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ReactJS Developer Salary in India in 2024 [For Freshers & Experienced]

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24th Jan, 2024
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ReactJS Developer Salary in India in 2024 [For Freshers & Experienced]

Hey! So you want to become a React.JS Developer? 

The world has seen an enormous rise in the growth of frontend web technologies, which includes web applications, websites, and apps. Companies are eager to roll updates and features to their existing apps as well as building new apps. And you know ReactJS is a great way to make native apps that run on both iOS and Android. You don’t need to work separately for Android and iOS!

It’s critical for both new hires and seasoned experts to grasp the compensation trends in the Indian job market as the need for qualified ReactJS developers increases. We will examine the present condition of ReactJS jobs for freshers pay in India in this article, taking into account the requirements of both recent graduates and seasoned experts.

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Why React?

Before going into the different roles and responsibilities of a React JS developer, let’s take a look at some of the main reasons that have made React the most preferred choice over other competitive technologies and frameworks. 

  • Simple And Easy To Learn

One of the main reasons that have resulted in such a huge demand for this technology is its simple and easy-to-learn nature. Anyone having a basic understanding of programming can use this technology without facing any hassles. Furthermore, the component-based approach and well-defined lifecycle make React very simple to learn and build a professional web and support it. With the help of a special syntax used by React, called JSX, you can also mix HTML with JavaScript. 

  • Performance And Testability

React JS applications are very easy to test. Furthermore, you do not have any concept of built-in containers for dependency in React. This means that you can easily inject dependencies automatically with the help of Require JS and Browserify. 

  • Data Binding 

Last but not least, yet another benefit of using React is that it uses one-way data binding. With the help of Flux, it can control the flow of data to other components through one control point. This makes it easier to debug the self-contained components of larger apps. 

The mentioned-below article will answer all your queries regarding entry level react developer salary, as well as React Native developer salary in India.  You also get to know the different React JS developer salary in Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, and Mumbai, among other states, alongside the salary offered by some of the major recruiters in India, which includes the average TCS React JS developer salary, Cognizant, and Accenture, to name a few.

Who is a React JS Developer? What do they do?

React.JS Developers design and implement user interface components for JavaScript-based web and mobile applications using the React open-source library ecosystem. These skilled frontend developers are involved in all stages of interface component design, from conception through to final testing. 

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A Glimpse of Job Opportunities in India 

Students interested in the field are attracted to the pay packages as well as the challenges offered by the field. But, before we discuss the salaries that you as a React.JS Developer can hope for, let’s explore the job opportunities further. 

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As is evident from the image above, on LinkedIn, there are 9000 jobs on offer in India alone. The figure does not come as a surprise, as India has been a technology hub for the biggest brands in the world. The world leader in eCommerce Amazon chose the city of Hyderabad as the base of its Asian warehousing center.

Even Google has an office in Hyderabad, and it indicates the expertise that Indians bring to the industry. Another advantage has been the rise of apps and startups in the country, and today it is one of the largest to recruit people in the field of ReactJS, web development. 

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Let’s find out the scenario of React.JS developer in India

If you have the required skill set and are ready to keep yourself updated, your career as a React JS developer is expected to keep growing onwards and upwards. This line stands true, especially when we consider that a ReactJS developer’s salary in India is directly or indirectly dependent on how skilled and updated the individual is.

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Key Reasons to Become a React.JS Developer

Today, the developers are in high demand in major metros like Mumbai, Delhi-NCR and emerging cities such as Hyderabad, Pune, and Bangalore. Before delving into the different entry level React developer salary, let’s take a look at some of the key reasons why you should become a React JS developer.

Highly in-demand field

The rapid increase in the number of apps and the continuous growth of startups demand the expertise of developers capable of handling frontend tasks. The market is not yet saturated and it is the right time to enter the field! Even Tanay Pratap, SDE-2 at Microsoft, urges his followers to practice Javascript giving direct insights from the industry.

Thousands of companies, including a few from Fortune 500 companies have switched to React JS for their mobile apps and websites. Needless to say, the demand for this technology is growing day by day. Some of the leading brands that have built their mobile apps, by making use of the React Native framework, include Walmart, Tesla, and Airbnb among others. 

