5 Best Product Management Software Outstanding Product Managers Use [2023]


The market has grown customer-centric like never before, and this has also intensified the dependency on product managers. Product Managers are the people who hear and understand the customers’ voices and customize the product to their requirements. Their customer-centric approach enables the product team to develop and deliver better-designed and higher-performing products. At every phase of a product’s life cycle, from development, positioning, and pricing to customer delivery, a product manager’s role is crucial as the customers’ advocate.

If you are into the role of product management, you understand that one of the key facilitators that let you do your job more efficiently is a product management software. For creating tailored products/solutions for the customers, you need to hear all sides of a story. Before arriving at a clear decision, you need to synthesis and assess different perspectives.

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In the process, you require taking up different roles like a subject expert, a growth hacker, a retention strategist, and a solution seeker. To do all of it correctly, you require being handy with the best product management tools within the esteemed time frame.


Prospering in the Field of Product Management 

The promising career path from Product Manager to Chief Product Officer and beyond starts with the ability to formulate and ask the right kinds of questions that identify the customer issues and eventual market opportunities. The final goal of product management is to present a product that emphasizes users.

To be an efficient product manager, you need to master skills like market research, user design, analytics, engagement & growth, product development, and planning. Along with all these skills, you need a comprehensive product management software to assist you in handling the different responsibilities that this role entails.

If you are already into the career of product management, then here is a list of five product management tools that you must check out to increase your work efficiency.

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5 Product Management Tools that you Should Include in your Product Stack

1. Productboard

Everything related to product management can be handled using this ProductBoard. The software makers claim that it can help you get the right products to the market faster. The software is instrumental in helping you understand the users’ needs, prioritize what to build next, share your roadmap, monitor progress, and engage with the customer community.

It facilitates all these with its features like insights repository board, scoreboards, user impact scoreboard, user segmentation, competitive analysis, status monitoring, data visualization customizable boards, app integration, etc. You can check out the product through its free trial, available on their website.

2. GoodDay

GoodDay is much more than just a product management software; it is a comprehensive work management one-stop platform with amalgamated tools for managing different. These jobs include planning, task organization, product or project execution & management, track, and ing progress KPI, productivity growth, and results. The interface of the software is highly user friendly.

It provides you around 20 ‘at-a-glance view’ layouts like Task List, Gantt Chart, Workload, Pastdue, etc. These layouts are related to task management, planning & resource management, events & milestones, management views, etc. These layouts let you quickly view what’s going on, get an overview of your overall workload, comprehend current priorities, streamline the work pipeline.

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3. Aha!

Aha is a product management software that is popular for building product road maps. You can opt for a free trial on their website. This software has prebuilt strategy templates for SWOT analysis, creating business models, articulating value prepositions, etc.

Using these templates, you can create a vivid picture of your vision, set the goals and initiatives. You can customize the templates by prioritizing the right features. Data visualization is made easy with user story maps, custom feature scorecard, backlog board, etc.

4. Backlog

The backlog is another popular product management software. Its highlight is that it brings project and code management together. The software is an all-in-one solution for project management, task management, issue & bug tracking, team collaboration, remote work, and others.

The interface is simple enough to be quickly adopted by anyone. It is a powerful collaboration platform for product managers to connect with remote developers, clients, and other teams. Assessing and tracking progress is comfortable with at-a-glance visuals like boards, Gantt charts, Git graphs, and burndown charts.

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5. Pendo

It is a user tracking and analysis tool that can be an invaluable source of intelligence and insight throughout your product journey. It is an end-to-end product management software that lets you live-communicate with customers and spot risks related to customer retention through product engagement, surveys, and feedback.

It also lets you increase the product’s efficiency by optimizing trial conversions and user onboarding in-product. The website’s interface is quite visually representative, so it is easy to understand. You can better understand the product by taking up visual product-tour available on Pendo’s website.

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The tools mentioned above and their powerful features clarify the relevance and importance of product management software to efficiently handle the entire product cycle. Knowledge and competency in these tools are beneficial for those who are already into product management or aim to build a career. 

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A variety of things influences salary. The most specific criteria are experience, job title, employer, and location. When calculating pay, experience is frequently the most crucial consideration. In most cases, someone with more expertise in a particular sector earns more than someone with less experience. Another important consideration is the job title. In most cases, someone with a higher-level position in a corporation earns more than someone with a lower position. The size and location of the company are also crucial considerations. Companies in central metropolitan locations usually pay more than those in rural areas.

Why is a customer base important for product management?

A customer base is critical for product management because it provides feedback on what features and functionality to build, validates a product's market, and helps generate revenue. Customer feedback helps product managers prioritize which features to implement and ensures that the product meets market needs. Market validation ensures that the product solves an issue that buyers are interested in and a market for it. Finally, a client base can generate income, allowing product management to continue investing in the product.

How do I innovate my existing products?

If you can answer these questions, you'll be able to customize your products to meet your needs. What needs your product addresses that aren't being covered by other items on the market? How can you enhance your product's features or functionality to make it more appealing to customers? Is it possible for you to develop a new or distinctive marketing campaign to advertise your product? How can you lower the cost of your product or make it more accessible to customers? Is there a way to alter your product to make it more sustainable or ecologically friendly? Are there any new materials or technologies you could use in your product design? What can you do to make your product more appealing to customers? Can you create a new or unique use for your product that consumers will find attractive? Is there a way to improve the manufacturing process or reduce the cost of producing your product? Can you develop a new or unusual usage for your product that will appeal to customers? Is there a way to make your manufacturing process more efficient or lower the cost of production?

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