24 Best Computer Programming Courses To Get a Job in 2022

Best computer programming courses are always in demand. Especially now. Let’s learn about the list of top computer courses available now that you can pursue. Before deep-diving into the content, let’s quickly discuss how everything started and where the future is heading.

Computer programming is always evolving. 20 years ago, no computer science students would have imagined machine learning to progress so far that it would be present in the homes of common people. But for the last 5 years, machine learning has become a hot topic in the tech world and many people are employing data scientists and machine learning researchers to build and secure their systems.

Learners receive an average Salary hike of 58% with the highest being up to 400%.

With the evolution of computer programming languages, it is clear that there will be certain computer programming languages that go obsolete in modern times. New programming languages replace them and it would be beneficial for students to take up online programming courses and learn programming online to truly flourish in the tech world.

Here are some of the top computer programming courses that are ruling the current tech industry and which students should try to go for if they wish to learn programming online:

Top Computer Programming Courses to get a High Paying Job

1. Python

Python is one of the top computer programming courses in India & a computer language which is quite popular these days since it has machine learning elements integrated with it. Python developer salary in India can summarise the situation for you. A course of Python would teach you the basics of Python and how you can use it to do your basic coding. If you are someone who has a moderate knowledge on computers, coding and programmings, then you will easily get a hang of Python and learn programming online.

2. R and Software Development

The R language is a special language which is quite useful in data science. R Language helps you to handle complex data, build packages and customize your own data visualizations. In most online programming courses regarding R, you will learn about R, the development practices used for building these tools and how to make R work in team-based settings.

3. Fundamentals of Java Programming

If you had taken computers in your school, then you probably know a bit about Java. Java is always one of the top computer programming courses in India program and it is quite a basic program which helps students get a glimpse of the complex world of programming. With online computer programming courses of Java, you should be able to develop foundational skills required for any software engineer which includes solving real-world problems, designing different algorithms and debugging.

4. Web Development or Full Stack Developer

The demand for Full Stack Developer is on the rise in the current world. A full stack developer is an individual who works both back-end and front-end for web development or app development. A course to become a Full Stack Developer would involve learning of HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Python, MySQL and so much more.

5. Google Cloud Platform Architecture

Online programming courses related to Google Cloud is more related to the deployment of solution-based elements like solutions based on infrastructure elements like application services, networks, etc. It helps in the deploying of practical solutions which involves encryption keys, access management, etc.

6. JavaScript

If you do not want to be a Full Stack Web developer, but still want to work on web development, then you may have to start off with JavaScript. It is important to know how JavaScript works and understand the fundamental concepts behind JavaScript.

The course will teach you what are closures, IIFEs, Prototypal inheritances, etc. It will also help you to debug your project from your own home. You will be able to understand the source code of frameworks in JavaScript and build your own JavaScript library or framework. 

7. Angular 6 

If you want to amp up your game and build reactive and amazing web applications, then you have to master Angular 6. Angular 6 is a successor of the once-popular Angular.js and it will help you understand directives, components, routings, HTTP access, etc.

8. Redux and React

Redux and React are two major areas that any app developer should put their emphasis on. If you are someone who wants to make your own app or want to work for a company and build an app, then make Redux and React your friends.

After going for a course in React and Redux, you can learn how to develop different apps which gets its support from Webpack, ES6 and NPM. It will help you understand the core behind how React components are built and about the different structure-based applications of Redux.

9. Android N Developer

Are you someone who loves to see the new apps popping up in Google Play feeds? Do you want to learn to develop such an app on your own? Then, you can start your journey by learning how to build an app with Android 7 Nougat. By learning app development in Android, you can develop your own Android app like WhatsApp and Uber. In online programming courses of Android App development, you will also learn how you can market your app easily on the internet.

10. iOS 11 and Swift Developer

Most people know that Android and iOS use different mechanisms and hence, they have different ways of app development. If you are an Apple fan and wish to develop apps for iOS, then you have to go for Swift 4 and Xcode 9 to develop apps with ARKit and CoreML. By mastering Swift 4 and Xcode 9, you can become a professional developer for the iOS platform. You can build apps for organizations and become a freelancer taking up developer jobs.

11. Node.js Developer

If you wish to build real-world network-based applications, then Node.js can be a great start. By mastering Express, MongoDB, Mocha and other such software, you will be able to develop, test and finally deploy amazing production applications in real-time.

You need to master these platforms first before you can take a turn to become a professional Node developer. Node is a vast field and you can expect to face a lot of challenges. Courses on Node.js will help you jump over these obstacles and hone your skills in Node.js.

12. C++ and Unreal Engine Developer Course

If you love both coding and programming, then C++ and Unreal Engine Developer course is just for you. The Unreal Engine is a famous tool in most modern gaming and they are still known to use the popular C++. C++, like Java, is quite a basic tool used to set-up the foundation of computer science students. By mastering industry-standard C++, you will be able to develop your own games using the Unreal engine. You can be a novice too and yet gain an amazing expertise from this course.

13. Master Jenkins

If you are interested to learn about Master Jenkins, then you should opt for a course in Master Jenkins. It will help you to understand the Jenkins build pipeline, how to set it up, continuous inspections as in building, testing and static analyses and then continuous deployment which includes staging and production. So, overall, you get quite a good look into Master Jenkins and how it works.

14. Docker Mastery

A recent trend has shown that many techies are trying to learn Docker Mastery, the complete toolset. With the right course, you can actually get deep into Docker Mastery and understand the ‘whys’ of it. You can learn docker skills easily and fast once you enroll yourself in a proper course.

