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7 Tools helping Companies Manage Big Marketing Data

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20th Nov, 2018
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7 Tools helping Companies Manage Big Marketing Data

Both big and small companies today have embraced big data. For any company to increase its revenues and profits, it has to have in place effective sales and marketing strategies. Among the best sales and marketing strategies ever developed, is analyzing big data. What exactly is big data? It includes a lot of information collected from your customers from each and every source. And some of these sources range from web analytics to email marketing campaigns.

You have probably not found it any easier aggregating and analyzing all this information in an efficient and effective way. Today, there are many tools available to help you manage your big marketing data, thanks to technology.

Here are 7 of the best tools to help your company manage big marketing data effectively:


Skytree provides you with important information on customer segmentation analysis, churn predictions and fraud detection and notification. The tool accepts and analyzes streams of data from various sources ranging from machine learning libraries to relating databases. A study conducted by Dataladder showed that the tool was found to be very useful to 39% of marketers who found their data not being collected infrequently.


Globally, business data volume doubles after every 1.2 years thus requiring companies to endlessly manage their increasing volume of data to stay ahead. Jaspersoft is there to help you stay ahead through offering a wide range of services such as data integration and visualization, and online process analysis. In the end, you get to relax as Jaspersoft manages everything for you.

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How Big Data Plays an Important Role in Our Daily Life

Marketing Evolution

Marketing Evolution has helped marketers in designing return on investment plans using big data. According to research conducted by Harvard, 29% of marketers reported that their marketing departments have very little or no information on their consumers. By using cheap essay writing services, your market size can grow rapidly. Marketing evolution helps you figure out the right data to be analyzed and helps you delve deeper into your ideal consumer information. It also assists you in recognizing which marketing activity produces results with different types of people and scenarios.

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Back in 2014, a study by CMO showed that 60% of the marketers and business professionals were being pressurized by upper management to be data-driven rather than activity-driven. accumulates and analyzes marketing data from 50+API integrations in one place without needing a developer.

When you connect to the platform, you can view marketing, search and social data through the tool’s dashboard which is widget-based. Data can also be pushed automatically into other third party business intelligence tools such as Google Data Studio.


The designers of Mixpanel agree that the collection and analysis of data is very important in understanding your customers. More importantly, having the right technology in place will keep you ahead of your competitors. Mixpanel tracks user behaviour hence helping you see what your potential customers are doing on their sites. The tool organizes the information it tracks thus letting you analyze patterns in customer behaviour which can help you formulate future marketing strategies.

What is Big Data: Types, Characteristics, Benefits, and Examples

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Talend developers offer you a great tool to integrate applications and real-time data while ensuring that all data is of high quality. A study on U.S companies shows that low-quality data costs them approximately $600 billion every year. You can be saved from incurring losses every year by using Talend’s data cleaning services in your business.

Apache Hadoop

In the digital world today, it is estimated that 2.7 zettabytes of data exist and companies need a safe place to store it. Apache Hadoop is here to help you with this. This tool has a massive amount of storage for any type of data. It also has a very powerful processor to enable you to manage several current jobs simultaneously. Hadoop being an open source framework enables you to scale up or down because its hardware does not fail easily.

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To conclude
Data is very important to business owners and marketers for businesses to grow. Measuring the right data and analyzing it will help you achieve your objectives and easily make future predictions. To do all this, you need the right tool to help you in collecting, sorting and analyzing data. Using the tools discussed above will not only attract more customers but will also make your life easier and peaceful. Start using these tools today to feel the change!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1What is Big Data marketing?

Big Data marketing operates on various factors such as preferences, consumption patterns, and customer data. It uses the customers’ details to provide curated benefits and options to avail its services. Moreover, Big Data marketing, loosely referred to as micro marketing, has also extended to finance, insurance, telecommunication, and distribution. Coca-Cola Inc. interacts with its real-time customers by analyzing their information through Twitter. Big Data offers great insights to customers on ways to lower Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) and Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV). Also, career opportunities in Big Marketing Data are on the rise. Marketing is more than buying and selling ads. With digitalization taking over, its process will only expand in the future.

2What is Big Data’s contribution to improving marketing?

In any business, clients are the functional backbone. This is precisely why a business should invest in new customers and focus on retaining their existing customers. One of the primary reasons for a business failure is when they fail to beat the competition. This happens when a business cannot align with the customers; requirements. With the help of Big Data, companies can now analyze, monitor, and capture real-time data. Using this data, companies can learn the pattern of their customers, which will eventually lead them to create excellent products and services that cater to their needs. Integration of Big Data has contributed significantly to 69% of companies who have achieved milestones in their respective sector.

3What is the biggest challenge of Big Data in marketing?

88% of companies think their business organization understands their customer. However, 61% of customers have reported that businesses only know their needs. Disconnection of this kind needs to be swiped off. This is one big challenge that one can overcome by learning customer master data management. Companies use systems to store, process, and access data and by wisely using it, they can delay data analysis.

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