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Amazon Jobs – How to get a Job at Amazon?

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1st Nov, 2022
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Amazon Jobs – How to get a Job at Amazon?

When it comes to online shopping, Amazon is one of the go-to destinations. People worldwide buy different products from Amazon, ranging from smartwatches to everyday necessities. However, today, Amazon is not just an e-commerce company but also a leading tech company that provides streaming services, cloud technologies, and ai services. Amazon has over 800,000 active US employees working in several roles, from data analysts to customer service. 

It’s probably not surprising if you want a job at Amazon. Initially, Amazon started as a book retailer and has diversified into every form of business that exists at large today. With no signs of slowing in their expansion, Amazon is hiring new employees regularly.  

In this blog, we’ll go over the steps you can use to get a job at Amazon. You can upscale your skills using upGrads’ Master of Science in Data Science program. By completing this course, you can work as a data scientist at Amazon.

If Amazon jobs are your dream, then continue reading on to learn how to bag one!

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How to apply for jobs at Amazon?  

Here is a comprehensive step list that you can follow to apply for career opportunities in Amazon 

Step 1: Visit the career page of Amazon 

Choose your preferences from the job listings. There are certain filters, like departments in which you want to work and the location of work, that you use to get the most accurate results. 

Step 2: Utilise the “Find a Job” feature to search for openings

Typically, this “Find a Job” feature is present on top of the careers page of amazon. You can select your preferred job category from the list below the page bars. 

Amazon is a global corporation that has several offices spread throughout the world. Hundreds of job openings are created every day. Consider selecting a job after reading the job description to ensure that your skills match the requirement of a particular job position. 

Step 3:  Use Amazon’s online application tool to apply for a particular position.

When you find a vacancy in Amazon job positions, click on the “apply now” option to initiate the application process. Attach all the necessary information and your latest resume for reference. 

Step 4:  Wait for Amazon representatives to reply

After you’ve finished submitting the online application, wait for Amazon to contact you if they’re interested in your candidature. 

Alternative ways of amazon hiring 

Here are a few other ways that you can use to get hired by Amazon-

1.Recruitment drives: 

Amazon pays a lot of attention to traditional on-spot recruitment. If interviews are your thing, then consider visiting their recruitment drive centers. If you’re interested in serving the Amazon military, then visit the Amazon military recruitment page.

2. Networking: 

If you have a friend who works at Amazon, don’t be hesitant to reach out and ask all about Amazon’s work culture to know if Amazon is a suitable workplace for you. You can also ask your friend for a reference if your mind is already made up. Such references can increase your chances of getting hired significantly. 

3. Campus placements

Amazon visits premier Indian educational institutes like IIT and IIM to recruit new employees. You can contact such institutions to get in touch with an amazon recruiter.

Eligibility criteria for getting a job at Amazon

Any candidate who’s interested in getting a career at Amazon can get a kick-start for their career through certificate and diploma courses. This is especially important because Amazon is one of the fastest-growing organisations in the entire world and demands a proficient skill set. Let’s go over the minimum eligibility criteria that are required for bagging a job at Amazon in the following section:

  1. Candidates must have a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in either BE, Btech, MCA, or MTech in computer applications, IT, or any equivalent subject.
  2. A maximum of a 1-year gap is accepted in academics after school education.
  3. The interested person must attain a degree from a University recognised by the Government of India. 
  4. Candidates with prior industry experience are given more priority than students who recently passed college. 
  5. A strong grasp of written and vocal conversation skills is critical.
  6. Candidates must be able to multitask on different topics and recognise opportunities for new projects.  

Amazon job positions

There are a wide number of job positions you can choose from while working at Amazon. However, you are only eligible when you have the right education, skill sets, and qualifications. You can choose from more than 34 types of job positions on Amazon. Here are some of the departments that you can join  

  1. HR department
  2. Economics department
  3. Designing sector
  4. Data Science department
  5. Legal team
  6. Customer service department
  7. Content and editorial department 
  8. Amazon’s special administrative department
  9. Supply chain department.

