Impact of Social Media: Positive & Negative Impact on Business [2023]

“Hey! Let’s create a buzz on social media!” – A statement now overused by almost everyone be it a teenager or a Digital Marketer with the advent of social media & unlimited internet usage around the world. Is it a craze or a need? It’s required or just done for fun? Well, everyone has different opinions for social media platforms; that even differs from platform to platform.

Businesses are utilising the social media platform powers for their strong online presence. Still, at the same time, there are cases where it has been reporting that by removing one share option from the product page of an eCommerce website, their sales grew to 23%. Well, that’s huge! 


So, let’s find out what are the real effects of digital marketing around the world? Are the effects of social media considered as a positive one, or is it a negative thing? Are these platforms adding value or making more nuisances? Is it even safe? Or is it used for safety monitoring? 

And the important one – is it beneficial for a specific industry, age group or a class of people or it handles everything on equal grounds? There are a lot of stories that can make you believe that the effects of social media have been hazardous, but there are many too that can help you identify the powerful impact of social media platforms.

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Introduction to Social Media Platforms


How about beginning the talk with Facebook; it is used to share some latest happenings in personal life. In time, Facebook was a critical platform used by millions to share all cool posts related to travel, relationships, friending, etc. But with the release of more strategic platforms such as Linkedin, Twitter & Instagram or Pinterest, it is said that Facebook is now merely a platform where more business promotions appear.

On the other hand, Linkedin is becoming a powerful influencer for the professional public square. People who are more specific to business news, technology posts, or industry updates spent an extensive amount of time scrolling on LinkedIn.

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Linkedin has recently worked on its algorithm and is promoting posts that are directly uploaded or posted on its platform. CXO’s & professionals who do serious business can be found easily on LinkedIn, promoting their vision, product promotion, and business networking. 

While Twitter is a platform for extremists, well, that’s just an opinion. It was the first platform where the word limit was implemented. The primary reason to put a word limit was to promote only content that has some significant weightage to it. Twitter users do a lot of tweets, but they are crisp posts, unlike Facebook, where long-form posts were floating on your walls.

Twitter is a highlighting platform where discussions take place majorly. The hashtags & trends were some scorching features introduced by Twitter, and these are still making their marks in the dominant social media industry.

Unlike all 3 platforms discussed above, we have Instagram, which has become a resource to catch a lot of mobile traffic. A platform that was invented initially to share pictures & videos using several filters to make your post look trendy and catchy.

But when we see Instagram, it is now converted into the biggest promotional platform that can help you get a lot of lead generation and boost your business. It is a platform where you can achieve personal branding with so much creativity. Influence marketing was born here. 

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Ecommerce did right with the right use of Social Path

Everyone is working around content these days. Content in the form of text, images, or video & is in much demand in today’s day & age. Why? Because the content is the only way to express your opinion, views, and any information creatively, specifically, and strategically. And above all, what to say if it gets viral on social media platforms. It can be said that the investment has been made correctly.

If you follow the below image, you would know how much eCommerce industries are dependent on product promotion online & its overall impact on social media. The discovery of product, new launches, new releases, product promotion through an online competition, and what not is done by big and small players to build a strong presence and create a strong footfall through the analysis done on effects of social media campaigns. 


Effect of Social Media on Millennials


Generally, these millennials are the ones who have been creating a buzz on social media. Generation Z is the rapid provider of content juice for influencer marketers on all social media platforms as millennials are the most advanced generation and are the most active users online.

They are identified as a bigger audience, and a lot of companies focus their marketing activities to drive maximum web traffic on their websites. Youngsters are the one who is most affected by social media.

The Negative Effect of Social Media

The impact of social media influencers is such that these young audiences remain engrossed without knowing the tactful marketing hacks behind the engagement rate. There are negative effects of social media for these audiences as they are easy targets for cyberbullying and other online crimes.


The Positive Effect of Social Media 

But we cannot deny the fact of the positive impact of social media for the young generation. A lot of general knowledge and right information broadcast is generated through social media mostly.

There are many wisdom groups or individual influencers that provide their services online for the betterment of society and help the young mind get answers to all those questions which they are actively looking for.

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Effect of social media marketing in Business


An image speaks louder than words. Haha! Yes, we tweaked the actual proverb – “Action speaks louder than words”. 

Well, it is very clear from the image itself how much growth there is in the online world, especially on social media. The graph is rapidly increasing, and there is no downfall seen in the active user’s number using various social media platforms.

A report says – the current trends show that in today’s day & age, there are at least 2 social media accounts created by every business. These accounts are full of actionable posts to buy or inquire about their product or services by users. A very strategic social media marketing plan is being created these days, which is then religiously followed by the business to generate more revenue through online leads. There are a lot of referral programs that speak to the potential of the business and their consumers online. 

