Angular Developer Salary in India: For Freshers & Experienced [2021]

A proverb you will hear often is “First impressions are the last impressions”. It may not be true in the long run, but first impressions do convince a user to interact, especially with a website. The look and feel of the website can intrigue the user who will want to explore further, and that is why the front-end of a website requires unparalleled attention to detail. One technology that designers use to fire-up their front-end design is Angular.

What is Angular? 

Angular, as the name suggests, is a JavaScript framework, created by Google to develop powerful single-page applications on the front end. It is built over TypeScript – a superset to JavaScript. Software developers can use Angular to develop native web or mobile apps in one go, without having to tinker around on different platforms. 

Who is an Angular Developer?

As the name suggests, an Angular Developer is an expert in Angular technology. The individual has to know HTML and CSS, but it is their extensive knowledge of HTML vocabulary through the Angular library that gives them an edge over their counterparts. The edge also has an impact on the final salaries. 

Angular Developer Salary in India

With the recent advancements in the technological field and increasing, gritty competition between different tech giants, every company wants to have a well organized and optimized web application. Every new idea, new design needs a way to be presented properly, and Angular provides that way. But, front-end designers, as has been established, should have in-depth knowledge of Angular. Here, let us start by looking at the demand for Angular Developers. 

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The Demand for Angular Developers

The demand for front-end developers with knowledge about Angular is high because of the high scalability of the framework. So, having the right skillsets can land you that job that you have always been seeking. 

A quick look at the search for Angular Developers in India on LinkedIn 

There are more than 5700 job offers available, and if you see the image carefully, you can see that the demand crosses companies and locations.


Since Angular developer works on the front-end part, looking at the salary of front-end developers can give you an idea about how much you will be paid in this field.

The Average Salary of the Angular Developer

According to Glassdoor, the average base pay of an Angular Developer is more than INR 460,000 per year in India.


But, this is no way indicates the final pay that an individual will get. The final salary is dependent on three prominent factors:

  1. Location – Currently, location greatly impacts the final salary that you will get. Developers can get higher salaries in bigger cities like Mumbai which is the financial capital of India,
  2. Experience – It is a given that the more experience a person has in the field, the higher will be their salary. The experience showcases an individual’s ability to work under pressure and deliver as per expectations. 
  3. Company – Bigger brands, who want to create a lasting impression on their users will pay a higher salary in comparison to smaller companies and brands. 

Angular Developer Salary: Based on Location 

Location is one of the major factors that affect the salary an individual gets. Here, we have captured the different salaries based on three prominent locations in India. 


According to Payscale, the IT hub of India, Bangalore offers a median salary of Rs. 540,000 per year, which is higher than the average salary overall. The salary also includes the bonus and profit-sharing.



The capital city of Delhi, on the other hand, falls in the same range as the average salary overall. The bonus is included in the salary.



The city that has become the hub for IT in the last decade offers salaries a little higher than the average salary. Salaries in the city are inclusive of bonuses and profit-sharing. 



Though Pune is considered the hub for IT, manufacturing and other companies, its salary package falls slightly below the average. However, the profit-sharing offered by companies in Pune is much higher in comparison to other cities. This points to the start-up culture, where you can join a company with the potential to grow into something larger than life.   



Angular Developer Salary: Based on Experience

A person with experience will always get a higher salary in comparison to a person with little or no experience. In this industry also experience will have a direct impact on the salary you can expect. A person with little or no experience may start at approximately INR 3,00,000 per year, but as they learn and grow, their salaries will also keep increasing. 

With one to four years of experience under their belt, you can easily earn an average salary of around INR 4,50,000 per annum. A person who is constantly learning on the job can easily get around INR 8,50,000 within five to nine years of experience. The kind of salary growth is not seen often, and it highlights the importance and demand for experienced, front-end developers. 

More than nine years means that the person is now mastered the art and science of front-end design. They can negotiate salaries in the range of INR 1,500,000 to INR 2,000,000. However, do remember, such a high salary demands that you are constantly upgrading your skills and keeping pace with the latest technologies in the market. 

This is the data from Payscale for front-end developers according to their experience.


Angular Developer Salary: Based on Company

Brands and well-established companies will never comprise on the front-end design. They will want to position themselves as unique and create UIs that are interactive, fun, and draw in the user. Hence, you can expect companies like Microsoft, Tata, L&T to offer higher salaries. Even product-based e-commerce sites like Amazon will offer higher salaries. 

As has been mentioned multiple times, the best combination of location, company and experience is required to negotiate for the highest salary possible. 


