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Have you ever wondered how web designers create such beautiful websites? Do you wish to design such awe-inspiring websites yourself? If you do, then we have the perfect thing for you. Developers use a robust JS library called React JS to create such unique UIs and web designs.

You can now learn React JS online free through our React JS free course. The course lasts for a few weeks and enables you to learn from industry experts through exclusive lectures. This article will discuss what React JS is and how you master this powerful tool through our free React JS online course

Let’s get started. 

What is React JS?

React JS is a JavaScript library for designing and developing the UI of websites and web apps. It allows you to create interactive elements on websites. JavaScript is a scripting language that enables users to build and manage dynamic content on their websites (such as slideshows, animated graphics, interactive forms, etc.).

For example, when you hover your cursor on the ‘Courses’ button on upGrad’s homepage, a drop-down menu appears. That’s an interactive component, and you can build one through JavaScript. 

In 2011, Jordan Walke, a Facebook engineer, built React JS to simplify UI development. However, you should note that React is not a framework unlike Angular; it is an open-source project and helps you create user interfaces. It is the ‘view’ layer of a Model View Controller application. 

An essential highlight of React is that it allows you to make components. Those components are reusable HTML elements. This means you can reuse them to create a user interface much quickly and efficiently. Apart from components, React has state and props that allow it to streamline data storage and handling. 

If you’re unfamiliar with JavaScript, understanding React can be a bit challenging. Let’s first discuss what a JavaScript library is and how they function to understand React better.

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What is a JavaScript Library?

JavaScript is one of three core web development languages (the other two are HTML and CSS). It handles the interactivity of a website and how it behaves. JavaScript is crucial for websites as, without it, they lack any dynamic features to help them stand out. 

While using JavaScript, you’d encounter some instances where you have to perform repetitive tasks such as creating a stock animation effect. Writing the code for such repetitive tasks every time can be tedious and annoying. That’s why developers use JavaScript libraries.

A JS library is a collection of JavaScript code you can use to write standard JavaScript functions. This way, you don’t have to rewrite the same code lines for a task every time. It saves you a lot of time and space on your editor while ensuring that your chances of making errors are minimal. React is also a JS library, and it focuses on simplifying UI development. 

Why Learn React JS?

There are many reasons why React is a must-have for any web developer. Some of the prominent ones among them are the following:

1. Huge Demand 

The demand for React JS developers in India is relatively high. As the number of tech startups and apps is continually increasing, the need for React developers is rising accordingly. UI has become a vital aspect of web development, especially since Google considers it while determining its SERP ranking. 

Digital marketing companies, app development agencies, startups, and even significant corporations; they are looking for front-end developers that know how to implement React. By learning this library, you’d add a highly demanded skill in your skillset. 

2. Attracts Great Pay

The average pay for developers with React JS in their skillset is INR 7.35 lakh per annum. By learning React, you can bag various roles in the tech sector. For example, you can become a front-end developer that manages the client-side of a website. The average salary for a front-end developer in India is INR 4.77 lakh per annum. It can go up to around INR 13 lakh per year as you gain more experience and expertise. 

A React developer’s salary can go up to INR 17 lakh per year with the experience of several years. Companies pay handsome salaries to React developers because it’s a specialized skill, and there’s a massive shortage of these professionals in the industry. 

3. Saves Time and Money

Development teams use React as it helps them in saving a lot of time and resources. As we mentioned earlier, a JS library simplifies the coding of repetitive tasks to streamline your efficiency. React helps developers with coding the UI of their applications. Without React, it can get quite tedious for developers to write the same code lines all over again. 

As React makes the team more efficient, it allows them to use fewer resources and saves a lot of money. 

4. Easy to Learn

In comparison to other libraries, programming languages, and frameworks, React is relatively easy to learn. You must indeed be familiar with JS before you begin learning this library; however, you only need to know the basics of JavaScript for that. You can start building beautiful UIs after only several days of training. 

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How to Learn React JS Online Free

React JS is one of the most vital skills for a web developer. Whether you’re planning to become a front-end developer or a full-stack developer, learning React JS is essential for you in both cases. However, understanding React JS can be a bit challenging. It requires a working knowledge of UI’s fundamental principles and JavaScript. That’s why upGrad has launched a new React JS free course

You can enroll in this course for free and start your learning journey today. The course allows you to learn from industry experts through exclusive video lectures. upGrad’s free React JS online course is only for three weeks. By investing a mere half-hour every day, you can master React JS, and its web development uses. After you complete this course, you’d get a certificate of completion. 

What You’ll Learn in Our React JS Online Course

You’ll get to learn the following concepts in our React JS free course:

Basics of React JS

First, you’ll get to learn the basics of React JS. Having a firm grasp on the foundational concepts is crucial as, without it, you’d struggle in understanding the advanced concepts. You’d get to learn how you can develop a UI by using React JS. Remember, you should be a little familiar with JavaScript as React is a JS library and uses its syntax. 

Work on a Project

One of the best ways to learn a skill is by applying it in real life. That’s why in our course, you’d get to use React JS to design the UI for a phone directory application. Working on the project will help you understand the applications of React JS while seeing its basic concepts at work. You’ll build the UI under the guidance of a leading expert to avoid any errors. 

Use of UI Components in React

Finally, the course will teach you how React allows you to create reusable UI components. You’d also get to learn how you can handle the view layer for mobile and web apps. Reusable components help developers in enhancing the efficiency of their projects. That’s why you must learn how you can use them through React. 

Start Your React JS Free Course Today

Whether you’re a student or a professional, learning React will surely help you become a better developer. It’s an in-demand skill that enhances UI development substantially. You’ll be able to design better user interfaces for your web apps and projects after learning this skill.

If you have any questions or suggestions on this topic, let us know through the comments below. We’d love to hear from you. Take our React JS free course today and start your learning journey. 

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