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Highly Paid & Diverse Roles

High demand and even diverse roles like stepping into UI engineer or a full stack developer or any domain of web development are open for React.JS developer.  As is evident from above, the salaries are high, and the better you become, the higher you can earn. 


One of the most thrilling aspects of React is that it is versatile. This means that as a React JS developer you can easily build apps across various platforms like mobile, desktop, web, and many others. You can also publish your apps on both Android and iOS with the help of the React Native Code. Thus, you not only get to enjoy enough flexibility to move from building a web app to a mobile app, but you also get to explore other new areas of development, without beginning from scratch. 

Responsible for improving the product portfolio

With the roll-out of updates and features, enhancement of UI has become a significant part of improving the product portfolio. A good developer will have the acumen to enhance the current UI and UX to increase the popularity of the product with the end-user. The job is tough and requires a developer with a deep understanding of technical and design aspects.

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Keeping customers engaged

It’s human psychology that colors, fonts, and images have a huge impact on the way we interact. Only an excellent frontend and a great UI design could hold up the customers and provide them great in-app experience. It allows an individual to put their creativity to test and create innovative frontend solutions that appeal to the end-user. It is important to remember that if the user finds the site interesting and engaging, they will stay on, else they will move to another site. 

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Typical Responsibilities and Skills of a React JS Developer

One of the primary roles of a React.JS Developer is building user interfaces and-experiences which is effective. They are usually required to work cross-functionally and require knowledge of product management and engineering to build solutions that are in line with the project requirement. 

Some of the requirement the developer needs to meet to get hired at a good firm are

  • Ability to build site latency and create new interfaces for frontend users
  • Ensure that the UI/UX designs are practical and feasible
  • Maintaining consistent quality and efficiency
  • Creating codes that are both elegant as well as practical 
  • Excellent understanding of GIT, CSS Libraries, Adobe XD, Sigma and more
  • Validation of user information and input before it reaches the backend
  • Taking responsibility for all troubleshooting from identifying to providing solutions
  • Updating the code and design for scale, speed, and feedback
  • Develop responsive web-based UI

Apart from these technical skills, some of the non-technical skills that a React JS developer is expected to have includes

  • Establish a clear flow of communication with other developer and design teams to discuss UI ideas
  • Thoroughly review the needs and interfacing elements of applications.
  • Proper documentation for any changes or updates in applications.

In-Demand Software Development Skills

Requisite skills for a React JS Developer

  • They have to have extensive knowledge of data structures, algorithms, and mathematics.
  • Proficiency in both Git and version control is deemed necessary by employers
  • Getting experience in HTML, JavaScript, Rest APIs, Graph QL, CSS-in-JS libraries make it easier to get a job
  • Effective communication skills so that the developer can understand the requirement and share the solutions.
  • Experience in  React JS workflows such as Flux, data structure libraries, Create React App and Redux.

Apart from these, React JS developers are also required to have certain other soft skills such as 

  • Willingness to accept feedback and offer constructive suggestions.
  • Good problem-solving and troubleshooting skills
  • Proper time management, project management, and communication.
  • Competent enough to translate business needs into technical requirements.
  • Should be able to write clear and crisp codes, following the guidelines
  • Eagerness to learn modern-day tools and processes.
  • Creativity and innovation

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React Js Projects for Freshers 

Below mentioned are some of the React Js project for freshers that will help you land React Js jobs for freshers:

1. React To-do list

Popular introductory projects like the React To-do list are great for learning the basics of React. State management, user input processing, and functional and class components are all included in this straightforward program. It mimics typical web development features and allows for adding, editing, and deleting jobs. Building this productivity app gives users practical experience with React’s fundamental ideas and nurturing skills for more involved projects. The React To-do list is a great place to start if you’re a beginner or aspiring web developer looking to acquire hands-on experience and build a useful application. Gaining proficiency in it opens up more possibilities for web development.

Technologies you can use:

  • Create React App, Next.js, or Gatsby for the app UI.
  • Basic HTML, CSS & JavaScript
  • react-player npm package or yarn.
  • Cloudinary/Firebase storage for uploading media content.