Even if you don’t have the right skill sets or a degree from a reputed university. You can still join Amazon as:

  1. Amazon delivery associate job: You just need to be more than 21 to join as a courier associate at Amazon.
  2. Warehouse work: The only two criteria for bagging this job are that you’ll have to be older than 18 and pass out from school with a diploma.  

Thanks to the massive rise in internet users, Amazon has experienced major growth and had to hire more people than ever before, creating significant job opportunities for people. However, there are certain hindrances as well. For example, getting into the economics department will be impossible if you don’t know trending business models. Consider taking upGrad’s globally recognised MBA course, offered by Deakin Business School, if you want your dreams to come true at Amazon. 

The advantages of working at Amazon 

Amazon is a tech company more than a retailer or an eCommerce store. Naturally, being one of the largest global corporations, they handsomely reward their employees from time to time. Let’s talk about some of the perks that an Amazon employee enjoys:

1. Healthcare

Every amazon employee receives medical plan options. Apart from extensive health care packages, Employees are also allowed dental, vision, and fertility plans which are rare in most companies. 

2. Mental-health support

To ensure that all employees have sound mental conditions, Amazon tries to relieve their stress by providing confidential therapy sessions and other resources.

3. Career support: 

Amazon also provides an exclusive educational program that is offered to contract-based workers. This plan covers all of the educational expenses that a student has to incur, ranging from the basic cost of stationery items to course fees. 

These programs enable an employee to focus on their education and career instead of worrying about educational expenses. Additionally, such courses arms employees with industry-ready skills, which the employee can utilise for a better future.         

4. Healthy work/life balance: 

According to online reviews, most Amazon employees agree that they can easily meet their personal goals. But they also admit that the work pressure is also very high. Job security depends on the role of the employee, but as a whole, it’s feasible. 

It’s wise to create boundaries between work and life if you want to grow and move forward while working a job at Amazon. 

5. Healthy working environment:

Most employees working for Amazon have given mostly positive feedback about the working environment at Amazon. The majority of the employees admit that they are satisfied with their personal work goals. However, because businesses go online, a job at amazon can limit collaboration with other departments.    

Nevertheless, Amazon strives to maintain a healthy working environment. They feature several inclusive and diverse policies that seek various perspectives and establish trust among employees. 

6. Other benefits

Apart from high-paying packages, Amazon offers a lot of attractive perks for their employees. Some of these benefits include workplaces that are dog-friendly and additional services for parents with disabled kids. Amazon also provides financial and other business counselling to their employees without extra cost. 

They also feature different perks for employees depending on their geographic locations and local customs. 

Bagging a job at Amazon- how to go about it?

Have you always wanted to work at major multinational corporations such as Amazon and live your life with unlimited growth potential? You can get help from upGrad’s Advanced Certificate Programme in Cyber Security program, offered by The University of Arizona.

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This program covers all the critical curriculum in Cybersecurity, which will allow learners to excel in this subject and, in turn, get good jobs with high packages. Additionally, upGrad features career guidance, free-of-cost academic counselling, and a robust syllabus that will boost a learner’s career.   

Check out upGrad to learn more about such courses!


Do you want to land a job at Amazon? You need to prepare beforehand if your answer is yes. Elaborate prep work can train anyone to land a dream job, and with upGrad’s course, you can do it easily. Amazon prefers employees that fit well with their company culture. The company looks up to team players and people with creative thinking skills. Landing a job at Amazon can create endless scopes for your personal growth. 


Kamal Jacob

Blog Author
Kamal is an experienced Online marketing consultant with a high degree of expertise in SEO, Web Analytics, Content/Technical planning and marketing.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1What kind of healthcare packages does Amazon offer?

Amazon offers extensive healthcare options in the form of different packages according to your needs. Other facilities include dental, fertility plans, and even confidential therapy sessions.

2How to apply for a job at Amazon?

Amazon does on-spot recruitment drives in recruitment centers. You can also visit the careers page on their website to view open positions.

3What are the other benefits provided?

Amazon offers high-paying jobs and attractive perks for their employees. You get to work in a dog-friendly environment as well.

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