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Best Career Options after 12th PCM: Top Courses, Salary Expectation

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14th Apr, 2024
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Best Career Options after 12th PCM: Top Courses, Salary Expectation

After completing 12th Science PCM, the array of career options is vast. However, it’s common for students to feel overwhelmed by the choices available. The Physics, Chemistry, and Maths stream, known as PCM, is highly popular for higher secondary education. In this guide, I’ll highlight some of the best career options after 12th PCM students, providing insights into potential salaries.

I’ll also present a comprehensive list of PCM jobs along with their salary details. I aim to offer clarity and direction to students seeking guidance on which course to pursue after completing class 12. With the right information, you can make informed decisions about your future career path.

What Is 12th PCM?

Students who have completed their senior secondary (10+2) with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as the main subjects are understood to be in the 12th PCM stream. Class 12th is a turning point for a career because it denotes the school’s last stage and the start of a college education. Knowing your career options after 12th PCM and following the one that suits your interest helps you embark on a rewarding career. PCM students can choose from different career options that focus on technology, multimedia, healthcare, etc.

Now, without further ado, let’s begin!

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Digital Marketer

Do you take an interest in social media? Do you wish to explore the creative side of a Martech career? Then you can pursue a career in digital marketing. It is one of the fastest growing sectors right now, and one can easily make it one of their career options after 12th science PCM.

Digital marketers help companies create and expand their online presence. This includes managing their social media accounts, planning online marketing campaigns, tracking KPIs, performing SEO and SEM, conducting competitor analysis, etc. They aim to attract more leads and convert them into buyers. 

Digital marketing professionals usually work in teams. Creativity is imperative for this field as you’ll have to help with your organisation’s branding and graphic design. Similarly, you’ll be using many technical tools and Data Analytics to determine how your company is faring against its competition and what it can do to get better results. 

Digital marketing is not specific to the students’ stream. The 12th PCM graduates can advance in their digital marketing career by taking up roles as researchers, data analysts, etc.  It is one of the versatile career options after 12th PCM because it helps candidates excel in many different job roles based on their interests. The online industry is so much today that there are immense digital marketing jobs available today.

Digital marketers are demanding because every industry needs a digital presence. A powerful digital presence through a reliable website is a must, whether it’s a healthcare firm, a real estate company or public relations firm, etc. So, after completing my 12th PCM, there are various career prospects in the digital marketing domain.

You can also find international accreditations and training for various certifications in digital marketing.  One of the key benefits is that many of these job roles are location independence. Pursuing a professional course in Digital marketing provides you with the freedom to begin your own business and work at your pace.

Some necessary skills for this role are:

  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Content marketing 
  • Social media marketing
  • Branding 
  • Video marketing, etc.

How much you can expect to earn?

Average Digital Marketer Salary

digital marketing salary

Digital Marketer Salary Based on Cities

Bangalore₹5.5 Lakhs
New Delhi₹4.2 Lakhs
Mumbai₹3.7 Lakhs
Hyderabad₹4.8 Lakhs
Pune₹4.6 Lakhs
Chennai₹4.1 Lakhs
Noida₹3.7 Lakhs
Ahmedabad₹3.9 Lakhs

How does experience affect digital marketer salary?

Fresher₹2.7 Lakhs
1 Year₹2.8 Lakhs
2 Year₹3.5 Lakhs
3 Year₹3.9 Lakhs
5 Year₹6 Lakhs

Digital Marketer salary based on industries

IT Services₹6.8 Lakhs
Internet₹6.7 Lakhs
Software Product₹5.1 Lakhs
Financial Services₹6.7 Lakhs
KPO₹5.1 Lakhs

How to Become a Digital Marketer?

You’ll need to join a digital marketing course to start a career in this field. For example, you can join upGrad and JAIN Online’s BBA in Advertising & branding + Advanced Certificate program. It would equip you with industry-relevant marketing skills. 

