7 Inspiring Email Marketing Examples You Would Not Want To Miss [2021]

Introduction to Email Marketing

So are you among those who believe writing a good email is a tough task? Searching out answers for how to do, when to do, and what to write is even tougher?

So, why do you need to seek email marketing so much? Because it is still one of the best ways to convert leads. With the right email marketing campaign, you deliver your product right into the target audience’s inbox.

But what needs to be done to make it get opened & clicked and (in a good way) remembered—always & every single time! We believe that after reading this post, you may not have to struggle anymore with email marketing.

If you wonder how certain outstanding e-commerce brands in the digital world are achieving email marketing success almost day-after-day, you will enjoy this blog post. So, keep reading!

Well, from world-class email copywriting to eye-catching & interesting design, we’ve gathered a few email marketing examples here just for you. Get inspired for your future email marketing campaigns.

Points to Ponder while Creating an Email Marketing Campaign

You must remember the following points to make the best out of your email marketing campaigns.

– Plan the best strategies to make your emails get ready & delivered.

– Make creative subject lines & content to make sure customers get engaged & read until the end of the email till the last line.

– Sneak-peek into your prospects’ calendars

– Speak your customer’s language

– Make attractive & interesting designs that stand out

– Keep your readers engaged with storytelling content.

– Make your sales memorable by hiding some information to bring in curiosity.

– Create a workflow to follow up on Sale Campaigns

– Make emails to recover Abandoned Carts

– Create emails to Re-engage inactive prospects

– Always give gratitude by appreciating your subscribers

The next section is on the various types of email marketing campaigns that can be utilized to get more leads & convert them into loyal prospective buyers that may become your referral source to bring in more new customers. So, let’s get started.

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Email Marketing Examples | B2B & B2C Explained

So, you already know the importance of an email list. Let’s help you further grow it. Let’s begin & level up the email marketing campaign game plan by understanding a few email marketing examples by renowned brands that are already hustling in the digital market space.

Get the insights from all these email marketing examples to increase your email open rate, click-through rates, & sales. Discover the email marketing gurus’ mindset & strategy to apply, try & test to understand better how email marketing actually works?

1. Professionally Designed Emails 

Creating the right flow & always considering your customer’s journey is important. Let’s say that you create a step-by-step journey that your prospective readers would take from start to finish. Create a natural flow from your subject line to all the way through the down the line reading your email. Think of your email as a customer will do.

Example: Duffy’s Sports Grill 

Duffy’s email marketing team has created a natural flow and brilliantly created a pattern for its customers by blending well with a customer’s mindset. Kudos to the marketing team!

2. Welcome Email 

The first impression is the last impression, so you must greet your new customers well. Guide your subscribers on what they have to do next. An email is a digital form of communication, so weaving your brand personality through correct communication is a must.

Example: 1PASSWORD 

This brand has created such a warm & engaging welcome message for their new subscribers. While clearly indicating their new onboarded subscribers on what to do next, they have carefully placed a call to action for their audience to take prompt action.

3. One Call-To-Action Emails

Now you have crafted a beautiful welcome email, but now you need your customer to take just one action that has to be planned very cleverly in your next email through just one call to action email strategy. No jargon, no talks! Just action! We have taken the example of Adobe, who has done it amazingly.

Example: Abode 

Adobe has created a goal to make their audience use the product and click on call to action as soon as they open their emails. They have a direct approach here: clear & concise communication where no cross-selling or another sale is pitched. No distraction at all. Hats off to the Adobe email marketing team. They have displayed the right approach to how we can directly market our products on digital platforms easily.

4. Inspirational Emails 

Inspire to create an action—another way to nudge your prospects through inspirational emails. Yes, this works absolutely as you give your audience a mindset & a similar goal to get started again. Here an example depicting the same.

Example: Michaels 

Here, Michaels has done an outstanding job on his email ad copy. Their team has given a major inspiration by placing the exact tools in the email plain view. Therefore, potential customers now know what they have to look for while browsing stores.

5. Personalized Emails 

Personalized emails are one of the proven solutions to get 6x higher transaction rates. It has grabbed 18x more revenues while comparing to traditional flat emails. An email that has a personalization gets a good number of clicks through rates. It has been recorded that the conversion rate has increased to 14% from 10%. So, we strongly recommend you try this email marketing example for your next email marketing campaign. See results that convert. One such example is indicated.

Example: Chewy 

Bringing back the human conversation by just putting the conversational tone & words like “you” in digital communication have profoundly rewarded the Chewy team. It has created a feel of customized email that shows the amount of care & efforts taken by the marketing team for each of their customers. This one step can make the customers more inclined towards the call to action that you expect from them through this email campaign.

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6. Content Emails 

Trying to deliver digital content each week for your readers. Follow the content email marketers like Canva, who are inspiringly doing it.

Example: Canva 

Canva & Neil Patel are two names that are doing it fabulously. Subscribe to their mailing list and get the best insights on their reader’s mindset strategy.

7. Webinar Emails 

Does it give you a Blank Page Syndrome while thinking on what to design & write for the next webinar now? We assure you that the following example should help. Relax & grab insights. When these names can do it so fabulously, you can too.

Example: Lewis Howes 

Providing the details of the webinar and educating the audience of how vital this webinar is for them is a great way to collect leads. Create a sense of urgency by delivering emails. Place the registration link and give two big orange or green highlighting buttons to make them register instantly. You can perform A/B testing to check which email copy performs best.

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Conclusion | How to use these email marketing examples

Now that you’ve seen all examples grab all the insights & start figuring out which email marketing example would best suit your market niche. 

You can also follow these steps to get the best outcome.

– Step 1: Understand the email first.

– Step 2: Create a similar marketing strategy for your brand. Consider what you have liked most about these examples. What are the most engaging aspects, and how can you alter them to match-up with your audience?

– Step 3: Choose any one (or more) as an email marketing template or a blueprint to create your email ad copy. Make it appealing to your audience.

– Step 4: Be creative & unique. Make your own versions. Be innovative, like the email marketing examples discussed above. You never know you can inspire more email marketers who are struggling to be inspired by their email marketing strategy.

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So, with this, we wish you all the best with your email marketing journey!

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