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Average User Designer (UX) Salary In India 2024: Fresher to Experienced

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30th Mar, 2023
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Average User Designer (UX) Salary In India 2024: Fresher to Experienced

With the rapid digitisation in recent years, UX design has gained much prominence as it endeavours to satisfy the user’s necessities. It strives to deliver favourable experiences that keep users faithful to the product or brand. UX design is necessary for product development by companies as it deals with all facets of the product, such as the website, landing page, community, service provided by the brand, and, lastly, the product itself.

UX designers aspire to deliver aesthetically enjoyable creations; their principal priority is constructing the finest user experience along with beautifying the product that they are working with. Since visually appealing content is being prioritised by organisations, it won’t be wrong to say, in Kent University’s terms, this is the decade of UX design!

In order to be a part of this revolutionary career path, let’s take you through all you need to know about the UX design career path.

Who is a UX Designer, and what do they do? 

User experience (UX) designers are responsible for optimising the interaction between humans and products. The job necessities of UX designers include a mind for visual design and conceptualising UX design strategies for various companies. 

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The role of a UX designer is a specialised one since they’re accountable for ensuring client satisfaction by enhancing the usability, accessibility, and delight associated with a product in a manner that is appealing and convenient for users. 

A UX designer is responsible for concocting interactive programs that improve a customer’s experience with a brand and cultivate an enjoyable experience using various forms of digital and web media. A UX designer is also required to have practical knowledge of coding and disseminate the brand’s strengths and essence seamlessly throughout the interface of a product.

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Who can apply to become a UX Designer?

The position of a UX designer incorporates both the aspects of research psychology and digital design. It is mandatory for a UX designer to undergo technical training to deliver quality products and services. 

One can pursue UX designing by acquiring a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Web Development, Graphic Design, or any other related field. UX Design is an ideal profession for individuals who enjoy conveying ideational concepts to life and enjoy performing with a team on creative initiatives. Creative and technologically competent individuals tend to perform well in the position of UX designers.

UX job roles and salaries                

UX job roles and salaries


UX design encompasses many interactive programs, with UX designers working at its epicentre of research and user testing. A UX designer’s job comprises a plethora of duties and responsibilities, which are narrated below. 

  • The UX designers are responsible for checking websites and software to get better access and user experience. 
  • They manage wireframes and design storyboards to deliver project plans to clients and senior management. 
  • The UX designers provide suggestions on the establishment of UX research methods and create analysis on the behaviour of the consumers. 
  • Collaborating with product engineers, managers and marketing teams to deliver the best content to digital users. 
  • To create new designs and use sitemaps, process flows, and storyboards.
  •  UX designer manages feedback and briefs for new projects along with incorporating policies in marketing strategies. 
  • The UX designers manage and create UI elements, such as widgets, search boxes and navigation menus. 
  • They focus on the typography style standards and implement the UX design elements.
  • UX designers manage prototypes for customer needs and establish attractive designs along with UI designers. 

Let’s take a look at UX designer salary trends across cities in India:

Cities Average Annual Salary
New Delhi

INR 6,00,000


INR 5,15,443 


INR 5,45,779


INR 5,69,567


INR 4,16,678

Factors Affecting UX Designer Salary in India

There are several factors determining a UX designer salary. Let’s look at how the figures vary under the influence of these factors!

1. Job roles – The foremost element surrounding the orbit of other factors is job designation. UX researcher salary increases or decreases according to the job designations, roles and responsibilities. For instance, in the UX designing hierarchy, a junior assistant will receive an average salary at the end of every month, and a senior UX designer possessing visual creativity and managerial responsibilities will receive the highest salary. 


Average Annual Salary
Junior User Experience Designer


Senior User Experience Designer


Lead User Experience Designer


2. Experience – Experience is the key to success in every working field. Along with a creative mind and educational qualifications, individuals must have field experience spanning through the years. Employers in various companies wish to hire individuals with practical knowledge and analytical skills.

3. Location– The location of the company creates a great impact on the salary an individual receives. Location-based pay provides wages to an employee based on standard market rate and location. Before payroll processes, the employer analyses the region’s living conditions, which greatly influences salary figures. For example, the salary for UX designers in Chennai is lower than what is being offered in New Delhi, implying the changing salary trends based on location. 

4. Skills– UX designers need to possess some unique skills to pursue a successful career. The UX design salary depends on some of the skills, including a creative mind, research abilities, HTML and CSS skills and visual communication, which have a significant impact on salary figures.


Average Annual Salary 
Interaction Design




Web Design


UX Designer Salary in Other Countries

UX designer salary depends on location and industry type and varies according to the size of the company, work capital and resources. According to Payscale, the average salary of UX designers in India is 6 LPA a year with five to six years of experience, while other nations have a different salary range. Let’s take a look.

CountriesAverage Annual Salary
United StatesUSD 91,225
CanadaCAD 77,090
IrelandEUR 39,000
United KingdomGBP 32,000
GermanyEUR 52,865

Future scope of UX Designer in India

According to reports, there will be a rapid rise of 22.1% in UX designer jobs in the next ten years. Overseas businesses and global organisations discover various innovative products and play a crucial role in creating job openings for UX designers. 

With the advent of technologies and advancements in recent times, employers are focusing on specialised disciplines of UX designing, including visual design, interaction design and information architecture. UX designing is a booming field and is predicting an emergence in vacancies across various organisations by 2050, implying a fruitful future for designers. 

How to prepare for UX designer interviews to land the best jobs

In order to pursue a dream career in UX design and fulfil your desires, you need to appear in multiple interview rounds. The key points of preparing for an interview are listed below: 

Prepare well and focus on soft skills

Individuals applying for UX designer jobs need to possess active listening skills and excellent speaking skills, which will aid in collaboration and management in visual design. After completing a specialised course on UX design, individuals need to focus on the different design processes, communication techniques and user personas. 

Create a good resume and include your UX process and experiences

To get a UX designer job, candidates have to focus on building a unique resume and portfolio. The individuals need to discuss with the interviewer about wireframes and images and establish ideas like how to create user personas. 

Some of the interview questions for UX designer jobs are: 

  • Tell us about yourself

You need to be confident and focused. Answer with patience and add several things which excite you in UX design, including creativity and coding. 

  1. How do you want to present your design process? 

Be patient and discuss the development of user-centric designs, present UX principles, including interaction design, information architecture and experience strategy and showcase your presentation skills.

  1. How to respond to the negative experiences of the users and improve the UX of our product concerned? 

Research on the development of UX design and its growth in the long run. Create a sample action plan and incorporate the role of the company’s target users while discussing the design and its negative responses. 

To Sum Up,

The role of a UX designer comprises the right balance of creativity and technical intricacies, making it one of the most coveted roles, both by learners and employers. In order to obtain an edge over others, the best way would be to consistently upskill yourselves. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1How does User Experience help in UX designing?

The establishment and delivery of UX designs are very crucial and play an important role in influencing consumers' happiness and revenue. Following the deployment of a strong visual element in your product, customers are likely to have more interest leading to better customer engagement.

2How much is the UX design salary, and what would a typical UX design project cost in India?

The average UX design salary in India is 4.8 LPA, which is subject to change following the impact of different factors like location, role, and experience. Typically, a UX design project in India costs around INR 1,60,12,857, which can further extend, including additional charges and alterations.

3What are the popular UX design tools?

Popular UX design tools include Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD and Adobe Illustrator, Figma and InVision. Expert US designers are required to hone proficiency in most of these tools.

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