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YouTube Hashtags: How to use them to improve YouTube views?

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14th Nov, 2021
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YouTube Hashtags: How to use them to improve YouTube views?

A hashtag is a label that makes it simpler to discover posts or videos about a given subject on social media platforms. Hashtags encourage social media users to look into the material that they find interesting. One can use hashtags while posting to reach their target audience.

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How to add hashtags to your YouTube video?

Enter the hashtag in the video’s title or description when uploading it. Use # before the hashtag without space (For example, #independenceday)

YouTube Hashtags can be added to the title and description.

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If the video title does not contain any hashtags, the first three hashtags from the description will appear below the video title.

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Viewers can click YouTube hashtags that appear in your video title, description, or underneath your video title. They’ll be taken to the hashtag’s search results page, where they’ll be able to watch videos using the hashtag.

How can hashtags help?

Hashtags can help primarily in two ways, which are written below:

1. Accessible to the correct audience

Many people search for the category of videos they might be interested in using hashtags, so adding this technique into your YouTube strategy is a fantastic way to reach out to the correct audience, thus increasing views and likes.

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2. Discoverability is a must.

On YouTube, using hashtags increases searchability. Optimized YouTube hashtags will increase the exposure of all of your relevant YouTube videos. When you use a hashtag, it groups terms and similar subjects, making it simpler for viewers to discover what they’re looking for.

How to choose the best hashtags for YouTube videos?

Factors for choosing Hashtags for youtube videos are given below:

1. Relevancy Matters

YouTube Hashtags do come in handy when one is trying to elaborate on the topic of the genre of the video. It also helps bind it with relevant and similar videos without adding it to a separate playlist of some sort that works in relevance to the YouTube SEO.

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2. Looking For What Your Competitor Does Is Never a Bad Idea To Improve

YouTube by itself is a very competitive space, and thus there are a lot of videos of the same nature and content to choose from. Therefore, having the same YouTube hashtags can help you place yourself in the same line as your competitor, thus helping you gain a desirable position and have a shared audience base.

3. Correct Approach Towards Finding The Appropriate Hashtag

Now, finding the best hashtags for YouTube videos is also a very tricky business when it comes to YouTube. Unlike Instagram, you cannot use too many hashtags here as it might make your description too “junked up.” Ideally, the hashtags should be very closely related to your content but, at the same time, not too focused (like using the same phrase as the video title) as then its scope of gaining viewership is reduced.

For example, suppose you’re making a video about a popular pizza joint in your locality. In that case, you might consider using a tag like #PizzaJoint #ItalianRestaurantinDelhi, etc., instead of just the restaurant’s name.

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4. Search For What You Have Written. Become the Audience of Your Content

Self-checking and Dry runs are important ways to understand and figure out your growth and shortcomings. It is very important to step into the audience’s shoes and search for the video and check where it stands amongst its competitors. This increases your audience base and viewership and helps you understand the relevance your video is getting in this genre.

5. It’s Never Too Early To Make Your Hashtags

Just like you might be the first one to make a video on certain content, and that might make it viral, thus making your competitors follow your chain, it could be the case with YouTube Hashtags. There are creators in many genres who don’t always use hashtags, and thus it might gain you an additional advantage. One might even come up with a better hashtag that their competitors haven’t used, thus getting more customers. You might also consider creating branded hashtags that promote your channel or the brand, thus familiarizing yourself with your content type.

6. Do not overdo it. Stuffing May is not Advantageous.

Using too many YouTube hashtags might confuse the algorithm further and consider it “over tagging” and ignore them.

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Do you aspire to be the next great YouTube sensation? Or perhaps you have a company that you’d want to advertise to your target market. Whatever your purpose for using YouTube is, it’s a great platform to connect with a large population and grow.

1. The introduction is a must.

When you’re viewing a YouTube video, you’ll want to know what all the specifics are, so you can keep watching if it’s precisely what you’re searching for or quit watching if it’s not. An introduction is required for the same reason. Include a five-second introduction that explains what your channel is all about and what you are going to present in the same video.

It’s done so nicely by BeerBiceps! When starting a new podcast, he greets the viewers and gives a brief overview of what he discusses in the video. You become compelled to watch the entire video after getting an interesting glimpse.

2. Consistency is the key.

One should try to stick to a routine when it comes to posting YouTube videos. This will guarantee that your subscribers are aware of when to expect new content from you. This way, you can earn your audience’s confidence by delivering high-quality material on schedule, thus gaining more subscribers.

Since the beginning of her YouTube career, MostlySane has followed this approach. She began by posting videos three times each week, then reduced to simply posting on Thursdays. She maintains consistency in her routines which never fails to amaze her audience.

Consistency, along with using the right YouTube hashtags, works wonders!

3. Serve what the audience wants.

Nothing trumps experience when it comes to the beginning and growing a YouTube channel. You should have a few videos up, a good number of views for your experience, and a few subscribers by now. Social proof is what you’ve earned as a result of that. Some videos will do better than others. People will comment on your videos and probably request that you upload a follow-up video. They might also have general inquiries. In any instance, you should respond with another video, thus fulfilling their needs and answering all queries.

Flying Beast vlogs are becoming increasingly popular. He never disappoints his audience by responding to each comment and creating follow-up videos to address all queries.

4. Promotion is never bad!

It’s always good to promote your content on the various social media networks you use to upload a new YouTube video and encourage people to subscribe. This is based on the idea that if someone follows you on one platform and likes your content, they may follow you on another too!

The Buttery Bros. is an example of a channel that excels at this. They specialize in generating fitness-related material, particularly for CrossFit Games participants. They post the same on Instagram every time a new YouTube video is released, but not at full length. People are compelled to view the entire video on YouTube after catching a peek at it.

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Key Takeaways

  1. YouTube hashtags can help you identify and classify videos. This can help your videos show up in searches for related keywords or genres.
  2. Branded hashtags are an excellent way to distinguish your video marketing initiatives.
  3. To increase the visibility of your video, use high-volume keywords in YouTube hashtags for views.
  4. Use only relevant and best hashtags for YouTube videos since using false or irrelevant hashtags may result in your videos being removed by YouTube’s standards.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1Are there any tools for getting relevant YouTube hashtags?

You may find the SEO-optimized best hashtags for YouTube videos using several free tools. TagsYouTube, Rapidtags, Hashtagify, and YTube Tool are a few of them.

2Are there any rules for using hashtags for YouTube videos?

There are a few rules to keep in mind while using hashtags for a YouTube video:-

1. There should not be any spaces between hashtags.
2. Do not use more than 15 hashtags or they will be ignored by YouTube.
3. Do not add YouTube hashtags that are not relevant to your video.

3What hashtags should I use to increase the number of views on my YouTube video?

According to YouTube's official tag guidelines, 'use the words and phrases that make the most sense for your video', Firstly, start with your core keyword. Second, use keywords from top-ranking videos that are frequent and relevant. To locate these, utilize browser plugins like vidIQ and TubeBuddy.

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