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Most In Demand Digital Marketing Roles in India [2023]

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9th Jan, 2021
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Most In Demand Digital Marketing Roles in India [2023]

The growth of digital penetration in India and e-commerce boom have led to an ever-increasing demand for skilled Digital Marketing professionals. This industry attracts fresh graduates as well as seasoned professionals and has plentiful opportunities to offer to individuals with varied skill-sets.

Check out the below infographic to know the most in-demand digital marketing roles and find out where you see yourself shining in this billion-dollar industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1What are the most in-demand digital marketing job roles in 2022?

According to LinkedIn research, the top 5 most in-demand marketing jobs by job posting include Digital Marketing Specialist, Digital Account Executive, Social Media Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, and Copywriter.And, the fastest-growing jobs trend shows that search engine marketing and search engine optimization remain the core focus of organizations. The top 5 fastest-growing occupations include media coordinator, search manager, social media coordinator, search engine marketing manager, and media manager. The top 5 fastest-growing skills include Instagram, content marketing, creative problem solving, brand awareness, and branding.

2Why is email marketing still relevant in 2022?

In ratings of different digital media channels, email marketing tops the chart with over 50% of respondents feel that it is still an effective digital media channel in 2022. According to campaign monitor, for every dollar spent in email marketing, it roughly brings in a revenue of $44 for the company, an ROI of nearly 44%. And, globally, one-third of the digital marketers feel that email marketing is the best tool for generating higher ROI. Some benefits of email marketing include: a)Helps in targeted marketing b) Increases brand recognition c) It is measurable and helps to gain valuable insights d) It is a cost-effective form of marketing e) It helps to humanize your brand

3What is the job profile of a social media manager and what is the difference in roles with a media coordinator?

The responsibilities of a social media manager include developing a social media strategy for the business, managing day-to-day handling of various social media channels, overseeing performance of posts on every social media channel, creating engaging multimedia content, analysing competitor activity, undertaking audience research and setting targets on social media to increase brand awareness and customer engagement
Whereas, a media coordinator is the communication professionals who are responsible for implementing targeted communication and advertising content on various social media channels.
Other responsibilities include developing content for broadcast, print and various social media channels, negotiating with different media channels to get an attractive deal and ensuring that the key message is properly communicated in the advertisement.

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