EdTech for Working Professionals: Future of EdTech in Higher Education

Going back to the ‘School-mode’ is never an easy decision for a modern professional, in a hectic, competitive world. At the same time, there may be instances where one feels the need to catch-up with the latest skills being taught in his/her area of interest.
With the ever-changing rules and practices in every field these days, on-the-job learning may hit a wall at some point. So how does one keep up with the changing times? Does one need to take a break from work to pursue full-time degrees every few years? Clearly, this is never the answer.

We are privileged to be living in an age when one has the option to pursue an education, without having to let go of a career. Of the many benefits of opting for an online course, here are the top 3 reasons that the students of StartUp with UpGrad had told us about:

Perhaps the greatest advantage of online education is the convenience it provides to the student. All that time that a post-graduate student would otherwise spend on a traditional form of education, can be invested in more productive forms of learning and on-the-job application of the modalities studied in the course. This is especially useful for budding entrepreneurs, who would need all the real-time experience, they can get.

Traditional modalities require you to spend plenty of dedicated time in the classroom, with very limited scope for practical application of your learnings. While most executive programs are designed to provide you with the maximum & the best exposure possible, it cannot provide you with the exact, practical experience that real life can. A working professional, who continues to hold on to his job while pursuing a rigorous course in a certain field of study, is far more likely to have a more realistic perspective of his/her course learnings. This, our students say, is one of the greatest advantages that edtech can provide.

Algorithms in online education modules are designed to provide the student-user with a customized learning experience that allows them to grasp course content at their own pace. This is one of the greatest advantages of the online learning mechanism that places it miles ahead of traditional methods of learning and especially suited for working professionals pursuing part-time education.

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