Web Developer Salary in India in 2023 [For Freshers & Experienced]

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Wondering what is the range of Web Developer Salary in India?

World Wide Web is fascinating. Even though it has been around for decades, the idea that everyone around the globe can easily connect at the click of a button is amazing. For a user, it is a simple journey – go to your browser, enter a link, and a wonderful website loads in a matter of seconds.

Thus, if you have the required skillset and are ready to keep yourself updated, your career as a web developer is expected to keep growing onwards and upwards. This line stands true especially when we consider that a web developer salary in India is directly or indirectly dependent on how upskilled and updated they are.

However, complex mechanics are involved to make all the functions look seamless and simple. Web developers are the people responsible for managing the complexities of making the website work smoothly! Because of this reason, companies are not shying away from offering increased web developer salary in India.

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We are sure, this must-have sparked a will to become a Web Developer within you! Let’s take a look at who exactly is a Web Developer and what is a typical Web Developer salary in India?

Learn to build applications like Swiggy, Quora, IMDB and more

These are a few tips to keep in mind when keeping pace with newer technologies in the web development space.

  • The prime emphasis must be on proper learning via practice and not on learning via theory.
  • Working on personal projects or side projects is excellent to polish your skills. This helps in simulating situations on a better note while also helping build muscle for debugging and finding solutions to issues on StackOverflow or Google.
  • For those still in academia, consider doing an internship simultaneously pursuing an ongoing semester. This will help you gain real-time experience on how everything works and time management.
  • Internships are vital since you can never really replace knowledge inherited through real-life experiences with theory.
  • Remember to tap the online education resource since it is available and accessible at the current time. There are a ton of quality courses to pick from. You can always back these with practical learning.

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What is Web Development?

It is the non-design elements that developers employ to build a website. It includes writing both markup and coding. Large organizations employ Agile Technologies to manage hundreds of web developers working to deliver the desired output. 

Who is a Web Developer?

According to Wikipedia, there are 3 kinds of Web Developers – Full Stack Developer, Back End Developer, and Front End Developer. As the name suggests, the Back End Developers work with the servers while Front End Developers work on the user interface and experience. 

In simple words, a web developer is responsible for the programming and coding of web-based services and websites that happens at the back end. It is often quite difficult to clearly differentiate between the roles and responsibilities in different web positions, such as web developers and designers. Because of the demand, web developer salary in India is one of the highest.

However, we can safely say that web developers are more technically inclined than their web designing counterparts who are more focused on the look and feel of a website. The projects that web developers are involved in vary in complexity. They could be asked to work on simple web pages one time and multi-layered e-commerce web applications the other.

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What does a web developer do?

The responsibilities of a web developer include talking to clients over the phone or meeting with them to understand their requirements. It is very important for web developers to get clear answers to questions like what a client wants their website to do for them.

What features does a client want their website to have? If you start working on the website before speaking to the client, the website won’t even be close to what the client expects you to deliver. You will be required to redo it. Waste of time, isn’t it? This is a lesson that every budding web developer needs to learn sooner rather than later to make successful strides ahead in their respective careers.

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Responsibilities of Web Developers 

  • Connecting the landing page to various databases and tables
  • How to understand the number of people who visited your website and their details
  • Linking the website to a payment gateway (incase its an e-commerce platform)
  • Optimize the page for viewing on mobile
  • Server hosting and network connectivity issues

What Skills Would Help You As A Web Developer In 2023?

Web developers need to keep abreast of the latest trends in technology and programming for better progress in terms of career. When you look up the web developer salary in India, you will realise that pay gets better with qualifications and experience in the domain.

Take a look at the top courses that can help you further your trajectory when building a career as a web developer and bag an exceptional web developer salary per month.


While this is the oldest language in this domain, you cannot become a web developer unless you are well-versed in the same. While basic HTML is no longer relevant to making a page, you must have knowledge of the latest versions of the same.


Learn up on frameworks such as Materialize, Tailwind CSS or Bootstrap. Gradually, target learning up on Flexbox and then Grid.


JavaScript has become a full-stack language today, and you can even code with the same while developing an app, end-to-end. You need to learn this language upfront, even if you are a backend or a frontend developer.

The bottom line is that JavaScript is absolutely a must for any Web Developer, both frontend and backend, and you should definitely spend some time learning JavaScript in 2023 to enhance your web developer salary per month!

Other must-learn web development aspects are:-

  •         React.js
  •         Node Package Manager
  •         VSCode
  •         Chrome Developer Tools
  •         Postman
  •         Responsive Web Design
  •         GraphQL

Why should you choose a career in web development?