15. Cyber Security Course

Most computers, mobile phones and other such ‘smart’ devices are connected to the internet. When it comes to the internet, there is always some kind of harm – from malwares and viruses to attacks from remote hackers. Learning how you can secure desktops, laptops and smart devices against such threats like viruses, security thieves, hackers, trackers etc., is an immensely useful tool. You can become an expert in Cybersecurity in different operating systems like MacOS, Linus, iOS, Android and Windows.

16. M.Sc. in Computer Science

If you wish to research computer science in general, then it is important to go for a Ph.D in computer science. However, you will not be allowed a Ph.D unless you gain a Master in computer science. With this course, you can get a PG Diploma in Full Stack Development or a PG Diploma in Software Development, Blockchain.

For the Master degree, you will be introduced to different research topics and understand different research methodologies which will adequately prepare you for our Ph.D level studies. You may have to present a dissertation at the end of this course as well.

17. PG Diploma in Software Development Specialisation in Blockchain

Blockchain development is slowly gaining a lot of pace in the tech world. However, it is important to integrate the growing blockchain technology with the right software so that companies and organizations could use them and fit it in their system. Hence, software developers dealing with blockchain are in high demand.

In this course, you will learn the basics of Object-Oriented Programming, algorithms and data Structure. Along with that, you will start learning about software engineering frameworks and server-side development. Finally, you will be entering into blockchain development in JavaScript, Ethereum and Hyperledger.

18. Executive Program in Blockchain Technology Management

Just learning about blockchain technology is not always enough. It is important to use blockchain in a way that will be beneficial to the organization. That is where Blockchain Technology Management comes.

For managing blockchain technology, you do not only need to learn about blockchain technology but you should also possess planning skills, qualitative analytical skills and other decision-making power regarding blockchain network. In this course, you will be learning about the blockchain networks and architecture, blockchain delivery systems and Blockchain future prospects as well.

19. PG Certificate Program in Big Data & Analytics

With the inclusion of cloud helping to store and manage data, big data analytics is growing big in the world of both business and civic bodies. Big data analysis refers to the collection of chunks of data and then using it for analytics so as to figure out trend patterns, market status, predictive analysis etc.

With this course, you will be engaging with Hadoop framework, both the basics and the in-depth features of Hadoop and entering into Big Data Analytics with the help of Spark. This course can take you to new heights since big data analysis is quite important in the present world.

20. PG Program in Big Data Engineering

Big Data engineering is the process of creating and managing the big data infrastructure of an organisation. It is quite a responsible task and as more and more companies are moving towards collection and analysis of big data, there is a growing number of opportunities for companies to hire big data engineers to build and maintain big data infrastructure.

In this course, you will learn more about big data with the focus put on the big data platform and how big data is processed. It will also include the processing of big data in real time.

21. Master of Science in Data Science

Big Data analysis runs simultaneously with data science and machine learning. The combination of these three is shaping the world and preparing it for a new future. Data scientists are often required by big tech companies to examine data, both structured and unstructured, to derive insight from it.

If you enter a course of Data Science, you will have to deal with machine learning, business analytics, Data engineering, business intelligence and Natural Language Processing. A capable data scientist with relevant certificates and skills backing them up can make a great mark in the world of modern technology.

22. PG Diploma in Machine Learning and AI

Since more and more homes are getting intelligent devices like Alexa and Google Home, Machine Learning and AI are becoming more and more relevant. Machine Learning is a way in which machines can learn from previous data or repeated data and act accordingly.

It is quite an evolution in the world of machines and includes introducing learning patterns in machines through the use of prior programming. Alexa’s recommendations based on previous recommendations could be a good example of machine learning. It is clear that machine learning has become quite important in the modern world.

This course on machine learning covers a wide range of topics which include in-depth machine learning and deep learning, use of statistics and exploratory data analytics, reinforcement learning and deployment projects. Overall, with the help of this course, you can develop your machine learning capability well.

23. Advanced Certification in Machine Learning and Cloud

You are probably aware about machine learning and its relation to AI. However, as mentioned earlier, machine learning is quite useful when it comes to data science. Now, in the case of data science, most of the data is stored in cloud systems. Hence, it is important to integrate machine learning and cloud and learn about the relationship between the two.

In this certificate course, you will learn more about machine learning and cloud as well as how big data processing works using Spark. Plus, this certificate will help you deal with data management as well.

24. Advanced Certificate Programme in Machine Learning – IIT Delhi

Here’s another Machine Learning program on upGrad offered by IIT Delhi, one of the most prestigious and premier institutes in India. The course is designed for freshers, mid-level managers, and senior executives so they can learn to be industry leaders. The 7-month course requires students to take a 40 minute entrance test on programming and mathematics; the resulting test score forms the basis of their being shortlisted. Anyone with a bachelor’s degree in engineering or computer science is eligible to apply for the  course. 

There are 20 live sessions included across the 30-week IIT Delhi program that covers 16 data science subjects taught by world-class IITD faculty to help students build ML capabilities and lead functional teams. 

Sounds like an opportunity you don’t want to miss, doesn’t it? Explore the IIT Delhi program here today! 


The world of technology is always evolving. It is important for you to get on top of the game and update yourself with the changes to remain employable in the current market. Hence, with the help of these best computer programming courses in India, you can remain a master in your technical skills as well as get jobs in big tech firms too. Just opt to learn programming online and see your skills improve everyday.

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