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Mastering MBA Admissions in 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

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28th Feb, 2024
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Mastering MBA Admissions in 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

Getting an MBA is a game-changer. It promises to elevate your personal and professional path. Having completed a business course myself, pursuing an MBA, requires you to keep track of various things. If you are considering an MBA admission 2024, you should also have a greater understanding of the top programs. Let me help you research an MBA program’s distinct offerings, strengths, preferences, and other relevant aspects in detail. This will help you decide which MBA courses are suitable for you and maximize your chances of getting accepted into the desired program.    

Alt Text: Why should you pursue an MBA? 

Source: upGrad  

Different Types of MBA Course Details and Fees 

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MBA is a highly sought-after degree that helps you develop your professional skills. A full-time MBA course duration is typically two years, and all students need to attend regular online and offline classroom sessions. On the other hand, a part-time MBA is preferred by those who are working. This course does not need any student to be present in the classroom.   

Alt Text: Reasons to pursue online MBA 

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Now, let me give you a list of courses from upGrad that you can choose for your MBA admission 2024  

1. MBA by Liverpool Business School 

Get ready to unlock some global opportunities with this prestigious online MBA by Liverpool Business School. This program features a first-of-its-kind Gen AI-integrated curriculum that follows the updated trends. You can also select your preferred domain from six elective options.  

Key Offerings 

  • Offline networking exposure 
  • Dual credentials from IMT Ghaziabad and Liverpool 
  • 360-degree career support 
  • 1:1 doubt-clearing sessions and mentorship 
  • Live and record classes for blended learning

Duration: 18 months 

Fees: ₹4,50,000  

2. MBA from Global Gate University 

This program is designed for working professionals who can choose from five domain specializations to pursue the course. The MBA from Golden Gate University also enables individuals to develop strong business leadership skills to gain a competitive edge in the industry.  

Key Offerings: 

  • Optional on-campus immersion 
  • Live and interactive faculty members 
  • 70% scholarship for 5000 students 
  • Global case study discussions

Duration: 15 months 

Fees: ₹705539.53   

3. Global MBA from Deakin Business School and Goa Institute of Management 

Achieve an international business perspective with this global MBA and join a network of industry leaders. Earn a WES-recognized MBA admission 2024 from one of Australia’s top B-schools. Learn about industry projects on investment, profits, customer segmentation, conflict management, etc.  

Key Offerings: 

  • Deakin B-School Accreditation with AACSB & EQUIS 
  • 1-week On-campus Immersion Program  
  • World Education Services (WES) recognized 
  • 1:1 Mentorship from Industry Leaders 
  • DBS is Top 1% of B-Schools Worldwide

Duration: 24 months 

Fees: ₹5,39,999  

4. MBA From Edgewood College 

Prepare for your MBA admission in 2024 at Edgewood College, where you can meet your professional goals in a short period. The program provides a broad range of skills with subject expertise in five different areas.  

Key Offerings: 

  • 24/7 student support 
  • Edgewood College alumni status 
  • No standardized testing is required 
  • Among the most affordable US MBAs 
  • ACBSP and HLC Accredited program

Duration: 14 months 

Fees: ₹3,50,000  

5. Global MBA from Deakin Business School and IMT Ghaziabad 

Gain an alumni status from both IMT Ghaziabad and Deakin Business School by enrolling in this MBA course. Acquire top skills like business growth strategies and integrated strategy formulation techniques through this WES-recognized course.  

Key Offerings: 

  • Deakin B-School Accreditation with AACSB & EQUIS 
  • Among Top 1% B-Schools Worldwide 
  • Get 1:1 Mentorship from Industry Leaders 
  • Advance your career with 360° Career Support 
  • 1-week On-campus Immersion Program) 
  • World Education Services (WES) recognized

Duration: 24 months 

Fees: ₹5,50,000  

6. MBA from O.P. Jindal Global University 

Advance your career this year with an online MBA from Jindal Global Business School. You will get unparalleled business exposure with a specialization of your choosing through this program, which also offers dedicated student support around the year.   