Finance Manager

As a finance manager, you’ll be responsible for managing your organisation’s budget and handling its financial growth. Finance managers make forecasts for their organisation and help the other staff determine the financial requirements of different departments. They help the operations team in handling the operations review. 

They lead a team of finance professionals and must have strong leadership skills. Finance managers have to conduct regular performance evaluations and give feedback to their team to keep it on track. This is also one of the career options after 12th PCM with high salary. 

Just completed your 12th in science and curious about your future? Navigate through the career options after 12th science to find a path that aligns with your interests and aspirations.

How much you can expect to earn?

In this field, you can expect to earn a median pay of ₹995k per year. Salaries for finance managers with little to no experience start from ₹357k per year. However, note that your income will rise exponentially as you gain more experience, and you can make up to ₹2m per year.

The most beneficial skill to have as a finance manager is project management. Finance managers with this skill earn 83% more than the average. Another skill that helps you make more in this field includes tax consulting which offers 76% more pay than the median. 

How to Become a Finance Manager?

Becoming a finance manager would require you to have a management degree. It is a leadership role and requires expertise in financial matters. 

Here is the list of a few popular courses 12th PCM students choose in this field:

  • Business Administration
  • Business Analytics
  • Financial Analysis
  • Financial Management
  • Financial Engineering & Technology
  • Equity and Investment Analysis
  • Risk Management Digital
  • Investment Banking
  • International Business Management
  • Logistics Management and Supply Chain Management

Average Finance Manager Salary

finance manager salary

Finance Manager Salary Based on Cities

Bangalore₹19 Lakhs
New Delhi₹17.1 Lakhs
Mumbai₹16.9 Lakhs
Hyderabad₹17.9 Lakhs
Pune₹16.5 Lakhs
Chennai₹17.3 Lakhs
Noida₹18.1 Lakhs
Kolkata₹16.7 Lakhs

How does experience affect Finance Manager salary?

finance manager salary by experience

3 Years9.5
5 Years11.8
6 Years13
8 Years14.5
10 Years15.5

Finance Manager salary based on industries

Internet₹19.7 Lakhs
Financial Services₹11.2 Lakhs
IT Services₹19.1 Lakhs
Software Product₹22.4 Lakhs
Manufacturing₹20.3 Lakhs


Do you want to create content that reaches hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people? If so, then a career in journalism is an ideal pathway for you. 

Journalists are responsible for researching news stories to create reports and articles. They collect and interpret facts about the latest events through investigations, interviews, and observation. Journalists write, review, and edit articles. 

They look for articles that are relevant and attract attention. Journalists work in different media, including print, TV, audio, and online. Their job responsibilities can vary greatly depending on the kind of media organisation they work with. 

How much you can expect to earn?

This field offers a median pay of ₹388k per annum. Freshers earn ₹124k per year in this field, but as your experience and reputation grow, your pay will increase, going up to ₹1m per year. 

Some skills that can help you earn more in this field include copywriting, data analysis, and research analysis. 

Also Read: Journalist Salary in India 

How to Become a Journalist?

To become a journalist, you’ll need to have a degree in journalism or communication. We recommend joining Chandigarh University’s Bachelor of Arts (Journalism & Mass Communication) program. It is among the most lucrative career options in PCM. Your analytical skills will help you greatly in this field in finding insights and investigating facts. 

Average Journalist Salary

journalist salary Journalist Salary Based on Cities

Bangalore₹6 Lakhs
New Delhi₹4.8 Lakhs
Mumbai₹4.9 Lakhs
Hyderabad₹2.5 Lakhs
Ahmedabad₹3.1 Lakhs
Chennai₹2.8 Lakhs
Noida₹2.9 Lakhs
Kolkata₹5.1 Lakhs


How does experience affect Journalist salary?

journalist salary by experience

Fresher₹2.8 Lakhs
3 Years₹3.4 Lakhs
6 Years₹4.3 Lakhs
10 Years₹5.8 Lakhs

Journalist salary based on industries

Media₹5 Lakhs
Broadcasting₹3.3 Lakhs
Publishing₹3.5 Lakhs
Internet₹4.4 Lakhs
Financial Services₹3.4 Lakhs

Software Engineer

Software engineering has always been among the most in-demand and lucrative fields in India. Software engineers are responsible for developing the functions of the software to match the software design. They work with designers to create a software application that solves a specific issue or helps people perform a task more efficiently and easily. 

