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Why ORM is Important? 7 Actionable Tips to Improve ORM for Your Business

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26th May, 2021
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Why ORM is Important? 7 Actionable Tips to Improve ORM for Your Business

Online credibility is the reason behind your product and service’s sales. Crossing the first 1 million mark is difficult, but once done, the other millions follow. Online reputation has a cascading power to develop a business’s goodwill. “Why ORM is important” is still a question among entrepreneurs and business owners. Truth be told, most businesses sail on the wings of online reputation, dedicated to the brand’s growth

It is difficult to establish the goodwill of a business and easy to demolish the same. Sustaining amidst millions and millions of businesses today will undoubtedly take the skill set of online reputation management. It is vital to keep up the quality of the business offerings and a reputation management strategy that works in the long run.

Consumer can find answers to all their questions about a business in the form of news, articles, emails, blogs, white papers and other instruments. Business owners must be conscious of the information produced about them online and how the slightest ignorance can destroy their reputation. Today’s degree of competition doubles the need for online reputation management strategy and how acting wisely can sustain a business in the long run.

More often than not, people do not consider online reputation management as a part of digital marketing services. Surprisingly, social media and online reputation management are the core components of digital marketing for a business to leave a mark within the target audience. 

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It is important to share the availability on the internet and adopt an online marketing strategy that will help catch the local customers’ attention and new targets, thereby boosting reputation and keeping the business in contention.

How Does ORM Impact Digital Marketing?

From the face of it, Google shares the credibility of a business in the form of reviews and ratings. If reports are to be believed, about 90% of people assessing a business and organisation or even a product go by reading online reviews before deciding.

By simply looking up for the common keyword on the internet, people are fed with different aspects about the company— what it offers, whether it offers good or bad, how they treat people, salaries, etc.

The answer to “why ORM is important” can be explained by brands’ need to establish communication. A brand sincere enough to communicate to its customers will build and maintain a reputation.

A negative online presence or zero presence severely impacts the business reputation. It impacts a business in terms of closing business deals, bringing new employees, sales and turnover. Most companies work without knowing the importance of online reputation or without having a reputation at all.

Businesses need to analyse their online presence. As a business owner, search your own business, its people, products, and services on the internet and see what people are saying. The analysis of reviews and ratings will help gather positive feedback and counter loopholes if any. You will get hold of several aspects and issues that people talk about and easily counter them by regularly monitoring your online presence.

Besides that, a good online reputation will help you increase followers, keep regularity in your postings, help you respond to negative feedback by introducing a change, provide a contact detail where customers can directly interact— all of these aspects work together to create a positive brand image. This is the reason why ORM is important.

Start by searching your own hashtags, brand name and location and see what people are talking about. From the negative mentions, learn how you can defend your business and promote a healthy outlook. Negative mentions are the best case studies. Create content from them, and directly link such content to the reply section to increase business views.

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Tips to Improve Online Reputation Management

Online reputation as a tool that works towards the digital transformation and development of a brand image. Companies strive to employ marketing officers, digital marketing managers, social media planners, and other agencies who dedicatedly work towards online reputation management. Whether it is offline or online, a company must always cater to online reputation with its products reviews, history, complaints, feedback, and responses on the internet.

If reports are to be believed, 54% of marketers believe that online reputation management is a part of the company’s success. It allows businesses to interact with customers, provide a better solution, and guide with real-time queries. 

Today every brand has its mobile app where online delivery options are feasible. Such facilities have transformed the idea of purchase. 80% of consumers look for products and service reviews on social media before investing. Even though online reputation management is considered a powerful tool, only 42% of businesses monitor their reputation frequently.

Here are a few tips to consider for improving online reputation management

1. Online reputation management also considers press releases, posts by bloggers, publications in a specific niche to gather positive reviews and optimise business websites as per SEO. Ensure your online reputation management also has such categories, as involving the press highly enhances the business’s structure.

