Top Tips to Create Landing Pages that Convert

Promotions are a big part of any business and to be a successful marketer one must know different tools and trends that are used which keep your business up to date and accessible to consumer minds. Marketing, in reality, is not so straightforward but in fact a clever game of the minds. It isn’t just about making a customer buy a product rather has a lot do with how consumers interpret an advertisement or a marketing campaign that persuades them to do so.

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Landing page-A Promotional tool

A landing page is a similar sort of promotional tool which can either convince a consumer to give you a thumbs up or make him move on to the next best option they can get. If the latter becomes the case, you may just have lost the opportunity to attract a profitable customer. In the digital age of today, the importance of a website is pretty crucial.

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Any business that does not maintain an updated website is automatically considered as an ignorable option. A landing page quite different from a homepage focuses on only one or two attractive offers to keep the clutter and distraction to a minimum as stated by Pamela Vaughan in her blog. According to a popular content creation website, mail chimp, a landing page is the best channel through which you can attract more customers, educate consumers about existing products or any new offers and also drive conversions.

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Converting Exactly What?

Many readers may often get confused as to what this conversion might refer to. An experienced marketer who knows his line of work knows that a landing page acts as a magic gateway that focuses on one specific short-term goal thus increasing customer loyalty, unlike a website homepage that provides an overview of what the business is about.

According to HubSpot, a proof that any landing page is powerful enough lies in its ability to convert potential website visitors into loyal leads implying that potential customers who might just be visiting your website turn into loyal ones and make a purchase. Easier said than done, landing pages are more than just attractive layouts that might catch the consumer’s eye but as Neil Patel says in his article, a consumer only pays attention for a few seconds, and it’s up to the marketer’s skills to be able to grab their attention at the right time.

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What makes for an effective landing page?

As mentioned earlier, landing pages should not just be made to look good. Creating a good landing page is not for everyone as it requires time and essential skills to master the art. A good landing page must be:

  • Attractive
  • Eye-catching
  • Simple yet informative
  • Not too cluttered
  • Short & concise

These are the features a good landing page must have, but still, there are many other components a landing page must possess to make them more feasible for their purpose. These are:

  • A headline
  • A sub-headline
  • One image for referral
  • Company’s email signature with logo
  • Testimonials
  • A form that the consumer will be asked to fill out

Landing pages are sometimes also referred to as lead capturing pages as they serve this very purpose of converting potential consumers into ones that go satisfied with what services they got consequently turning them into loyal customers. While all these pointers can be kept in mind, creating a landing page is not as simple as it sounds or looks. Irrespective of whether the components are all there or not, sometimes it gets pretty difficult to dodge the idea of less clutter when you include everything.

So the question is how one can be sure that the landing page they are planning to work on is going to be the perfect one. Here are a few neat tips and tricks to keep in mind which can ensure the creation of a landing page which will surely be able to manage a business’ sales activity management thus generating numerous leads for the company and their product.

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Tips & tricks to keep in mind

  • A clear goal gives a clear picture

It’s important to determine the goal you wish to achieve with your landing page beforehand. Landing pages often hold a lot of variation as they can be accessed by a wide variety of audiences. One landing page made for promotional sales on shoes will not be effective for a consumer searching for a budget sale on tickets to a big game.

There are many types of landing pages one can choose from. Mail Chimp provides this service to its customers by giving them two templates to choose from, either signup or a product page. A signup page serves the purpose of expanding the company’s customer base whereas a product page is a way to promote and advertise the business in the best possible manner by providing eye-catching deals or discounts.

  • Know what your audience wants

Try to make your landing pages more relevant by making sure that the right message is reaching the right sort of customer. There is absolutely no limit on how many landing pages a business can create so play it smart and instead of making one page that has all the generic keywords any ordinary landing page might have, set yours apart! You can make multiple pages to attract different sets of your audiences.