The web is going to get even bigger and better with time. Web developers will continue playing an important role. So having the skills to develop websites has several advantages.

  • Job flexibility: The job of a web developer is highly flexible. You are allowed to work the way you want to. If you are a team player, you can work full-time, or you can even go solo by working as a freelancer.
  • It’s easy to begin: Even if you are not willing to be work with a company on a full-time basis, there is still plenty that you can do as a freelancer. All you need is the right skills.
  • There are always more skills to add to your resume: HTML, JavaScript, and CSS are the basic skills that you can’t do without as a web developer. However, if you are passionate about it and want to further your career, there’s plenty more to learn as well, including AngularJS, Ajax, PHP, Ruby, and more. To make your career to grow as a web developer and earn the highest possible web developer salary in India, you need to have update yourself with required skills.
  • Web development is interesting and fun: Web developers love everything about their work. Web development is amongst those jobs that have a significantly higher job satisfaction rate. So, there are opportunities galore for Java developers, and the indispensable nature of their jobs ensures that web developer salary in India is quite elevated.
  • There are job opportunities aplenty: There are more jobs than you think in web development. Whatever happens, online businesses will continue to build new websites or redesign existing ones to stay competitive and relevant.The demand for these developers are always high. The list is endless. That’s the primary reason web developer salary in India is quite high. The ever increasing demand.

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Web Developer Salary in India

There is a long list of process that goes into the development of a successful website. Starting from designing, implementing, developing to testing, and deployment – each process involves different people with different skill sets and knowledge. 

Average Web Developer Salary in India is Rs. 308,040 per annum. The salary could vary depending on factors like location, experience level, company profile, etc.

web developer salary in india


Since web development is a vast field we shall divide this into the different sections. Web developer salary in India can be affected by multiple factors like Experience, Location, Skills & Company. 

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Factors Affecting Web Developer Salary in India

The four main factors affecting the Web Developer Salary in India are:

  • Company – The company that you work for will have a direct impact on the salary you get.
  • Experience – The more experience you have, the better is the ability to understand the roadblocks and provide quick solutions for bugs. A combination of experience and company will get salaries and positions that help create a mark.
  • Location – In the coming years, location is all set to play a smaller role in the salary you can expect. But, even then, location will continue to have an impact on the salary you can ask for and get from a prospective employer.
  • Skills – The important skills you have, the better is the ability to understand. Location is all set to play a vital role in deciding web Developer salary in India.

Web Developer Salary in India: Based On Company

It is an accepted fact, the bigger the brand or company, the higher is the salary an individual can expect. Let us look at some of the highest pay packages – Amazon offers about Rs. 1,425,000 per annum as salary. It is followed by Directi at Rs 678,018 , Accenture at Rs, 476,474.

web developer salary in india


Web Developer Salary in India: Based on Location

Though Covid-19 may reduce the impact of location on salaries in the future, currently, location plays a crucial factor in determining web developer salary in India. Hyderabad offers the highest salaries, with Web Developers in the city earning approximately 27% more than their counterparts in other cities. The comparison is done against the national average. Bangalore, the other city competing for the Hyderabad, offers salaries that are 25% higher than the national average.

web developer salary in india based on location


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Web Developer Salary in India: Based on Experience

The more experience you have the higher your pay package will be. So, if you are a beginner and have only recently entered the industry, you will have to moderate your hopes accordingly, and most likely based on the average salary of web developer in India. So, let us break down software web developer salary in India, depending on how many years of experience you have in your bag –

Let’s see how a web developer salary in India varies based on experience.

Entry-Level Web Developer Salary in India

The average entry-level web developer’s salary in India is ₹232,074.

web developer salary in india entry level

Mid-Level Web Developer Salary in India

The average mid-level web developer salary in India is ₹589,443

web developer salary in india mid level

Experienced Web Developer Salary in India

The average experienced web developer salary in India is ₹1,006,429

experienced web developer salary india

Let’s see how the web engineer salary in India increases with experience:

web engineer salary in india


Web Developer Salary in India: Based on Skills

Let’s discuss how web developer salary in India increases with skillset. As we mentioned earlier, you have to possess an impressive set of skills to acquire the best-paid jobs in the highly competitive market for web developers. Some skills get you a higher paycheque. So, try to invest in these skills.

web developer salary india


Web Developer Salary in India Based on Job Roles – Front End Developer

A user wants to see and interact with the information they are seeking instantly. They are not interested in how the data is communicated between the page and the servers. Thus, an interactive and dynamic web page is a necessity in the modern world. Showing and hiding the right elements at the right time is handled by a front-end developer.