Key Offerings: 

  • Provides holistic business knowledge 
  • Recognized as ‘Institution of Eminence’ by MoE, Govt. of India 
  • Dedicated student support 
  • Learn from world-class university professors 
  • Blended learning experience with live and recorded classes

Duration: 12 months 

Fees: ₹1,50,000  

7. MBA from upGrad School of Management 

Get ready for your MBA admission 2024 at the upGrad School of Management and Technology, a renowned constituent school affiliated with Woolf, EU. The best part is that you will have 13 different specializations to choose from when pursuing this course.  

Key Offerings: 

  • Application-first MBA taught by industry leaders 
  • Soft Skills and Interview Skills courses in the curriculum 
  • 100% European ECTS credits 
  • Project & MCQ-only based evaluation 
  • Blended Learning with Live & Recorded Classes 
  • Dual specialization option available

Duration: 15 months 

Fees: ₹1,50,000  

8. MBA with Career Acceleration Program by upGrad 

Accelerate your career with the Jindal Global Business School at the O.P. Jindal Global University. It is one of only four private Indian institutes to be certified as an “Institution of Eminence”. The one-year MBA program offers business exposure along with a specialization in a domain of your choice.  

Key Offerings: 

  • 4 specializations available 
  • Dedicated student support 
  • Recognized as ‘Institution of Eminence’ by MoE, Govt. of India 
  • Learn from world-class university professors 
  • Experiential Projects every term for practical learning

Duration: 12 months 

Fees: ₹2,00,000  

9. MBA (Global) from Deakin Business School 

It’s time to take your career to new heights with an online global MBA from Deakin Business School, one of Australia’s best B-Schools. Set yourself up for success in any industry by choosing to take your MBA admission 2024 at this institute.   

Key Offerings: 

  • Deakin B-School Accreditation with AACSB and EQUIS 
  • Among the Top 1% B-Schools Worldwide 
  • 1:1 Mentorship from Industry Leaders 
  • Advance your career with 360° Career Support 
  • One-week On-campus Immersion Program 
  • World Education Services (WES) recognized

Duration: 13 months 

Fees: ₹4,00,000  

The Eligibility Criteria for MBA Admission 2024 

MBA admission 2024 is currently underway, and all students interested in top management colleges should prepare themselves for the entrance exams, group discussions, and other interviews. Candidates who want admission to the MBA 2024-2026 batch must appear in national and state-level MBA entrance exams like CAT, XAT, MAT, NMAT, SNAP, etc. Some exams, including CAT, MAT, and SNAP, have already concluded, while others are scheduled for later in the year. I recommend visiting the official websites of different institutes to know the MBA admission 2024 last date.

MBA is one of the most preferred postgraduate degrees for candidates who want to learn professional and management skills. Students who have completed their bachelor’s degree with 50% aggregate marks can apply for MBA admission 2024.

CAT is the most popular entrance test taken up by several students each year as it allows admission to top prestigious institutes for the business administration program. My advice here is to understand all the requirements of the MBA entrance exams and make enough preparations to crack MBA admission 2024 to a reputed college.   

A few institutes may also offer direct MBA admission 2024 without entrance exams. What I have witnessed is that it is usually given to deserving students with a good academic profile.  

MBA Admissions 2024: Entrance Exams  

MBA entrance exams help you seek admission to nationally recognized MBA programs. I recommend all aspiring students plan and study hard for all these tests to increase their chances of being accepted into prestigious MBA programs in the top institutes.   

I have curated a list of top exams that are acceptable for MBA admission 2024 to different B-schools, along with the important dates:  

Entrance Exams  Exam Date 
CAT Nov ’24 
ATMA 18 Feb ’24 (February Session) 

11 May ’24 (May Session)
23 Jun ’24 (June Session) 

21 Jul ’24 (July Session) 

CMAT May ’24 
MAT 24 Feb ’24 (MAT 2024 IBT 1) 

03 Mar ’24 (MAT 2024 IBT 2) 

08 Mar ’24 (MAT 2024 IBT 3) 

SNAP Dec ’24 
XAT 07 Jan ’24 
IBSAT Dec ’24 
KMAT Nov ’24 
MAH CET 09 Mar ’24 – 10 Mar ’24 
TANCET March ’24 

 Even though the entrance exams for MBA differ in terms of question pattern, weightage, and marking scheme, the basic syllabus for the entrance exams remains the same. I feel candidates must prepare for the exams thoroughly to secure their chances at MBA admission 2024. Almost all institutes accept candidates for the business administration program who have secured well in the entrance exams mentioned in the table above.   

