Get Rid of Common Grammatical Errors in Writing Content

Content writing is not an easy job for everyone because you have to pay attention to different aspects, such as grammar, style, and spelling. Before you start writing, it is important to understand common grammar errors in writing. A grammar checker may help you, but it will be useless until you have the basic knowledge of grammar and English language.

Common Grammar Errors

There are plenty of grammar problems, but we are going to focus on some common mistakes:


Words before a noun phrase or noun explain a noun if it is specific or general. It will specify the number of nouns. The category includes specific articles, such as a, a & the and words are that, which, each, every, and this. Before using any word, it is essential to understand the use of a particular word. A free grammar checker can help you to choose the right words and articles.


These essential words precede a pronoun or noun. Use of a fundamental proposition is necessary to show the relationship of a word with another in a similar clause or sentence. There are limited rules for prepositions. If you are in doubt about the use of a preposition, you can use a grammar check tool. This tool will highlight the wrong uses of punctuation and grammar.

Agreement of Subject and Verb

It is a concept that needs the agreement of verb and subject in plural and singular form. A problem may arise when one noun phrase is a subject that has one prepositional phrase. With the use of a grammar checker, you can find out errors in the agreement of subject and verb.
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Right Form of Verb

Typically, six forms of verbs are available, such as:

  • Dictionary form (the base)
  • Third-person singular (verb and s)
  • The infinitive (to + base)
  • Past participle
  • Past simple
  • Present participle (verb and ing)

A writer may get confused while choosing the participle. Overuse of present participle can be a problem in your essay. You will need a free grammar check to identify these problems.

Shifts of Verb Tense

Use of two or even more tenses in a clause can create a tricky situation. You should use only one tense or start new sentences or clauses to avoid shifting in verb tense.
The most common error in writing is the use of articles (a, an, the). These tiny words play an important role to describe a specific noun. Some ESL speakers may not have articles in their native language so their use can be a challenge for you.

Importance of Correct Articles

Articles play an essential role to introduce the context of one noun. For instance, if you want to tell that you need a motorbike. You will say “I want a motorbike” or “I want the motorbike”. When you are saying that you want a motorcycle, it means you need any motorbike. If you are saying, I want the motorbike; it means you need a specific bike.
You have to understand these rules before you start writing. The free grammar check can save you from blunders. After finishing your document, you have to check it with a grammar checker. This tool can highlight possible errors with some suggestions. These suggestions will help you to remove imperfections from your documents.

Improve Your Writing Skills

If you want to improve your writing skills, you can write in a grammar checker and pay attention to suggestions. Prepositions in writing can be a tricky job. You can replace prepositional and verbal phrases with solid verbs.
You will need consistent practice to improve your writing skills. Practising writing with your thoughts and ideas will be good. Regular training is necessary to develop your writing skills. Try to get feedback of grammar Nazis on your paper. They can give you better ideas for perfect writing.
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A grammar checker can be an excellent tool to remove spelling and grammar errors. If you want some improvement in writing, you should accept positive criticism. People will take your writing seriously without grammar and spelling errors.

What are the common grammatical errors?

Apart from incorrect spellings, a number of writers tend to make common grammatical errors when generating content. These generally include using an incorrect subject and verb agreement, wrong tense or verb form, incorrect singular and/or plural agreement, and even the wrong word form.

And that is not where it ends. Unclear pronoun reference, wrong usage of articles, incorrect or missing prepositions are also quite commonly found errors in content these days. Additionally, omitting commas, too many commas and possessive apostrophe errors seem to be popular mistakes that writers are prone to making.

How can you identify grammatical errors in content writing?

Do not assume that you can spot errors in your writing simply by giving it a cursory glance. You will certainly miss out on spotting the majority of them. You have to adopt a systematic approach that will help you to identify errors in your content.

The most efficient and effective approach to spotting grammatical errors in content writing involves reading the sentences all the way through. Underline each portion you think sounds grammatically incorrect and read through them once again. If you feel that you have used a word that does not fit in, establish the reason why you used it in the first place. Replace if logic does not support its contribution to the content. Lastly, you must do thorough proofreading before you submit the write up.

Can you automate the process of spotting grammatical errors in your content?

Grammarly is an extensively used tool by businesses and individuals that functions as a sophisticated grammar and contextual spell checker, correct punctuations and enhance vocabulary. It uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to highlight suggestions for numerous writing styles, grammar, vocabulary, and syntax that helps in generating mistake-free content.

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