What are the opportunities?

There are about 14000 jobs for Front End developers on Since every website needs a good front-end engineer, you are never going to be short of opportunities.

web developer salary in india


The Average Salary of a Front End Developer

As per PayScale, the average salary for a Front End Developer in India is an impressive Rs 487,140 per annum. Product-based companies pay higher salaries, but getting into these can be challenging. 

Front end developer salary in india


However, the salaries are dependent on the company, location, skills and experience. 

Salary of a Front End Web Developer – Based on Company

The image below shows that an IT company will pay higher salaries as compared to other companies. Sapient Technologies is offering a salary of nearly Rs. 1,00,000 per annum in comparison to HCL Technologies which is offering a salary of Rs 740000 per annum. The lowest salary on the table is Rs 3,60,000 which is quite impressive on its own. 

Front end developer salary


Salary of a Front End Web Developer – Based on Experience

The image below shows that new developers, with less than one year of experience, will start with about Rs 3,00,000 per annum. But, the time they gain 10 or more years of experience, they can hope to earn nearly 10,00,000 per annum. 

Salary of a Front End Web Developer – Experience


Skills Required by a Front End Developer

As for any other domain in the web development field, you first need to know how it all works at the root level.

  • You need to start from HTML – the basic building block of every web page.
  • You need to know CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). All the styling elements of an HTML web page are covered in CSS. 
  • Libraries like Bootstrap and MaterializeCSS make styling easier with predefined classes. Add to your HTML tag to implement a particular style.
  • JavaScript is necessary for a responsive or a mobile-first web page.

There are many front-end frameworks and libraries out there that you can use to ease up your development process. Most popular front-end examples include jQuery, Angular, ReactJS, and VueJS. You can decide to pick any of these based on your requirements and you can develop a more dynamic web application in a shorter period. But remember that the core element – HTML, CSS, and JavaScript remains common to all.

Skills of Front End Developer


A Front End Web Developer designs and delivers rapid prototypes and mock-ups optimized for a wide range of devices and interfaces including mobile apps. They are responsible for making strategic design and user interface decisions related to the core to deliver a pixel-perfect experience

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Front End Developer Salary Based on Location

The average salary of a front end developer in the National Capital is Rs. 6,08,000 per annum. Let’s look at what do front end developers earn on an average in the neighboring Gurgaon. It’s the same as New Delhi – Rs. 6,08,000 per annum. This figure takes a significant dip in Mumbai. A front end developer earns Rs. 4,86,000 per annum on an average in the Financial Capital of India.

Front End Developer Salary Based on Location


In Bangalore, the average salary is Rs. 6,45,000 per annum, better than all the three cities that we discussed so far. A front end developer makes around 5,80,000 per annum in Hyderabad. The salary in Chennai is Rs. 5,62,000 per annum, very close to the national average. Pune is also close to its neighbour Mumbai at Rs. 4,92,000 per annum.

Website Developer Salary in India – Back End Developer

What the user sees is created by the front-end developers. But when the user sees, is decided by the back-end developers. Here, you will be writing code for the server – rendering of web pages, data handling, and managing user queries. 

What are the opportunities?

There are more than 63000 jobs for the Back End Developer role on

Website Developer Salary


The Average Salary of a Back End Developer

According to PayScale, the average salary for a back-end developer in India is close to Rs 366,300 per annum. It includes both bonus and profit-sharing. 

Average Salary of a Back End Developer


Salary of Back End Web Developer – Based on Experience

If you just started out after completing your education and have little to no experience at all, you will earn something around 3,00,000 per annum that includes bonuses and other perks. A back end developer with 1-4 years of experience earns an average compensation of 3,80,000 per annum.

This figure can rise rapidly as you move ahead in your career. A professional with 1-4 years of experience earn around 4% more than the base average. And this percentage goes up as you gain more experience in the field.

Salary of Back End Web Developer


In-Demand Software Development Skills

Skills Required by a Back End Developer

A Back End Developer needs to know the architecture of the website and ensure all requests can be made on the server. 

  • Know different languages to write the code. These include PHP, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, etc. Knowledge about frameworks like Django for Python, Node.js for JavaScript, or Larval for PHP can be helpful too.
  • Knowledge of different databases which include  – MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, etc. – their workings, quirks, and downsides.
  • Knowledge about the different data structures including REST and SOAP APIs.

Back-end development is a complex task requiring a strong knowledge of different frameworks. In some profiles, third-party integration is a mist. 

