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Digital Marketing Scope in India – The Perfect Career Move

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19th Mar, 2023
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Digital Marketing Scope in India – The Perfect Career Move

Digital Marketing – does it seem like an overhyped marketing terminology to you?

Well, if you feel so, that must be just you then, for Digital Marketing is the real deal at present. And why not? It has completely revolutionized the way business is conducted in the modern world.

In recent years, businesspersons around the globe have sworn by Digital Marketing – the tool that helps them get closer to customers like never before.

Contrary to traditional marketing techniques (direct mail, broadcast, print, referral, etc.), Digital Marketing entails everything-Internet. In Digital Marketing, businesses leverage the power of digital channels including websites, social media platforms, email, search engines, and mobile apps, to advertise their products/services and also connect with existing and potential customers.

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Why Digital Marketing?

Thanks to the Internet and smartphones, the modern world is an interconnected hub now. As of 2019, about 81% of the developed nations’ population and nearly 56% of the global population has access to the Internet.

According to Datareportal, a whopping 5.112 billion people across the globe use smartphones.


These digits are only going to increase with every passing year.

In light of this situation, how can businesses not take advantage of these digital and electronic channels to make their presence known to the customer?

Today, the global digital advertising industry is valued at US$ 192 billion. Forrester Research maintains that the global online population dedicates around 52% of their media hours to digital channels. As this trend continues to increase, by 2020, the global digital marketing industry will have a net worth of US$ 306 billion.

The rapid growth of Digital Marketing has made it one of the hottest in-demand professions of the day. Two of the greatest advantages of a Digital Marketing career are flexible career choices and high-end salaries.

Since we know that these two reasons aren’t going to be enough for you, we’ve listed a few reasons below, highlighting the scope of Digital Marketing in the future.

Digital Marketing – Future Scope

Apart from the booming smartphone market and the rapidly growing Internet base, Digital Marketing is gaining a strong foothold worldwide due to several reasons. In the first quarter of 2017, nearly 8 lakh Digital Marketing jobs were announced worldwide. According to stats, in the first quarter of 2018, – one of India’s largest job portals – declared 13000 job prospects in Digital Marketing.

Here are 6 reasons why the future scope of Digital Marketing looks bright in India:

  1. The Digital India initiative.

The Digital India initiative was launched in July 2015. The goal here is to transform the public service ecosystem by leveraging the power of Information Technology and other digital tools.

India is gradually progressing towards becoming a knowledge economy and digitally empowered nation, owing to the rising penetration of smartphones and the Internet across the country (even in the remote areas),. The government has aligned numerous projects under the Digital India initiative to aid the aspiring youth of the country.

So, rest assured, you are bound to get government support for your Digital Marketing and business initiatives.

  1. No longer the era of traditional marketing.

Need we even remind you that this is the age of smartphones, social media, and all things digital?

Before the digital revolution, traditional marketing tactics like flyers and banners, mouth-to-mouth publicity, print ads, and so on would suffice for marketers. But today, one can’t even imagine relying solely on these age-old methods to grasp the market!

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Given that the maximum world’s population is ‘online,’ businesses and marketers cannot help but adopt Digital Marketing strategies to reach their target audience. The digital platform has become a meeting ground for buyers and sellers around the world.

6 Steps to Creating a Winning Social Media Strategy
  1. It is all about being ‘Global.’

To become a successful marketer, you cannot limit your imagination and territory. In other words, you must expand your horizons and look beyond the bounds of a nation – aim for going global.

One of the greatest strengths of digital platforms like  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, is that you get to make your presence felt in any and every part of the world. These have helped break physical barriers, and hence, once you’ve established a solid customer base in your native country, you can aim for a much broader canvas.

You can target the global audience, for one thing, is sure – if you’re selling something unique, there will always be sellers lining up!

  1. Doesn’t hurt your pocket!

Another reason for the popularity of Digital Marketing is that it is highly affordable and reasonable as compared to other advertising and marketing techniques.

While paper and media channel ads require a handsome sum of money, a Facebook Ad will cost you as low as Rs.40 a day. So, why waste tons of money on a single ad with limited reach?

Instead, you could choose platforms like Facebook and Instagram to connect with a much larger audience base and by paying much less!

  1. High engagement quotient.

The beauty of digital and social media platforms is that when you say something, people listen. Social media platforms have a humongous user base, and hence, it is undoubtedly the best ways to grab the attention of your target audience. Also, digital and social media platforms have a high engagement rate.

Thus, if you can curate quality content for these platforms, you can be sure that it will catch the eye of the right audience. The trick is to come up with quality and engaging content.