They work with software programmers to map out the different functions of an application. The demand for this role has been high for decades and will only increase as more companies join the digital and tech bandwagon. 

They are usually tasked with developing applications, tools, and digital solutions. They develop, analyse, and enhance virtual solutions to fulfil business goals. Moreover, they can smartly write codes to troubleshoot errors. After completing the 12th PCM, students need to pursue a 4-year bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering.

Software engineering is one of the prevalent PCM career options because it provides outstanding career opportunities with admirable salaries in various companies. Moreover, exceptionally skilled graduates can easily land a job with a very high salary package. As they amass experience, they learn cutting-edge technologies and tools that help to further advance their career graph. The job as a Software engineer constantly enhances the candidates’ analytical and logical skills. They further help them adopt challenging job roles in their career.

How much you can expect to earn?

Having specific skills can earn you significantly higher salaries in this field. Software engineers who are familiar with the Haskell programming language earn 199% more than the average. On a similar note, those who are experts in distributed systems earn 153% more than the average, while those familiar with software architecture earn 140% more.

Average Software Developer Salary

Software Developer Salary Based on Cities

Bangalore₹9.7 Lakhs
New Delhi₹8.4 Lakhs
Mumbai₹8 Lakhs
Hyderabad₹8.9 Lakhs
Pune₹8.4 Lakhs
Chennai₹8.2 Lakhs
Gurugram₹9.2 Lakhs
Kolkata₹7.9 Lakhs


How does experience affect software developer salary?

software developer salary experience

1 Year₹5.2 Lakhs
2 Year₹6.1 Lakhs
3 Year₹7.1 Lakhs
4 Year₹8.7 Lakhs
5 Year₹10.5 Lakhs

Software Developer salary based on industries

IT Services₹8.3 Lakhs
Software Product₹10.2 Lakhs
Financial Services₹9.2 Lakhs
KPO₹11.5 Lakhs
Hardware₹8.7 Lakhs
Engineering₹8.6 Lakhs
Manufacturing₹10.2 Lakhs


Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning is a relatively new technology. However, it has become increasingly popular as it allows companies to build intelligent solutions that can operate independently and learn with every iteration. Some of the most popular machine learning applications you see in your day-to-day life include face recognition, autocorrect, Google Assistant, and the recommendations you get on Amazon. 

The professionals who make these solutions are called machine learning engineers. They are experts in developing machine learning models and using them to solve problems. Machine learning engineers work in numerous industries, including software, transport, manufacturing, research, entertainment, etc. 

The growing industry and increased demand for machine learning engineers make it a great PCM career option. Machine learning is also an excellent after 12 PCM career option as the students exclusively have the science and mathematics knowledge required to pursue a career in it.

Machine learning engineers’ key aim is to do research and develop and design automatic AI systems for predictive modelling. Usually, they work with data engineers, data scientists, data analysts, and administrators. Moreover, they can analyse multiple data sets and develop models to optimise their implementation. The 12th PCM students need to pursue a 4-year degree in data science or computer science. Machine learning is one of the decent-paying PCM career options owing to the exceptional talents its job roles demand.

Many companies are adopting Machine learning technology to provide better services in sectors like fiancés, retail, airlines, investment, etc. Therefore, the demand for Machine learning engineers is soaring. With the AI implementation in India since 2018, ample jobs are generated in this field. Machine learning is a recommended career if you are searching for those PCM career options with salary that meets your expectations.