Skills of Back End Developer


Back End Development requires working on a computer, sometimes by yourself. It is necessary to understand that the Back End Developer is responsible for helping to plan and execute the early development stages of a website or web page.

Back End Developer Salary in India: Based on the Location

Back End Developer Salary


The average salary of a back end developer in New Delhi is around 8,19,000 per annum. The maximum that you can expect to earn in the national capital is around 2,100,000 per annum. If you are in Mumbai, you will be paid around 7,21,000 per annum, which is lower than the national average.

However, if you have the right experience and skills, you can earn up to 1,200,000 per annum. As we told you, Bangalore pays its back end, developers, more salary than the national average – 8,72,000 per year. This can go up to 2,100,000 for the right candidates. Hyderabad, again, offers a salary that is lower than the national average – 7,05,000 per annum. The highest salary you can earn in Hyderabad is around 8,44,000 per annum.

Website Developer Salary in India – Full-stack developer

A full-stack developer works on both the front-end and back-end of a website. You are an expert in all the domains and fields mentioned above. It increases your chances of getting hired by a bigger brand with a higher salary. Now, a full-stack developer generally doesn’t do designing and it is mostly handled by a separate designer, but no one is stopping you from adding it to your arsenal as well.

You will be responsible for implementing the design in the front-end and the business logic in the back-end. You are responsible for using frameworks and integrating them in order to build a complete web application. 

What are the opportunities?

On, you can find more than 10000 jobs for the role of a Full-Stack developer! The number is lower than that for Front and Back End Developers, clearly indicating that the requirement is limited, but they are earning higher salaries.

Website Developer Salary in India


The Average Salary of the Full Stack Web Developer in India 

As per PayScale, India, the average salary for a full-stack developer stands at around Rs 589,500. It is more than both front-end and back-end developers because of course, you will be handling both the roles here.

Full Stack Web Developer in India 


Full Stack Developer Salary  in India: Based on experience

As we all know, more number of years you’ve been on the job, the higher your pay package is likely to be.

Let’s see how full stack developer salary in India varies based on experience.

Here is what we know about Full Stack Developer salary based on experience:

  • For a fresh graduate, average entry-level full stack developer salary in India is ₹375,000

 entry-level full stack developer salary in India

  • An early career full stack developer with 1-4 years of experience earn an average of ₹553,006 annually.

early career full stack developer

  • An employee with 5-9 years of experience would have the potential to secure between INR 12-14 lakhs. According to payscale, the average mid-level full stack developer salary in India is ₹1,375,689. 

mid-level full stack developer salary

Let’s see how the salary increases with experience:

full stack developer salary in India


What do you need?

Well, you need both the front-end and back-end knowledge. So you should be able to implement a design and tell the server when and what to do with that design. You could work with the data in the database and also show it to the user on the web page. There are no limits!

Learn the two trending technologies, MEAN stack and MERN stack. MEAN stands for Mongoose Express Angular Node and MERN has to React in place of Angular. 

Well, all of these are just frameworks and libraries built for web development. Node is a server-side framework to let you write JavaScript code on the back-end, Express is a Node package to handle your JavaScript, Mongoose is a Node package to handle your MongoDB database on Node and Angular and React are front-end frameworks to let you create dynamic single-page web apps.

If you wish to be a full-stack developer, you can pick either and get started.

Full Stack Developer Salary in India: By Skills

In order to secure such a high-paying job, you are expected to go beyond the qualifications of a Master’s degree and be improve your skills.

  • The average salary for a Full Stack Software Engineer with JavaScript skills in India is ₹593,213.

average salary for a Full Stack Software Engineer

  • The average salary for a Full Stack Software Engineer with Node.js skills in India is ₹625,096.

average salary for a Full Stack Software Engineer

  • The average salary for a Full Stack Software Engineer with Java skills in India is ₹583,500.

Full Stack Software Engineer

  • The average salary for a Full Stack Software Engineer with React.js skills in India is ₹782,993.

Full Stack Software Engineer

  • The average salary for a Full Stack Software Engineer with Angular.js skills in India is ₹360,000.

