ReactJS Developer Salary in India in 2021 [For Freshers & Experienced]

Hey! So you want to become a React.JS Developer? 

The world has seen an enormous rise in the growth of frontend web technologies, which includes web applications, websites, and apps. Companies are eager to roll updates and features to their existing apps as well as building new apps. And you know ReactJS is a great way to make native apps that run on both iOS and Android. You don’t need to work separately for Android and iOS!

Who is a React JS Developer? What do they do?

React.JS Developers design and implement user interface components for JavaScript-based web and mobile applications using the React open-source library ecosystem. These skilled frontend developers are involved in all stages of interface component design, from conception through to final testing. 

A Glimpse of Job Opportunities in India 

Students interested in the field are attracted to the pay packages as well as the challenges offered by the field. But, before we discuss the salaries that you as a React.JS Developer can hope for, let’s explore the job opportunities further. 

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As is evident from the image above, on LinkedIn, there are 9000 jobs on offer in India alone. The figure does not come as a surprise, as India has been a technology hub for the biggest brands in the world. The world leader in eCommerce Amazon chose the city of Hyderabad as the base of its Asian warehousing center.

Even Google has an office in Hyderabad, and it indicates the expertise that Indians bring to the industry. Another advantage has been the rise of apps and startups in the country, and today it is one of the largest to recruit people in the field of ReactJS, web development. 

Let’s find out the scenario of React.JS developer in India

If you have the required skill set and are ready to keep yourself updated, your career as a React JS developer is expected to keep growing onwards and upwards. This line stands true, especially when we consider that a ReactJS developer’s salary in India is directly or indirectly dependent on how skilled and updated the individual is.

Key Reasons to Become a React.JS Developer

Today, the developers are in high demand in major metros like Mumbai, Delhi-NCR and emerging cities such as Hyderabad, Pune, and Bangalore.

Highly in-demand field

The rapid increase in the number of apps and the continuous growth of startups demand the expertise of developers capable of handling frontend tasks. The market is not yet saturated and it is the right time to enter the field! Even Tanay Pratap, SDE-2 at Microsoft, urges his followers to practice Javascript giving direct insights from the industry.

Highly Paid & Diverse Roles

High demand and even diverse roles like stepping into UI engineer or a full stack developer or any domain of web development are open for React.JS developer.  As is evident from above, the salaries are high, and the better you become, the higher you can earn. 

Responsible for improving the product portfolio

With the roll-out of updates and features, enhancement of UI has become a significant part of improving the product portfolio. A good developer will have the acumen to enhance the current UI and UX to increase the popularity of the product with the end-user. The job is tough and requires a developer with a deep understanding of technical and design aspects.

Keeping customers engaged

It’s human psychology that colors, fonts, and images have a huge impact on the way we interact. Only an excellent frontend and a great UI design could hold up the customers and provide them great in-app experience. It allows an individual to put their creativity to test and create innovative frontend solutions that appeal to the end-user. It is important to remember that if the user finds the site interesting and engaging, they will stay on, else they will move to another site. 

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Typical Responsibilities and Skills of a React JS Developer

One of the primary roles of a React.JS Developer is building user interfaces and-experiences which is effective. They are usually required to work cross-functionally and require knowledge of product management and engineering to build solutions that are in line with the project requirement. 

Some of the requirement the developer needs to meet to get hired at a good firm are

  • Ability to build site latency and create new interfaces for frontend users
  • Ensure that the UI/UX designs are practical and feasible
  • Maintaining consistent quality and efficiency
  • Creating codes that are both elegant as well as practical 
  • Excellent understanding of GIT, CSS Libraries, Adobe XD, Sigma and more
  • Validation of user information and input before it reaches the backend
  • Taking responsibility for all troubleshooting from identifying to providing solutions
  • Updating the code and design for scale, speed, and feedback

Requisite skills for a React JS Developer

  • They have to have extensive knowledge of data structures, algorithms, and mathematics.
  • Proficiency in both Git and version control is deemed necessary by employers
  • Getting experience in HTML, JavaScript, Rest APIs, Graph QL, CSS-in-JS libraries make it easier to get a job
  • Effective communication skills so that the developer can understand the requirement and share the solutions.

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ReactJS Developer Salary in India: Based on Roles

1. Frontend Developers (Client-Side Developers)

Developers who take on the specialization of visual user interfaces are the front end developers. They are tasked with managing aesthetics and layouts. The code that the developer creates is what helps the end-user to run the webpage or browser on their computer or mobile. Since users are using multiple devices, the developer is responsible for compatibility across multiple devices and making sure the UI fits the different screen sizes. 