Tips and Tricks to Crack MBA Admission 2024  

I find the MBA entrance exams to be moderately challenging. Yet, you can succeed within a short period of preparation if you have a good understanding of verbal ability, reasoning, and quantitative aptitude.

 Here are some important tips and tricks to help you crack MBA admission 2024:  

  • Create a Study Plan: Divide your preparation time into phases. Discuss the curriculum and address weak areas in the first month. Get ready for mock tests in the coming months. 
  • Target Weak Areas: Know all your weaknesses and focus on them. Practice multiple questions to improve your performance. 
  • Take Mock Tests: Analyze your performance with mock tests. This will help highlight your strengths and weaknesses to work on with time.  
  • Daily Revision: Create a daily schedule for each segment. Review all thoughts and ideas so that they are fresh in your memory. Prepare sample questions and try to take notes while revising to reinforce your learning. 
  • Maintain Balance: Keep practicing questions from all sections. Emphasizing weak areas will help maintain a balanced approach. 
  • Avoid New Topics: Avoid starting new topics in the last few days before the exam. Focus your research and practice on improving your skills. 
  • Prioritize Rest and Nutrition: Ensure rest and a balanced diet before your entrance exam. Being nourished and well-rested will help you stay alert and focused during the test.

Alternatives to MBA Admissions: Other Professional Courses  

Some of you may not prefer to take admission to an MBA course. That is why I have curated some professional courses that you can undertake as an alternative to MBA admission 2024:  

1. PGDM with Specialisation in GenAI 

You can specialize in two different domains of your choosing with this PGDM program. The best part is that you can pursue the course under BIMTECH, one of India’s top-rated B-Schools.  

Key Offerings: 

  • PGDM with Dual Specialisations 
  • 360° Career Support 
  • Alumni status from BIMTECH 
  • 24×7 Student Support

Duration: 24 months 

Fees: ₹3,25,000  

2. Postgraduate Diploma in Management 

Transform your career trajectory with an online PGDM from BIMTECH again. Choose any two domains from several in-demand specializations to build your expertise.   

Key Offerings: 

  • Earn Dual Specialisations 
  • Practical learning with industry projects 
  • Accredited by AACSB 
  • Get access to 360° Career Services 
  • Earn a PGDM Certificate from the coveted BIMTECH

Duration: 24 months 

Fees: ₹2,75,000  

3. Advanced General Management Program 

Unlock the pinnacle of your business knowledge with IMT Ghaziabad, one of India’s leading B-schools. Join the online Advanced GMP Certificate course to carve your route to success.   

Key Offerings: 

  • Alumni status from both IMT Ghaziabad and upGrad 
  • Earn a management certificate from India’s top B-school 
  • Earn credits to pursue an MBA degree in the future 
  • Industry-relevant curriculum taught by experts

Duration: 11 months 

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Fees: ₹1,50,000  


This guide is a helpful tool for all the 2024 MBA aspirants. I have offered extensive advice and resources to help you navigate the competitive MBA admission 2024 process. It further highlights the importance of staying informed and adaptable when aiming to pursue the business administration program. My guide has covered topics such as different MBA types, top B-schools, fee structure, and other exam details. This will assist you throughout your MBA journey this year. Remember, success depends not only on academics but also on soft skills and networking.   

Now, if you want to get higher education and enhance your professional skills, enroll in the MBA courses offered by upGrad. 


Harish K

Blog Author

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1What is the monthly salary of an MBA?

The average salary for an MBA is ₹1,19,500 per month in India. Meanwhile, the average additional cash compensation for an MBA in the country is ₹99,000, with a range from ₹99,000 - ₹99,000. The salary often depends on various factors. The most common ones are experience, location, and company type.

2When to start applying for MBA 2024?

MBA admission 2024 is open in many colleges and institutes in India. You should check the official websites of the institution of your choice and ask accordingly. This also involves appearing for entrance exams, the details of which are already mentioned above. You can appear for the exam and get the desired marks. Later, apply to the course of your choice across B-schools.

3Which MBA specialization is best?

You can find many MBA specializations in India’s top institutes and B-schools. While no major is considered ideal, you can choose a major that best suits your educational and professional needs. MBA courses cover many specializations, such as general operations, marketing, finance, business planning, consulting, and more.

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