Full Stack Software Engineer


Estimated salaries paid by the top recruiters

Here is what we know about Full Stack Developer salaries in India’s premier tech companies-

  • Tata Consultancy Services- INR 452846 per annum
  • IBM- INR 659371 per annum
  • Vassar Labs-  INR 785542 per annum
  • Nuclei- INR 10,55,280 per annum
  • Report Garden- INR 809013 per annum
  • Accenture-  INR 530241 per annum
  • Wipro- INR 420826 per annum
  • GALE Partners-  INR 818863 per annum
  • Infosys- INR 335000 – INR 424000 per annum
  • Cognizant Technology Solutions- INR 240000 – INR 625000 per annum
  • Oracle- INR 1390000- INR 1693000 per annum
  • Schlumberger- INR 168000- INR 2117000 per annum
  • Tapzo- INR 1100000- INR 1210000 per annum
  • Posist Technologies- INR 834000- INR 995000 per annum


Full Stack Developer Salary in India: Based on the city of employment

The city where you find employment will also have a say in how much you make as a Full Stack Developer. Certain cities have a well-established IT industry that churns out more profit than their counterpart in other cities. Everyday expenses on food, commute and lodging too are higher.

Here is a breakdown of Full Stack Developer Salary based on the city of employment

  • New Delhi and the NCT- approximately INR 593391 per annum
  • Kolkata, West Bengal- approximately INR 504036 per annum
  • Mumbai, Maharashtra- approximately INR 634612 per annum
  • Gurgaon, Hariyana- approximately INR 620410 per annum
  • Ahmedabad, Gujarat- approximately INR 37987 per month
  • Bengaluru, Karnataka- approximately INR 760880 per annum
  • Chennai, Tamil Nadu- approximately INR  585956 per annum
  • Hyderabad, Telangana- approximately INR 615448 per annum


Web Developer Salary in Other Countries

  • Software Developer – Rs. 256,000
  • Sr. Software Developer – Rs. 478,000
  • PHP Developer – Rs. 280,332
  • Web Designer – Rs. 285,645
  • SQL Developer – Rs. 403,000
  • Java Developer – Rs. 446,569


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The Pathways In A Web Development Career

A career in web development tends to follow a couple of distinct paths per your job expectations to reward you with a high web developer salary in India!

You can either work as a full-time developer or even as a freelancer.

  • In any full-time position for web development, you would mostly collaborate with more developers and programmers since you would be part of a bigger development team.
  • You would get ample scope to manage projects and teams besides liaising with clients or even stakeholders from backgrounds other than tech.
  • Since programming skills are currently in high demand, a full-time job in the web development domain will not be scarce. Moving ahead as a web developer full-time, you can easily get paid in six figures.

The other end of the web development career tunnel is a freelancing role. In such a role, you get to create your own schedule and remain free to pick up projects you find interest in. A strong relationship with clients helps you get work in a steady flow. You could command a better web development salary over a full-time web developer even in the early phase of your career. The freelance mode could be ideal if you are keen on working remotely. The web development salary in such a role might not be steady, but you have full control over the flexibility of this role.


Web development is a vast field and every business requires a proper functioning website. As you have seen all the different aspects of web development, it’s time now that you decide which one you want to choose! There is one thing you should know, getting the right skills is necessary. Also, you need to keep upgrading your skills to get the highest possible Web Developer Salary in India. 

We hope you liked our article on Web developer salary in India. These numbers above are not set in stone. The real influencer of your salary is the skills you have,  the mastery you have attained over them, and how quickly you grow and make the company grow as well.

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Can you get a web developer job by learning only JavaScript?

Web development is one of the most fulfilling career choices, which requires a balance of several skills and qualities. It is an exciting role where you need to be creative and technically sound and have a solid understanding of business acumen and an in-depth understanding of customer needs. As far as technical competency is concerned, learning JavaScript is certainly an advantage to becoming a web developer. But you also need to be comfortable with other technologies and programming languages such as HTML and CSS. Plus, you will constantly have to update yourself with the latest technologies to excel as a web developer.

Are web design and web development the same?

Web development is the practice of building and maintaining websites and web-based applications using a variety of programming languages and technologies. The main aim of web development is to create a website or app that not only looks great but also functions flawlessly, creating a rich user experience. Web designing focuses on the graphics – looks and aesthetics of a website or app; a graphic designing software is used for this purpose. The website design and coding are webbed together to give rise to a website that looks and works perfectly per user expectations.

Is Angular used for website development?

Angular is one of the top frameworks used today to develop websites and web-based applications. It is open-source and based on TypeScript and is perfectly fit for both small and large scale applications. It was first launched by a team of engineers from Google and maintained and upgraded by the IT giant for a long time. Angular is also great for developing desktop as well as mobile applications. And the best part is that you can reuse the program written using Angular across any platform and achieve excellent speed, scalability and high-end performance. It allows faster development of app features using templates and is ideal for supporting critical applications.

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