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Best Data Analytics Courses in 2024

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6th Jun, 2022
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Best Data Analytics Courses in 2024

Data analytics focuses on inspecting, cleansing, modelling, and transforming data to discover helpful information that supports decision-making. Businesses rely on data analytics professionals to help them gather and analyse data to make better-informed decisions. 

As a result, the demand for data analytics professionals is very high. It’s an advanced field that utilises various concepts of multiple disciplines like maths, statistics, Python, etc. 

So, if you’re interested in pursuing a career in data analytics, it would be best to take a data analytics course. In the following article, we have shared our list of the best data analytics courses online, their eligibility requirements, study curriculum, and other details. 

Our List of the Best Data Analytics Courses

Following are our top data analytics courses online. All of the following courses offer you access to our exclusive benefits, including career counselling, resume feedback, job assistance, and interview preparation. 

Our experts will provide you with personalised career path recommendations to help you pursue the career that matches your strengths the most during these programs. You’d also get unlimited resume building and mock interview sessions with hiring managers. We have 300+ hiring partners, and you’ll have the opportunity to interview with them to kickstart your data analytics career right away!

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1. Executive PG Programme in Data Science

Our Executive PG Programme in Data Science is a 12-month online program. We offer this program in partnership with IIIT-B. It’s India’s first NASSCOM certified executive PGP and offers six unique specialisations for you to choose from:

You’ll receive 400+ hours of study material with 20+ live learning sessions. The program features 60+ industry projects to help you understand the practical applications of theoretical concepts. There’s also a complimentary Python programming Bootcamp and a career essentials soft skills program. 

The course is ideal for freshers, engineers, marketing professionals, and IT professionals. Along with these benefits, you’ll also get 25 expert coaching sessions where you can resolve doubts and streamline your learning experience. 

What you’ll learn:

The program teaches you the fundamentals and advanced concepts of data analytics. Some of the important subjects you’ll learn in this program are data visualisation, predictive analysis using Python, machine learning, natural language processing, and big data. 

The majority of your curriculum would depend on the specialisation you pick. For example, students that choose the Deep Learning specialisation will learn about advanced regression, tree models, neural networks, gesture recognition, and other relevant concepts. On the other hand, students with a Business Analytics specialisation will learn about SQL, time series forecasting, model selection, operations research, structured problem solving, etc. 

Minimum eligibility:

You’ll need a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 50% or equivalent passing marks to be eligible for this program. This course doesn’t require any coding experience. 

2. Master’s of Science in Data Science

We offer a Master’s of Science in Data Science with LJMU, UK. This program gives you a dual degree from IIITB and LJMU. It’s an 18-month online program and features five specialisations:

  • Data Engineering
  • Business Analytics
  • Deep Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Data Science Generalist

The program offers 500+ hours of study material and 20+ live sessions with experts. This course allows you to transition into data roles in just two years instead of six, which is the usual time for professionals to make a career transition. 

What you’ll learn:

This program teaches you concepts like advanced regression, SQL, Python, EDA, statistics, tree models, model selection, and other relevant technologies. 

Like the previous course, your curriculum would depend primarily on the specialisation you choose. For example, the data engineering specialisation features data warehousing, building data pipelines, and data processing in its curriculum. Similarly, NLP specialisation has natural language processing and advanced machine learning in its curriculum. 

Minimum eligibility:

You only need to have a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 50% or equivalent marks. Any stream is applicable for this program. To join the program, you’d have to take the online eligibility test, which would assess your logical and quantitative aptitude. Afterwards, we’ll review your score and profile, and if you qualify, you’ll receive our offer letter confirming your admission. 

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3. Professional Certificate Programme in Data Science for Business Decision Making

We offer our Professional Certificate Programme in Data Science for Business Decision Making course for next-gen managers and data science leaders in partnership with IIM Kozhikode. 

This course is designed for managers looking to master data-driven decisions and get ahead of the industry. The program offers 200+ hours of study material and 20+ live learning sessions. You’ll also receive 5+ expert coaching sessions where you can ask relevant questions and resolve doubts. 

This program also provides you with three industry Data Science projects where you can test your knowledge of the subjects you’ve learnt and understand their applications. 

What you’ll learn:

The program teaches the latest data analytics technologies you can use to enhance your decision-making process. This means you’ll learn all data analytics tools ie Tableau, Python, R, Excel, Power BI, and their applications in data analytics.