  1. Booming digital classifieds market revenue.

By 2020, the market revenue generated from digital classifieds will increase by is five times since 2015 – it will amount to something around 23 billion.

No other marketing tactics promise such an attractive growth opportunity, and that too in such a short time.

Types of digital marketing

 It is essential because it helps reach the targeted audience which helps in promoting their brand/ service. It allows the brand to reach a targeted group of people. It is helpful for small businesses as it allows them to gain better investment returns. The digital network helps in bringing larger connectivity. Digital networking allows brands to foster deeper relationships and build brand loyalty over time. The digital marketing scope in India is promising as everyone is adapting to this technology fast.

Top tools that enhance digital marketing scope in future

The top tools requirement in digital marketing are

  • Mailchimp

It is a social advertising and email marketing tool which helps automate digital marketing campaigns. The campaigns can be easily tracked by using this tool. It helps create better content which is easy-to-designed and for the creation of custom designs that can be AI-generated. 

  • Google Analytics 

It helps provide information about the traffic,  which can also be segregated by devices. The platform can help create one’s metrics, dimensions, dashboards, etc. The users can understand their target audience better using this tool, including the pages the potential customers explore. GA can also be used to organise and visualise the data, as features are available that add quality to the platform.

  • Google Ads

This is useful for driving website traffic and visits. Moreover, it helps increase the website’s footprint and the call by using the click-to-call-action button.

  • Canva Business

It helps edit pictures and videos and create graphs. The tool helps build a library of stock images, videos, icons and vectors. 

  • Trello 

It is one of the essential tools which is helpful for a digital marketing campaign. The platform is useful for keeping track of teams and keeping the teams together. It is also helpful for creating cards and incorporating notes and tasks, which helps track deadlines and topics.

  • Slack

It is easier to communicate with the team members using Slack in real time. It is also helpful in following everything related to the team, channels, etc. It is useful for messaging, conference calls and collaborating with the team everywhere. The digital marketing scope is high, and it is used for business growth. 

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Concluding thoughts…

Clearly, there’s no way to avoid Digital Marketing. For better (not so much for worse)  Digital Marketing is here to stay. Emerging entrepreneurs, whether in India or beyond, must open up to Digital Marketing strategies if they wish to establish a successful and flourishing business empire.

If you are curious to get into the world of digital marketing, check out upGrad & MICA’s Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing & Communication.

So, we suggest that you make hay while the sun shines!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1Is there scope for career growth in digital marketing in India?

Starting a new career in any field can be overwhelming in the beginning. Digital Marketing is no different. However, with the right skills and relevant information, you can have a successful career in Digital Marketing in India.

India's Digital Marketing industry has boomed in the past few years. From a market size of 47 Billion in 2015, the sector touched 199 Billion in 2020. The figure is expected to reach 539 Billion by 2024. Needless to say, this is a great time to consider starting a career in the field of Digital Marketing.

2 Who is ideal for a career in Digital Marketing?

When you are at a crossroads in your career, it is natural to be confused about which career option to pick. With Digital Marketing being such an overarching field, there are many different career options available in the sector.

If you love social media, you can consider becoming a social media marketing professional. If coding interests you, then web development is an area you can explore.

If you have a creative bent of mind, for example, you like writing, then consider content marketing as a career. If designing is more up for ally, then graphic designing may be your dream job.

3 What are the career opportunities available in Digital Marketing?

With Digital Marketing being such a vast industry, there are quite a few career opportunities that people can avail.

One of the first job options is that of a Digital Marketing Manager. This role requires over five years of work experience, along with relevant certifications to back your expertise. A Digital Marketing Manager is responsible for headlining the marketing team and generally reports to the Head or VP of Digital Marketing within a company.

Other career opportunities in Digital Marketing include Social Media Marketers, Content Marketers, Email Marketers, and Search Engine Marketing Specialists.

4Is digital marketing a hard job?

Digital marketers are responsible for taking care of various things such as identifying the target group, strategising and planning for the campaigns, working in the budget, collaborating with the stakeholders, keeping a track of the whole process.

5Is digital marketing a secure job?

Yes, digital marketing is a secure and well paying job. There is a high demand for the digital marketing all across the world, and there are various employers recruiting for the job as well. The job comes with good pay, benefits and good growth prospects.

6Which tools are required for digital marketing?

The top ten tools required are Email marketing tools, Social media marketing tools, SEO or Search Engine Optimisation tools, Lead enrichment tools, Graphic creation tools, and Landing page tools.

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