The demand for machine learning engineers is high in India owing to the following factors:

  • Decreases the odds of human errors
  • Developing smart machines decreases the stress and dependency on the operators
  • Helps several companies to transit from traditional data interpretation techniques to machine learning by increasing technicians’ efficiency
  • Helps cloud analysts to detect the abnormalities in real-time information so that they can review them smoothly.

The machine learning career scope is not only limited to finance, investment, and transportation. It has explored a broad range of career fields for students to excel in media, banking, entertainment, automotive, information technology, gaming, etc.

You can go through the PCM jobs list and salary to compare the salary figures of various job roles and ultimately choose the most suitable one. Machine learning engineers are researching robotics, computer vision, quantum technology, etc. So, there is a rising demand for Machine learning engineering after the 12th PCM.

How much you can expect to earn?

Machine learning engineers who are experts in using Apache Spark earn 92% more than others. Familiarity with Amazon Web Services can also be highly beneficial as those with this skill earn 40% more than the average. Other helpful skills include deep learning, computer vision, and natural language processing. 

Average AI/ML Salary

ml salary indiaSource

AI/ML Salary Based on Cities

Bangalore₹11.5 Lakhs
New Delhi₹9.8 Lakhs
Mumbai₹14 Lakhs
Hyderabad₹8.5 Lakhs
Pune₹11.1 Lakhs
Chennai₹7.5 Lakhs
Gurugram₹12.4 Lakhs
Kolkata₹8.2 Lakhs

How does experience affect AI/ML salary?

Fresher₹7.5 Lakhs
2 Year₹8.9 Lakhs
3 Year₹11.1 Lakhs
5 Year₹13.9 Lakhs

How to become Machine Learning Engineer?

Becoming a machine learning engineer requires you to be familiar with artificial intelligence, machine learning algorithms, their applications, and many related skills. The best way to go about this process is to join a machine learning course. 

These were some very common yet trending best career options after 12th pcm with high salary. Therefore, it is fair to say that there are multiple career options after 12th PCM. Not only any jobs but there are several career options after 12th PCM with high salary. Below is a PCM jobs list and salary that talks about various other non-conventional yet high-paying PCM career options. This section will provide a brief discussion on such PCM career options with salary and their eligibility criteria. 

Careers Salary (Per Annum)
ArchitectINR 4 to 10 LPA
PilotINR 6 to 12 LPA
NurseINR 3.5 to 8 LPA
Agriculture scientistsINR 5.5 to 11 LPA
Veterinarian INR 3 to 10 LPA
Biomedical engineerINR 3 to 11 LPA
PsychiatristINR 5 to 20 LPA
Ethical hackerINR 3.6 to 24 LPA

Source: Payscale

Eligibility criteria for some of these careers:

Architecture: Students who take PCM in their 12th are eligible to apply for this course. In order to get admission into a college, the applicants have to take part in the National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA), which is administrated by the Council of Architecture. 

Biomedical engineering: Similar to any other B.Tech course, the candidate has to have PCM and English in their 12th. After that, they can appear for various entrance tests such as JEE, CET etc, to get admission to prestigious engineering colleges. 

Psychiatrist: As the career falls under the medical realm, students are required to have PCM in their 12th, after which they have to complete a 5-year long MMBS degree; only then they can opt for a Master’s programme (MD) in Psychiatry. The higher the degree, the higher the value of the psychiatrist, hence they often chose to further extend their studies and do a PhD in Psychiatric social work or Psychiatric Nursing or even a Master of Philosophy (M. Phil) in relevant areas. 

Veterinarian: Veterinarians are doctors for animals; hence, it is needless to mention the vitality of the job. In order to become a veterinarian, one has to have Physics, Chemistry and Biology in their 11th and 12th. Further, they can opt for a bachelor’s degree in forensic science to start their practice. Doing a post-graduate course is optional but is definitely suggested if one wishes to upskill their knowledge and credibilities. 