The skills that the person needs to develop are user interface (UI) and user experience (UX), JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and UI frameworks.

The average frontend developer salary is Rs 475,885 in India. 


2. Backend Developers (Server Side Developers)

Backend developers often have to integrate with a vast array of services like data storage systems, databases, caching systems, email systems, logging systems, etc. These are developers who specialize in the implementation of design as well as functional core logic. They are also tasked with the performance and scalability of the software or creating smooth operations for systems and servers, which may be at remote locations in comparison to the end-users location. 

Programming languages that the developer needs to know are C++, C, Ruby, Python, Perl, Go, Scala, etc.

Average backend developer salary is Rs 680,680 in India.


3. Full-Stack Developers

Full Stack developers usually have a good understanding of frontend and backend practices and paradigms. Primary responsibilities are to include designing user interactions on developing servers, websites, and databases for coding for mobile platforms and website functionality.

Full Stack Developers are required to see out a project from its conception to the final product. They require good organizational skills and attention to detail. They are responsible for developing and designing front end web architecture, ensuring the responsiveness of applications, and working alongside graphic designers for web design features, among other duties.

The average full-stack developer salary is Rs 599,995 in India.


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React.JS Developer Salary Range in India

React.JS developer’s salary is ₹733,000

An entry-level React.JS developer can earn around INR 400,000 per annum with less than one year of experience. Early level React.JS developer with 1 to 4 years experience get around INR 540,000 per annum.

A mid-level web developer with 5 to 6 years experience earns INR 1,300,000 per annum in India. As your experience and skills grow, your earnings rise dramatically as a senior-level ReactJS developer around more than INR 1,700,000 a year in India!

Many people began as frontend web developers and eventually transitioned into full-stack developers, which is a combination of both frontend and backend. Full Stack development is useful in big corporations as well as small startups for understanding the work of design and development and avoiding repetition. 



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Factors Affecting React.JS Developer Salary in India

React.JS Developer salary in India can be affected by multiple factors. Let’s see some primary salary affecting factors:

  1. Location
  2. Experience & Skills
  3. Company

React.JS Developer Salary India: Based on Location

The number of job opportunities and the annual React.JS Developer salary in India is highest in Hyderabad, followed by Bangalore, Mumbai, and New Delhi. A React.JS Developer salary in Hyderabad and Bangalore would be more likely higher than that in the other cities as these are considered to be the hub of the tech industry of India. 

Below is the ranking of the salary difference(in %) in the role of React.JS developer:

  1. Hyderabad: 27%
  2. Bangalore: 25%
  3. Mumbai: 12%
  4. New Delhi: 5%
  5. Pune: 0%


React.JS Developer Salary in India: Based on Experience & Skills

An entry-level React.JS developer with 0-1 year of experience begins his career at about Rs. 350,000 in India. As the experience increases, the salary can increase to over Rs. 1,300,000.

In gaining experience, one also learns different UI practices, ultimately making good decisions that have an impact on businesses and in the way they operate. Since Google released Android 5 and its Material Kit, the industry has seen a lot of UI and frontend challenges, and everyone is striving to create a great customer experience.  


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React.JS Developer Salary in India: Based on Recruiters

According to Payscale, below are the popular companies interested in hiring React.JS and web developers:

  1. Accenture: Rs. 476,000
  2. Amazon: Rs. 1,000,000
  3. Directi: Rs. 678,000
  4. Tata Consultancy Service(TCS): Rs. 420,000
  5. Cognizant: Rs. 390,000
  6. Infotech: 292,000

From the above chart, one could infer that product based companies like Amazon, Directi, and several of the product based startups like Yulu, Ola, Uber, etc. are much likely to pay a high salary as compared to the service-based companies like TCS, Infosys, etc.

Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, and Hyderabad are among the highest-paying cities for the React.JS developers in India.


Salaries of Other Related Roles

Let’s look at the average salaries of other related roles compared to the Data Scientist salary in India.


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The above information clearly shows the advantages of becoming a React.JS Developer. Opportunities for young men and women in React.JS and web development are increasing daily in India. With just a few years of experience and the right set of skills, one can surely expect huge benefits in a career in this field.

There are a lot of apps and websites that are ready to go to the market using this technology. Many organizations view this skill as necessary. Becoming a React.JS Developer and learning about web technologies is a great time! Seeing the rise in startups and newer features daily, only a web-developer can give life to these ideas! For that reason, choosing the right course and a program with mentors and practical training is of high importance. 

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