The program also teaches you the basics of statistics, machine learning, business problem solving, business storytelling, and data science strategy. You’ll work on three industry projects during this course which are :

  • Deriving business insights and storytelling
  • Regression
  • Classification

Each of these projects focuses on a particular application of data science in real-life scenarios. You’ll learn about different machine learning algorithms such as clustering and linear regression model during this course as well. 

Minimum eligibility:

Applicants need a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 50% marks (40% for female learners) with at least one year of professional work experience. The program requires you to have studied mathematics at the higher secondary level. 

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4. Advanced Certificate Programme in Data Science

Our Advanced Certificate Programme in Data Science is a 7-month long online course we offer with IIIT-B. It is designed for working professionals and allows you to kickstart a data analytics career comfortably.

It offers 300+ hours of learning material and 7+ case studies. The program features 15 1:8 group coaching sessions and 20+ live sessions. You’d get the option to upgrade to the Executive PG Programme in Data Science in the program. 

What you’ll learn:

The program covers various subjects and skills used in data analytics, which is why it’s among the best data analytics courses. You’ll learn about statistics, predictive analytics through Python, Python programming, basic and advanced machine learning algorithms, visualization through Python, and basic and advanced SQL. 

Minimum eligibility:

The program requires you to have a bachelor’s degree with a 50% final graduation score. You don’t need to have any coding experience to join this course. 

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5. Executive Post-Graduate Programme in Business Analytics

Our Executive Post-Graduate Programme in Business Analytics is an 11-month online program we offer with Loyola Institute of Business Administration. The course provides program completion certification from LIBA with alumni status. During the course, you’d work on four practical hands-on capstone projects with 8+ case studies and assignments.

You’d receive 100+ hours of live sessions and 300+ hours of study material. The 1:8 mentorship sessions with industry experts will help you resolve doubts and learn complex concepts easily and efficiently. 

The program teaches you 14+ languages, tools, and libraries, allowing you to become a specialist in business analytics. After completing this course, you can apply for business and data analytics roles in different organizations. 

What you’ll learn:

The course teaches you the latest business analytics tools and technologies including NumPy, Python, Excel, PANDAS, AWS, Power BI, Tableau, among others. You’ll learn about EDA, data visualization, inferential statistics, clustering, linear regression, time series forecasting, operations research, object-oriented programming, and data structures.

The course offers three industry data analytics projects that offer personalized subjective feedback on your submissions and allow you to engage in collaborative-real life projects with student-expert interaction. They are: 

  • Lead Scoring
  • Fraud Detection
  • Telecom Churn Analysis

Minimum eligibility:

You’ll need a bachelor’s degree (in any stream) with a 50% aggregate score at graduation. Candidates with an aptitude for mathematics will be preferred. 

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There are many data analytics courses online. Before you pick a course, you should identify your requirements and career goals. It would make your choice so much easier. 

If you are curious about learning Data Analytics to be in front of fast-paced technological advancements, check out upGrad & IIIT-B’s Executive PG Program in Data Science.

You can also contact us if you have any doubts regarding these programs. We have a team of professionals ready to help you resolve any doubts and concerns.


Rohit Sharma

Blog Author
Rohit Sharma is the Program Director for the UpGrad-IIIT Bangalore, PG Diploma Data Analytics Program.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1How can I become a Data Analyst in 2024?

If you are planning to step into the field of data analytics, you need to create a concrete plan for a smooth journey. Firstly, decide on which tools you wish to learn thoroughly. Later on, go through different skills required for becoming a data analyst and also understand the roles. Once you are done with these selections, you need to find a good certification course that can help you out.

2Why is Data Analytics currently emerging in the market?

Data helps businesses in understanding their customers in a better way and with more accuracy. Data analytics is the way to accurately receive insights from the company data and use it in the right way. On top of that, data analytics helps a company to not only solve the existing business problems but also helps in understanding future trends. This is the main reason behind the emergence of data analytics in the market.

3What are the tools used by Data Analysts?

Business Intelligence Tools – Datapine. Statistical Analysis Tools – R Programming/R-studio, General-Purpose Programming Languages – Python, C#, C, C++, Java, SQL Consoles – MySQL Workbench, Standalone Predictive Analysis Tools – SAS Forecasting, Spreadsheet Applications – Excel

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