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How Much CSPO Certification Cost in 2024? Is it Worth it?

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25th Sep, 2023
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How Much CSPO Certification Cost in 2024? Is it Worth it?

In this rapidly evolving landscape of project management, staying competitive and up-to-date with the latest methodologies is essential. This is where the Certified Scrum Product Owner certification steps in, offering professionals a comprehensive understanding of Scrum principles and practices. 

With that being said, let’s explore what is CSPO and why CSPO certification is a pivotal step towards mastering agile product ownership. 

What is CSPO Certification?

Certified Scrum Product Owner, commonly referred to as CSPO, is a certification offered by Scrum Alliance, a global organisation dedicated to promoting and advancing Agile and Scrum practices.

This certification is globally acclaimed by various industries, including Information Technology, infrastructure, automobile, manufacturing, and more. The CSPO certification focuses on the role of the Product Owner within a Scrum team. 

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A Certified Scrum Product Owner is responsible for maximising the value of the product developed by the Scrum team. They collaborate with other team members, customers, and stakeholders to ensure the product backlog is well-defined and completely aligned with the business goals. 

Why Do You Need The CSPO Certification?

Before we delve into the details of the CSPO certification cost, let’s first understand why you need this certification. 

The CSPO certification is deemed valuable by business organisations worldwide for many reasons. Such include,

Deep Understanding of Scrum

By earning the CSPO certification, you can enjoy a complete and comprehensive understanding of all the Scrum principles, practices, and methodologies. It equips you with the much-required knowledge to effectively implement Agile and Scrum principles in your organisation.

Clear Product Vision

The CSPO certification course trains candidates to define a clear product vision, create a well-defined backlog, and prioritise features based on business value. This, in turn, helps to ensure that the final product is in perfect synch with the consumers’ demands and the business enterprise’s goals. 

Global Recognition

CSPO certification is globally recognised, and therefore, including it in your resume not only provides additional weightage but also leads to enhanced career opportunities.

Higher Salary Potential

According to a recent report, CSPO-certified professionals’ remuneration is significantly higher than other non-CSPO-certified professionals, reflecting a potentially lucrative career path for aspirants. 

Improved Communication

The CSPO certification course also teaches effective communication skills to all its candidates, thus enabling them to bridge the gap between technical and non-technical stakeholders.

Overall, obtaining the CSPO certification empowers you with the skills and expertise required to excel as a Product Owner in Agile and Scrum environments. Furthermore, it also leads to successful product development and improved business outcomes.

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How to get CSPO Certified?

In order to get CSPO certified, you need to enrol yourself in a two-day CSPO workshop, which is conducted by a Certified Scrum Trainer. Under this mandatory workshop, candidates will learn in-depth about Scrum practices, Product Owner responsibilities, and real-world applications. 

Upon successful completion, you will receive the CSPO certificate from the Scrum Alliance, which will be valid for two years. Currently, there is no assessment test involved in receiving the certificate.

In order to maintain and renew this certification, you will be required to pay a renewal fee of $100 and earn Scrum Education Units (SEU) through ongoing learning and professional development activities. 

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What You Will Learn

In the Certified Scrum Product Owner certification course, candidates get to explore a wide range of skills and knowledge related to Agile and Scrum, specifically focused on the role of a Product Owner. Here is an overview of some of the key areas covered in this curriculum.

Agile Principles and Values

You will learn about Agile’s foundational principles and values, including collaboration, customer-centricity, iterative development, and more.

Risk Management

The course also offers some effective methodologies and techniques for mitigating risks through predictive planning.

Product Owner Role and Responsibilities

An in-depth understanding of the crucial roles and responsibilities is bestowed on the shoulders of Product Owners. A few examples of the same include creating acceptance criteria, defining user stories, ensuring the team delivers optimum value to stakeholders, and more.

Faster Delivery Methods

A complete overview of the various methods utilised in order to ensure maximum high velocity, that is, within the time and budget frames.

Value Maximisation

Exploring strategies for maximising values delivered to customers and stakeholders, including techniques for prioritising work that generates the most impact.

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Certified Scrum Product Owner Certification Cost Across Different Countries

The table mentioned below highlights the approximate CSPO cost across different countries in the world.

CountryCurrencyCost Range

Is CSPO Certification Worth It?

Simply put, yes, the CSPO certification is worth it for any individual aiming to add enhanced skillset and credibility to their resume. Mentioned below are some reasons aspiring project managers can benefit from it. 

  • CSPO-certified individuals bring value to organisations by improving product development processes, increasing collaboration, and delivering customer-centric solutions.
  • CSPO-certified professionals possess the dual ability to micromanage tasks while complying with the bigger picture using various Scrum tools, such as breakdown analysis.
  • CSPO certification opens doors to new opportunities and career growth.
  • CSPO certification widens your networking horizon by giving you the chance to interact with other like-minded professionals.
  • CSPO-certified candidates acquire the skills and knowledge required to excel in their roles. This increased confidence, in turn, leads to better decision-making and problem-solving abilities.

While the CSPO certification can undoubtedly be a great addition to your resume, it is also important to consider whether it aligns with your specific goals and needs. For those interested in landing a job as a Product Owner or a Business Analyst, earning this certification can be a smart choice in the long run.

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Average Salary of CSPOs

The average salary of CSPOs, especially in India, is currently estimated at INR 22 lakh per annum. However, this figure significantly varies based on specific factors like roles, experience, skills and locations. 

Let us take you through how CSPO salaries are different based on the diverse roles in India.

RoleAverage Annual Salary
Business AnalystINR 6,55,793
Product OwnerINR 17,04,108
Lead Business AnalystINR 15,55,405
Senior Product ManagerINR 26,76,289
Agile CoachINR 24,44,464

Top Companies Hiring CSPOs

There has been a steady increase in demand for Certified Scrum Professionals over the last few years as companies are realising how crucial the role of a CSPO is. In fact, the market also claims that, compared to non-certified professionals, CSPOs are highly coveted.

With that being said, mentioned below are a few examples of some of the most renowned companies globally that are actively looking for CSPOs.

  • Amazon Inc.
  • Intel
  • The Walt Disney Company
  • Siemens and
  • AT&T Company, among others.

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The CSPO certification course holds the potential to greatly benefit professionals occupying roles as Product Owners, Business Analysts, and those in related fields. It offers an array of advantages, including the enhancement of career prospects, bolstering credibility, and attaining global recognition. 

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Upon completion of the CSPO certification course, participants will acquire the essential confidence and knowledge necessary for ensuring the triumph of projects, value delivery, and the cultivation of an environment committed to perpetual enhancement.

Since the field of project management is seeking to employ the cream of the crop, getting scrum certification can be your chance to be a part of that team!

In addition to CSPO certification, aspiring tech managers can explore upGrad’s Executive PG Program in Software Development to strengthen their tech skills along with efficiency in project management with CSPO! 




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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1Which CSPO certification is considered to be the best?

The Scrum Alliance Product Owner certification is globally acclaimed and recognised by various industries. One of the main benefits of this certification is it comes with membership in Scrum Alliance, utilising which candidates can actively grow their skills, knowledge, and expertise in this industry.

2Are CSPOs in high demand?

CSPO-certified candidates have the required tools and knowledge to drive innovative product development and effectively collaborate with varied team members. In addition to this, they also possess the dual ability to micromanage tasks and look at the bigger picture. For all these reasons, CSPO-certified professionals are considered to be in high demand across the world.

3How long is CSPO valid?

Once you have earned your CSPO certification, it will remain valid for two years. Following this, you will have to renew it by paying additional fees and earning points in order to prevent it from getting lapsed.

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