2. React Tic-Tac-Toe

With the React Tic-Tac-Toe project, beginners can improve their comprehension of React’s foundational concepts. By putting state management, conditional rendering, and event handling into practice, students gain experience and refine their skills. Developers may explore new features and enhance the user experience thanks to the project’s customization options, which include multiplayer and scorekeeping capabilities. For those seeking a challenge, adding AI opponents who use libraries like Minimax or Alpha-Beta that use pruning algorithms to build AI motions may make the project more challenging. Making ambitious React mini-projects is a terrific way to improve and grow coding abilities, despite the fact that it may seem difficult. One may better comprehend React and expand their imagination to take on new web development challenges by pushing the limits.

Technologies you can use:

  • Basic HTML, CSS framework Bootstrap or Material UI and JavaScript
  • Create React App, Next.js, or Gatsby for the app UI.
  • Algolia for searching media (names of audio tracks, movies, podcasts, etc.).
  • react-player npm package for playing media.
  • Cloudinary/Firebase storage for uploading media content.

3. React Stopwatch

A fun and instructive beginning project that keeps track of the passing seconds is the React Stopwatch. It offers a useful context in which to use React concepts like state management and event handling. In addition to the fundamental operations, developers may enhance its usefulness by adding entertaining features like lap time functionality, a countdown timer, and various timers. Additionally, styling the Stopwatch with CSS enables the development of a distinctive and captivating user experience. By creating this project, beginners may build their understanding of React while having fun exploring various tweaks and functionalities, providing the framework for taking on more difficult projects in the future.

Technologies you can use:

  • React (JavaScript library for building user interfaces)
  • npm (Node Package Manager) or yarn (Alternative package manager)
  • IDE or text editor of your choice (Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text, etc.)
  • Optional: CSS framework like Bootstrap or Material UI for styling

4. React Portfolio

The React Portfolio is the best venue for demonstrating your proficiency with React programming. With the addition of features like a blog or contact form, this project may be modified to serve as a thorough portfolio of your abilities. You can create a polished, aesthetically pleasing portfolio that appeals to potential customers or employers using React components and CSS. Additionally, accessibility and reach are provided through the portfolio’s deployment across a number of hosting platforms. This project is a powerful display of your abilities and will make a lasting impression on potential clients, regardless of whether you are a new developer or an experienced pro.

ReactJS Developer Salary in India: Based on Roles

The React native developer salary in India depends on multiple factors such as location, experience, job roles, organization, and training among others. Here’s a list containing the average React native developer salary in India, based on job roles. 

1. Frontend Developers (Client-Side Developers)

Developers who take on the specialization of visual user interfaces are the front end developers. They are tasked with managing aesthetics and layouts. The code that the developer creates is what helps the end-user to run the webpage or browser on their computer or mobile. Since users are using multiple devices, the developer is responsible for compatibility across multiple devices and making sure the UI fits the different screen sizes. 

The skills that the person needs to develop are user interface (UI) and user experience (UX), JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and UI frameworks.

The average frontend developer salary is Rs 475,885 in India. 


2. Backend Developers (Server Side Developers)

Backend developers often have to integrate with a vast array of services like data storage systems, databases, caching systems, email systems, logging systems, etc. These are developers who specialize in the implementation of design as well as functional core logic. They are also tasked with the performance and scalability of the software or creating smooth operations for systems and servers, which may be at remote locations in comparison to the end-users location. 

Programming languages that the developer needs to know are C++, C, Ruby, Python, Perl, Go, Scala, etc.

Average backend developer salary is Rs 680,680 in India.


3. Full-Stack Developers

Full Stack developers usually have a good understanding of frontend and backend practices and paradigms. Primary responsibilities are to include designing user interactions on developing servers, websites, and databases for coding for mobile platforms and website functionality.

Full Stack Developers are required to see out a project from its conception to the final product. They require good organizational skills and attention to detail. They are responsible for developing and designing front end web architecture, ensuring the responsiveness of applications, and working alongside graphic designers for web design features, among other duties.

The average full-stack developer salary is Rs 599,995 in India.


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4. Team Lead/Manager

Leading a group of ReactJS developers and making sure the projects are finished on schedule and within budget are the duties of a team manager or lead. 

They also have the responsibility of liaising with different teams, including the backend developers and UX/UI designers. In India, ReactJS developer salary in India or react js developer salary as a  manager or team leader is between INR 8 and 20 lakh annually.

5. UI Developer

The goal of an interface developer is to design an interface that functions as users anticipate, leading to a smooth and effective user experience. They are skilled software engineers who create and manage application user interfaces. They are focused on the user interface’s functionality, dependability, and mechanics. 

