Average User Interface (UI) Salary In India 2023: Fresher to Experienced

Navigating a Career in UI Designing: Exploring Roles, Salary, and Future Scope

UX and UI


Designing has become a crucial part of every company, with UI-UX designing at its epicentre. A UI designer focuses on the creation of screens, manages visual experience, and is responsible for the appearance of a website. The UI professionals aim and work on interactions, individual pages, form fields, and buttons. 

Due to tech advancement in recent times, there is a major shift in the consumer’s demands, and business modules and UI designing opportunities are flourishing day by day. The designation of a UI designer requires UX research processes, coding and analytical skills, and communication skills, along with a detailed understanding of evolving tools. 

The UI designer job is a mid-level position in the hierarchy of digital design. While being an amalgamation of tech and creativity, it is widely rewarded for its intricate role. Let’s explore this popular job profile, UX UI salary and future scope.

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UI Designer- What does the role look like?

UI designers study the user experience with a common goal of developing and creating user interfaces for machines, including computers and home appliances. UI designers need to understand computer programming languages, web design, graphic designing and website wireframes. 

UI designers work in new startups, large corporations, government and public bodies, focusing on different colours, imagery, typography, and animation. They also work with visual design and UI design tools, including wireframing, prototyping and documentation tools. 

UI Job Roles and Salaries

UI designing incorporates many research programs, focusing on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Let’s explore the various responsibilities that the role of a UI-UX designer entails.

UI UX Design Process


  • Focusing on the user experience within a business webpage or product to ensure high-quality interaction for customers on webpages. 
  • Working on the visual aspects of product software, screens and movements in websites, apps, or video games with the help of visual designs for the consumers. 
  • Managing customer responses with a focus on website data and high-traffic web pages. 
  • Developing relevant aesthetics to be implemented on a website or product from the layout menus and drop-down options. 
  • Establishing storyboards, conceptualising designs and conducting tests for completed applications.
  • Extending project plans to clients and management.
  • Navigating human-computer interaction (HCI) elements of a design and other UI elements, including CTAs, target links, page designs, and page layouts. 
  • Managing surveys, customer feedback, and UX design need for the company’s digital assets.
  • Offering assistance in creating wireframes, visual and graphic designs, storyboards and prototypes, along with providing guidance to UX and UI research methodologies. 

UX UI Salary Trends in India

Let’s take a look at the UX UI designer salary trends in India.

Location Average Annual Salary
New Delhi  INR 5.0 LPA 
Mumbai  INR 4.8 LPA 
Chennai  INR 4.0 LPA 
Bengaluru  INR 5.7 LPA 
Ahmedabad INR 3.5 LPA
Hyderabad INR 5.7 LPA
Kochi INR 3.7 LPA

Factors Affecting UI designer Salary in India

There are several factors determining a UX UI salary. Let’s look at how the figures vary under the influence of these factors!

1. Job roles – Job roles and designations significantly impact salary figures. For instance, in the UI designing hierarchy, a junior assistant will receive a comparatively lower salary when posed against a senior UI designer possessing visual creativity and managerial responsibilities.

Roles Average Annual Salary
Junior UI Designer INR 2.5 LPA
Senior UI UX Designer INR 13.2 LPA
Lead UI Designer INR 17 LPA

2. Experience – Experience is the second most essential element that leads to the path of success in every working sector. Along with a specialised course and educational qualifications, individuals need to have practical experience in designing and programming to bag lucrative opportunities.

Years of Experience Average Annual Salary
Entry Level (0-3 years) INR 4.1 LPA
Mid Level (5-10 years) INR 9.1 LPA
Senior Level (10-15 years) INR 13 LPA

3. Location – The location and regions affect the salary range of business organisations. The employer sets the salary standards and payment procedure according to market rates. For instance, UI designers’ initial salary for Bangalore candidates can be around INR 5.7 LPA, while the same for employees based in Kochi is INR 3.7 LPA.

4. Skills– Cultivating essential skills while upskilling with evolution in trends is imperative to witness a growth in salary figures. Certain skills can give you an edge over others if you’re working as a UX UI designer.

Skill Average Annual Salary
Cascading Style Sheets INR 7.4 LPA
Adobe Illustrator INR 8.2 LPA
Usability Testing INR 6.1 LPA

UI Designer Salary in Other Countries

UI Designer salary depends on job responsibilities and industry type, varying according to the working capital. According to Payscale, the average salary of UI designers in India is 4.6 LPA a year, with five to six years of experience. This figure significantly varies when it comes to international locations. Here’s what different UI Design salary rates across countries look like. 

Countries  Average Annual Salary
Japan  JPY 4,923,649
United States  USD 68,516
United Kingdom  GBP 32,372
Dubai AED 95,717

Future scope of UI Designer in India

The demand for UI designers has massively increased across various business sectors in the past five years. According to reports, the UI designing sectors are expected to rise at a growth rate of 16% from 2017 to 2027 and reach 50 billion USD by the year 2027. Since rapid digitisation has enabled every other brand to establish an online presence, more organisations are seeking talented UI personnel to maintain their image.

Let’s see what UI Designer salary rates look like under reputed global organisations.

Company  Average Annual Salary 
IBM INR 11,34,217
HCL Tech INR 9,16,905
Deloitte INR 11,94,323
Capgemini INR 9,19,048

How to prepare for UI Designer interviews to land the best jobs?

Pursuing a dream job requires hard work, patience, and tackling an expansive lane of interviews across organisations. Let’s go through some essential elements of an interview that you must focus on to bag the job of your dreams.

Focus on Communication skills

The UI Designers need to possess active listening skills and be proficient in writing and verbal communication to collaborate with UX Designers and engineers. The company’s primary goal is to hire an individual with excellent speaking and analytical skills. 

Create a Unique Portfolio

In order to get a good designation and your dream job, you need to aim at creating a good portfolio. Incorporate your past experiences and design skills, and be confident to share your personal suggestions about user personas. 

Answer all Questions Asked in the Interview 

Read sample questions beforehand and answer all questions the interviewer asks with confidence and expertise. Based on responses, employers analyse analytical skills and managerial techniques to hire cooperative individuals.

Allow us to take you through some of the most commonly asked interview questions for UI Designer jobs;

Where do you see yourself in ten years? 

Be confident and answer the question carefully and speak of wishing to become a product manager or a senior UI designer in the next ten years. 

What are your greatest strengths as a UI developer?

As UI developers have a creative mind which strikes a perfect balance with technicalities, be confident while listing your goals in the interview rounds. 

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What kind of UI skills are needed to become a successful UI Designer?

Along with essential soft skills, UI Designers must acquire skills including visual design, prototyping platforms, site analytics, HTML and CSS. 

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Summing Up

Being entirely driven by creativity and visual prowess, UI design salary across the nation observes frequent ascension. The best way to ascertain your growth across this field through the years is by keeping track of evolving tech endeavours, as well as the creative planes. Obtaining a master’s in the relevant domain can be your first step.

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What are the tools used for UI design?

Figma, Adobe XD, Sketch, InVision, FlowMapp, Axure, UserTesing and Framer are some of the most prominently used tools by industry experts in the role of UI UX design.

How does User Experience help in UI designs?

While working with a website or an app, consumers' happiness and response is the foremost factor that makes the company successful. Thus, the key element in UI designing is customers' satisfaction and suggestions on the product.

What is the timeline for a UI design project?

Several factors, like wireframing, budget, past user experiences, and collaboration with other department teams, play an important role in the timeline of a UI design project. The average timeline is six months to one year for a UI design project.

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