Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs for MBA Graduates in India [A Complete Guide]

The salary you are offered is, naturally, directly proportional to your qualification and your experience. While the second factor takes a while to build upon, great educational qualification can never fail you. It is the surest way to ensure that you draw the salary you desire and deserve. And, perhaps no other degree assures this more than an MBA. Read more about MBA Salary in India.

MBA graduates are preferred by most companies today for any position that has to do with managing people, finances, and such other tasks. The belief being that the candidate is qualified enough to understand the intricacies of the business world and is trained to think analytically.

This helps foresee market trends, make better judgments, build leadership skills, and identify the right talent. All-in-all, an MBA graduate proves to be an asset for an organization. And in case, you can earn your degree from a globally reputable institution, the chances of scoring that dream package are definitely higher.

Which brings forth the question – what are some of the highest-paying jobs for MBA graduates in the market today?

Highest Paying Jobs for MBA Graduates in India

1. Investment Banker

Investment bankers are involved in raising money in capital markets and providing financial advice for both private companies and the government. You can count on them to help out with mergers, acquisitions, and staying informed about great investment options. MBA graduates who wish to pursue this career path would have to choose their subjects with a focus on finance. And while the pressure might be immense, those who roll with it enjoy the job for the thrill of it all and the paycheck that comes with it.


In India, the salary of an investment banker can be anywhere between 6 lakh to more than a million, depending on the company and his/her level of experience. Goldman Sachs, for instance, is one of the highest payers in the market. While the salary is attractive, the incentives in this field are the big draw. Consider the hefty bonuses, profit sharing etc. and it is undoubtedly one top paying MBA jobs in the market today.

2. Project Manager

Most MBA graduates are hired as project managers in top companies. A project manager is required to be involved in all aspects of a project. Right from planning and strategizing to making financial projections and building a team, the complete and proper execution of a project rests in the hands of a project manager, and therefore, MBA graduates are usually the first choice. The managerial skills, communication and goal-oriented attitude all add up, making them ideal for such a role.


Project managers with experience can earn up to 20 lakh per annum. The number can go up in tier-1 cities.

3. Consulting

Business Consulting and Strategy Consulting are two of the hottest jobs in the market for MBA graduates. Forecasting trends, analyzing numbers, pitching to the client, and the demands of the job are quite exciting and varied. What’s more, there is a very well-defined career path to follow. An MBA graduate that joins as a manager has an open window to turn into a partner, and this need not take forever.


While the initial remuneration may not be very high, the structure at these organizations allows a candidate to grow. At the partner level, you may rake in more than 45 lakh. It is, therefore, definitely one of the highest-paying jobs for MBA graduates across the globe.

4. Business Development Manager

A role that allows you to put your best managerial skills forward lives up to that MBA fame. A business development manager is responsible for the planning and strategies that assist the growth and expansion of a business. It requires one to be very aware of the current state of the industry to determine the best way to move it forward.


Being a person with excellent communication and analytical skills are some of the key essentials of this job. New employees may be offered something around 5 or 6 lakh. However, with an increase in experience, this figure may go up to 15 or 16 lakh per annum.

5. Marketing Manager

One of the most exciting fields to be in today is marketing. Selling a product is not just about pushing a discount anymore. Marketing today is so much more than just making a sale for the sake of it. It requires an in-depth understanding of consumer behavior, market trends, expectations, the ability to conceptualize marketing campaigns and so much more. An ever-changing and dynamic field, marketing is one of the most popular areas of work today, and a marketing manager is quite the sought after role.


Essentially, marketing deals with people and therefore, a marketing manager must be able to work with a large team and share a good rapport with everyone. Analytical thinking, innovation and strategizing are all a given of course. The salary of a marketing manager can go up to 20 lakh per annum, and this number could increase depending on the company and experience. It is not only one of the top-paying MBA jobs in India but also quite popular for the nature of the work itself.


An MBA is seen as the golden ticket to a great package. It isn’t entirely wrong. MBA graduates are believed to be trained in everything that a homegrown professional will learn on the job over several years. If you are considering Part time MBA, Check out our article about Advantages of Part time MBA. For that reason, it makes sense to hire them if you want to accelerate your business in a relatively short period. Their insight, understanding of the market, logical thinking patterns and a general knack for astute business analysis make them a top choice for most jobs today.

However, for an MBA graduate, to find a job that’s worth the educational investment takes careful planning; something that they will presumably be good at. So, go get that MBA, plan ahead and prepare yourself for the job that will give you the package of your choice.

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