Python Tutorial



Python Tutorial

Advantages of Python


Python is a programming language used to develop web-based applications. It is in high demand these days with an increase in IT companies and IT use. It has an easy syntax and easy-to-understand language, making it even easier for beginners to learn.  Learn Python today to land a job that you have always desired.


Guido Van Rossum developed Python in the year 1991. Python is a programming language used for web-based application development. 

With the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the relevance of Python has increased as well. Python is considered a versatile programming language. With its easy portability across several platforms and no hassle, simple codes, it has become one of the popular choices among Programmers and developers.

Top Advantages of Choosing Python

  • Easy to learn and easy to use – Python is easy for beginners to understand and learn. It has an easy syntax and simple keywords. That enables you to learn it faster and better.
  • Portable – Python is flexible and easily portable. A programmer or a developer can easily run Python codes on several machines without any hassle or without going through any changes in the systems. Developers can easily run the code on various platforms like Windows, Mac OS X, Unix, and Linux using Python.
  • Several Applications - Python is unique and can be easily used for machine learning, data visualization, and other platforms. It offers really powerful libraries and community support. Python involves 137,000 libraries and huge community support, which means you can do almost everything using Python. The data science work becomes all the easier using libraries such as NumPy, SciPy, pandas, and PyTorch. Academicians and Engineers believe Python is consistently evolving and undergoing change, making it a popular choice among professionals in the IT industry.
  • Versatility – Python programming skills are versatile. Its general-purpose skills help you in almost every IT discipline out there. It is used in a diverse range of fields, such as basic game development, finance and trading, mapping, data science, web development, and so on.
  • Dynamically Typed - Python does not know what parameters we're referring to until we run the program. During execution, the data type is automatically allocated. The programmer does not have to declare variables or their data types.

Top Reasons to Learn Python

Python Commands Demand 

Due to its flexibility, Python is one of the popular choices among programmers and developers. As it is been significantly used in various disciplines, it commands demand. You will understand why Python is demanded so much as you proceed further.

Huge earning potential – As the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning is continuously growing and expanding, the demand for Python programmers is also growing, creating a huge demand. According to a recent report, Python programming language is the second highest-paid language across the globe. 

Easy programming – Python is easy to understand and learn. It is also free and open-sourced, enabling anyone to understand it easily. Python is a no-complexity programming language. Its syntax is similar to English, making it easy to read and focusing on learning other benefits of the language.

Used in almost every industry – Including finance, mapping, and geography, web development relies on Python for its flexibility. It is used by renowned companies like Pixar, Netflix, Google, JP Morgan Chase, and so on. 

Help a Startup-startup

Several nations across the world are encouraging start-ups as they would benefit the economy at large. 

Every start-up consistently has this need to develop, adapt, and change, as the products and services these start-ups offer have to be changed to keep that demand in the market. 

Python is similar; it is agile and has the ability to adapt to changes. It can help start-ups reach the IPO that they need.

Python Security

As mentioned earlier, Python is one of the popular choices among developers and programmers. It is not only demanded for its agility and flexibility, but Python is also known for its security. It is one of the most secure programming languages available in the information technology market.

Python’s OWASP Python Security Project is the project that enables programmers to develop a more hardened version, which is more resistant to malware attacks and manipulations. Its demand has all the most increased due to the increase in cyber attacks in recent years. 

Choose the right Program

To learn Python, you need to choose the right program that will enable you to learn the basics and complexities of Python.

Georgia Institute of Technology

IIT Kanpur




All Geos

5 weeks

11 Months

8 weeks

Fundamental atoms of programming, writing and interpreting codes, control structures, and algorithms

Basics of programming, data modeling, data visualization, and more

Data structure, algorithms, Python libraries, tableau, and so on.

Disadvantages of using Python

  • Not suitable for performance-intensive tasks – Python is an interpreted language, which means it is a slower programming language than programming languages like Java or C, making it unsuitable for performance-intensive tasks.
  • High memory requirements – considered a disadvantage, Python requires a huge amount of memory while developing web-based applications.
  • Lack of strictness – Python’s flexibility can be seen as a disadvantage, making the codes difficult to understand and interpret.
  • Runtime errors – Python gives the freedom to change the type of variables. However, the consistent changes lead to run time errors, which are hard to catch.


Python has a wide applicability. It is used in almost every industry and discipline out there. Following are various applications of Python:

  • Web-based applications

  • Education

  • Scripting

  • Graphics

  • Game designing

  • Robotics

  • Machine Learning

  • Prototyping

  • Data Science

  • Trading and Finance

  • Software development

  • Geography and mapping

Organizations using Python 

Almost every organization uses Python for its daily usage. Some of the organizations that use Python have been listed below:

Netflix – Python is used for recommending content and shows to the wider audience using its algorithms.

Pixar – Pixar uses Python for its amazing animations and features that keep the audience attached.

Amazon – Amazon uses Python to build several prototypes and test its ideas.

Google – Python is one of the four programming languages used by Google.

JP Morgan Chase – JP Morgan Chase uses Python for running its codes and helps them with finances.

Spotify – Spotify uses Python for its back-end services and Data analysis.

Instagram – Instagram engineers use Python to investigate errors and run the application more efficiently and effectively.

YouTube – Python is used for YouTube algorithms and content recommendations.

NASA – NASA uses Python to receive, store, and retrieve data that comes from its telescopes back to Earth.

Facebook - Facebook uses Python for its regular coding requirements, enabling users to get a great experience.


Due to its easier-to-understand user interface and simpler syntax, it is suitable for novices. To deal with data sets and databases more effectively, one must be qualified and have sufficient hands-on expertise in machine learning, data visualization, and numerical calculation.

Data science libraries and community support are abundant in Python. Because of its adaptability and popularity among data scientists, it is versatile. However, depending on the needs of the project, as well as personal interests and curiosities, one can start their journey with Python and subsequently go to more advanced levels of programming.


1. What is Python?

Python is a programming language used for developing web-based applications. Developed and created by Guido Van Rossum, it is a powerful and easy-to-use language and one of the popular choices amongst developers and programmers worldwide.

2. Do social media companies like Instagram use Python?

Yes, Social media companies like Instagram and Facebook use Python for their daily programming developments.

3. Is Python secure?

Yes, Python is secure. Its OWASP Python project enables developers to create a hardened version, making it more resistant to attacks and manipulations.

4. Is Python Versatile?

Yes, Python is a versatile programming language that is used across several disciplines and industries. It has many uses. It is used for investigating errors on Instagram, managing algorithms and content recommendations on platforms such as Netflix and YouTube, and receiving, storing, and retrieving data by international organizations such as NASA. 

5. Is Python good for beginners?

Yes, Python has been developed with simple codes and syntax. It’s an easy language, and programming makes it quite useful for beginners. 

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