How much do you know about Digital Marketing?

Who is this Digital Marketing Quiz for?

Are you an Entrepreneur with a fancy for Digital? Or a Brand Manager wanting to focus on Online Marketing? Maybe a domain expert looking to diversify her skill sets?

Well, this test is for everyone, conventional marketing professionals who are interested in Digital Marketing as well as new entrants who are looking to make a start in the digital domain. Experienced Digital Marketers between 4-6 years of experience also will find this challenging.

digital-marketing-skills-test digital marketing quiz UpGrad Blog
Digital Marketing Knowledge is hard to test, honestly speaking, what do you test in a Digital Marketer? Her capability to manage Lakhs of campaign budgets across Google and Facebook? Her ability to create a robust inbound engine that takes away paid marketing heavy lifting to ensure a sustainable CAC? Or her ability to optimize landing pages, create killer email drips and be a pro at Analytics?

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We at UpGrad’s Digital Marketing Program team were pondering the same questions, which lead us to create this Cross-Channel Digital Marketing Program.

After some passionate debates among domain experts, we agreed is that a true Digital Marketer is someone who can fit all the pieces back to the puzzle!

digital-marketing-skills-test digital marketing quiz UpGrad Blog

What to Expect in this Digital Marketing Quiz?

Well, we have created an adaptive learning test, which first takes your input on how well you think you know Digital Marketing. The consecutive questions adapt on the basis of your performance. So even for beginners, this test is a great experience to discover the scope of Digital Marketing. For pro Digital Marketers, this may end up becoming an addictive challenge you love to solve.

Be ready to expect anything and everything starting with an email drip campaign to A/B Testing, to Programmatic buying!

Friendly advice: Don’t bother searching these questions on Google, you won’t find them! You could try to crack the test multiple times, and we will appreciate your attempts. 😉

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What happens if you perform really well?

We’ve kept aside some really awesome goodies and gift vouchers for the top scorers. But that’s not it, we’ll also be giving out scholarships to a select few of our 5 Month Digital Marketing Online Program. So spread the word to all Digital Marketing enthusiasts out there!

digital-marketing-skills-test digital marketing quiz UpGrad Blog

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