Decoding Common Digital Marketing Jargons

The digital marketing landscape is an ever-changing one. New strategies keep on pouring in, making it challenging for digital marketers to keep up with the changing trends. However, just keeping yourself updated with the latest marketing trends isn’t enough. A digital marketer must be well-versed with digital marketing jargons or terminologies to successfully design and implement digital marketings strategies.

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Yes, digital marketing jargons can be confusing, but they’re not exactly rocket science. Let’s help you understand digital marketing jargons a little better with this informative guide!

Here are a few common digital marketing jargons that every digital marketer must know:


Return on investment (ROI) is a term that denotes the profitability of marketing strategies. MROI or Marketing return on investment, on the other hand, measures the efficacy of your marketing strategies by comparing one marketing approach against another.

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Search engine optimization (SEO) encompasses a whole bunch of techniques and strategies that are used by digital marketers to ensure that their website and web pages always remain on top of the search engine ranking ladder. For instance, digital marketers can perform SEO audit of their website, create SEO optimized landing pages, optimizing sites for mobile devices, incorporate AdWords – all of this constitute SEO strategies.

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KPIs or key performance indicators are used to monitor and measure the progress and success rate of your marketing tactics. Comparing your KPI metrics against the industry data insights allows you to assess how well your marketing schemes are doing with your customer base. While KPIs can be as simple as tracking your website traffic and optimizing your content with keywords, they can also be as complicated as tracking your customer-acquisition-cost.

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Media Flight

Media flight refers to the pattern in which marketing ads appear as part of a business’ media schedule. A well-designed media schedule has alternating patterns of ‘flights’ and ‘hiatuses.’ While flight denotes the periods when marketing ads appear, hiatus denotes the period when ads do not appear. By leveraging a well-designed media schedule, you can reach your target audience better.


Pay per click (PPC) is an online advertising technique. In this method, businesses can choose to display their ads on websites, but rather than paying a lump sum amount for the ads business owners spend a stipulated amount every time a visitor on the site clicks on the ads. When visitors click on the ads, interactive links get activated automatically.

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Cost per Acquisition (CPA) refers to a pricing model based on which companies are charged by advertising platforms when their ads generate leads, conversions, and sales.


Real Simple Syndication or the RSS technology enables users to subscribe to the content suited to their tastes. It sends automatic alerts to all subscribers every time an update is added to the content. Feedly and FeedReader are two most popular RSS Readers.


As the name suggests, ‘advertainment’ is an amalgamation of advertising and entertainment. It is essentially ‘branded entertainment’ as it involves combining the different forms of entertainment such as songs and movies with advertising elements promoting a particular brand. So, while your potential consumers enjoy their favourite entertainment content, they get to know about your brand through advertisements.

360 Degree Campaign

A 360-degree campaign refers to a marketing campaign that juxtaposes all the core marketing assets such as social media, emails, content, print advertising, billboards, and so on. This is a holistic approach to marketing as it allows entrepreneurs and marketers to cover an extensive base to reach customers.

Key Differentiator

The term ‘Key Differentiator’ refers to all the aspects that make your business unique in the industry. For instance, why should a customer favour your brand over the others? What makes your products/services stand out from the crowd? The answers to such questions make up the key differentiators of your business. A brand’s key differentiators should be actionable, practical, and accurate.

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Organic Traffic

Organic traffic refers to the traffic driving towards your website from Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. Since the search engines generate the traffic, it is also known as “free” traffic.

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is a marketing technique through which companies encourage their target audience to share their content on social media platforms, thus, promoting increased exposure.

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Although these are only a select few popular digital marketing jargons, knowing these terms is a must for all aspiring digital marketers. Having a thorough understanding of digital marketing jargons allows marketers and entrepreneurs to enhance their marketing strategies.

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Are SEO and digital marketing the same?

Many tend to consider SEO or Search Engine Optimisation and Digital Marketing as synonymous. In fact, this is quite misleading as in reality, they are not the same despite having certain similarities.

Digital Marketing is the broad term that is used for online or internet marketing. SEO, on the other hand, is an online marketing method which in collaboration with complementary tactics like SMO, Email Marketing, SEM, Affiliate marketing forms a part of the overall digital marketing strategy.

Is digital marketing course a good option for MBA students?

Anyone with an MBA degree has been trained in all theoretical aspects of marketing that caters to the requirements of traditional methods of promotion. Very few institutions in the country offer a more comprehensively balanced curriculum where digital marketing is studied as part of the program.

Because the world is gradually shifting to digital platforms which makes studying Digital Marketing post an MBA a brilliant idea. Be it reaching out to your target audience or a vendor, everything happens over the internet. It is a convenient place where individuals are independent and are exposed to a variety of channels of communication. This makes it absolutely necessary for brands today to incorporate a strategy for marketing that is more digitally focused.

Why is digital marketing changing?

Evolution in the digital marketing space has been coming in various waves. In the foreseeable future, the surge will be massive, unlike what you may have never seen before.

Digital marketing will soon be the frontline of the businesses. And the competition too is getting more aggressive towards expansion and growth. The focus will be on six primary digital verticals that will drive the change - social, desktop, video, mobile, native, and programmatic. The future looks bright for digital marketing in India.

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