Major Roles and Responsibilities of Angular Developers

As Angular is a front-end framework, Angular Developers work on creating interactive, dynamic, and scalable applications for the users. However, the front-end is how the user interacts with a service. The business logic of an application lies on the server, on the back end. 

Your role may range from developing product analysis tasks, taking crucial and complex design decisions to deliver a complete front-end application, and conducting a performance test. You will work with the back-end developers to integrate the front-end logic and integrate data from various back-services and servers. Developing an Angular application can range from simple portfolio websites to building large scale, native applications. 

Also remember, technologies change and evolve overnight. You may wake up to find that everything that you have been practicing is now outdated. And Angular is a pretty good example to demonstrate this. When Angular was initially announced with version 1.xx, it was called AngularJS in 2010 as it was based on Java Script.

But when Angular 2 came out in 2016, there was a substantial change and the JS was dropped from the name itself. Since then, the technology has been updated regularly, but the core principle has remained the same. It currently stands at Angular 9.

Also, Angular has a steep learning curve. When you’re just getting started, things might seem a little out of place now. But, with diligence, you can master the tool. You always need to be on your toes and ready to learn new things as fast as possible if you want to be recognized as an expert.

What you need to be successful?

  • For starters, every web development related job requires a good understanding of how the web works – this includes HTTP, requests, architecture, and more. 
  • Since you will be working on the front-end side of the window, you should have good knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and frameworks like Bootstrap or Materialize CSS. 
  • Good knowledge about Angular, preferably the latest version, is essential. You should know how the different pieces work and how they are put together to make a complete app. 
  • Build knowledge and expertise on UI elements of Angular like the Angular Material that will make integrating design elements into your application much easier.
  • Gain knowledge about other key UI frameworks out there like Rellax JS, Cyle.js, Svelte to make your development process easier.

What are the recruiters looking for?

  • You should have a working knowledge with the below Technologies:
  • Front End: Angular /Javascript.
  • Exposure to AWS or Cloud or IoT or Data Analytics.
  • Exposure to Web Development and Mobile applications
  • Adaptability and Flexibility with a change in technologies
  • Focus on Quality Orientation.
  • Readiness to work in SAFe framework

This is the requirement list given by Siemens Technology in India for the Angular Developer role. 


Now you know what some of the best companies are looking for. So, if you think you don’t have any of the above-stated skills, it is time to start learning and upgrading your skills.

Resources and Community

One of the reasons why Angular has grown so vastly throughout its existence is its great community support. Angular is an open-source framework and was built at Google, and therefore has an exceptionally large community and contributors. A simple Github search can lead you to a thousand public repositories where developers contribute, collaborate, and learn.


When you are getting started with Angular and are stuck with an issue, a simple google search can land you on several stack exchange posts. The possibility that someone has already encountered the issue you are facing now is high. You are more than likely to find the solution. 

Angular vs Others

At the present time, there are numerous JavaScript frameworks and libraries which can help developers build similar applications. Each one has its own set of pros and cons.  Some of the many examples that you can also find on Github are Marko-js, EmberJS, Knockout, VueJS, etc.

Off the many that exist, three are most widely used – Angular, ReacJS, and VueJS – and more often than not, it is these three that you will find yourself choosing from. 

Let’s see how they compare to each other.

As mentioned above, Angular has a steep learning curve, since it is considered a complete solution. However, the time and effort spent on mastering the workings of front-end technology will pay in the long run. 

React was developed by Facebook in 2013, and its advanced features require the use of third-party libraries. Vue is the youngest of the three. It is lightweight and offers higher customizability but has shortcomings in terms of code management and debugging.

The image shows the Google trend’s popularity of the three frameworks. Clearly, you can see that React is trending more than the other two, with Vue and Angular switching places occasionally. 


The above is the worldwide result, though. If you look at the data from India, it is a completely different picture. Angular is considerably ahead of React while Vue lags behind the two significantly.



Now, taking a look at the number of stars on the GitHub projects of the three, Angular lags behind. But wait till you see the next chart before making your decision.

In the end, what matters is jobs. And clearly Angular is leading the job market right now according to the top recruiting websites. React has almost equal demand while Vue isn’t sought after that much.



So, this should give you a basic idea about the three trending front-end frameworks and let you decide which one you want to choose based on the above factors. But remember, you are not bound to only one of these. You can learn all three and use different functionalities to meet the demands of your design. 

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Web development is a vast field. With more people than ever-shifting online for day-to-day activities like education, shopping, working, banking, consulting, and more, the demand for versatile front-end developers is set to grow. It is important to be aware of the Angular Developer Salary in India, along with the future scope of work, before you start on this path.

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