Nursing: The primary eligibility for applying to a nursing course is to have physics, chemistry, maths and biology in their 10+ with an aggregate of more than 50%. However, this is only required if the person wishes to do B.Sc Nursing. There are no such criteria for GNM. Needless to say, scopes and salaries are much more vivid in nursing, and candidates can also opt for higher studies to further improve their ranks.

Agricultural scientist: The first criterion of becoming an agricultural scientist is that the candidate should have had PCM in their 10+1. Their aggregate must be higher than 50% from any well-renowned board. Then only they can appear for the common entrance test, and after successfully passing that, they can pursue Agriculture which is a four-year undergraduate course, proceeded by a 2-year long M.Sc in Agriculture to become an Agricultural Scientist. 

Pilot: After completing the 10+2 level with PCM, a candidate has to pursue a pilot training course from NDA. In order to pursue that course, they first have to qualify for the NDA entrance exam. A person as young as 17 years can also become a pilot in India if they match all the fitness and medical criteria. There are quite a few types of pilots such as Airline pilots, Commercial pilots, Fighter pilots or Charter pilots with salaries varying accordingly. 

Ethical Hacker: Ethical Hacking course is a specialised post-graduate course and not a degree course. A candidate has to complete their undergraduate in Information Technology or Computer Science in order to pursue ethical hacking as their career. Candidates can also shift to this course after completing an advanced diploma in network security. Candidates can also opt for courses such as cybersecurity and networking, and the rest depends on how much one can implement their learning. This career is rather valued based on skills than a degree. 

Highest paid jobs for PCM students in India

There are several courses you can pursue after completing the 12th Science PCM. But there are a few PCM career options like, Government jobs for PCM students with salary meeting their talents and expectations. The course selection depends on the employer, job profile, location, and several other factors. Here is the list of high-salary courses after the highest paying jobs for pcm students:

  • B.E. Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  • B.Tech  (Bachelor of Technology)
  • B.Sc. Nautical Science
  • B.E. Marine Engineering
  • B.E. Civil Engineering
  • BCA (Bachelor of Computer application)
  • BS (Bachelor of Science in computer engineering)
  • B.Sc in Aviation

How To Choose the Right Career Options After 12th Science PCM?

Choosing the right career path after completing 12th Science with PCM (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics) can be a pivotal decision that shapes your future. With many options available, making an informed choice based on your interests, strengths, and long-term goals is crucial. Here are some points to consider when making this decision:

1. Self-Assessment

  • Reflect on your strengths, weaknesses, interests, and aptitudes.
  • Identify subjects or topics you enjoy and excel in within the PCM stream.
  • Consider your skills beyond academics, such as communication, problem-solving, and creativity.

2. Research

  • Explore various career options related to PCM, such as engineering, architecture, pure sciences, mathematics, computer science, and more.
  • Look into the academic requirements, duration of courses, and potential career prospects for each option.

3. Passion and Interest

  • Choose a field that aligns with your passion and interests. Pursuing something you love will keep you motivated and engaged.
  • Consider what topics or activities you find engaging and exciting that can lead to a fulfilling career.

4. Career Options

  • Engineering: If you enjoy applying scientific principles to real-world problems, engineering fields like mechanical, electrical, civil, or computer engineering might be suitable.
  • Architecture: Architecture could be a great fit if you have a creative flair and an interest in designing structures.
  • Pure Sciences: If you’re passionate about research and discovery, fields like physics, chemistry, or mathematics could be rewarding.
  • Computer Science: If programming and technology intrigue you, a career in software development, data science, or IT could be appealing.

5. Job Opportunities

  • Research the job market and growth prospects for the careers you’re considering. Some fields might have higher demand and better job opportunities than others.

6. Course Selection

  • Based on your chosen career path, select relevant courses and degrees. Some careers might require specific degrees or certifications.

