How to Increase YouTube Views in 2021? 5 Free & Easy Ways To Increase Views

YouTube is undeniably the biggest social media platform at present. With around 2 billion monthly users, YouTube has the most extensive reach among all social media. YouTube views are an indicator of your video’s popularity. The number of views plays a much larger role, especially in gaining revenue. 

Revenue from advertisements, the kind of advertisements, brand associations, and much more, rely on the number of views garnered by your content. While there is no substitute for quality content, there are certain tips and tricks that can increase the visibility of your videos and help you gain more views. Wondering how to increase YouTube views? Here are a few things you must try.

How to Increase YouTube Views?

1. Optimise Your Video

You can think of YouTube as a search engine exclusively for videos. You must optimise each video so that they have a better chance of showing up on the first page results for the related search. Three things require special attention here. 

  • Title: The title of your video should be descriptive. The viewer should be able to gauge the contents of the video by reading the title. It should also include your target keyword. 
  • Tags: Tags help people discover your video and it helps YouTube categorise it. You can use around 8 to 10 tags. Doing more than that can dilute the purpose of the tags and end up making them too generic. 
  • Description: Your description should clearly outline what the video is all about while also including keywords. The first few lines of the description are what viewers will see when they search for the video. So make sure that this part is enticing and interesting.

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2. Optimise the Thumbnail Image

Your thumbnail image is the first thing that people see when your video appears in the search result and that makes it an easy answer on how to increase YouTube views. Therefore, the thumbnail should immediately capture the attention of the viewer. Try to use high-quality images that have facial close-ups. You should also try to include bright fonts in a large size that reiterate your title. The idea is that your thumbnail should attract a potential viewer to click on it and watch the video. 

3. Become the Recommended Video 

YouTube’s ultimate aim is to keep users on the platform as long as possible. The recommended videos are the perfect ploy for this. You should try to make your video the recommended video after a popular video. How do you do that? You exploit the metadata! Metadata here refers to the title, tags, description, keywords, etc. Make sure that your metadata is similar to that of the popular videos in your segment. It increases the chances of your video getting featured in the recommended videos list and works as a solution for how to increase YouTube views.     

4. Create High-Quality Content

There is no substitute for quality content. Even after implementing the points mentioned above, if your content is not good, the viewer will leave the site or switch to another video. YouTube’s algorithm will take note of the low view time and low view time will negatively impact your video’s ranking. 

Your videos should be of high quality and your content must add value. Consider the topics that are popular in your niche and think about aspects that aren’t talked about much. You can make a video on that. Or, if a popular video has left certain questions unanswered, your video can address those. For example, blockchains have captured the public’s imagination. You can make a video that answers the aspects of blockchains that other videos do not or explain it with graphics that make them easier to understand.

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5. Use Cards, End Screens, and Playlists

Cards, end screens and playlists are the answer to the question – “How to increase YouTube views for all my videos?”

Cards are small, clickable pop-ups that you can link to another one of your videos. End screens appear when the video ends and directs the viewer to other videos they may enjoy. Playlists are just a compilation of multiple videos that will play in the set order.  

As you can see, all of these are intended to drive traffic to other videos. If each one of your videos can prompt a user to check out another one of your videos, then you automatically end up with more views across the channel and also more subscribers. For example, if you have a video on machine learning, you can include a card that leads the viewer to another video on deep learning. The end screen can lead the users to other videos on NLP and Cloud.     

In Conclusion

More views on YouTube videos can drive traffic to your website and increase your income from advertisements and brand associations. Implement the points mentioned above and watch your YouTube views soar!

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