2. Online reviews are the only guide for customers to trust the products and services of the digital world. Positive reviews and clear product descriptions on your business website can be a huge advantage for e-commerce and the retail industry.

3. Another key factor of online reputation management is search saturation. To help your business website rank well, create content around keywords that shows negative news about your business. It will automatically turn leads in favour of the business.

4. Help customers with a positive outlook on your business by posting testimonials, client logos, and 5-star ratings. You can add them to your social media handles, business websites, email marketing content etc. A casual visitor will also turn to be a client if your online presence is standard.

5. There is no way you can restrict a consumer to post negative reviews about your products and services. However, one way you can teach the targeted audience of the good in your business is by increasing the star rating. Businesses with 4 out of 5 stars gain maximum traction and a huge part of the customer section.

6. Engage in content marketing. Content marketing for a business can be a strategic approach that focuses on creating and distributing consistent content and retaining a defined audience. Content marketing, as a tool, can amplify the customer base, generate leads, create interest in the targeted section of people, lead to cost savings and help gain loyal customers.

7. Develop page authority using search engine results pages (SERP). The greater your scores, the better is the ability to rank. Ensure your business has an improved space name. Outline the details about the business, its products, services, administration, etc.

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Effects of Online Reputation Management

The word reputation itself is used to benchmark a person, a brand, a business, or an authority. Evaluating a business based on its online reputation can turn out to be good in terms of the below factors:

1. Trust and Credibility

Trust and credibility are considered the virtual wheels of an online business. Customers make use of the open forum to discuss shopping and business deals. Good experiences bring confidence in customers, and businesses do not have to invest the extra cost of regaining leads. Positive reviews and appropriate feedback result in huge traction for the business.

2. Increased Sales

Good online reputation is directly related to a business’s increased sales if online reputation is properly coordinated and implemented with a strategy. The positive ecosystem of the business abstracts a huge selection of targeted audiences and nurtures sustained growth.

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3. Cost-Effective

Online reputation is easily damaged with negative remarks. It greatly influences business incomes. Online reputation management is a cost-effective business technique that prevents the business from such harm and inclines people towards the positive aspects of the business. 

Online reputation can be directly used to create the concept of care, increase transparency, encourage online endorsement and identify further company opportunities if used properly.

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To conclude, online reputation management builds public relations. Small to medium-sized businesses must bring ORM as a business functionality to keep up with changing market standards. No matter the domain of a business, ORM is essential to its success.

To have a better understanding of ORM, surf through the courses on upGrad and test your skills. You can also get your hands on several other digital marketing courses and work together to create a great business outlook.

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The career opportunities in digital marketing are plenty; you get to choose what you want to become. If you are curious to get into the world of digital marketing, check out upGrad & MICA’s Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing and Communication.

The internet is widely accessible, and everyone will search for your business online. Make use of your resources and put up a strong online presence on the internet. The stronger your presence, the greater will be your revenue. Create positive news, post good deeds to generate more positive reviews on the internet. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1Why is ORM important?

Most purchases online begin with a Google search. Customers who search, in addition to providing them information about the product are also exposed to reviews and other information about the product. According to statistics, consumers read an average of 7 reviews before laying their trust in a business and 49 percent 60 percent of customers claimed that reading negative reviews made them not want to opt for a business. Ensuring a good online reputation will positively impact your business and ultimately help you attain your business objectives.

2How does influencer marketing help in building ORM?

Influencers have built a bond with their customers and can help in different aspects like developing videos, mentioning you in their blog and involving you in other forms of cross-promotion, etc.

3What are the best ways to improve ORM for your business?

Although there are numerous ways to improve ORM, here are some actionable steps that can help in improving the ORM for your business insist on categories to enhance the business’s structure, develop quality content and include keywords, post reviews and ratings to help customers with their purchase decisions, work on improving the ratings of your business, invest in content marketing, invest in improving the quality of your web page and focus on resolving customer problems.

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