It gives you relevant exposure and experience to deal with problems. You will learn new ways to tackle the problem and navigate through various ideas.

Final Thoughts

Problem solving skills help you to find a way to solve the problem and act proactively. It is a skill that is highly demanded in the workplace. Companies are always in search of people who can make their complex tasks easy and can provide problem solving techniques to deal with them. You must learn to collaborate with the team to make a better way for the organization. 

Problem solving techniques start with identifying the problems and implementing the strategies to solve them. You must also develop problem solving skills and showcase them in your profile. Grasp these techniques and comprehend them skillfully by pursuing Accelerated Management Program by Harappa School of Leadership.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1What is a problem solving skill?

problem solving skill means the development of skills for finding the problems of the company, identifying its reasons, and taking necessary actions to solve them. These skills can give an advantage to you if you are searching for a good workplace. It is highly demanded by professionals.

2What are some examples of problem solving skills?

Some examples of problem solving skills are research, analysis, decision-making skills, communication, and so on.

3Why are problem solving skills important in a workplace?

problem solving skills help to overcome the risks of any problems which may occur in the company. It helps us to take planned decisions rather than being reactive to immediate situations. It helps us to make excellent decisions to manage the problems.

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