7. Consult Professionals

  • Talk to professionals in the fields you’re interested in. Their insights can provide valuable information about the job’s actual work, challenges, and rewards.

8. Future Trends

  • Consider the future trends and advancements in different industries. Some fields might evolve rapidly, offering more opportunities for innovation and growth.

9. Financial Aspects

  • Evaluate the potential financial rewards of your chosen career. Some fields might offer higher earning potential than others.

10. Work-Life Balance

  • Think about the lifestyle you envision. Some careers might demand long hours, while others could offer more flexibility.

11. Skill Development

  • Assess the skills required in your chosen field and whether you will invest time in developing those skills.

12. Combination Careers

  • Explore interdisciplinary careers that combine your PCM background with other areas. For instance, you could consider careers in finance, economics, or even management with a technical edge.

13. Internships and Experiences

  • Participate in internships, workshops, or short courses to gain practical experience and better understand your chosen field.

14. Networking

  • Build a network of peers, mentors, and professionals in your intended industry. Networking can open doors to opportunities and insights.

15. Long-Term Goals

  • Consider your long-term aspirations. Where do you see yourself in 5, 10, or 20 years? Will the chosen career path align with these goals?

Remember that choosing a career is a dynamic process. Your interests and goals may evolve. It’s okay to seek guidance from career counselors, teachers, and mentors as you navigate this important decision. Ultimately, the right career choice will allow you to leverage your strengths and passions to lead a fulfilling and successful professional life.

Non-Engineering Career Options after 12th Science PCM

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Having explored numerous non-engineering career options after 12th Science PCM, I can attest to the breadth of opportunities available. These options encompass diverse fields beyond traditional engineering paths. From careers in finance and management to those in healthcare and design, PCM students have a wide array of choices to consider. With the right guidance and exploration, students can discover fulfilling career paths that align with their interests and strengths.


Completing 12th is indeed a significant milestone and understanding the best career options after 12th PCM can greatly aid in planning your future. We hope the above list of career options and high-paying courses after 12th science PCM has assisted you in selecting the right path. 

It’s crucial to choose a career path aligned with your interests and aspirations. Identify what truly motivates you and explore professions that resonate with those interests. This approach will facilitate a more informed decision-making process, ensuring that you embark on a career path that brings fulfillment and success. 


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1How do I choose my career?

To choose the best career that suits you, you need to consider three things - your interests, your career-oriented goals, and your personality traits. The activities that you enjoy doing in your free time can give you insights into the careers that would be satisfying and fulfilling for you. Everyone has values and morals that are important to them, such as financial security, social justice or work-life balance. These values can help you decide what type of career to pursue. Your personality is how you represent yourself to the world, it can be an important factor in guiding you towards a specific career.

2Can I consider creative career options after 12th PCM?

Yes, you can definitely pursue career options that are more creative in nature after 12th PCM. You can take up designing courses and have a successful career in fashion designing, interior designing, or textile designing. the field of animation and multimedia also provide great opportunities in animation, graphic designing, web designing, and digital marketing. Travel and hospitality are good options to consider if you prefer the management field. Here you can pursue travel and tourism, hotel management, and event management as career options. Besides these, you have the journalism, media, arts, and literature domains for professions like photography, culinary arts, sound engineering, fine arts and performing arts, video editing, food chemistry, etc.

3What are the high-salary jobs for PCM students?

Medicine and engineering are two of the most popular and coveted jobs after finishing 12th PCM, but there are other booming industries as well. Some of the high-paying job positions and the national average salary for these positions per annum are engineer (INR 6 LPA), doctor (INR 7 LPA), architect (INR 20 LPA), pilot (INR 16.4 LPA), data scientist (INR 10.8 LPA), veterinarian (INR 5 LPA), and agricultural scientist (INR 20 LPA). If you have a good educational background and have gained necessary skills, you will be able to find a job with a comfortable salary to look forward to.

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