For instance, if you’re into the fashion industry, one landing page can be created to promote winter coats and boots while consumers living in warmer climates can be engaged with stylish crop tops, swimwear, etc. Make every consumer feel they’re special and you are set on taking care of their needs

  • Include all the critical elements

As Neil Patel states in his article, be sure to include all the crucial components on your landing page as that exercise relevance & brand seriousness. First things first which are a striking and noticeable headline. It is where the story will unfold and create interest, grab attention and provide an understanding of the brand and its products. A good headline should be able to convey to consumers what your business is all about.

  • Get rid of Navigation

A small and simple step that many marketers tend to ignore while designing landing pages is to get rid of the main navigation. Once a visitor lands on your page, it’s the company’s job to make those four to five seconds worthwhile, so the visitor sticks to the page. As a solution remove any links from your page which may be distracting to the consumer’s eye thus reducing or even eliminating lead generation friction; whereby consumers tend to abandon the page as they tend to move about the page gradually losing interest.

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  • What’s in it for us?

This is a question; potential leads often ask themselves when they visit a landing page. So make sure you add your business’s value proposition which discusses the benefits the products are going to provide to you such as long lasting quality, stylish cuts, and creases to stand out from the crowd or comfortable fitting for a long day at work in the case of a clothing line. Try to make the customer your point of focus.

  • Call to Action

A call to action or in short, a CTA is a term most commonly used in advertisements is when a business wants an immediate response from consumers such as an immediate sale. It is highly crucial to make sure that your CTA matches to the headline your landing page reads.

If a consumer is directed from the headline to a landing page expecting promotional discounts rather ends up finding more information being thrown at them, it is highly likely that they are going to lose interest and might also start thinking of your company as a scam. So better be aware of that! Some examples of good CTA’s can be by drop box that keeps it simple and to the point, i.e., Subscribe or by Netflix which says sign up free for up to a month. This is the best example of the phrase “less is more” and shows how simple and direct can impart more power.

  • Encourage sharing to social networks

Try to incorporate buttons or icons of different social media networks through which users can connect and also share your product contents and offers into their personal network. Whether its facebook, twitter, Instagram or email, make sure your company logo gets a chance to be circulated in a popular network.

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  • Security never goes unnoticed

Nowadays with all the spam and frauds increasing, consumers are wary of giving out their personal information in forms to submit online. Hence try to reduce their stress levels by providing proof of security. You can do this by adding a privacy message/policy that ensures consumers that whatever information they fill out will not be shared. Add security seals or certifications like Norton Secured, so they know their information is safe.

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If you keep the above-discussed steps in mind, chances are you will be quite successful in creating a successful and effective landing page that is able to convert your visitors into potential leads!

What is the role of content in a landing page?

Your visitors have reached your landing page with a pre-defined objective. To ensure that you have met their expectations on arriving at this page and that the destination is somewhat relevant to that.

Start with an attention grabbing but optimized page title. In terms of the SEO component, this is the number one element. This will help to drive relevant traffic who are searching for your products and services online. Work on the page title and try to match it with long tailed keywords.

Follow this up with a page or meta description that is absolutely compelling. The idea is to get the prospects to click through to your website.

Does the landing page load time impact conversions?

There are several other convincing reasons why you need to speed up the landing page. Research shows that there is a 40% traffic bounce rate for sites that take longer than 3 seconds to load and 1 second delay in page loading time can decrease conversions by 7%. Be it a static or an eCommerce site, the modern day audience is impatient.

If your landing page loads quickly then search engines will rank your page higher in comparison to slow-loading pages. Hence, if you are looking to give your position in SERPs a boost, then improving the landing page load time should be a top priority.

Do you need to do keyword research to help your landing page perform better?

Landing pages have a host of great ideas to gain knowledge on the keywords used. Often, these are the ones that match your business requirements. However, try finding keywords that are modern and establish a more contextual connection with the millennial and young audiences, since India has a higher density of youth population.

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