Although they are typically not concerned with the product’s backend, UI developers are aware of its requirements and how it operates. They are responsible for organizing the UI’s design. On average, a React JS developer salary in India or react js developer salary as a UI developer is INR 650,230.

React.JS Developer Salary Range in India

React.JS developer’s salary is ₹733,000

An entry-level React.JS developer can earn around INR 400,000 per annum with less than one year of experience. Early level React.JS developer with 1 to 4 years experience get around INR 540,000 per annum.

A mid-level web developer with 5 to 6 years experience earns INR 1,300,000 per annum in India. As your experience and skills grow, your earnings rise dramatically as a senior-level ReactJS developer around more than INR 1,700,000 a year in India!

Many people began as frontend web developers and eventually transitioned into full-stack developers, which is a combination of both frontend and backend. Full Stack development is useful in big corporations as well as small startups for understanding the work of design and development and avoiding repetition. 



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Industry Trends That Influence ReactJS Developer Salary In India

Several industry factors now influence the pay of ReactJS engineers in India. These trends include:

  • Digital Transformation: ReactJS engineers will probably be in more demand as more companies move to digital platforms, which will raise pay.
  • AI and ML: Due to the increasing usage of these technologies in a variety of industries, engineers with ReactJS experience are in great demand and may anticipate higher compensation and benefits.
  • Remote Work: Due to the pandemic, a lot of companies now provide the option for remote work. Because companies can now modify their salary ranges based on the developer’s location, this could alter the ReactJS developer salary in India.

Industry Trends That Influence ReactJS Developer Salary In India

Several industry factors now influence React JS salary or react developer salary engineers in India. These trends include:

  • Digital Transformation: ReactJS engineers will probably be in more demand as more companies move to digital platforms, which will raise pay.
  • AI and ML: Due to the increasing usage of these technologies in a variety of industries, engineers with ReactJS experience are in great demand and may anticipate higher React JS salary or react js salary in India compensation and benefits.
  • Remote Work: Due to the pandemic, a lot of companies now provide the option for remote work. Because companies can now modify their salary ranges based on the developer’s location, this could alter the React JS developer salary in India or the next JS developer salary.

Factors Affecting React.JS Developer Salary in India

React.JS Developer salary in India can be affected by multiple factors. Let’s see some primary salary affecting factors:

  1. Location
  2. Experience & Skills
  3. Company

React.JS Developer Salary India: Based on Location

The number of job opportunities and the annual React.JS Developer salary in India is highest in Hyderabad, followed by Bangalore, Mumbai, and New Delhi. A React.JS Developer salary in Hyderabad and Bangalore would be more likely higher than that in the other cities as these are considered to be the hub of the tech industry of India. The average React JS developer salary in Ahmedabad is Rs. 3.6 lakhs. 

Below is the ranking of the salary difference(in %) in the role of React.JS developer:

  1. Hyderabad: 27%
  2. Bangalore: 25%
  3. Mumbai: 12%
  4. New Delhi: 5%
  5. Pune: 0%


React.JS Developer Salary in India: Based on Experience & Skills

An entry-level React.JS developer with 0-1 year of experience begins his career at about Rs. 350,000 in India. As the experience increases, the salary can increase to over Rs. 1,300,000.

In gaining experience, one also learns different UI practices, ultimately making good decisions that have an impact on businesses and in the way they operate. Since Google released Android 5 and its Material Kit, the industry has seen a lot of UI and frontend challenges, and everyone is striving to create a great customer experience.  


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React.JS Developer Salary in India: Based on Recruiters

According to Payscale, below are the popular companies interested in hiring React.JS and web developers:

  1. Accenture: Rs. 476,000
  2. Amazon: Rs. 1,000,000
  3. Directi: Rs. 678,000
  4. Tata Consultancy Service(TCS): Rs. 420,000
  5. Cognizant: Rs. 390,000
  6. Infotech: 292,000

From the above chart, one could infer that product based companies like Amazon, Directi, and several of the product based startups like Yulu, Ola, Uber, etc. are much likely to pay a high salary as compared to the service-based companies like TCS, Infosys, etc. The current average TCS React JS developer salary is Rs. 5.6 lakhs per year. 

Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, and Hyderabad are among the highest-paying cities for the React.JS developers in India.


Salaries of Other Related Roles

Let’s look at the average salaries of other related roles compared to the Data Scientist salary in India.


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ReactJS Developer Salary: Comparison of Salaries In Different Countries

NationBasic react native developer salaryMedian React native Developer salaryHighest Salary
CanadaCAD 60,000CAD 90,000CAD 130,000
GermanyEUR 30,000EUR 50,000EUR 70,000
IndiaINR 5,00,000INR 7,00,000INR 12,00,000
USAUSD 80,000USD 110,000USD 170,000
AustraliaAUD 70,000AUD 100,000AUD 150,000

ReactJS Developer Salary In India: Comparison of Salaries In Different Companies

CompanyAverage salary of react developer in indiaNext js developer salary in india
InfosysINR 4,97,075INR 3,00,000 – INR 12,00,000
AccentureINR 8,19,355INR 6,00,000 – INR 18,00,000
TCSINR 4,49,276INR 3,00,000 – INR 9,00,000
CognizantINR 66,191/moINR 12,000 – INR 1,00,00/mo
WiproINR 4,30,333INR 2,00,000 – INR 6,00,000
HCL TechINR 8,56,300INR 3,00,000 – INR 13,00,000
CapgeminiINR 7,54,351INR 4,00,000 – INR 27,00,000

ReactJS Developer Salary In India: Comparison of Salaries Based on Expertise Level

Expertise LevelAverage salary of react js developer in IndiaMedian SalaryHighest Salary
Entry LevelINR 3,00,000INR 5,00,000INR 8,00,000
Junior LevelINR 4,00,000INR 6,00,000INR 10,00,000
Mid-LevelINR 5,00,000INR 7,00,000INR 12,00,000
Senior LevelINR 6,00,000INR 8,00,000INR 14,00,000
LeadINR 7,00,000INR 9,00,000INR 16,00,000

ReactJS Developer Salary In India: Comparison of Salaries In Different Indian States

Stateaverage salary of react native developer in IndiaMedian SalaryHighest Salary
DelhiINR 4,50,000INR 6,50,000INR 11,00,000
HyderabadINR 3,50,000INR 5,50,000INR 9,00,000
ChennaiINR 2,50,000INR 4,50,000INR 7,00,000
BengaluruINR 5,00,000INR 7,00,000INR 12,00,000
MumbaiINR 4,00,000INR 6,00,000INR 10,00,000
AhmedabadINR 2,00,000INR 4,00,000INR 6,00,000
PuneINR 3,00,000INR 5,00,000INR 8,00,000
JaipurINR 1,00,000INR 3,00,000INR 4,00,000
KolkataINR 1,50,000INR 3,50,000INR 5,00,000

Additional Factors That Influence The ReactJS Developer Salary in India

  • Organization Size: The size of the organization can have an impact on a ReactJS developer’s pay. Big companies might provide better benefits to their workers than tiny ones do.
  • Qualification and Certification: A ReactJS developer’s salary is significantly influenced by their education and certifications. A bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science or a similar field, along with the required certifications, may make a better wage achievable.
  • Paid in Full or Freelance: ReactJS engineers working freelance could earn more money per hour than those employed full-time. Nonetheless, full-time developers may enjoy additional benefits and career security.
  • Industry Demand: The need for ReactJS developers varies depending on the industry. Certain industries, such as e-commerce, finance, healthcare, etc., pay more than others do.
  • Remote vs. Onsite: Depending on where they work, a ReactJS developer may earn a different income. Since there are fewer overhead expenses for the company, remote developers could get paid more.

Tips To Boost ReactJS Developer Salary In India In 2024

Given React’s continued dominance in the web development space, now is a great opportunity to learn how to increase your React developer pay in 2024. 

React developers are in high demand. These are essential actions that will enable you to optimize your income in this ever-changing industry. These tips can help you raise your react developer salary engineers significantly by 2024.

Understand React Fundamentals 

Having a solid foundation is the first step towards earning more money as a React developer. Learn about states, props, components, and JSX—the fundamental ideas of React. You will look more useful to employers if you can prove that you are knowledgeable about the basics.

Keep Yourself Updated

React changes quickly. So, attend relevant seminars or conferences and follow React’s official documentation blogs to stay up to date on the newest features, trends, and best practices. Developers who can use the newest technologies are highly valued by employers.