Negative Marketing

Yes! We cannot be biased here, and therefore we have to accept the fact that there are a lot of influencers and competitors online who spend every penny to a brand that looks bad online through negative reviews and misleading product information such as feedback and video testimonials. 

The overall impact of Social Media on the business world

Always remember there is SOMETHING you can still do to handle these online malpractices. So, if done right, the impact of Social Media for business has much to provide just than a ‘buy’ button click. A business can maintain strong footprints online and can access customer views for their product development and marketing strategies by running various surveys, polls and online ads. 

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Impact of Social Media in Education Industry

Huge! With the COVID situation around the globe, we all have been futuristic about the growth potential of online education. Students & teachers all are using social media platforms to do subject discussions. Schools, colleges and even small coaching centres are taking full advantage of this big and free social platform for interactions. To educate parents, there are a lot of online webinars hosted by educational societies. These webinars helped parents understand that online teaching is the new normal. 

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Role of Digital Marketing companies in Social Media 

These professionals will become a key player and dominate the online world with their technical skills. Digital marketers are technology nomads who keep wandering from one marketing platform to another hunting the additional features on social Media for better reach and engagement. Social media management is one such important skill that is recommended to be mastered for better brand management. 

If you are interested in learning Digital Marketing, then Social Media Marketing is one core subject module taught in the program. upGrad has online courses available where industry experts will teach you all the basics of online branding and reputation management.

You can enrol to upGrad’s Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing & Communication. By doing this courses, you can get a lot of exciting job opportunities in Digital Marketing fields. Social Media is surely affecting the world with its speed of transforming the data from one far end to another around the globe in seconds. It is recommended that one should have an education of the social media platforms so that these can be used majorly for the benefit of oneself. 

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The relation Between Personal Branding & Job World 

We save this point for the last. Do you know around 74% of employers are hiring online? If you search, some companies are rapidly posting jobs on social media. Whereas, there are a lot of experienced professionals who have lost their jobs as COVID happens to them.

If you see Linkedin today, you will find a lot of posts where 5 years, 10 years and even 20-year professionals are sharing their resume and asking their connections to like and share so they can better reach and may get a job too. 

Many people have come ahead and reposted these posts and liked them. A lot of them have cross-posted and tagged their connection name if they see a post on new job opportunities. Therefore, you can see how much cross-posting of one content is happening on these powerful platforms.

People are supporting other professionals on these platforms. The impact of social media has been such that this kind of social media posts have led people to believe that they are not alone, and the mishappenings are not just happening with them. The emotional support by friends, family and other community members on social Media is helping people to get a grip on their emotions. 

So, the effect of social media heavily depends on how active and educated you are about the social media platform. The results will bear the fruits accordingly. Hence, the bottom line is that you should know what to post where, when and how much on social media platforms and get the juice you want for yourself.

ow Does Instagram Help Businesses Build their Brand and Promote Sales?

The first step is to create a professional account that is separate from your personal account. The next step is to ensure that users reach their online page. Your bio is the key to getting more clicks to your website. Also, remember to add a link to the business page. Build your posts and ensure that while doing so your plan and execution should be based on staying recognisable.

Customers need to remember you and resonate with your brand. It is the best way to engage with Instagrammers and build steady traffic to your site. Notice how big brands use social media platforms. Their content is compelling, meaningful and contextual. They keep everything simple and easily accessible to customers. Hence keep your profile for the business account consistent -so that it is easily identifiable with your brand. When a user does know you or -cannot recognise your profile photo, it is a given fact that you will lose followers and ultimately visitors will stop browsing your business and product pages.

How Are Businesses Leveraging Facebook Ads?

Brands that have deep pockets are also equipped with the best tools to reach out to the specific audiences that they intend to target. They have access to the right resources and tools that help them to meticulously plan their campaigns using market insights on consumer buying behaviour. The idea is to develop meaningful and contextual advertising campaigns that click with your target audience.
Businesses are also investing in new methods to build strong social goals. Keep track of your customer engagement ideas, because innovative methods need to be used in today’s business landscape. Even though there are a dozen easy ways to get customers building an ad that captures the audience attention is the key to a successful online business.

Why Is Measurement Important for Social Campaigns?

The business landscape is a tough, demanding and constantly evolving space where brands need to be at the top of their game to deliver the best results. Businesses also need to focus on outperforming the competition and transforming customer experiences. Therefore, the performance measurement of social campaigns is extremely important to assess the totality of how a brand performs and whether it's evolving with time.

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