Create a Powerful Portfolio

Make a portfolio to display your React work. Draw attention to a variety of applications, such as interactive dashboards, one-page apps, and e-commerce websites. A strong portfolio showcases your abilities and draws in higher-paying employment prospects.

Research Backend Technologies

You can considerably raise your market worth by learning backend technologies such as Django or Node.js. Due to their proficiency in both frontend and backend programming, full-stack developers sometimes earn greater wages.

Accept Testing and Debugging

You stand out when you know how to use testing tools like Jest and debugging methods. Businesses respect developers who can guarantee code dependability and quickly fix problems.

Contributions to Open Source

Take part in React projects that are open-source. Working together in the open-source community not only improves your abilities but also demonstrates your dedication to the React development community.

Seek Specialization

You might want to focus on state management frameworks like Redux, server-side rendering (SSR), or React Native for mobile programming. You can become an invaluable authority in particular fields with your specialized expertise.

Go for Certifications

You can improve your credibility and earning potential by obtaining certifications like Intellipaat’s Full Stack Developer Certification or the React Developer Certification from reputable platforms.

Effective Negotiation

Act confidently when negotiating a react developer salary increase or while looking for a new job. To make sure you are paid fairly, look out for wage benchmarks for your area and degree of experience.

Make Connections And Develop Your Brand

Connect with the React development community on code forums, LinkedIn, and social media. Developing your personal brand as a React specialist might open up a lot of money.

ReactJS Developers’ Future Outlook In India

ReactJS developers in India have a bright future ahead of them. The need for qualified developers will only grow as more companies and organizations transition to digital transformation and online platforms. 

Among the most desirable skills that employers in India are seeking is ReactJS. Further, ReactJS-savvy developers should continue to be in high demand, given the popularity of mobile apps and the growing use of AI and machine learning technology. 

Future react developer salary in India increases and chances for professional advancement may be available to developers who keep up with emerging technology and further develop their craft.

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The above information clearly shows the advantages of becoming a React.JS Developer. Opportunities for young men and women in React.JS and web development are increasing daily in India. With just a few years of experience and the right set of skills, one can surely expect huge benefits in a career in this field.

There are a lot of apps and websites that are ready to go to the market using this technology. Many organizations view this skill as necessary. Becoming a React.JS Developer and learning about web technologies is a great time! Seeing the rise in startups and newer features daily, only a web developer can give life to these ideas! For that reason, choosing the right course and a program with mentors and practical training is of high importance. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1What is ReactJS?

ReactJS is a JavaScript toolkit for creating reusable user interface components that are expressive, fast, and versatile. It's an open-source, component-based front-end library that's just responsible for the application's view layer. ReactJS aims to create User Interfaces (UI) that increase an application's speed. It uses virtual DOM (JavaScript object), which increases the app's speed. The virtual DOM in JavaScript is quicker than the conventional DOM. ReactJS may be used on the client and server-side, as well as in conjunction with other frameworks. It employs element and resource patterns to increase readability while also assisting in the maintenance of more significant apps.

2Why do most developers prefer ReactJS nowadays?

The main benefit offered by ReactJS is that it is easy to learn and use it. It includes a lot of documentation, lectures, and training materials. Any developer with JavaScript experience can quickly learn React and start building web apps in a matter of days. ReactJS requires less code while providing more features than HTML. It employs the JSX (JavaScript Extension) syntax, which is a special syntax that allows HTML quotes and HTML tag syntax to generate specific subcomponents. It also allows you to create machine-readable codes. A ReactJS web application consists of several components, each with logic and control, which are responsible for producing a short, reusable piece of HTML code that you may use anywhere you need it.

3What are the drawbacks of ReactJS?

In the case of a drawback, since the ReactJS environment is constantly changing, some developers are hesitant to relearn new techniques of doing tasks on a frequent basis. It may be difficult for them to absorb all of these changes with all of the constant upgrades. They must keep their abilities up to date and acquire new methods of doing things on a regular basis. ReactJS solely covers the app's UI layers. As a result, developers need to learn a few more technologies to complete the development toolkit for the project. React technologies evolve at such a rapid pace that good documentation is impossible to keep up with. As a result, ReactJS documentation is lacking.